Originally published February 5, 2020 at 11:48a.m., updated February 5, 2020 at 02:26p.m.

Jayhawks add CBs Dotson and Bryant, DE Anokwuru to 2020 class on National Signing Day

Bryant signs with KU days after decommitting

Kansas University football recruiting

Kansas University football recruiting


National Signing Day looked relatively uneventful for the Kansas football program for a while Wednesday morning, as the program’s 2020 recruits validated their commitments with signatures as planned.

The scene heated up by midday, though, as the Jayhawks officially added three of its targets to the class.

First, cornerback Ra’Mello Dotson and defensive end Clinton Anokwuru signed. Then even more surprising, JaCobee Bryant, who decommitted from the Jayhawks eight days earlier, signed with the KU program he had seemed ready to spurn.

During his prep career at Hillcrest High in Evergreen, Ala., Bryant picked up scholarship offers from several Power Five programs, including Ole Miss, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia and Virginia Tech.

A 6-foot, 170-pound cornerback, Bryant is a three-star talent and rated by Rivals as the No. 27 overall prospect in the state of Alabama for 2020.

Anokwuru, a 6-foot-3, 235-pound recruit considered a three-star weakside D-end by Rivals, chose KU over Washington State, Virginia Tech, Colorado State and Louisiana-Lafayette.

This past season, Anokwuru racked up 43 total tackles, 13.5 tackles for loss, four fumble recoveries and three sacks at Fort Bend Bush High, in Richmond, Texas.

Dotson, a 6-foot-1 and 170-pound two-star recruit, made five interceptions and 46 total tackles during his senior season at Mainland High in Daytona Beach, Fla.

Much earlier in the day, Jackson Satterwhite, a three-star the offensive lineman prospect from Miami, Okla., became the first of the known members of KU’s 2020 class to sign during the February period, and others soon followed.

Kenean Caldwell, a three-star defensive lineman from Oak Grove, La., and Bryce Cabeldue, a two-star O-lineman from Clovis, N.M., signed, as well. And KU announced the signing of Kyler Pearson, a two-star receiver from Tulsa, Okla.

The Jayhawks missed out, however, on three-star defensive end Philip Blidi. The D-lineman from New Mexico, who had been committed to Texas Tech, signed with the Red Raiders just two days after reopening his recruitment and identifying KU as one of his top two choices.

Elsewhere, former KU commit Da’Vonshai Harden, a two-star quarterback from Topeka, signed with Northern Iowa.

KU football also announced Wednesday the official additions of some preferred walk-ons:

• Jared Casey - FB from Plainville

• Quentin Skinner - WR from Claremore, Okla.

• Reis Vernon - P from Bixby, Okla.

• Danny Robinson - OL from Overland Park

None by Ra’Mello Dotson

None by Jackson Satterwhite

None by Kenean Caldwell

KU football 2020 recruiting class

(Rivals recruiting rankings listed)

National Signing Day announced signees

√ Kenean Caldwell - 3-star DT from Louisiana; 6-2, 295 pounds

√ Clinton Anokwuru - 3-star DE from Texas; 6-3, 235

√ JaCobee Bryant - 3-star CB from Alabama; 6-0, 170

√ Jackson Satterwhite - 3-star OL from Oklahoma; 6-5, 285 pounds

√ Ra’Mello Dotson - 2-star CB from Florida; 6-1, 170

√ Bryce Cabeldue - 2-star OL from New Mexico; 6-6, 245 pounds

√ Kyler Pearson - 2-star WR from Oklahoma; 5-8, 170 pounds

Early signing period announced signees

√ Garrett Jones - 3-star OL from Michigan; 6-4, 285 pounds

√ Will Huggins - 3-star TE from Kansas; 6-7, 235 pounds

√ Caleb Taylor - 3-star DE from Missouri; 6-2, 255 pounds

√ Trevor Kardell - 3-star TE from Lee’s Missouri; 6-5, 225 pounds

√ Krishawn Brown - 3-star LB from Oklahoma; 6-1, 200 pounds

√ Taiwan Berryhill - 3-star LB from Louisiana; 6-2, 200 pounds

√ Steven McBride - 3-star WR from Louisiana; 6-0, 160 pounds

√ Johnquai Lewis - 3-star CB from Florida; 6-0, 185 pounds

√ Tristan Golightly - 3-star WR/TE from Texas; 6-4, 200 pounds

√ Lawrence Arnold - 3-star WR from Texas; 6-3, 185 pounds

√ Malik Johnson - 3-star WR from Texas; 5-9, 180 pounds

√ Nicholas Martinez - 3-star OL from California; 6-5, 285 pounds

√ Duece Mayberry - 3-star CB from Oklahoma; 6-0, 185 pounds

√ Alonso Person - 3-star LB from California; 6-3, 200 pounds

√ Luke Grimm - 3-star WR from Missouri; 6-0, 170 pounds

√ Daniel Hishaw Jr. - 2-star athlete from Oklahoma; 5-10, 200 pounds

√ Armaj Adams-Reed - 2-star OL from Texas; 6-5, 350 pounds

√ Karon Prunty - 2-star CB from Virginia; 6-1, 190 pounds

√ Jalon Daniels - 2-star QB from California; 6-0, 207 pounds


Brian Hosfelt 1 year, 10 months ago

18, 3star, and 7, 2star...all 25 high school kids...would of been nice to get one or two 4stars but oh well...Rock Chalk

Jeff Coffman 1 year, 10 months ago

I like the recruiting class and the fact it is a high school class instead of highly saturated with cc. I like the late adds, especially a 6'1" db. Additionally, getting both sides of the line and finally some of those smaller cities in OK, just get overlooked...Bixby.

Andy Tweedy 1 year, 10 months ago

Easy math says that's 26 kids, what am I missing? is one of them a preferred walk-on?

Brian Wilson 1 year, 10 months ago

The 26th kid could be a gray shirt, which means they won't play their first year, first semester but beginning in the second semester they get a scholarship and they plan being around 5 years and playing 4 years. I think there are a few other scenarios as well.

Brian Wilson 1 year, 10 months ago

I like the class. All out of high school with 4 to 5 years to learn HCLM's football system. There are 120 FBS schools with only less than 350 or so 4 and 5 star players to sign. So When KU starts getting 3 to 4 high rated players they will be getting their share. Until then 18 3 star is pretty good. A 2 star player is a player rate good enough to play mid major. Of course we want better than mid major but if KU is choosey and finds players overlooked or with high upside that can develop then we will be just fine. Year 4 for HCLM will be the year we see what players can do in his system. Until then its rebuild and we really should be too hard on Les.

Dale Rogers 1 year, 10 months ago

Patrick Mahomes was a 3-star coming out of high school, per 247 sports. Travis Kelce was a 2-star. When you can't get the 4 and 5 star guys, It's all about identifying potential and then developing them to make maximum use of their underrated talents.

Glen Miller 1 year, 10 months ago

Uhhhhhhh, one has a regular season MVP, a Super Bowl MVP and is widely regarded as the best QB in the NFL. The other just had his 4th straight 1,000 yard receiving season, is a multiple time All Pro and considered in the top 2 at his position. Both are Super Bowl Champs...... I'd say they've done quite a bit.

Thomas Wagner 1 year, 10 months ago

One of the things I like is the raw size of the OL/DL recruits. Give them 3 years in a real weight and nutrition program and by the time they are JR's, they could finally be what we need in the trenches.

Clarence Haynes 1 year, 10 months ago

I like that we’re again competing against solid D1 schools for our recruits!

Steven Haag 1 year, 10 months ago

@Clarence. WHAT???????? A good percentage of these recruits weren’t even sniffed at by “solid D1 schools”😂😂😂😂😂. Nice try though. @Dale, yes there are some 3 and 2 star recruits that go on and make it big. There are over 1,000 3 and 2 stars out there. Less than 1% make it big. So if we continue to recruit them, we are bound to find that diamond in the rough between now and 40 years from now. Not trying to be a debbie downer, but we will eventually have to up the recruiting game....OR we will continue to be at the bottom in recruiting AND in league standings at the end of the year

Brett McCabe 1 year, 10 months ago

Since 2009, KU football has finished in last place 9 times, tied for last once and finished next to last once. With a program in that condition, ranking a recruiting class has to be done with a bit of reality. That said, our overall class ranking is 8th, our avg. star ranking is 9th and we have more 3-star recruits than OSU and ISU, and we have the same amount as TTU and KSU.

Is that a turn-the-corner class? No. But it shows that we are competing with our immediate peers in the conference. The class is big. It’s all high school players and the key is whether or not the coaches have identified kids who fit the program. We have to be more efficient than our competitors at identifying and developing talent.

But to keep grinding this thing forward, KU has to start moving up to a 2.9 or so average player ranking. It will be interesting to see how things pan out this December.

We have put ourselves in such an enormous hole in so many ways, we have to be almost perfect for a very long time to get this thing back together. It took ten years of incompetence of the highest order to virtually destroy KU football. It’s going to be a long grind to get bring it back.

Steven Haag 1 year, 10 months ago

@Brett. I agree. This didn’t happen overnight. And we won’t dig out overnight. I totally get it. It just seems that many posts (not just this story, but many others) there are those saying this is a great class and we will be on top in no time at all. Just isn’t reality. It’s a baby step, but if we are still pulling these same types of recruits next year and the year after, I don’t see us winning more than 3 or 4 games a season....period. Hopefully we can compete and turn a corner in recruiting as a result.

Dirk Medema 1 year, 10 months ago

Brett - Much of what you say is accurate. What’s missing from the info is how much recruiting was done after the rankings were finished in February. There are plenty of things the last coaching staff didn’t do well but they did well but they did a good job of continuing to recruit year round. The last couple years even the majority of the OL was compromised of players that never were tallied in the rankings and yet we’re contributing more than the starred recruits that were tallied. The good news is we’re a long way from the crater that existed at the previous coaching change. There’s more work to do and especially when losing some of the current players.

Dirk Medema 1 year, 10 months ago

Good to get more OL, DL, and DBs.

Big needs

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