Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Quick recap: No. 5 Kansas escapes with 73-72 win over No. 8 Creighton

Kansas head coach Bill Self talks with his players in the huddle during the first half on Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2020 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas head coach Bill Self talks with his players in the huddle during the first half on Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2020 at Allen Fieldhouse.


For the second game in a row, the Kansas men’s basketball team had to survive a scare in Allen Fieldhouse. Despite a late-game blunder, No. 5 Kansas held on for a 73-72 win over No. 8 Creighton Tuesday night in Allen Fieldhouse.

Creighton’s Marcus Zegarowski missed the game-tying attempt from the charity stripe that would have sent the game to overtime.

KU redshirt freshman Jalen Wilson fouled Zegarowski on a 3-point attempt with 1.1 seconds remaining, with the hosts clinging to a 73-70 lead. Zegarowski made the first two free throws, but ultimately misfired on the third and final attempt.

Wilson’s mistake came after he made arguably the play of the game for the Jayhawks. Wilson drilled a 3-pointer with 40 second remaining, giving Kansas a 73-70 advantage. David McCormack kicked it out to Wilson for the wide-open look on the wing.

Wilson finished with a team-high 23 points in the win.

None by We Good?

Kansas improved to 5-1 on the year, while Creighton falls to 3-1.

Here’s a quick look back at some of the action:

• Offensive highlight: With 11:03 left in the game, Kansas sophomore Christian Braun delivered the team’s best offensive moment of the game before the final stretch.

With the shot clock expiring, Braun heaved up an attempt from beyond the arc. The shot not only went in, but smashed off the backboard in order to do so.

So it was just your typical 3-pointer off the glass late in the shot clock, a sequence that tends to go against the Jayhawks so often.

When Braun mentioned on Monday that he needs to be more assertive, he probably didn’t mean this shot attempt. But he will certainly take it.

None by We Good?

• Defensive highlight: After a sluggish start to the game, Kansas senior Marcus Garrett woke up during a key stretch in the second half.

On back-to-back possessions, Garrett delivered an assist and a steal for the Jayhawks. The assist came off a nice cross-court pass to Bryce Thompson, who knocked down the open 3-pointer.

Moments later, Garrett stole the ball on the other end and it led to a good look for KU. It was a stretch that really seemed to get the Jayhawks and their talented senior guard going during an unusual afternoon primetime matchup.

None by We Good?

• Key stat: The Jayhawks struggled to finish at the rim once again. They went 10-for-21 on layup attempts against the Blue Jays.

• Up next: Kansas will play host to Omaha at 6 p.m. Friday.


Barry Weiss 4 months ago

Great win! Although they shot better from the field, we hit a ton of 3's and out rebounded them. DMac came back good, Marcus did a bit better at the point, he may still be under the weather. His D is great, but scoring from the point is asking alot from him. Great to knock off the Big East Champions!

Bryce Landon 4 months ago

Wow, that was an unbelievable December basketball game! I loved nearly every minute of it, and I'm so proud of the Jayhawks for fending off one of the nation's best teams! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!

Benjamin Shear 4 months ago

Obiter dictim:

*The Creighton coach, Greg McDermott, looks like Bane with his mask on.

*McCormack is strong, but slow. He looks like a robot that needs more oil.

*Braun is the best all-around player on the team. He is not first in any particular stat line, but he is consistent across all of them. Rebounds, assists, FTs, 3s, blocks...he does it all.

*Why are the players and coach's wearing masks again? They barely have them on. What's the point?

*Not only did he not score (0-6), but we were -9 when Agbjai was on the floor this game. Ouch.

*On the same line of observation, we were +7 with Lightfoot in the game and -2 with Big Mack. You could feel the difference as well. We were not trying to force the offense through Lightfoot when he played but his presence was felt.

*We shot 39% from the floor and 45% from 3 point range. That's not a winning recipe longterm.

*HCBS continues to be the best coach in the past 20 years for games decided by 5 points or less (maybe ever?). Truly amazing.

Steve Zimmerman 4 months ago

Ouchai needs to relax his palms again. He'll bounce back. Offense still looked awful: lots of traps on weaving (duh!), McCormack bumping into his teammate, lost of opportunity on pick and roll: when weaving offense is in action, dribbler 90% of the time will look to pass to the guy in the perimeter, so it's a useless screen (foul-prone, too); compared that to handler facing the rim - screening is much much more effective. Weaving motion offense creates confusion to our team. We got lucky the 3s are falling. They improve our assist#s.

McCormack did great in the first half - the best offense I've seen by him so far. Great low post position, with a perfect feed. Great footwork going deep into the rim.

But 2nd half, he's a no-show: picked up his regular moving screen call (I wonder which coach is in charge of all his repeated mistake), fade-away jump-hook. I'm glad with his assist to JDub, though. There's hope.

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