Monday, August 24, 2020

3-star Georgia prep DB Shad Dabney gives KU 20 commitments so far

Kansas University football recruiting

Kansas University football recruiting


The spots in the Kansas football program’s 2021 recruiting class are filling up quickly.

Les Miles and his staff now have 20 commitments in place as of Monday, when Georgia prep defensive back Shad Dabney became the newest member of the class and the fifth in the past three weeks.

Dabney, listed at 5-foot-11 and 172 pounds, is rated a 3-star prospect by Rivals. He announced via Twitter his decision to choose KU. His other finalists were Syracuse and Cincinnati, plus Dabney had a long list of scholarship offers from smaller programs.

The cornerback from Cherokee Bluff High, in Flowery Branch, Ga., told Jon Kirby of Jayhawk Slant that KU defensive backs coach Chevis Jackson played a prominent role in his commitment.

“The thing I love about Coach Jackson the most,” he said, “(is it’s) not all about football. He checks in on me daily and asks me how I'm doing just to make sure I'm straight.”

KU now has 18 three-star prospects in its upcoming recruiting class. Dabney is the second prep player from Georgia in the group, joining three-star linebacker Trey Staley.

Even with KU’s long list of commitments, the staff still has room to add important players, as NCAA rules allow teams to add 25 new signees each year.

All verbal commitments, of course, are nonbinding. The earliest that Class of 2021 football prospects can sign is Dec. 16.

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KU football Class of 2021 commitments

(Rivals rankings)

• Majik Rector — 3-star Texas prep WR

• Ben Easters — 3-star Indiana prep QB

• Jaddai Henry — 3-star Texas prep WR

• Kelan Robinson — 3-star Texas prep WR

• Devin Neal — 3-star Lawrence prep RB

• Mason Brotherton — 3-star Arkansas prep TE

• De’Kedrick Sterns — 3-star Texas prep OL

• Edgar Amaya — 3-star Alabama prep OL

• Andrew Simpson — 3-star California prep LB

• Trey Staley — 3-star Georgia prep LB

• Omar Burroughs — 3-star Florida prep DB

• Keon Coleman — 3-star Louisiana prep WR

• Devonte Wilson — 3-star Florida prep DB

• Kameron Grays — 3-star Alabama prep DB

• Christien Hawks — 3-star Norton prep OT

• D’Marion Alexander — 3-star Texas prep LB

• Tommy Dunn Jr. — 3-star Texas prep DL

• Shad Dabney — 3-star Georgia prep DB

• Deldrick Withers — 2-star Arkansas prep DE

• Larson Workman — 2-star Texas prep OL


Dirk Medema 1 year, 1 month ago

Sounds like he’s still growing too. Almost 6’ in another report. That makes for a nice group.

DLine is the one place that definitely needs more recruits.

It’s also a nice solid class. Hopefully it stays intact. It doesn’t seem like we have seen nearly as much movement as in years past. It would be nice to get a difference maker with one of the remaining slots.

Brad Avery 1 year, 1 month ago

"His other finalists were Syracuse and Cincinnati, plus Dabney had a long list of scholarship offers from smaller programs". This is an impressive commitment considering the competition. One of the other "smaller" programs who recruited him according to Rivals was Arizona State. He was also recruited by most of the MAC and three service programs, all of which have argument to make that Kansas has been a failure at football in comparison to (name the school) in the last decade. I don't know how Les does it, but he has been the "magic man" in regard to recruiting.

Karen Mansfield-Stewart 1 year, 1 month ago

Another solid addition to a solid class. Congrats to everyone and Welcome to the Hill!

Michael Maris 1 year, 1 month ago

The key to all of Les Miles Era is the recruitment of High School Football players. Yeah, they recruited a few JuCo kids in the interim. But, the last recruited class and this current class contains NO Junior College recruits.

I have NOTHING against JuCo recruits. But, they're supposed to be a stop-gap recruit who can immediately help in a short term situation.

U. of Tennessee seems to know how to recruit and utilize JuCo recruits pretty well (over the past few years now).

Charlie Weis ERA destroyed the program (PERIOD)!!!!!

Beaty was hired as a low cost HC to help the Football program financially recover from buying out Gill and Weis's contractual buyouts.

Had Coach Bowen been hired. He would've been the same type of hire.

However, I do feel that if Coach Bowen had been hired, I believe he would've done a better job of surrounding himself with qualified assistant coaches with whom he had already developed a relationship with to what ever degree. Bowen is a Jayhawk and will ALWAYS be a Jayhawk.

And, I believe Bowen would've built the program with HS recruits (and not large numbers of JuCo recruits).

So, the real fault of Beaty hiring falls upon the failures of Sheahon Zenger (supposedly a Foitball AD).

Finally, onwards with the Les Miles Era. I love what I see from the continuing recruits from SEC territory and Texas.

Bill Snyder's K-State program successes have won the loyalties for the most part of Kansas recruits.

Kansas kids will start to consider the Jayhawks more (once the winning ways are established regularly in Lawrence).


Brett McCabe 1 year, 1 month ago

Michael, that is the most accurate and succinct summary of KU football post-Zenger as I have seen.

What is frustrating is that the three hires prior to Gill were all “good hires”. Mason was solid. Allen was not but he had a solid resume and his hiring at least was defensible on paper. At least he was a proven winner. Mangino was, of course, also successful.

Gill’s resume was not overwhelming. Weis was an idiotic hire and Beaty had no resume at all.

Miles is another example of how important it is to simply make solid hires at the HC spot. I’m with you, things right now seem to be trending up in every way. One step at a time.

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