Saturday, September 21, 2019

KU volleyball falls to UNLV


Kansas volleyball finished the Rebel Challenge against tournament-host UNLV, falling to the Rebels in four sets in Cox Pavilion.

In a hard-fought match between the two schools, each netted a victory in the first two sets with Kansas winning the second set by a 25-23 margin. After UNLV earned the first set (25-23), Kansas captured the second set thanks to seniors Ashley Smith and Zoe Hill recording the final two points when the match was tied at 23-23.

UNLV responded by taking the next two sets (25-23, 25-19) to win the match.

Kansas finished with three players in double-figure kills and were led by Smith who finished with 14. Rachel Langs logged 12 kills on the day, while Hill claimed 11. Allie Nelson finished with a team-best 19 digs and Sara Nielsen topped 40 assists for the third time this season with 41.

Kansas begins conference play against Baylor at 1 p.m. Saturday in Horejsi Family Volleyball Arena.


Bville Hawk 1 year, 8 months ago

Ok, in case you're not keeping score, we have now lost 12 or our last 13 sets. With #4(?) Baylor next on the schedule those numbers will likely go to 15 of our last 16 sets. It's time for the coaching staff to grow a pair, pull their heads out and make the apparently incredibly bold move to change the quarterback (setter) and go back to Camryn Ennis who was 13-5 last year as our primary setter before she got hurt. Ennis and Sara Nielsen should basically trade places. Our next 3 matches are probably going to be one sided losses (Baylor at home, then at ISU and at OU) so we have about 3 weeks for Ennis to get back into primary setter mode before we have several winnable matches.

I hate to post this but the question has to be asked: Our new assistant coach is Kaitlyn Nielsen, are she and Sara Nielsen somehow related? Is that why Sara Nielsen (who transferred to KU this year from Minnesota) never comes out of a game? Her resume' in 2 seasons at Minnesota pales compared to what Camryn Ennis accomplished in 18 games as a freshman last year at KU.

Our players and fans deserve better than the coaching we're getting right now.

Layne Pierce 1 year, 8 months ago

Bville Everything you say is too true, UNLV like Syracuse is a team with a losing record. We lost to them, so what other conclusion is there, but that right now, we are one of the worst major college volleyball teams in the nation.

I totally agree with you that Ennis should be our setter, and or we should use two setters. Frankly maybe two setters would provide better and more unpredictable passing. The substituion and use of players this year especially, do not seem to be logical, and indeed are harmful. I would like you like to know just what it is about Neilsen that makes her better than Ennis. Also, it is interesting that Jada Burse did not play in the match with Arizona St.

This team simply does not have a way to win. We are weak in so many areas. And unless we are really lucky, next year will not be any different, in fact it might be worse. I expect Camryn Ennis to transfer next year. And I don't blame her.

Starting with the last year of Anise Havili, this team has underperformed, And another strange this is that Coach Bechard either says nothing, or paints everything as being great, when the results say that to the contrary, it is rotten.

Bville, we have to hope that either Bechard rights this ship in a systematic way, or we need to think about his replacement. It is a shame to have support like the Horejsis, and this kind of weak result.

Bville Hawk 1 year, 8 months ago

I have had the same worry that Ennis will transfer after this season.

It is definitely time for drastic action, but I can't see this coaching staff doing anything approaching drastic.

I have always thought that Bechard was a pretty decent coach, but the way he is handling this team has me so angry and frustrated it has me dreading the remainder of the season.

Phil Leister 1 year, 8 months ago

Starting to look like the Jayhawks of the 2000's. Anyone else notice the timing of losing Bird Kuhn to Texas A&M and then KU going downhill?

Bville Hawk 1 year, 8 months ago

I have wondered that, Phil, but last year Bird was gone and we were 13-5 and 6-1 in the Big 12 with a 4 set win over Texas in Lawrence. Then Camryn Ennis got hurt and we went 2-7 the rest of the season.

Besides being a very good setter Ennis is also a very effective blocker having recorded 42 blocks in her 18 games last year and had 5 blocks in a game on 3 different occasions.

Layne Pierce 1 year, 8 months ago


I don't think losing Kuhn helped for sure, but look at the last 3 seasons, and you will see signs of dissension. Look what happened the year after we went to the Final Four, it just seemed like the players did not care, or were angry or something, because there was no fire, and actually this team lacks much real competitive fire, indeed, if we lose the first 2 sets, you can mail it in.

So in the last 5 matches, we have shown that we are unsuccessfully searching for something. I find it strange that neither Van Driel, nor HIckman, nor Ennis played at all or very very little in the lost to UNLV./

I am also afraid that like Beatty in football, there seems to be little player development, what you see as a freshman, is what you get.

Hate to be so negative, maybe you can give Bville and myself, something to be positive about.


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