Saturday, October 19, 2019

KU volleyball earns three-set victory over TCU


Kansas volleyball was able to gain its second Big 12 victory of the season with a 3-0 win (25-18, 25-21, 25-19) over TCU inside Horejsi Family Volleyball Arena.

Led by redshirt-senior Ashley Smith, the Jayhawks were able to take set one with a score of 25-18. Both teams we knotted up at 10-10 before the Jayhawks would go on a 15-8 run to claim the set. Smith led the team with five kills in set one.

The second set turned into a back-and-forth fight between the Jayhawks and the Horned Frogs. The Jayhawks (6-10, 2-4 Big 12) found themselves up 22-21 before two attack errors by the Horned Frogs, and a kill by sophomore Rachel Langs gave KU the 25-21 set victory. Freshman Morgan Christon finished with a team-high five kills in the set.

Kansas earned the three-set sweep of TCU with a dominant effort in the final set. The Jayhawks led by as many as 6 points in an eventual 25-19 win in the third set. Smith and Christon both finished with a team-high 12 kills.

KU travels to Kansas State at 6 p.m. Wednesday.


Bville Hawk 1 year, 6 months ago

A lot of things to feel good about today against TCU. Defense was so much better especially our back row defense, nice to see not so many balls hitting the floor in front of back row players sitting back on their heels.

Ennis not as much of a factor as she has been but her 5 digs in the 1st 2 sets when we were establishing dominance were critical. It's nice to see Christon learning that if the set is not in her power zone that she doesn't have to go for a winner, just keep it in play.

I like our limited rotation now, hopefully Carrier, Mostram, Suter are ready when their number is called.

Coach Bechard, when are you going to let us know why you kept Camryn Ennis on the bench thru the first 13 matches of the year? We are 2-1 since her full time return and have won 8 of 13 sets with her playing full time after losing 19 of our previous 21 sets with her playing minimally. As Layne Pierce commented after the WVU game Ennis makes everyone on the court with her better. Why weren't you playing her???

Layne Pierce 1 year, 6 months ago


I noticed that Ennis is the only player who contributes in multiple ways, she had only 5 kills, but then only 14 chances, so either Neilson was told not to give her that many opportunities, or TCU was defending her constantly, to Ennis credit, she didn't just flail away. But she also had a number of digs, 2nd on the team, and 2 assists. The fact is that as we both know. She is the one player on the team who can contribute in all phases of the game.

I would like to see Van Driel and Hickman and Carrier all get some game time, because next year they are going to have to step up. Can't this team be competitive and also be developing at the same time? Fact is that it's too late to do much, unless they would win out, and you and I both know that is not happening?

We are playing better, but a coach has to be able to see the present and the future all at once.


Bville Hawk 1 year, 6 months ago

Layne, I think the emergence of Ennis as an outside hitter threat drew more defensive attention to her and opened things up for Zoe Hill and Rachel Langs in the middle (they hit 0.360 combined by my calculation).

I keep wondering who the coaches are "grooming" for Libero next year after Nelson graduates. Mostram? Some as yet unknown freshman?

Layne Pierce 1 year, 6 months ago


I also am concerned about that, because consistently Ennis will be number 2 in digs. I hope that Angelo can start to step it up, she was actually more effective last year. I am afraid that the strange lineup we started with put the whole team out of kilder up until now. Had they had this line up and this enthusiasm at the beginning of the season, they would be at least .500 now.

I also think that the fact that Ennis actually looks to provide sets for other people when the defense comes to her, makes her special.

You know last year Carlson started a few games as setter, then Ennis got a shot and even when Ennis got hurt, Carlson never got back on the floor. Maybe she had already decided to transfer. Fact is Carlson was not terrible, so what gives? Again the exploitation of people is questionable.

Bville Hawk 1 year, 6 months ago

Just found out that Carlson suffered a season ending concussion early in the season last year but was still on the roster last February. Judging from her Tweets she is still very engaged with KU sports so maybe she is still suffering some effects from the concussion.

Haven't been able to find out anything about Jada or Mmachi except that they transferred to ASU and NC State respectively.

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