Saturday, February 23, 2019

Quick recap: Kansas dismantled by Texas Tech in 91-62 defeat

Kansas coach Bill Self talks to Quentin Grimes during the second half of the team's NCAA college basketball game against Texas Tech, Saturday, Feb. 23, 2019, in Lubbock, Texas. (AP Photo/Brad Tollefson)

Kansas coach Bill Self talks to Quentin Grimes during the second half of the team's NCAA college basketball game against Texas Tech, Saturday, Feb. 23, 2019, in Lubbock, Texas. (AP Photo/Brad Tollefson)


No. 12 Kansas never had a chance in its biggest game of the season.

The Jayhawks trailed for the duration of their 91-62 loss to No. 14 Texas Tech Saturday night in United Supermarkets Arena. It marked the third consecutive meeting between these two programs where there were no lead changes.

The Red Raiders (22-5, 10-4) set the tone, taking a double-digit lead within five minutes into the game. KU (20-7, 9-5) never recovered from the early punch by Texas Tech, snapping a three-game win streak.

Texas Tech has now won five games in a row, which is the longest win streak in the Big 12. The Red Raiders led by a 45-20 margin at the intermission, marking as the Jayhawks’ worst halftime deficit in 18 years.

Dedric Lawson was the lone Jayhawk in double figures, scoring 14 points on 3-of-8 shooting.

Marcus Garrett and Charlie Moore each scored 9 points, while David McCormack finished with 8 points.

Jarrett Culver led Texas Tech with 26 points, though he was one of four players to score in double figures for the Red Raiders.

More than that, though, Saturday’s lopsided loss had a detrimental impact on an intense Big 12 race. Kansas now falls behind both Kansas State and Texas Tech with four games remaining in league play.

KU will face K-State at 8 p.m. Monday in Allen Fieldhouse.


Noel Backwards 2 years ago

So much for Vick being gone curing all...ack to the drawing board. What’s really the problem with this team? Even losing players isn’t good enough to explain what I just watched. Came out and played terrible in the biggest game of the season. Can’t ever remember a Self team looking this bad this late in the season.

Henry Joseph Hofmeister 2 years ago

i watched our previous matchup before this happened. vick was a major part of that win. not so much as a peep from him so i don't think anyone wants him back now. guy could make a media sentence about his situation or just walk away from the program. we now know.

Marius Rowlanski 2 years ago

You're correct that Vick was a major part of several victories but his leaving at this time has hurt us more than if he had never come back. I'm sure Coach Self worried over just such an incident.

I don't know the "personal reasons" so I can't comment on his commitment but why the cloak and dagger?

Priest Fontaine 2 years ago

So bad. Better be woke Monday night

Bryce Landon 2 years ago

Wow. Who the hell was coaching the Jayhawks tonight - David Beaty? Seriously, with a week to prepare for this game and a chance to keep pace with KSU, and THAT'S how Kansas shows up? What in f***ing hell were Coach Self and his players doing all week when they were supposed to practicing?

I've tried to be optimistic that the Jayhawks would find a way to win the conference just as they have found a way the past 14 seasons; but after tonight, I think it's time we start coming to grips with grim reality. We don't have what it takes to win the Big 12 this season. Due to injuries, suspensions, absences, recruiting failures, so on and so forth, we simply do not have the manpower to make it happen. We should be thankful that we have the NCAA record for most consecutive conference titles, and we can be confident that that record won't be sniffed again in our lifetimes; but it appears the streak will end at 14. R.I.P. to the Streak, 2005-2019.

Now let's forget about the Big 12 for right now and find a way to beat K-State. The only thing worse than seeing KSU win the Big 12 would be getting swept by them. PISS ON PURPLE PRIDE!

Henry Joseph Hofmeister 2 years ago

at least africa will have a lot of ku hats to hang on their heads. maybe it's a recruiting tool.

Henry Joseph Hofmeister 2 years ago

first time in a long time that i will be cheering for another team. texas please win out!

Dale Koch 2 years ago

Grimes is the biggest disappointing freshman we’ve ever had.

Luke Kading 2 years ago

I've been as hard on Grimes as anybody, but pinpointing him in this loss is giving everyone else too much credit in my opinion. That was an awful effort tonight all around. Tech got whatever shot they wanted tonight. Kansas can't even guard a simple ball screen. Lawson is so soft around the rim. The announcers in the second half remarked about how you never see him miss bunnies like tonight. Are you kidding me??? Have you watched him this year? He gets his numbers but how many times a game does he just throw his body towards a defender hoping to get bailed out while throwing up an absolute prayer? And on the road I feel like he never shows up right away. He has to get benched and then when they're behind in the second half he finally starts to get going.

F's all around. What an embarrassment. I thought they might lose, but I thought they were past the point of what we saw tonight. Guess I was wrong

Bj Cassady 2 years ago

I played ball and had an all-American on my team. We lost the first game to the first place team for the rematch, I was the starting point guard and I told the team we lost the first game because we were not tough enough. We had to push the other team off of their spots on offense and control were we wanted to be on defense. When we foul, foul very hard, let them know we are there. Make them think. Second game we won 140-92 in a rout. I broke their point guards nose after he punched a couple of our guys. It was a rough game but we out-toughed them. This years team is way too soft. The perimeter defense is non-existent, same for the interior defense. We get out-rebounded most games. To lose is one thing but to get handled, to get run out of the building is unacceptable. This is on the players, the coaching staff, everyone involved. It was the worst KU game I can remember. No guts no glory. At least the Big 12 title will be in the state.

Steve Zimmerman 2 years ago

You guys need to stop crying like little kids.. Tech has seniors. Tech has multiple players who can hit 3s. Tech has trained the team well to shoot 3s. Tech has more athletic players. Tech has Beard. Should I even list what KU has or doesn't have? It's not embarrassing at all. I expected this loss. Oh, and we played away from the Fieldhouse... after being inactive for a week. We good?

Creg Bohrer 2 years ago

I'm glad I had a dinner planned tonight so I didn't have to watch this game. I recorded it, but after seeing the score I deleted it when I got home. I realize we're short handed, but to get blown out like this is unacceptable.

Jaston Archie 2 years ago

Vick leaving the team was a great bonus but also Garrett not playing helped too. I knew that once Garrett was available Self would throw him right back in there even though he can’t play worth a damn. I’m over Self, maybe the NCAA will do what the school won’t

Allin Herring 2 years ago

It is q good thing Self only had a week to prepare this team for the biggest game of the year! If he had 10 days would we have lost by 50? This is what you get when you have injuries, let players with issues back on the team, and fail to recruit and instead bring in 3 transfer players kind of like Beaty signing Judo players

Tracey Graham 2 years ago

What a pathetic effort. A whole week off and this is what they do? It's one thing to lose, especially to a good team on the road. It's another to not even bother to show up for the game. Which is basically what the Jayhawks did tonight.

This is not a very good team. It certainly isn't a team that has played well enough this season to end up with even a share of the Big 12 Conference title. And it's not a team that's likely to get past the 1st weekend of the NCAA Tournament.

Brianna Zaleski 2 years ago

@LukeKading I couldn’t agree with you more. My thoughts exactly! I expected a loss. And would have been ok with it... if we had competed. Which we did not do.

Watch Coach Self’s 4min presser. I ve never seen him lose his cool, or at least not be totally measured. Tonight, you could sense his frustration. Dare I say Bill Self might be coming back to the pack. And he can sense it.

Brianna Zaleski 2 years ago

@Jaston, Huh? Garrett and Lightfoot were the only 2 that showed up. Dotson in spurts... The rest of the team completely rolled over. Grimes, Lawson, Ochai (3 starters), were net negatives.
Yes Tech played lights out, but our attitude and energy level was sh!t. For Self to claim in the presser, that his team was ready to play, but they just played like crap, is an insult to our intelligence. Any Kansas fan, or b-ball fan for that matter, could tell that our boys were overwhelmed by Tech from the get go. And they had no desire to push back. They got completely out man-ned, out-toughed, out-played, out-everythinged. For Self not to publicly recognize that, was disappointing.

Mike Tackett 2 years ago

Garrett is neutral. Did you see how they don't guard him when we are on O. He hits about 50% of his layups.

Dane Pratt 2 years ago

Win Monday and I'll be happy and we'll go into the tournament this year with no expectations.

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