Thursday, November 8, 2018

As coaching search continues, Jeff Long returns to Lawrence on flight from Dallas

New University of Kansas athletic director Jeff Long addresses those gathered for his introductory news conference on Wednesday, July 11, 2018, at the Lied Center Pavilion.

New University of Kansas athletic director Jeff Long addresses those gathered for his introductory news conference on Wednesday, July 11, 2018, at the Lied Center Pavilion.


University of Kansas athletic director Jeff Long returned to Lawrence Thursday evening on a flight from Dallas’ Love Field, with no potential football head coach in tow.

Though flight tracking websites indicated the jet from which Long and deputy athletic director Sean Lester deplaned at about 5:15 p.m. at Lawrence Municipal Airport would arrive after first making a stop in Baton Rouge, La., those with knowledge of the flight itinerary said that plan changed.

LSU, of course, is located in Baton Rouge, which remains the home of former Tigers head coach Les Miles, the man most brought up in Long’s coaching search since he officially moved on from David Beaty this past Sunday.

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As the Kansas football program moves on from head coach David Beaty, and athletic director Jeff Long zeroes in on the team’s next leader, KU football reporter Benton Smith is joined by Matt Tait and Shane Jackson to discuss the timing of the move, coaching candidates and much more.

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Long did not speak with reporters, nor a small group of KU fans who were at the airport, upon exiting the Flexjet-operated plane.


Brett Hathaway 1 week, 1 day ago

Oh wow, that is crazy news! What did he eat for breakfast?

Gary Amble 1 week ago

I hope a Beignet and a Cafe Du Monde coffee!

Brian Wilson 1 week, 1 day ago

Uhh.....isn't the Big 12 Headquarters located in Dallas.

Please don't start with the fake news LJW. Jeez!

Michael Maris 1 week ago

I would hope that AD Long would NOT even think of Mike Stoops. He failed at Arizona, and his defensive units at OU (after being fired at Arizona) were not that good either. Letting Brent Venables go (for M. Stoops), was a hugh mistake made by Big Game Bob Stoops. And, Venables has truly improved his resume since moving to Clemson.

Brad Watson 1 week ago

Maybe Mack Brown is in the former coaches who live in Texas...or Dallas TX...I like Gene Chizik as a hire...also if we could lure SWEATER VEST out of his administration position at Youngstown State....that I would like also....coaches who have rings...are what recruits will listen takes that kind of thing ...for a recruit to even consider KU....unfortunately...we are recruiting to a BLING generation...these snowflakes weren't raised like we were...I am not a fan of Les Miles...though he has a ring...I just don't sense the fire in the turn KU will takes relentless effort......we need someone will high energy and a character trait of hard work and a good shoe leather salesman...and most importantly ...a CLOSER!

Jack Hoff 1 week ago

How the hell would you know that he doesn't have that fire in his belly? Have you personally talked to him. I mean this is ridiculous. When did KU Football become so prestigious that we can't pick a coach who has won over 70% of his games. If that man wants the job, then you give it to him. PERIOD. It's hard to win that many games no matter where you are. Let's not overthink this.

Brad Watson 1 week ago

We disagree...I have watched SENSE is...he is too old to put the effort in to turning this around...its my SENSE...have I talked to him?....I have never thought he was a great coach...personal opinion...rhats all I got Jack

Jack Hoff 1 week ago

Fair enough! Thanks for the candid response! Hopefully Long makes the the best hire possible for KU either way! Rockchalk Brad!

Gary Amble 1 week ago

Not many coaches have looked great coaching against Alabama.

Chris Bailey 1 week ago

Here is how I see it. We hired Jeff Long to run our athletic department. If he says Les Miles can coach the team and that's who he chooses then I believe him. That doesn't mean that's the pick he may go another direction. I'm just saying I'm pretty confident that we will hire the right man for the job this time. If it's Miles so be it if not we will know soon enough.

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