Friday, May 25, 2018

KU’s Khmelnitckaia and Rychagova eliminated from NCAA doubles tournament


After a first-round victory in the NCAA Division I Women's Tennis Doubles Championships, University of Kansas juniors Nina Khmelnitckaia and Anastasia Rychagova suffered a season-ending defeat Friday, in the Round of 16.

Vanderbilt's No. 11-ranked combo of Fernanda Contreras and Astra Sharma defeated No. 20 Khmelnitckaia and Rychagova in two sets at the Wake Forest Tennis Complex in Winston-Salem, N.C.

"Although it is a tough way for Nina and (Rychagova) to finish their junior years,” KU assistant coach Caroline Lilley said in a news release, “it is also a great learning experience. As we continue to move forward and strive for greatness, matches like today will serve as motivation to aspire for daily improvements. I am proud of both of them, proud of the adversity we overcame this year, as a program, and could not be more excited about the future."


Jerry Rockhold 12 months ago

Why in the world would you write & publish a sports story without the actual score?

Lost in 2 sets is just not nearly enough. Can you imagine doing that for basketball or football or

any other sport for that matter? Come on LJW, you're better than that. Would be great to see

you actually care & correct this oversight.

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