Friday, July 27, 2018

KU football lands commitment from Class of 2019 running back

Kansas University football recruiting

Kansas University football recruiting


With temperatures in the 70s for its annual Friday Night Lights football camp, the Kansas football program’s recruiting for the 2019 class heated up when the Jayhawks landed an oral commitment from running back Cole Mueller.

Mueller, a 6-foot-1, 192-pound athlete from Holt High in Wentzville, Mo., is a two-star prospect according to But JayhawkSlant recruiting analyst Jon Kirby tweeted shortly after Mueller’s commitment that he was told that the hard-nosed halfback “might have been the best performer at the Friday Night Lights camp.”

Mueller announced his commitment on Twitter, writing, “I’ve committed to the University of Kansas. Thanks to all the coaches that (helped me) achieve this goal,” above a photo of him and KU coach David Beaty inside Beaty’s office.

Known most for his blazing speed, the Holt High running back put his wheels on display during Friday’s camp, recording the fastest 40-yard dash time of the more than 200 players in attendance.

According to Kirby, Mueller and Beaty’s relationship dates back to when Beaty first saw him at a camp at Lindenwood University — where Beaty played quarterback — and the two have watched their bond grow since then.

“I just wanted to go up and see the campus because I like coach Beaty,” Mueller told Kirby. “I liked him from the first time I talked to him after the Lindenwood camp. I was ready to commit while I was there.”

As a junior, Mueller ran for more than 2,400 yards and 35 touchdowns.

KU receivers coach Justin Johnson is listed as the lead recruiter for Mueller in the Rivals data base and he becomes the third known commitment in KU’s 2019 class, joining four-star quarterback Lance Legendre, from New Orleans, and three-star tight end Clay Cundiff, of Bishop Carroll High in Wichita.


Dirk Medema 10 months ago

Who was the other fast kid from MO a few years ago?

Hopefully Cole can be healthier and get on the field more.

Chris Bailey 10 months ago

I can only assume you're referring to Tony Pearson as he was lightning fast. He and Bourbon both were banged up and both from Missouri. However, both were also 4-star prospects if memory serves me correctly. Bourbon passed away tragically and I know deeply saddened many within the program with his passing. He was great kid. Both were immensely talented.

Dee Shaw 10 months ago

Who cares. Hard to get excited about a program that everyone knows the Head Coach will be fired by the new A.D.

Dane Pratt 10 months ago

I’m not so sure about that. The chancellor would like to see him gone to avoid embarrassment but the new AD does not have any skin in the game. What if they win 5 games, are they going to fire him?

Chris Bailey 10 months ago

I can only assume this is just someone trying to be funny. I will bet my retirement nest egg they don't win 5 games. Not a chance!

Len Shaffer 10 months ago

That's not fair, Chris. If Beatty were at KU another five years, they might manage to win five more games ...

Gary McCullough 10 months ago

You must be "young and dumb" because I don't bet my retirement on anything! I've seen much stranger things than KU winning 5 games this season.

Chris Bailey 10 months ago

HAHA. Yeah I agree it's a pretty strong play but judging by what we've seen the past 9 years I don't think it's a big risk. It's not like this is a real bet because in reality I wouldn't put my retirement account up on any bet unless I had some equal chance of winning my money back and even then it's highly unlikely I would ever do that.

Chris Bailey 10 months ago

Ultimately I can't see myself betting my retirement account on anything other than the stock market. and it's rolling these last 18 months.

Mike Hart 10 months ago

I care. A Promising recruit is just that. It’s good news regardless of who the coach will be. Don’t watch then... fine by me

Mian Hashir 10 months ago

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Karen Mansfield-Stewart 10 months ago

Nice! Welcome to the team! He certainly has the look of a player.

Aaron Paisley 10 months ago

If his commitment is based on his relationship with Beaty, does he stay committed if Beaty is fired during or after this season.

Dirk Medema 10 months ago

Who cares?

The people who care are the ones that have not quit on the team.

Sonia Khan 10 months ago

“I just wanted to go up and see the campus because I like coach Beaty,” Mueller told Kirby. “I liked him from the first time I talked to him after the Lindenwood camp. I was ready to commit while I was there.”Look for truth........Just copy and

Dee Shaw 10 months ago

Mike I won’t waste my time watching and I am glad you care along with the 6,147 fans that pack Memorial Stadium every home game.

Gary McCullough 10 months ago

I arrived on campus in 1983 and went to my first KU football game because the tickets were cheap and easy to get. But as soon as I saw the drum majors strut out onto the field, heads thrown back nearly horizontal, legs kicking at the clouds littering the sky, I was hooked on KU. Not just basketball or academics, but the whole package. If I didn't live so far from Lawrence I'd still be going to games just because being in that stadium, in the open Kansas air, still raises goosebumps. And the opportunity to sing the alma mater, "far above the golden valley" with 6,147 others in my cult, is absolutely priceless.

Mike Hart 10 months ago

Dee: I'm glad you won't "waste your time watching". I just wish you would stop wasting your time bitching. You're a real credit to the "fan" base.

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