Sunday, November 26, 2017

KU football players react to hearing David Beaty will remain head coach

Kansas head coach David Beaty gives a hug to senior tight end Ben Johnson during the Senior Day ceremony on Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017 at Memorial Stadium.

Kansas head coach David Beaty gives a hug to senior tight end Ben Johnson during the Senior Day ceremony on Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017 at Memorial Stadium.


Mixed reactions from the Kansas football fan base met Saturday’s news, immediately following the Jayhawks’ season-ending defeat at Oklahoma State, that head coach David Beaty will remain in charge of the program following a 1-11 campaign in his third year.

Some supporters of the perpetually rebuilding program voiced their displeasure — via social media, message boards and internet comment sections — with athletic director Sheahon Zenger’s decision to bring Beaty back for 2018, in spite of his 3-33 record.

A similar reaction did not exist within the KU football locker room, according to players who spoke with the media shortly after Zenger’s steadfast endorsement of the coach.

Minutes after his redshirt junior season came to a close, defensive tackle Daniel Wise said the administration’s backing of Beaty meant a lot to him.

“It means a lot to this team just knowing he’s going to be back,” Wise added. “He’s a great coach, great man. He’s helped me a lot this year and helped me become a better man, a better football player.”

Starting left tackle Hakeem Adeniji, dedicated enough to the program to play most of the year with a torn labrum in each shoulder, echoed the sentiment shared by Wise when asked whether Beaty is popular with KU’s players.

“Coach Beaty’s doing things the right way and we trust him and we have his back. And things obviously haven’t gone the way we planned, but that’s life at the end of the day,” Adeniji said. “Not everything’s going to work out. But if you’re diligent and persistent in the process and you just keep pushing and keep fighting, eventually it’s going to come out for you.”

Junior Kansas quarterback Peyton Bender, who lost his starting job in October but returned to that role in the finale due to a Carter Stanley knee injury, said the Jayhawks “love” Beaty.

“As players, we want him to be our coach. It’s great the A.D. said he’ll be coming back and that’s a good thing, just because we can continue to build,” Bender said. “Obviously, the season didn’t go as we wanted to. At least we’ll have the same guy leading us and we can get the system in place a little more and turned around this offseason, so that’s good to hear.”

Redshirt junior linebacker Joe Dineen, who finished the season as the Big 12’s leader in solo tackles (91), total tackles (135) and tackles for loss (23), also focused on the positives after a season the players couldn’t deny felt disappointing.

“Obviously, you never want to go 1-11, but I’ll tell you what: I feel like me and the guys on the team became a lot closer. I made some of my best friends this year. Footballwise, I had a lot of fun. Even though we weren’t winning, I had a ton of fun this year playing with these guys,” Dineen said. “The coaching staff kept us up and ready to go every week, and I just had a lot of fun this year.”

Sims hits 2K career yards

With his third catch at Oklahoma State, junior Kansas wideout Steven Sims Jr. reached 2,000 career receiving yards. Sims’ nine-catch, 69-yard day, which included one of the Jayhawks’ two touchdowns, helped him finish the season with 839 yards and gave him 2,047 in his college career.

“Just kind of happy,” Sims said of reaching that mark. “My mom, my dad have been talking about it all week. So kind of did it for them.”

His father, Steven Sims Sr., the son added, hammered home the point.

“My daddy was like, ‘You better get them 20 yards.’ He was just on me. But it’s a good milestone,” KU’s best passing target said. “A lot of good receivers reach that milestone. I always feel like I’m a good receiver, so it’s fun.”

Heading into the fall, Sims hoped to produce 1,000 yards as a junior, but injuries made him a nonfactor, or severely limited his ability, in at least two KU defeats.

Rui sets new personal mark

Kansas kicker Gabriel Rui hit a new career-long field goal of 50 yards in the season finale, easily beating his previous best of 43. It was the first field goal of 50 or more yards since Matthew Wyman also hit from 50 in 2016, against TCU.

Though Rui — in his second year at Kansas after playing at Northeastern Oklahoma A & M — was listed as a senior most of the season, he is expected to be back with the Jayhawks in 2018. That's because he was granted a redshirt for the 2016 season, when he never participated in a game.

As KU’s kicker this season, Rui made 17 of 20 field goals and all 23 of his extra point attempts.

Last-place Jayhawks

While KU obviously finished last in the Big 12 standings in 2017, with the program’s second winless conference campaign of Beaty’s tenure, the Jayhawks also ended the season 10th in a number of statistical categories.

In conference play, Kansas finished worst in scoring offense (14.3 points), scoring defense (46.4 points allowed), total offense (287.8 yards), total defense (480.8 yards allowed), rushing offense (100.3 yards), pass efficiency (98.1, more than 100 points behind Oklahoma’s first-place 199.1), pass efficiency defense (172.7), first downs (13.9 a game), third-down conversions (26.3 percent), time of possession (27:35 on average), turnover margin (minus-14) and red zone defense (91.3 opponent scoring percentage).

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John Fitzgerald 4 years ago

These players are going to have a rude awakening when we get a real coach in here. Beaty has been way too friendly with them.

David Kemp 4 years ago

Kumbaya, we became closer as a team. We are still 1-11 at the end of the day. You must remain a coach and not try to be everybody’s friend. This is why we play undisciplined and why we have players rumored to be late for meetings, practices, and games. And don’t forget qbs yuking it up when TCU is kicking our tail.

Barry Weiss 4 years ago

according to this article we give up 32 more points per game than what we score. Can there be a worse team anywhere in the country? And this being his third year, we decide to keep him as head coach? He should have been fired after the no hand shake stunt which proves he is not teaching his players to "do it right". This whole thing is a dumpster fire.

Jeff Coffman 4 years ago

Dineen actually sidestepped the question...I like it.

Those that think they got better under Beaty, might need to be slightly more specific.

still hope...Girod do what must be done.

Robert Brock 4 years ago

I hope that Chancellor Girod is competent.

Brett McCabe 4 years ago

"In conference play, Kansas finished worst in scoring offense (14.3 points), scoring defense (46.4 points allowed), total offense (287.8 yards), total defense (480.8 yards allowed), rushing offense (100.3 yards), pass efficiency (98.1, more than 100 points behind Oklahoma’s first-place 199.1), pass efficiency defense (172.7), first downs (13.9 a game), third-down conversions (26.3 percent), time of possession (27:35 on average), turnover margin (minus-14) and red zone defense (91.3 opponent scoring percentage)."

earnit #buildittherightway

What a complete friggin' joke. No wonder the players like him, he lets them do what they want and then determine their own discipline. Maybe he'll let them call their own plays next season.

Steve Corder 4 years ago

Calling their own plays? Not a bad idea.

Kevin Robert Fest 4 years ago

You mean they aren't calling their own plays already? Could have fooled me. Looks like a family Thanksgiving football game out there. Ok Uncle Harold, run to the sideline lll throw you a pass that will take way to long to develop no one will block for you and the play will gain 0 to negative yards. Or you will just drop the pass anyway. And we will run this mess 10 times a game. Ready break!!

Edward Katz 4 years ago

Which player will be the first to get stuck in a Taco Bell window when their order is incorrect? I'm thinking there will be at least two embarrassing incidents involving KU football players this off season due to Beaty's failure to instill discipline.

Mike Hart 4 years ago

Ed, so where is the track record of off the field incidents involving Beaty's players in 3 years? Let's not compare the football program's off field incidents to predecessors... or say: The basketball team?

Titus Canby 4 years ago

Nothing would make me happier than to see this team be successful - as in bowl eligible - next year under Beaty.

Charlie Gaughn 4 years ago

Me too, and to find out that the Easter Bunny is a real dude.....

Austin Bergstrom 4 years ago

I've always told kids that winning is a heckuva a lot more fun than losing. But what do i know, I've never played D1 football.

John Brazelton 4 years ago

The winning starts next season when the players (20+ seniors/15+ juniors) decide that they want to win. Coaches can coach, but players have to successfully complete plays on the field.

Frederick Heckel 4 years ago

You're delusional if you think a Beaty "coached" team will ever win next year.

Randy Bombardier 4 years ago

What kind of a DI (drill instructor) would, Marine, Soldier. Never hear that question or even suggestion in the military. Oh, i guess its a different deal.. you can lose games, not wars. Guess we'll just have a little fun then. No real consequences to this really. Now, don't get me sickens me to see 2 7-5 coaches getting axed lately yet thats not what I'm talking about. It is reasonable to expect.progress and reasonable to accept .500 seasons on average.. that is sound thinking. To expect more is unreasonable and vain. To put up with less is derelict.

Mike Hart 4 years ago

6 seniors on the 2017 KU football roster, 2 of which started. That's the wealth of talent remaining from Weiss' roster.

Mike Hart 4 years ago

Jeff: I'm not talking the entire roster.. .I'm talking about the guys who play offense and defense... going 2 deep on the depth chart:

Offense: TE Ben Johnson (1st string), OT Zach Hannon (#2 on depth chart at RT), Jayson Rhodes (2nd string LG)

Defense: No starting seniors... NT Kellen Nash (2nd string), DT Jacky Dezir (2nd string)

So we start a senior TE on offense... no seniors on defense... and actually have 5 seniors at the two deep positions on each side of the ball. Trhow in our Punter and kicker... and we have 7 seniors total, two of which are punter/kicker. I'm being generous by counting Zach Hannon as a part-time starter. So the 14 seniors on the roster doesn't mean much, if they weren't good enough to play. In 2018, the entire defensive line returns (all of whom are seniors and presuming Wise/Armstrong don't enter NFL draft)... both LB return as seniors. Going 2 deep in the defensive backfield (safeties, CB, nickel backs).. .everyone was a sophomore going 2 deep at those positions except Ty Miller and Emmanuel Moore. Ian Peterson was a freshman. On the offensive line (center, tackle, guard): We started all sophomores with the exception of RTG Chris Hughes (freshman).. with Zach Hannon the only loss to graduation. We don't lose any QB, RB or WR.... so I stand by assertion that the cupboard was bare. Any perception that this defense got WORSE in 3 years is because of all the senior STARTERS we lost from 2016: DE Damani Mosby, LB Courtney Arnick, and 4/5 of our defensive backfield (NB Tevin Shaw, CB Marnez Ogletree, CB Brandon Stewart, Safety and team captain: Fish Smithson). So spare me the 14 seniors on this roster in 2017... when only 5-6 of them saw the field.

Jeff Coffman 4 years ago

How many juco transfers from beaty? he deserves some credit.

Brian Wilson 4 years ago

Yes there officially were 14 Seniors. 3 of which were walk-ons that got scholarships the past summer. And, i think, it's another 2 were walk-ons that got there scholarships in 2016, only 5 that came as Freshmen with the others being transfers that got scholarship offers. year we will be better and I predict 3 wins. We red shirted some players this year. The AD and coach knew this year would be bad.

It will take waiting until our Sophomore class becoming Seniors with a Decent size Junior (Our current Freshmen) class to back them up....then at that time we fill the holes with underclass talent and transfers. So its two years before we have a team.....a program.

This is exactly what Weiss did to us.....this is exactly what firing coaches do to do us.......firing coaches and then chasing off the underclassmen until you have coach, no players, no program.

Adam Engelbrecht 4 years ago

This graf really puts it in perspective for anyone that thought it was an OK year.

In conference play, Kansas finished worst in scoring offense (14.3 points), scoring defense (46.4 points allowed), total offense (287.8 yards), total defense (480.8 yards allowed), rushing offense (100.3 yards), pass efficiency (98.1, more than 100 points behind Oklahoma’s first-place 199.1), pass efficiency defense (172.7), first downs (13.9 a game), third-down conversions (26.3 percent), time of possession (27:35 on average), turnover margin (minus-14) and red zone defense (91.3 opponent scoring percentage).

Kevin Robert Fest 4 years ago

Oh ok well problem solved according to John. The players the last 3 years just decided that they didn't want to win. Now next year they will decide they want to win. Maybe win a few here and there? Noooo lose all but 3 in the most embarrassing fashion most weeks that commentators from ESPN, FOX SPORTS etc are laughing so hard that they cannot speak.

John Brazelton ladies and sure to tip your server. OMG the ignorance of that post is astonishing.

Lloyd Kinnison 4 years ago

Monetary support Or NO support brings change very quickly.

[''] 4 years ago

Brazelton is sniffing glue or delusional.

Beaty could not take Alabama's current team & win 4 games. He got destroyed AT HOME by Baylor that had 21 sorority kids as walk ons & more freshmen than KU. Central Michigan & Ohio have less NFL caliber players & pretty facilities that Zenger worships but they both Boot-stomped KU this season.

KU will finish 1-11 again with Beaty. I guarantee it.

Tim Bingaman 4 years ago

I couldn't agree with you more!!!! Quality coaches don't lose to inferior opponents.

Too much emphasis on players here. We would win games with a quality coach.

I hope I'm wrong, but we'll go 1-11 in 2018.

Chris Shaw 4 years ago

Hey Brett, Tennessee’s outcry reversed George Schiano’s hiring. You wearing Orange today?

4 years ago

Yes, let's do what UT did and stage some protests that get national attention. Keeping these two - DB SZ - is absurd.

Lucas Town 4 years ago

So Beaty is back for 2018. Nothing in my mind will change next year as long as we have the same 2 quarterbacks (Bender and Stanley), the same or similar O-Line and the same D-Coordinator. Recruit all the stars at wide receiver and running back you want, if the O-Line can't protect and the QB can't get the ball out accurately, nothing will change.

Some stats from the past 3 seasons.

2015 Offense 15.25 ppg, Defense 46.08 ppg

2016 Offense 20.25 ppg, Defense 37.33 ppg

2017 Offense 18.67 ppg, Defense 43.42 ppg

Number of times KU has been shut out = 3

Number of times KU held to a touchdown or less = 9

The offense will average about 19 points per game next season and the defense will allow somewhere around 40 points per game. Since Beaty is to be retained for another season, he should hire a new Defensive Coordinator, Special Teams Coordinator and an O-Line coach.

Mike Hart 4 years ago

Sure.. change over the assistant coaches again. That's the problem. That's helpful.

Lucas Town 4 years ago

Ok, leave the coaches in place, except Bowen. Go find a better DC and you will see improvement. It doesn't have to be a big name DC, just a guy who has shown better results as a coach. Bowen has been at KU for so long you would think he would have recruited or had substantial input on the guys to play his style of defense and it just hasn't happened.

UTSA finished 3rd in total defense, Troy finished 8th, Houston - 65th and Texas A&M - 68th.

Still, much better than what we've been watching.

David Kemp 4 years ago

No assistant would agree to a 1 year job and furthermore if on your stats you remove the fcs game each year it really gets bad.

Lucas Town 4 years ago

KU will win a couple of games next season and they will be more competitive in other games. There will be some improvement and Beaty will be here in 2019 unless there is a total collapse in the 2018 season. Any blow outs will come from the traditional powers in the conference but other games will be closer.

If the team is more competitive and goes 2-10, I think Beaty will be back in 2019.

David Kemp 4 years ago

Wow how putrid is that. Accepting 2 wins as a successful season. The laughingstock continues.

Lucas Town 3 years, 12 months ago

I didn't say it would be successful, I just said if the team is more competitive and wins a couple of games in 2018, I think Beaty would be back in 2019.

There is no indication to me that Zenger will be gone.

Kevin Robert Fest 4 years ago

Change the facilities, coaches, hey even the players, overhaul the whole thing if Coach Clueless and Dumber are still in charge NOTHING will change.

What's the over/under on how many assistant coaches leave on their own in the coming months?

Mike Hart 4 years ago

And.... your point? They gave him 11 years... what is it you are trying to say?

Ryan Ferree 4 years ago

“Coach Beaty’s doing things the right way"

I guess the right way is 3-33.. Can we do it the wrong way if it means winning some games?

Randy Bombardier 3 years, 12 months ago

So, the players say one thing then two of our best potential players are looking at draft options early. What does that say???

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