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Tom Keegan: Does winning in football mean as much as it once did to Kansas Athletics?

Kansas head coach David Beaty runs off the field following the Jayhawks' 38-9 loss to Baylor on Saturday, Sept. 4, 2017 at Memorial Stadium. Before Saturday's game, Baylor was winless on the season.

Kansas head coach David Beaty runs off the field following the Jayhawks' 38-9 loss to Baylor on Saturday, Sept. 4, 2017 at Memorial Stadium. Before Saturday's game, Baylor was winless on the season.


Of all the conversations between new University of Kansas chancellor Douglas Girod and seventh-year athletic director Sheahon Zenger, the one I most would have liked to hear: The chancellor asking the AD some form of the question on the minds of many: You fired Turner Gill with a 5-19 record and Charlie Weis at 6-22. What makes 3-31 better than 5-19 and 6-22?

Surely, it wasn’t the explanation Beaty gave last week about taking the slow, steady approach of recruiting high school players instead of transfers, which Zenger backed with a released statement later that day. That claim quickly was debunked when the names of Beaty’s 29 transfers were published in the next day’s paper.

The statement the chancellor released on Twitter was sufficiently vague as to not in any way answer the question as to why 3-31 is better than 5-19 or 6-22.

Does winning not mean as much as it did in 2011, when Zenger fired Gill after two seasons, or in 2014, when Zenger fired Weis with a 2-2 record in his third season?

The key words in the chancellor’s statement: “I maintain my belief that Sheahon and Coach Beaty have the right long-term vision and are doing things the right way. Our focus now is empowering them with the tools they need to fulfill their vision.”

What tools? Blockers to protect quarterback Carter Stanley and blow open holes for Khalil Herbert and to remain disciplined enough not to draw penalties in big spots? Tacklers? Cornerbacks blessed with remarkable flexibility and speed? A potion that prevents exercising the urge to punt on fourth-and-short from the enemy 42?


Brick and mortar.

My long-term vision must differ from that of Zenger and Beaty. Here’s what it shows: Kansas storms into Conway, S.C., on Sept. 26, 2020 for a pick’em game against the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers. A sellout crowd of 15,000 at Brooks Stadium — named in honor of Coby Garrett Brooks and Boni Belle Brooks, children of Hooters chairman Bob Brooks — buzzes in anticipation of a possible victory against a school from a power five conference.

What is a Chanticleer? to the rescue: “1. a rooster: used as a proper name in medieval fables.”

Anyway, back to the future.

The 15,000 strong head home disappointed. Dom Williams runs for 200 yards and Kansas ends its record road losing streak at 57 games.

As for the immediate future, any coach in Beaty's situation would load up on junior-college recruits in hopes of having a good enough fourth season to merit a fifth. Will anybody care enough about the future to stop him?


Jack Hoff 4 years ago

Tom doesn't even pretend to hide his hate for Zenger and Beaty anymore lol.

David Kelley-Wood 4 years ago

Your comment has prompted me to dust off some of my old theories about the derivation of names. "Jack Hoff" - no shinola!

"his hate for Zenger and Beaty"

How about "his low regard for their accomplishments on behalf of KU Football"? And, why would it be otherwise?

Jack Hoff 4 years ago

Lets be real. Tom hates them. Just like most other people on this forum do. He just gets to be less subtle about it because of his platform.. his tone makes it pretty evident. Not saying it's good or bad. Just pointing it out. It may be completely justified. I've just noticed lately he jumps at every opportunity to kick em while they are down.

David Kelley-Wood 4 years ago

I don't hate them, not in the least. (Do you?) In fact, I really like Beaty. I don't care much for the results he's put up, but that has nothing to do with how I feel about him. And I don't have any feelings on the personal level one way or the other about Zenger.

Frankly, I doubt that you have any clue as to how anyone else feels about them. However, while we're speculating about how other people think, I think you just get off on hearing yourself spout off.

Jack Hoff 4 years ago

Someone went out of their way to fly a plane above Memorial Stadium calling for the man to be fired. Imagine how his wife and kids felt seeing that. I've seen people on here call Zenger a jckss, moron, idiot. Those lean more towards hate than love wouldn't you say?

Jeff Coffman 4 years ago

I would really love to see Zenger released from his duties. Afterwards I would like to see Beaty resign. Girod should show more love to the ku football program or it would a great pleasure to see him advance to another career.

John Fitzgerald 4 years ago

Girod would have done himself a favor by not saying anything at all if he was going to say something this stupid. But as I’ve said before I expected this as I’ve heard around campus that he and Zenger will 100% be around next year.

Joe Norgay 4 years ago

It's honestly to the point that this is beyond rational discussion. No rational mind could think Beaty and Zenger should have job security. They should have been fired yesterday, not a year from now when we have the exact same record and nothing to show for it. Spare me the "football reasons". You don't know more about football than us.

Dana Anderson is supposedly holding this up because he likes Zenger and Beaty. Our football program is being destroyed because a donor wants to drink margaritas at Salty Iguana with his best buds.

This is a disgrace to college athletics and KU fans are being given the finger by Girod from his latest statement. What cowards. They're fleecing the people who support the university by counting on us not speaking up and hoping it'll just get to basketball season.

Not another cent will go towards KU until this nightmare ends.

Jack Hoff 4 years ago

So tell me. Lets say KU fires Zenger and Beaty tomorrow. How do you project the next 3 years go?

Jeff Coffman 4 years ago

With them zero meaningful wins, probably no wins on the road, no wins against Big XII and no wins against MAC like schools.

With a change, 3-5 wins each year for the next 2 years and bowl elgible in 3, assuming you hire a coach with experience and one that has a proven track record. None of those things occurred with the 3 prior hires.

Brad Avery 4 years ago

Depends on who is hired, the next Vince Lombardi or the next Turner Gill.

Joe Norgay 4 years ago

Well we're at absolute rock bottom with them now as a football program so hire any warm body and there's only one direction to go and that's up.

Look. at. the. numbers. and. tell. me. why. they. deserve. to. stay.

Jack Hoff 4 years ago

I'm legitimately curious since everyone here seems to have an opinion... mostly negative towards the current administration. If ya'll were in charge what would you do to ensure KU gets to a bowl in 3 years like you are all demanding? GO!

Joe Norgay 4 years ago

No one said bowl game buddy. Nice straw man though.

We just want a semi-competent football team that puts up a fight here and there and maybe wins an unexpected game or two.

Check this out Jack, 0-12, 2-10, 1-11. Those are Beaty's numbers. That's as bad as you can possibly get in P5 football. We're statistically one of the worst football teams in history. IN HISTORY.

Give me a coach that has seasons of football like 4-8, 5-7, 3-9, etc. I'd build them a damned statue after Beaty.

No one is thinking bowls anymore because of how bad Beaty (meaning Zenger) have done.

Keep the faith up though. It's really doing us a lot of good. Beaty is the record holder at KU for moral victories at least.

Jack Hoff 4 years ago

So 4-8 is good enough for you? Anyhow, I'll adjust the question. What would you do then to win 4 games a year if you were in charge?

Joe Norgay 4 years ago

Yeah, after Beaty, I'll gladly take 4-8. Happily.

I would hire a better coach than David Beaty, who is statistically one of the worst coaches in the history of college football.

Chris Bailey 4 years ago

I don't understand how you are so blind to this? Are you Beaty or SZ just under an alias? I mean that can be the only excuse for you being blinded by this completely inept coaching staff.

John Fitzgerald 4 years ago

Who demanded a bowl game in 3 years? Was it your imaginary friend?

Jack Hoff 4 years ago

That's not the point. Ya'll want more wins. What would you do to get there if in charge. Specific.

Joe Norgay 4 years ago

Hire a football coach who isn't statistically the worst in KU football history?

Conrad 'Cory' Miller 4 years ago

OK JACK!! PHOG ALLEN (THE PHOG effin ALLEN) Currently has more wins in Football than David Beaty. DEFEND THAT!!! GO!!! As for how to get to 3-4 wins: 1) first thing would be to design something that plays to your teams strengths using the players on the current roster. 2)slow down the tempo and give your thin (and bad) defense a chance to rest. COACH your team to do a few things really well like run block, that is the easiest thing to coach an O-Line on. you don't need to worry about picking up a blitz or what the coverage is, you dictate the play. #2 continued: Teach Form Tackling!!! get back to basics and focus on being good at the small things. 3) Instill some discipline! limit penalties and stress mental focus. 4) Special Teams!!! Again, limit mistakes and don't be afraid to use starters on the special teams unit Example: John Cornish our starting Running Back was on the Kick off team because he was a monster!! Do those things and i PROMISE you we would be more competitive and at least be in a few games.

Doug Merrill 4 years ago

As frustrated as I am with the program, all I can think of re the Chancellor's decision is that switching coaches every three years, without respect to their records (they all three suck equally) and going after the next "he's going to be great!" coach is more.problematic than worrying about the won loss record. I figure next year is the last for Beaty if they don't win four games. I am also guessing that the big donors have signed off on that "one more year" approach.

Jeff Coffman 4 years ago

how is he going to win 2 games? He doesn't know how to coach the football team, what makes you think he is going to all of sudden learn how to coach?

Jack Hoff 4 years ago

Lets not forget, as of right now Beaty still has a pretty good recruiting class coming in next year. Even with losing some kids they still got some nice talent coming in and contrary to the fake news by Keegan they have 8 high school kids and two jucos who are hard commits as of today. If the 1-9 record hasn't scared off the Louisiana kids by now then we still have a good shot of having them. That alone is a good justification for keeping Beaty. He leaves then those recruits also leave and we set ourselves back another 5 years and then rinse, wash, repeat. If he can pull in a good class next year and bring back a team that only graduates 9 seniors then we may have some hope for the future.

Joe Norgay 4 years ago

Since you're just pasting that again, I'll do the same:

Have you seen Beaty's record? Have you watched the games where we play like a team that is being coached by someone who's never coached a football game before?

Onside kick to start the game? Wildcat on 4th and 2? Defense that can't tackle. O-line that can't block. Statistically abysmal offense and defense year after year. Record setting bad play year after year.

What good do more numbers and more senior players do if they're coached by someone that is an absolute, 100% terrible football coach?

Jack Hoff 4 years ago

Oh I've seen em buddy. More often than not I'm on the sideline cheering them on. Players make coaches look good not the other way around just my opinion tho. That's why Kevin Sumlin was a coaching guru when he had Manziel and an idiot all of a sudden that he's gone. Coaches need horses to win games. Again just my opinion.

Jack Hoff 4 years ago

Also just FYI I'm not trying to be malicious in my comments. I'm just legit curious on people's perspectives. I know tone is hard to gauge but you seem kind of hostile. Just wanted to clear that up. Rock chalk!

Brett McCabe 4 years ago

You're recruiting post if factually wrong. We are ranked ninth in the conference in recruiting and we have fewer commits than any other team in the conference, and Beaty just wasted another scholarship offer on another JUCO QB, effectively neutering his two existing QB's, who he will chase off just like he did the last two.

Beaty's recruiting has been, by every measurable, awful. At the bottom of the league.

Guess what you get when you have three consecutive bottom-of-the-barrels recruiting classes? Take a guess.

Jeff Coffman 4 years ago

Successful coaches show improvement in 2 years.

I'm still amazed that Bowen hasn't been terminated.

I am glad Girod gave the fake, I have confidence in my AD speech, let the countdown begin. We know once the speech happens, no one lasts very long.

Beaty is not able to get the most out of his players, that is why he should be terminated. His players are not in the correct places, he doesn't play to the strengths of the players, his coaches have not done well. His coaching recruits seem lack-luster once it is time to sign.

Brett McCabe 4 years ago

Jeff, I wish I shared your confidence. I'm desperately hoping that you are right.

Beaty should also be fired for not recruiting, which was his primary calling card. He should also be fired for mishandling his scholarships. He should also be fired for the QB debacle last year. He should also be fired for CMU and Baylor. He should also be fired for TCU and ISU. And he should be fired for the onside kick vs. Texas.

I'm going to nitpick. I've never understood the idea of singling out Bowen for firing. The offense has been equally horrific, and the offense is in it's third year of installation, even though Beaty has chosen three different coaches to run it. By the way, Beaty should also be fired for choosing three offensive coordinators in three years, to run the same offense. And he should also be fired for having one of the worst offenses in the country. Is his vision of the Air Raid so specific and complicated, that it really took three hires to figure it out?

Brett McCabe 4 years ago

According to Coaches Hot Seat, the following jobs will all be open in a few weeks: Nebraska, Arkansas, A&M, Ariz. State, Illinois and Tennessee. UCLA may open and I think TTU keep Kingsbury for at least one more year.

We, of course, aren't competing for coaches with any of these teams. We'd be competing with the Round Two hirings. Leach or Frost goes to Nebraska. Which means UCF or WSU is in play, and so on, and so on.

I could see Tennessee go for Pellini but, if they don't, here again is a realistic candidate pool for KU head coach:

Jeff Monken - Army Bo Pellini - Youngstown State Troy Calhoun - Air Force Craig Bohl - Wyoming (though he might be a candidate at WSU, Nebraska or Illinois) Willie Fritz - Tulane

I'm not familiar with the Coordinators out there who could be candidates, but I favor hiring a coach who has already proven that he can build. Every coach on this list has a track record of building and succeeding. Fritz would probably need to win one of his two remaining games (vs. Houston and vs. SMU) to be in the pool. Not an easy thing to do. But, even at 4-8, he'd be a much better coach than what we have now.

Bohl and Pellini might take a pass on KU. But we have quite a bit to offer with the stadium and facilities push, so who knows?

Girod is making a huge mistake if he saddles his facilities push with the albatross of Beaty Ball. It's like mixing oil and water, and I think most donors will see through the lame excuse of "facilities are our problem". In fact, a first-rate hire will energize donors, ticket sales and recruiting, which is now tied for dead last, according to 247.

Gunnar Hays 4 years ago

Good list, I know you've brought up Fritz and Bohl several times and they are both qualified. As someone raised in a Husker family, I have mixed feelings about Bo, but there's no doubt he would rattle some cages and shake things up. A few other names I've thought about: Jerry Kill-Head Coaching experience at various levels including power five, current coordinator, Kansas guy with MidWest connections. Don Brown-Michigan D coordinator, had success as head coach at UMass. Frank Solich-Has experience in Big 12 coaching, done a respectable job at Ohio, could provide some stability. Other potential names (though some long shots to be sure) Mike Norvell, Scott Satterfield, Tony Elliott, Mike Houston, Alex Grinch, Todd Grantham.

Edward Daub 4 years ago

Girod is actually being smart and listening to wealthy donors. He is taking a "measured" approach, Bravo!

Keegan has won the Media Battle, but Lost the War? (Probably in 1 more year of futility, change will happen.)

Tom can always compile his historical writings about KU Football futility , and publish a Book "KU Football for Dummies".

Dyrk Dugan 4 years ago

KU athletics stopped caring about a good football program when the MU game was moved to Arrowhead, and Mangino was run out of town. Don’t tell me KU Athletics, because they keep Beaty as HC, all of a sudden doesn’t care about a good football program. That’s nonsense; the apathy for football is a long time in the making.

Marc Frey 4 years ago

I have said this before: At Kansas, we do not or will not be getting 4 and 5 star recruits in football year in and year out. Our coaches must develop 1,2, and 3 star players to play and succeed. We saw that with Mangino, and have not seen it with any other coaches since. Our "key" to getting to 5 wins+ is to develop our team and we do not do that.

Andy Tweedy 4 years ago

In a year or two we'll all find out if we were right or wrong I guess! I agree with most of you, this seems pretty broken beyond repair, there's been so little progress apparent. But I'll continue to support my school and hope for the best!!! Sure hope this works out, I'm soooo tired of losing!

Kevin Boone 4 years ago

I'm with you Tom, and frustrated as hell, right along with you. Hopefully you and I are eating crow in a couple years, because I love this university and want to see them succeed. But for the past decade, it's been a cluster. I don't see an end in sight.....

John Fitzgerald 4 years ago

In response to Jack Hoff...

First let me start off with things I wouldn't have done:

1.) I wouldn't have hired Weis who had zero experience rebuilding a program and wasn't a proven college coach to begin with. And more on that, if I was AD I would have stepped in when he started recruiting all the JUCO and Transfer players making it clear if he wants to continue coaching he would only recruit true freshmen.

2.) I wouldn't have hired Beaty either, who had ZERO HC experience at the college level. It's not hard to see that this situation Weis and Zenger put us in has completely overwhelmed him. It sucks, because Beaty is a great guy, but this job is just too much for a guy that's never been a HC at a college football program.

Now, what I would do in this situation:

1.) I would have started an internal search for a new AD after our loss to Texas Tech at home (65-19). And by internal I mean I'm quietly bringing in a a few 'search crew members' to make some calls and feel out the situation. I would be aiming for an AD with strong ties to a few quality HC's. And the AD has to have had experience hiring a HC that rebuilt a program.

2.) After the AD hire is made, and he'd be a guy with ties to Doeren, Fritz, Calhoun, Chad Morris, Bill Clark, Jason Candle, Neal Brown, or Craig Bohl, I'd make sure the new HC understood our direction, which is recruiting only true freshmen through his first three years.

3.) I continue with the practice facility, but I put the new stadium on hold and focus my attention and the new AD and HC's attention on rebuilding the program from the inside out. No more theatrics or BS, the focus will be 100% on winning games.

Mark Kostner 4 years ago

Here's a fact to consider: When WSU pulled the plug on football in the 1980s, its all time winning percentage was .484. Right now KU's all time percentage is .482. If this program keeps going south the time will be approaching when it will be time to ask is this all worth it?

Gunnar Hays 4 years ago

The big question I hear a lot is how long a coach should get. Every situation is different in regards to the program, where it is, and the goal of where it needs to be. The standard answer is usually 5 years, and I think its a good baseline. That said, I've always kind of thought 5 years is what a coach needs to get the program where they want it, but 3 years to show progress.

The best examples I can think of in recent memory would be Butch Jones at Tennessee. In his first 3 seasons he had 5 wins, 7 wins, and 9 wins. Make no mistake, the people in Knoxville want better than 9 wins, but the progress shown in years 1-3 earned him more time to keep building. After a 9 win 4th year and a disastrous year 5 (4 wins so far), they have pulled the plug thinking he's just not going to get the program where they want it.
The other example is Brady Hoke at Michigan. 11 wins, 8, 7, then 5. He didn't get his 5th season because Michigan didn't believe there was progress (also Harbaugh being available).

KU does not have the goals of Tennessee or Michigan, but I think overall idea is the same. It was going to take at least 5 years to build up the program to be respectable (5-8 wins). That said, I don't agree that a coach should get a set period of time no matter what. The question is, has there been enough progress to justify keeping things in place. In my own opinion, the roster has shown progress but the on field product has not. I really think this team should have been in position to at least win a game against Ohio or CMU, and then maybe a win against KSU or Baylor. To me, 3-5 wins this season was not unrealistic, but I'm no expert. If you think Coach B needs more time, I fully respect that opinion, and maybe 4 years is more reasonable for timeline to see progress than 3. However, with 0 wins, 2 wins, and likely 1 win this season, I would have to see a significant turn around in year 4 to think this staff gets 5 plus seasons. Personally, I think KU should move on but thats why I'm not making the big bucks I guess.. If Beaty and Co stay for year 4 and turns things around, I'll be more than happy to eat my words.

Howell Johnson 4 years ago

Of course winning means as much. How to win more is the question. I'm with Girod.

Jim Stauffer 4 years ago

The one thing Tom has not addressed concerning the Chancellor's statement is whether he (the Chancellor) genuinely believes in the process currently being implemented by Beaty. Beaty has at least been much better organized than Gill and has a greater overall concern for the University's best interest than Weis. I would submit to you that explains the willingness to endure 3-31 on the way to better days. Now, I am not pro or con or whether Beaty should be retained. I do without hesitation say Zenger should be retained. I understand the argument about his failure to hire a winning coach in two tries. One aspect of his job does not disqualify him automatically in my mind.

Humpy Helsel 4 years ago

I think if I was the Chancellor I'd go super stealth and put together a 3 person, high level team hired right out of the his office who report to him ONLY to study the situation (mess). Have them working independently, and obviously very quietly outside of the scope of the AD to develop a long-term strategy, make quiet contacts with big donors and knowledgeable people around the country, and essentially begin the "slow train" hiring process of the next AD and head football coach. If Beaty surprises us and turns it around over the next year or two, (I'm talking just respectability) then great. If not, he only has two years max and Zenger can't hire the next coach, regardless. If Zenger gets wind of it, and he probably will, then too bad. The Chancellor, I assume would have the authority to take similar approaches to look at specific programs, buildings, budgets, future plans, etc., with any aspect of the university. Hopefully, he could take this type of approach without the approval of the regents out of his discretionary funds I am sure he has available to him. In the classic parlance of us highly frustrated KU faithful "armchair quarterbacks"...that is what I'd do.

Robert Brock 4 years ago

Zenger is a cancer on KU athletics. I cannot believe that Girod praises the goober.

John Brazelton 4 years ago

Gentlemen, 20 years from now football will not exist at any level (NFL, college or high school). Multi-million dollar injury settlements to current and past NFL and college athletes will destroy the sport entirely. No NFL owner or college president has the organizational monies to pay out these court settlements. Parents of all races are refusing to allow their sons to play football at any level. The current multi-million dollar stadiums will become soccer venues (soccer players will be required to wear helmets because of header damage) or the outdoor music venues for rock and country western concerts. Fans will continue to enjoy on-line football through games such as Fantasy Football using stats from previous NFL players. Some states like Texas, a few Big 10 and SEC states will hold out for organized football, but the game will be entirely different for safety reasons. States like Kansas will choose others sports such as Basketball instead because they don't have the economic base to compete.

Doug Merrill 4 years ago

I think Tom's book would be better titled "Dummies for KU Football"

Bob Bailey 4 years ago

Coffman seems to understand football, why is it the rest of you are so disorganized?

Defense wins games. Haven't had any for about 10 years. It takes : tackling; coverage; and a rational Defensive Scheme. Not for about 10 years. What happened to 'The Notre Dame Defense'? It got badly corrupted by meddlers. Back some this year, but Kelly is still there. Need for them to get rid of him!

A rational person could also develop training drills, which could transfer skills to the Offense. Like the QB needs to be taught 'leading the runner' and throw in drill about 100 - 200 drill passes a day. All that just for openers.

The upshot of it all is "we don't have any coaching". Actually, our talent pool is way way better than they are taught. Where in our KU program is there the guy who recognizes good coaching.

Mike Hart 4 years ago

I think we are forgetting what we lost from last year’s Team. Our defense is so bad, right? Well gee... we lost the following starting seniors off last year’s team: LB - Courtney Arnick, Marcquis Roberts CB - Marnez Ogletree Safety - Tevin Shaw, Fish Smithson DE - Damani Mosby That’s 6 our of 11 SENIOR starters. We essentially lost our starting defensive backfield (exception being Mike Lee).

Here is who has now replaced those seniors in 2017:

LB - Keith Loneker JR, Joe Dineen JR CB - Hasan Defense - SO CB - Shakibaei Taylor - JR DE - John Enambe - JR Safety - Tyrone Miller - Jr

We do not start one single senior on defense after graduating 6 from last year.

On our offensive line:

The only senior is Zach Hannon. We start 2 sophomores at LT and LG.. a sophomore at center and a freshman at RG. We are essentially freshmen and sophomores, but we are going to criticize the coaches for not coaching them up. They have 2-3 more years to develop and blend in with recruits. Guess what... this is 2 year’s of recruiting, because Beaty’s 1st year doesn’t count since he was hired on Dec 4th... well after the recruiting process was essentially complete. Yet, he still scored Dorance Armstrong that year. I am giving him next season... and it we still can’t compete, then fine. We have a 4 Star CB coming in next year to help our Swiss cheese secondary and I expect progress / development from all the freshmen and sophomores we are starting this year. Very interesting how no Weiss “seniors” are still around this roster. So quit denigrating Beaty for essentially 2 year’s of recruiting product on the field. Also, last I checked: Meacham is OC and calls the plays if you do Not like 4th and 2 Wildcat formation... not Beaty. I thought it wasn’t a bonehead call too... but blame OC not HC.

Joe Ross 4 years ago

An apologist for this parade of ineptitude?


Your point is lost because one can demonstrate that over the course of 3 years other teams got better as a program even while losing key upperclassmen. Players are not developing under Beaty, so the classification of SO, JR, SR is really a moot point.

Mike Hart 4 years ago

Classification as SO, JR, SR is really a moot point. That's so ignorant... I can't even bring myself to respond more other than to point that out

Brad Watson 4 years ago

According to a guest on The Paul Finebaum Show....Kansas has shown interest in Butch Jones!...he might be a good hire here.....Go Jayhawks....Beat Kentucky tonight!

Lawrence McGlinn 4 years ago

Not bad! He knows how to run a program, and he would be motivated.

Mike Hart 4 years ago

I think there is a hotbed of Tennessee fans who would beg to differ with you regarding Butch Jones and running a program. I thought everyone wanted a new coach that was a proven winner? He never lost LESS than 4 games at college powerhouse Tennessee. 33-27 at Tennessee didn't cut it... and that's a place where recruiting is much easier... as Tennessee has always had a reputation for being a competitive program.

Joe Ross 4 years ago

Girod's endorsement of Zenger and especially Beaty makes me question the capability of the leadership of the football program, the athletic department more generally, and the University as a whole. All in one fell swoop.

It's hard to be a fan of football at Kansas. This news makes it inordinately more difficult.

David Kemp 4 years ago

Yes and I find beatys comments to be pompous and arrogant!

Mike Hart 4 years ago

Pompous and arrogant? disgusted.... Criticize the man if you will.. but pompous and arrogant? That's just plain ridiculous.

Brad Watson 4 years ago

Hopefully when Mr. Girod sees Oklahoma nation take over Memorial Stadium this weekend ...he will realize how embarrassing it is...and understand that its unacceptable to continue on year after year like this...alumni want a reason to visit in the fall...all we to field a decent team.

Layne Pierce 4 years ago

Apparently We have decided that we will just ignore the future. When the next conference shakeup occurs, we are going to be left out in the cold. Pray that because of our basketball, and our AAU academic status, the Big 10 will take us.

After all, Rutgers needs somebody they can beat every other year.

Apparently we don't mind a future in the Mountain West, or just dropping football altogether, (we already have), and joining WSU in the American Conference, or the Missouri Valley, that where we started way back in 1900s.

Todd Reesing, Aquib Talib, Nolan Cromwell, Bobby Douglas, John Riggins, Gale Sayers, John Hadl, will you all please write a letter to the Chancellor, and ask in the name of your greatness to dare to be great again.

Rock Chalk

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