Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Notebook: Injury to Stanley could mean change at QB; Beaty’s message to fans losing patience

Kansas quarterback Peyton Bender (7) throws a pass during the first quarter, Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017 at Amon G. Carter Stadium in Fort Worth.

Kansas quarterback Peyton Bender (7) throws a pass during the first quarter, Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017 at Amon G. Carter Stadium in Fort Worth.


As a reeling Kansas football team aims to recover from its eighth consecutive defeat, it could enter this weekend’s game at Texas down a starting quarterback.

KU head coach David Beaty stated Tuesday at his weekly press conference first-string QB Carter Stanley, as well as starting defensive backs Mike Lee and Shakial Taylor, are questionable for the Saturday matchup with the Longhorns (5 p.m., Longhorn Network and Jayhawk Television Network).

The undisclosed injury to redshirt sophomore Stanley, who moved up the depth chart to replace junior Peyton Bender two weeks ago, might not completely sideline the QB at practices this week, according to Beaty, as training staff continue to monitor Stanley’s well-being.

“Well, hopefully we're able to keep repping him,” Beaty said. “The good thing about a quarterback is he's typically not getting hit in a practice. So sometimes that will allow that guy to maybe practice, whereas a linebacker might not be able to practice as much.”

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In his two starts this season — home losses to Kansas State and Baylor — Stanley went 40-for-81 passing, with 573 yards, two interceptions and one touchdown.

Bender, who started the first seven games, has completed 131 of 240 throws for 1,437 yards, with eight touchdowns and nine interceptions.

With Stanley questionable, Beaty expects Bender, who lost his job following back-to-back shutouts, to handle a potential return to the starting lineup if the Jayhawks (1-8 overall, 0-6 Big 12) have to go that route.

“Well, first of all, let me kind of rephrase that, not to go against how you said it, but let me set the record straight. It's not if we have to go with Peyton, right? And I know that might be semantics, but it's reality. Peyton is prepared to play for us,” Beaty said. “He was prepared to play last week. He's expected to prepare like he's going to be the starter, right, and he'll continue to do that. He was supportive while he was on that sideline. So he will be prepared just like he was last week. It won't be whether we decide to go with him or if we have to go with him or not. There might be a decision where we decide to go with him.”

Beaty, though, went on to say Stanley will be KU’s starter at Texas (4-5, 3-3), if he’s cleared to play.

“If he's not, then we've got a really good option there with a guy that's done it, and he understands what we're doing, which will be helpful, and we believe in him,” Beaty added of Bender. “We believe in both those kids.”

Dineen speaks up

At the conclusion of a team meeting Sunday at Anderson Family Football Complex, KU junior linebacker Joe Dineen stepped a bit out of his comfort zone to address the team, the day following a disappointing 38-9 home loss to previously winless Baylor.

“It wasn’t normal for him to get up in front of the whole team and say something because he’s a pretty quiet guy,” fellow captain Dorance Armstrong Jr. said, “and usually when he says something he says it to that one person. But he did something for the team and himself.”

Armstrong broke down Dineen’s message: “We’re obviously not bowl eligible. (The Longhorns) can be if they win a couple more games. And I think that as a team goal we don’t want them to be. We’re just trying to bring that same energy around that we had going into that game (versus Texas) last year and hopefully it kicks in and does something for us.”

Starting center Mesa Ribordy provided more insight into Dineen’s words.

“You’re playing for pride, but we have three great opportunities coming up to prove that we aren’t a bad football team and we can play with the best of our conference,” Ribordy added of what he took away from the speech.

Sophomore running back Khalil Herbert said the Jayhawks needed that type of message a day removed from feeling down about their showing against the Bears.

“Just having one of our players step out and talk to us, especially, Joe, I look to him as one of my big brothers, seeing that he meant it,” Herbert said of how Dineen impressed him. “It’s different when one of your players talk to you, like you really hear it. So having him do that, I think, resonated throughout the team.”

Junior captain Daniel Wise described it as an encouraging and “real” message.

“It went over well,” Wise said. “The guys took it and got the point from it. It means a lot to us.”

Dineen isn’t available for Tuesday media sessions due to his class schedule.

Beaty’s message to fans

As KU heads into the final three games of Beaty’s third season leading the program, the Jayhawks have a 3-30 record under his watch, with just one victory coming against an FBS or Big 12 opponent (2016, versus Texas).

Attendance at Memorial Stadium for this past weekend’s date with Baylor was announced at 21,797 — a figure that comes from tickets sold as opposed to how many actually are in the seats.

Asked Tuesday what his message was for portions of the KU football fan base who might be losing patience, Beaty replied:

“Well, I looked up and I saw quite a few folks there. I don't really look up very often. I should, but I really don't. We're going to do our job regardless.

“But I would say this: that you deserve better, but we need you. We absolutely need you. You are the magic. Just like tonight across the way, you're going to be the magic,” Beaty said, referencing fans attending the KU basketball exhibition in Allen Fieldhouse. “Because if you weren't there, it would be a much different game, I'm just telling you. You're the magic, and we need you, and thank you for staying with us. You deserve better. It's coming. Stay with us, all right. Have courage enough to stay with us.”


Joe Baker 1 year ago

Interesting what you're trying to say or do with this, but its actually worse. You realize its a list of the Worst of the Worse?

In fact, I find it a little injurious in addition to the insult. Really? But thanks for trying to cheer up the fan base. The only thing that might help a little would be a win. The bigger the better.

Warren Smith 1 year ago

Move Zenger to Head of Williams Fund. Hire a new A.D and let them bring in a new football staff. I was all in with Coach Beaty but enough is enough...

Austin Lopez 1 year ago

Beaty still trying to protect his golden boy that has turned into a bust, for Christ Sake throw Starks out there let's see what he can do for a game if Carter is a no go come game day.

David Kemp 1 year ago

Yes so now we are going to play an injured Stanley who is already mediocre when fully healthy. Best thing for putting fans in the stands for OU game is OU fans. Lucky for Beaty he will believe there is a big crowd. The fan base is eroding and he really doesn’t get it. I wouldn’t go if someone gave me tickets.

Austin Lopez 1 year ago

If Carter is a no go, I would throw Starks out there. Let's see what the Starks kid can do.

Lynn Stuart 1 year ago

I agree, if we dont once again another team will go with 3 down lineman and 8 back cause they know Bender wont take off, let starks get some snaps

Joe Baker 1 year ago

What do we have to lose, except drop to the bottom of the Worst of the Worse list. It can't get much worse.

Throw in the Waterboy.

Gerry Butler 1 year ago

Austin , your not getting it buddy. - -Hell would have to freeze over and then some for this idiot to play Starks. - - I was huge behind Beaty for the longest time, but even now I've jumped - - I maybe dum - -but I'm not stupid. - -I'm right there with ya man I've been hollering for weeks about Starks. People think Bender for sure isn't the answer , I sure the hell don't think he is, - -People when I say this holler well what the hell has Stanley done to prove that he deserves to start - -Great - -you don't want Bender - -NOPE - -you don't think Stanley is anything - -then dammit NEXT MAN UP right? - -like you said let us see - -give him the chance on the game conditions - - he sure the hell isn't going to do any worse, but it isn't happening you might as well talk to a wall - yet when he was recruited , I'll say again what I read - -what was printed - -that Starks was the perfect fit for what he was looking for the dual option QB to run this offense. Don't worry you can take it to the bank Starks will transfer his butt out of here, why would he want to continue to stay here - - -not be given at least A CHANCE to show what he can do - just fritter his College days away and nothing? - -What is the Goal for these kids when they come to play College ball? - - Reach the next level right? - -Well how the hell is a kid going to do that if you have a so called Coach that won't even give you a chance to show? - -Not even a down or two downs little lone a series or two or three or a quarter or a game. Why would he want to stay here have to stay on the sides and be part of the laughing stock of America? - -Again I'm right there with ya - I want to see him given the chance - -it just ain't happening you might as well give it up

John Fitzgerald 1 year ago

Beaty’s words aren’t worth any more than a velvet painting of a dolphin and a whale getting it on.

Brett Gaul 1 year ago

Was he maybe referring to all the empty, uncomfortable blue chairs??

Ken Schmidt 1 year ago

Gawd. I have been thinking that all season and wondering if I was the only one. I am sure that adds fuel to the fire. I almost called WEF to ask that ours be removed. Awful. The intent was there but did anyone sit in those things before giving the ok?

Charlie Gaughn 1 year ago

Wow, that sounded like the ramblings of a total idiot! Wake up chancellor! This shop is sinking fast and you’ve got to take charge.

Layne Pierce 1 year ago

Stanley Should run some plays designed as run pass rollouts. Get out of the damn pocket all the time. Hell it doesn't hold half the time anyway.

If we only lose by 30 pts in these games, we would all rejoice. That's how bad things are.

Now We're recruiting a two-way juco QB. Why? People, QB chasing is stupid. There are so many other weak areas on this team. How about some juco special teams players?

Rock chalk

Chris Condren 1 year ago

Beaty tells fans (I used to be one before I turned in my fan card);that it will get better. Remember the great victory famine start with Mangino’s last team. The Decade of Despair still has one year remaining to reach ten full years.

Barry Weiss 1 year ago

I suspect Texas will want to beat us pretty soundly to make up for last year. Their defense is stout. I will go with 45-3 Longhorns on this one.

Ross Hartley 1 year ago

We seem to be deeper and definitely faster than when Beaty got here. We had nothing. We just need to keep growing. I don't see changing coaches again as a help.

Ross Hartley 1 year ago

Of course we keep QB chasing. That position is always the key. KU's whole team changed their performance when the red shirt was torn off Reesing & offense started rolling.

Gerry Butler 1 year ago

I Swear to GOD if I ever see ONE more of these little flare/screen passes in the flat - - - - - - - - - -- - someone please tell me , has that dam thing EVER made any net yardage for us? - -I can't remember ONE single time. - -Every time we run that dam thing seems the Defense is there or almost there before the pas gets to the receiver. - -Throw the dam ball vertical - dammit stretch the field - you got seceondary crowding /bunching up they don't respect ANYTHING about the Offense why should they? -We have some talented receivers - -to bad we don't use them I mean we are switching wide receivers to safety for GOD'S sake - -you have Sims - - -Booker - - - - what's his name Fairs?/Fair something like that - - Johnson - -we had Charlot - the transfer from Alabama - -and we throw little 5 yard outs again go vertical for a change - Oh but wait we don't have a QB for that right?

John Brazelton 1 year ago

Too many injuries to key players at the wrong time. Not enough #2's who are experienced enough or have enough athletic ability to replace the starters this season. On-the-field reps are good for replacements even if we are getting our butts kicked.

Dillon Davis 1 year ago

Stop. Injuries are not what's holding this team back. I cringe every time I see you post that. You are simply just naive and/or wrong.

Len Shaffer 1 year ago

To translate what Beaty is saying, "Blah, blah, blah ..."

God knows why I'm still planning to watch the game on Saturday. The good news is that I finally found something that I'm more masochistic about than my golf "game" ...

Joseph Bullock 1 year ago

Because of Charlie Weis, we still do not have our full allotment of Scholarships/not even close (I thought we would this season but wasn’t wrong)! WItthout those Scholarship players, we don’t have the depth we need, and it also affects our ‘Special Teams’! I’m not giving up on Coach Beaty! It takes a Football school at least 4 years to turn their program around when it is In shambles! I know it’s difficult, but I’m not going to give up on Coach Beaty!

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