Wednesday, January 25, 2017

KU football removes recruit Darreon Jackson from consideration

Kansas University football recruiting

Kansas University football recruiting


Cross former Derby safety Darreon Jackson off of the Kansas football team’s list of incoming recruits.

The safety from Coffeyville Community College announced Monday his intentions to transfer to KU and join the program, but according to an official in the athletics department, Jackson is no longer a part of the football team’s Class of 2017.

“David Beaty has informed us that Darreon Jackson is not among the prospects that the football staff is recruiting,” associate athletics director Jim Marchiony told the Journal-World Wednesday afternoon, confirming a report from The Kansas City Star.

Prior to a standout season at the junior college level, Jackson enrolled at Boise State after graduating from Derby High and took a redshirt season in 2015. According to a report from the Idaho Statesman, Jackson’s time in Boise included a one-semester suspension from the university, due to his involvement in a Title IX investigation of a sexual assault case.

Initially, the report from July of 2016 stated, Jackson received a year-long suspension from the school, but he appealed that and had it reduced to a semester. The investigation focused on three Boise State football players, and the other two involved were expelled.

The Statesman reported the incidents from the case, in which no criminal charges were filed, occurred Aug. 19, Sept. 26, and Oct. 2, 2015. As to Jackson’s involvement, the victim said she was forced to perform oral sex on a recruit while being coerced by Jackson and another Boise State player, who was expelled.

Interviewed by investigators, Jackson told them he wanted the recruit to meet her, but “nobody forced her to do anything,” and he didn’t make any physical contact with her.

Although Jackson received a scholarship offer from KU head coach David Beaty and his staff, and accepted it — as the prospect told Jon Kirby of Jayhawk Slant — the university had not at that point examined Jackson’s merit as a transfer student.

“We have a policy that we vet every transfer student-athlete,” Marchiony said, “and that vetting means background checks, conversations with people. And until that process is done, we don’t even submit the prospect’s name for admission.”

In one season at Coffeyville, the three-star junior college safety made 94 total tackles, 4.5 tackles for loss, forced a fumble, intercepted five passes and broke up six others in 11 games.


Phil Leister 4 years, 2 months ago

Wondering how the current situation with the basketball players at McCarthy Hall factored into this. Makes sense that the school doesn't want to touch a guy with this kind of stuff in his past with a ten foot pole. Whether or not he actually did anything illegal is irrelevant. Association with that kind of stuff has obvious ramifications.

Steve Corder 4 years, 2 months ago

Bobby, please don't confuse forgiveness with consequences. I understand the glasshouse analogy, but that has to do with hypocrisy. In any event, it is sad to see this young man recruited then suddenly cut-off from what was a few days ago a happy story line.

Someone in this blog wrote that this may have not been Beaty but AD or higher that took an entirely different view. We'll never know. I trust the young man will find his way forward.

Gary McCullough 4 years, 2 months ago

We don't want to see a Baylor-type of incident at KU.

Jay Hawkinson 4 years, 2 months ago

Probably the right call. Taking transfers with these sorts of things on their records is what led to the scandal at Baylor.

Dale Rogers 4 years, 2 months ago

I'm not sure charges were ever filed but he was deemed "guilty" enough to be suspended from the school. No idea exactly what that was that merited the suspension.

Jay Scott 4 years, 2 months ago

In the Obama America we're thankfully dismantling, an accusation of sexual impropriety is enough to expel a male student. No due process, no evidence, nothing. It's happened to hundreds and hundreds of young men. Almost never were there any charges by legal authorities.

A letter was sent to colleges on April 4, 2011 by the Obama administration threatening them with loss of federal funding if they didn't use Title IX to take this approach.

There is good news. Many of the unfairly punished have successfully sued. There is better news. The new administration is ending this madness.

James Hubin 4 years, 2 months ago

You tell them buttercup. Your alternative facts are always correct, no matter what evidence is available to the contrary.

Al Martin 4 years, 2 months ago

Here is the letter in question:

Judge for yourself whether it has been grossly misrepresented here.

Kevin Robert Fest 4 years, 2 months ago

How could Beaty even let this guy come for a visit? This stuff was out there to be found out. He must have known prior to his visit about his history. It took the university to say no? Beaty couldn't have figured it out on his own? Especially with another player getting booted a couple years ago for sexually harassing women on the rowing team. And now a reported rape on campus. What are these kids thinking? I paid every time for my education ld love to have D1 talent in any sport but l dont. To act this foolishy is just that. This kid has ruined himself and the young lady and for what?

Chris DeWeese 4 years, 2 months ago

Sounds to me like the final decision wasn't up to Beaty.

Shauna Denton 4 years, 2 months ago

I know this young man personally and he is a good kid. How about getting the entire story before you pass judgment. What KU did to him was wrong.

Austin Lopez 4 years, 2 months ago

Everyone deserves a second chance after there first mistake. We ALL have made mistakes in our lifetime, some small and some big. Nobody in this world is perfect, so let's not judge someone like we never made mistakes in life. I had a cousin gunned down by a police officer back in 2005 and she was convicted, My family didn't hold any bad feelings towards her because we believe in second chances, we actually wrote her cards at her parole hearing and everyone makes mistakes! He seemed to be in good standings at his Junior college and no incident reports since being enrollled in JC. Sometimes kids at a young age have to learn a lesson, with out lessons where will society be? Everyone was born not to be perfect for a reason.

Brett McCabe 4 years, 2 months ago

I'm not going to get into the specifics on Darreon but I agree that kids (and adults) generally deserve a chance at redemption.

KU botched this, which seems to be SOP right now. Zenger needs to get control of that department. It's starting to get a little embarrassing.

Jay Scott 4 years, 2 months ago

Botched this? In an era of the Obama "dear comrade letter" Title IX guilty until proven innocent standard for sexual assault, less than zero tolerance for any physical contact with even women who assault men and protesting loons wearing pink hats named after genitalia there is no way that a campus as overrun with liberal kooks as KU wouldn't combust if he was recruited.

Has it occurred to you that the Athletic Department likely had no say? This undoubtedly came from BGL's PC gang.

Sometimes you make it really hard to imagine that there is any subject you understand. Your endless irrational hate for Zenger is warping any sensible thought you might be capable of.

James Hubin 4 years, 2 months ago

Exactly right buttercup. He's just confusing everyone with alternative facts.

Philip Bowman 4 years, 2 months ago

Keep your political agenda for the opinion page. The "endless irrational hate" for Obama is apparent in your post.

Jim Stauffer 4 years, 2 months ago

Cowardly deed here. The basketball deal has led the U to back out of a commitment to a young man who by all indications used some poor judgment on one occasion but was found without any action worthy of charges. Our FB staff knew all this stuff before they even got involved. This is a refusal by the U to back up two very decent men who have done nothing to shame the school; Beaty and Bowen.

This statement is as false as can be: “David Beaty has informed us that Darreon Jackson is not among the prospects that the football staff is recruiting,” associate athletics director Jim Marchiony told the Journal-World Wednesday afternoon, confirming a report from The Kansas City Star.

In fact David Beaty had informed the world he wanted Jackson very much to be a part of his team. Then in reverse of how Marchiony states it, Beaty was told Jackson is no longer among the prospects the University will have.

Shameful, cowardly treatment of a young man who is now left out on an island for his future.

Recently the Coach at UCONN has been criticized nationally for rescinding a scholie to a player offered by the previous staff. At least he can stand on the ground that he never offered the guy in the first place. Our school has left Beaty out in the cold. He now has to publicly take credit for recruiting, offering and accepting a player and then turning his back on him.

We need to send Darreon a letter and say, "We are sorry Darreon, but because of what happened at our basketball players' residence and the recent behavior of Baylor University, we just do not have the courage to stand by our original commitment to allow you to play FB for our team."

Kevin Robert Fest 4 years, 2 months ago

The football team already dismissed a player for this type of behavior report was he was harassing womem on the rowing team. Do you think KU can in good conscious allow a player who was dismissed from another university for questionable type behavior onto campus? Now the issues between the two maybe apples and oranges but KU has to show the rest of the student body that they will not bring a student onto campus with a questionable history. What message does that send?

The Big 12 as a whole especially with the Baylor mess it's under a microscope you cannot bring another recruit with a questionable history on to any football team in this conference. This is how it's going to be from now on folks not only it Kansas University but any university around the country regarding Sports and people with questionable behavior. Art Briles will never get another job another major University again coaches now have to watch their backs in the who they bring on campus. Right wrong or indifferent if something happens under the coaches watch he is to blame whether he knows about it or not if a kid has a history at another University and he comes the Kansas University and slips up again who do you think's going to get the blame?

USC here in LA had a guy dismissed and arrested for sexual harassment and rape of students do you think USC can ever bring another student from another University on campus that was dismissed or suspended from another University for this type of behavior? No matter how minor the trangression might be.

Blame Coach Beaty or Bowen there is no way they should've even looked in this kids' direction lm sorry but they never should have allowed him to visit. Coach Beaty has dismissed plenty of players from this program since came, some in the middle of the season for violation of Team rules or whatever the other reasons were given no one knows how serious or minor the violations were and he lets this kid come on campus? Give me a break. Believe me if any of the current players that done something like this they would be dismissed but you bring a kid from another program suspended from another school with a history of this and he's allowed on campus?

Michael Sillman 4 years, 2 months ago

Some posters have made an awful lot of assumptions based on some media accounts about what the coaches and administrators did right or wrong. Even if the University stepped in to dictate Beaty's actions, that's a good thing. It indicates a level of institutional control not present at Baylor.

Edward Daub 4 years, 2 months ago

Jim Marchiony? Wasn't he hired way back by Lew Perkins?

Hey Jim? Why didn't you "Vet" this young man before Beaty offered a Schollie?

The "Elephant in the Living Room" involves one question. Is there a correlation (or merely coincidence) between the McCarthy Hall Incident and the Decision from higher up to tell Beaty to rescind this offer?

Jackson does deserve an apology from whomever over ruled Beaty. Jackson was invited to visit, Jackson was offered a Schollie, and he merely accepted KU's offer!

Randy Bombardier 4 years, 2 months ago

I will trust the judgement of those on the inside. They have reasons.

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