Monday, December 18, 2017

Jayhawks drop a spot in latest AP poll, currently rank 14th

Kansas guard Lagerald Vick (2) throws a pass along the baseline during the second half, Saturday, Dec. 16, 2017 at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska. In back is Nebraska guard Thomas Allen (12).

Kansas guard Lagerald Vick (2) throws a pass along the baseline during the second half, Saturday, Dec. 16, 2017 at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska. In back is Nebraska guard Thomas Allen (12).


On a relatively slow week for college basketball, the Jayhawks’ narrow victory at Nebraska Saturday wasn’t enough for Kansas to hold steady in the Associated Press Top 25.

The latest poll, released Monday, dropped KU one spot, from No. 13, down to No. 14.

Kansas (8-2), after winning a non-conference game on the road, 73-72 at Nebraska, got bumped down a spot by rising Virginia (9-1).

The Cavaliers — previously ranked 16th, now at No. 13 — defeated Davidson, 80-60, in their only game this past week. Virginia’s lone loss so far this season came at West Virginia, 68-61, earlier in December.

The Mountaineers (9-1) currently rank No. 10 in the poll.

Arizona State (10-0), which won at KU the previous week, moved up again in the rankings, from No. 5 to No. 3.

Wichita State’s loss to Oklahoma dropped the Shockers (8-2), previously ranked No. 3, out of the top 10, all the way down to 11th.

OU (8-1), meanwhile, went from unranked to No. 17 with its win in Wichita.

The Big 12 now has six teams in the top 25: No. 10 WVU, No. 14 KU, No. 15 TCU (10-0), No. 17 Oklahoma, No. 18 Baylor (9-2) and No. 21 Texas Tech (9-1).

AP TOP 25 — Dec. 18, 2017

No. 1 — Villanova

No. 2 — Michigan State

No. 3 — Arizona State

No. 4 — Duke

No. 5 — North Carolina

No. 6 — Miami

No. 7 — Kentucky

No. 8 — Texas A & M

No. 9 — Xavier

No. 10 — West Virginia

No. 11 — Wichita State

No. 12 — Gonzaga

No. 13 — Virginia

No. 14 — Kansas

No. 15 — TCU

No. 16 — Purdue

No. 17 — Oklahoma

tied-No. 18 — Baylor

tied-No. 18 — Arizona

No. 20 — Cincinnati

tied-No. 21 — Texas Tech

tied-No. 21 — Tennessee

No. 23 — Seton Hall

No. 24 — Florida State

No. 25 — Creighton


Andy Godwin 1 year, 2 months ago

Not surprising given KU's struggle against a good, but unranked NU team. Interestingly, in a purported down year that the Big 12 now has 6 teams in the top 25 (7 with OSU looming) and surprisingly, OU after an impressive win at Wichita State is only at #17. If KU makes it 14 Big 12 championships in a row with this collection of players, Self is a wizard.

Craig Carson 1 year, 2 months ago

Yes he would be a wizard if he did that LOL..this roster as is will probably lose at least 6-7 conference games..they need way more depth..Preston returning, Newman finally finding his offense and Svi getting out of his slump would propel KU to top 10

Dirk Medema 1 year, 2 months ago

In the past, a balanced conference has worked out for KUs advantage because the others beat up on each other as much as KU but don't have nearly the same home court advantage.

It would seem to me that WVUs guards and pressure D against what has been a lack of ball handling is the biggest threat regardless of where they're ranked.

Harlan Hobbs 1 year, 2 months ago

Agreed, Andy and Craig. The team needs to be operating on all cylinders given the short bench. That will make #14 in a row a severe challenge.

Early predictions were that the Big 12 would be down a little this year, but I disagree. Clearly, OU looked extremely impressive against WSU, and they have the best player in the league in Trae Young. Then, throw in West Virginia, TCU, Texas, Texas Tech, and Baylor, and KU will be stretched to the max. Also, on the road against KSU, ISU, and OSU is never a picnic.

The most promising note is that, in the streak, there were other years when KU was certainly not the favorite to win, but somehow they managed to do it. It speaks volumes about the character and competitiveness of the players and coaches.

Roger Ortega 1 year, 2 months ago

This summer I expected the Big 12 to be a cake walk, however we have some high caliber coaches in this league and the perpetual "bottom feeders" of the past are on the top middle half of the league with the potential to win it all. Lon K. has shown time and again that he's a great coach. Huggy always has his teams ready to compete with KU. Scott Drew has built a pretty consistent program. Not to mention Prohm is now building his own squad now. I could go on and on but you get it. I was hoping for a down Big 12 that we could easily run through, get to 14 and move to the tourney but this year will be anything but. Forget the fact that we always get everyone's best. The league can now smell blood in the water right now. They've seen that we can be beat by lesser teams and the way they are all playing, their confidence is up. Just a couple games to tune up and hope we get reinforcements up front soon. I'm concerned about our two potential bigs but I'm still hopeful.

J.L. Forge 1 year, 2 months ago

Agree Roger, have to have concern at this point due to the length of time it's taken just to verify ownership of a vehicle. It must not have been as simple as belonging to a family member I wouldn't think but who knows at this point. Now that the NCAA has it in their court, I am sure they will move with lightning speed to get us a final answer. lol De Sousa's delay hopefully is just a slow wait for test scores although they usually are spot on with getting scores out. Fingers remain crossed for some good news!

Bryce Landon 1 year, 2 months ago

I wouldn't exactly call Arizona State a lesser team. They are legitimate.

Tony Bandle 1 year, 2 months ago

CHRISTMAS IS ONLY A WEEK AWAY BUT WHO'SE PANICKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Number 14 will happen because the parity of the Big 12 will give losses to everyone, the rule that a co-championship counts as a championship for each team and KU's dominant home court advantage. However, there may be four c0-champions this season!

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