Baylor defeats Kansas, 49-7

  • 2:30 p.m., Oct. 15, 2016
  • McLane Stadium, Waco, TX

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Air-Rout: No. 11 Baylor crushes Jayhawks with big first half, 49-7

Baylor wide receiver KD Cannon (9) leaves Kansas cornerback Marnez Ogletree (10) and safety Greg Allen (22) behind on a touchdown run during the second quarter on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2016 at McLane Stadium in Waco, Texas.

Baylor wide receiver KD Cannon (9) leaves Kansas cornerback Marnez Ogletree (10) and safety Greg Allen (22) behind on a touchdown run during the second quarter on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2016 at McLane Stadium in Waco, Texas.


— By the time the second half began Saturday afternoon at McLane Stadium, Baylor starting quarterback Seth Russell didn’t even need to take the field. The first 30 minutes of the homecoming game provided his 11th-ranked Bears more than enough time to jettison Kansas in what inevitably turned into a 49-7 trouncing.

“You don’t want to see that at all,” KU senior safety Fish Smithson admitted shortly after BU’s six-touchdown halftime lead inspired head coach Jim Grobe to rest Russell and many of the 47,598 in attendance to trickle out of the facility throughout the third quarter.

After the Bears thoroughly sicced the Jayhawks in the first quarter to the tune of a 21-point advantage, their offense briefly slowed down in the second quarter — when BU junior kicker Chris Callahan missed a pair of field goals — before piling on in the final minutes to take a six-touchdown lead into the break, all but deciding the game and extending KU’s losing streak away from Lawrence to an eye-popping 41 games.

As if the rout already hadn’t been designated as on, the Bears’ foray resumed late in the second quarter when they opened a possession with a 59-yard KD Cannon reception and sprint for a touchdown.

KU gifted the Bears an even easier crack at a one-play scoring drive on the ensuing series, when junior center Joe Gibson’s accidental shotgun snap took a bit of a pump-fake before bouncing off of him and onto the turf, where BU sophomore tackle Ira Lewis pounced on it.

The third KU giveaway of the first half, the lost fumble set up a four-yard touchdown run for senior Bears running back Shock Linwood on first-and-goal.

Relatively speaking, Baylor took its time scoring its next touchdown, following Kansas junior Cole Moos’ fifth punt of the first half. Russell finished his brief afternoon with an easy four-yard pass to sophomore receiver Ishmael Zamora with less than two minutes to play in the second quarter and Kansas trailed 42-0 before heading to the locker room for a much-needed respite.

“You always want the best shot from your opponent. You always want that,” second-year KU head coach David Beaty said regarding Grobe essentially declaring the game won by sitting Russell in the second half. “We don’t get to be disheartened. We just don’t. We have to deal with the here and now.”

The Bears (6-0 overall, 3-0 Big 12) put the Jayhawks (1-5, 0-3) in their place early, winning the opening coin toss, electing to receive and traversing the 75 yards of turf in front of them in 3:05 to take the lead for good. Fittingly, quarterback Russell (212 total yards, two passing touchdowns, two rushing scores) finished the opening-statement possession with a five-yard run to the end zone.

Baylor’s lead expanded with the aid of a Ryan Willis throw on the following possession. One play after a successful fourth-down conversion in BU territory via a Willis two-yard sneak, the sophomore QB looked to make a quick throw to the left sideline. However, Baylor senior corner Ryan Reid recognized the KU quarterback’s intentions instantly and picked off the throw on the run, continuing his way 64 more yards for a TD.

“We game-planned for the outs,” Reid said, “and just certain routes that they run. It changed our whole game plan.”

Willis (10-for-19 passing, 89 yards, three interceptions) thought at the time he made a good throw, but said after KU’s fifth consecutive defeat Reid made a better break on it.

“I mean, it’s a long throw. But we need to complete those. We need to be better as an offense,” the QB offered after the Bears out-gained KU 453-217 in total yards. “I need to be better.”

BU didn’t score on its third offensive possession, when the KU defense came through with a three-and-out following a Moos personal-record punt of 82 yards (aided by the wind at his back and some gracious bounces) that pinned the Bears back on their own three-yard line.

The Bears corrected that glitch, though, and built a 21-0 first-quarter lead on the next series, capped by a 26-yard Russell run, complete with a move to avoid defensive backs Smithson and Marnez Ogletree en route to the gold and green turf beyond the goal line.

Behind its massive offensive line, Baylor put up 246 rushing yards. And though the Bears’ 207 passing yards didn’t exactly stand out, KU only managed one sack, by sophomore defensive end Dorance Armstrong in the third quarter.

Senior linebacker Courtney Arnick said the Bears’ offense featured great athletes at every position.

“Their O-line was very physical and they came out here and competed,” Arnick said. “Now we’ve just gotta get back in the lab and prepare for next week.”

Backup BU quarterback Zach Smith led another Bears scoring drive before Kansas finally erased the zero next to its name on the scoreboard. By then, Willis watched from the bench, with the game completely out of hand.

Redshirt freshman QB Carter Stanley took over with 6:11 left in the third. But Beaty’s offense mostly relied on true freshman running back Khalil Herbert on the series. Stanley connected with sophomore receiver Steven Sims Jr. for a 34-yard pickup and only threw the ball on two other plays, both incompletions. Herbert, meanwhile, rushed for 27 yards on six carries, including a two-yard touchdown that made the score 49-7.

“Baylor, their defense, they came prepared to play today,” Sims said. “They executed well all day long. That’s really all I can say.”

KU finished the loss with only 134 passing yards and 83 rushing yards. Beaty said the Jayhawks have to improve offensively.

“We made some strides last week and then today we took several steps back,” the coach said. “That’s my responsibility. I’m the one that has to manage that and make sure we’re productive on that side of the ball. And it didn’t happen today. Those kids, they’re gonna continue to listen and continue to learn, but we’ve gotta continue to provide them with great leadership and that’s my responsibility.”

Kansas returns to Lawrence next week to face Oklahoma State at 11 a.m. at Memorial Stadium.

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Michael Lorraine 1 year, 6 months ago

Disappointing but given how we’ve tinkered with the QB situation I feel like this is only our 2nd game of the season.

I have conceded all road games for 2016.

Joe Ross 1 year, 6 months ago

Yes, youre right. And had Montell been in the game it would have been even worse. Baylor could have hung 75+ points on us today, so even our defense needs work.

Michael Lorraine 1 year, 6 months ago

Before the first half ended I was hoping Beaty would put Montell in the game, not as an offensive improvement but for the purpose of preventing Ryan from getting hurt. The Baylor defense spent so much time in our backfield they could have pitched their tents there. Just run the ball on every play and get out of Dodge asap.

Andy Godwin 1 year, 6 months ago

I will give Grobe credit for not running up the score. At one point Baylor went deep already up by 42, but after that he was content to run the clock out. That was a class act not to embarrass KU further to prop up their national rankings. I know a number of other coaches that would not have been so kind. As predicted both the offensive and defensive lines were clearly out matched. KU will not be competitive until they can win the battle in the trenches.

Michael Lorraine 1 year, 6 months ago

Thankfully Grobe is not a Tom Osborne disciple because that had the potential to be beyond ugly.

Dirk Medema 1 year, 6 months ago

To be fair to Tom, there were times when it was their 3rd string RB that had 200+ yds against us IIRC. It's sort of like when Roy's boys scored 150 or whatever against UK. You gotta let the guys play.

In Grobe's case, he also make be paying it forward to when the current group of players are gone, and the coaches are left to clean-up their mess with a 60 man roster of patchwork or missing recruiting classes. Can anyone say PennState or USC. Neither is where KU has gone, but both are a long ways from where they were. Obviously, the other 3 took different routes, but all are a big step backwards as a result.

Brian Wilson 1 year, 6 months ago

As stated after last weeks game. IMO, Beaty gets a free ride this year and next. I found it hard to believe when I saw all the posts with expectations and complaints. Ids! This program was shredded by Weis, absolutely devastated, and no one without four years of recruiting is going to turn it around. The current Sophomore class won't be Seniors for two more years and then KU will finally get back up to where they may have 85 scholarship players on the roster. In addition, Beatty's first recruiting class was done on a scramble and he was lucky to find any talent in that batch at all. For me, other than good effort trying to keep games closer and closer, I expect nothing. For now, we need to work on cutting down on mistakes, building strength, speed, and stamina, and developing a QB.

Greg Ledom 1 year, 6 months ago

BW, a common sense post when so many take the other route because they don't understand how bad it really is. Your points (all of them), are spot on. Have to give coach the time. And no, I don't agree with all of his play calling, decisions, etc., but there are lots of positives if you look under the surface. Yes it's fair to be critical at times, but you have to see the big picture as well. Keep sawing wood coach! Rock Chalk!

Dirk Medema 1 year, 6 months ago

It is absolutely true that it is difficult for a team to compete with a roster of less than 70 players. BU will find that to be true in the years, if not weeks to come. (See PSU, USC) They essentially lost last year's class and are going backwards with the current class.

While Weis did the program no favors with the players he recruited, he also was left with a rotting shell of a program from the Gill regime. The rot even goes back to the 7 game losing streak of Mangino. Some want to blame that on Lew, and he may have contributed some influence, but the program had been slipping all the way back to the OB trophy presentation. To blame it all on Charlie is short sighted. Really short-sighted.

Michael Lorraine 1 year, 6 months ago

I agree Brian he needs more time but I don't believe he or any coach deserves a free ride. He is still expected to coach and make progress and progress at this point cannot be measured solely by wins and losses. Yesterday was a total train wreck and even though there is very little in the consolation department I’m okay losing to a good team on the road by 42 given where we are in our rebuilding process. It’s when we lose by 42 as a good team when I become concerned about our head coach.

David Kemp 1 year, 6 months ago

Keep in mind the Baylor qb was out of the game by half or else it coyldve been 50-60easy

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