Saturday, March 5, 2016

Notebook: Seniors worn out after win, emotional day

Kansas forward Jamari Traylor (31) hugs assistant coach Fred Quartelbaum following the JayhawksÕ 85-78 win over the Cyclones.

Kansas forward Jamari Traylor (31) hugs assistant coach Fred Quartelbaum following the JayhawksÕ 85-78 win over the Cyclones.


Senior Day tends to be a tough day for the participants.

Kansas coach Bill Self and seniors Perry Ellis, Jamari Traylor, Hunter Mickelson and Evan Manning found that out Saturday, as the Jayhawks had additional ceremonies to go with an 85-78 win over Iowa State.

“Perry said (in locker room after game), ‘Hey I’m exhausted.’ Hunter said, ‘I’m tired.’ It’s not from a physical tired but a stress,” Self said. “Winning on Senior Day sometimes is a great great boost, but I also think sometimes it can be an added weight, too. I felt for whatever reason we didn’t play loose and free like we’ve been playing.”

Overall, Self was not thrilled with KU’s performance.

“The reality is I couldn’t be more confident about these guys moving forward, but I also know the energy level we had defensively in the first half, that may be enough to go home disappointed in a one-and-done game,” he said.

On KU’s solid play down the stretch: “That’s what you have to do. You have to close,” Self said. “Earlier in the year we weren’t closing quite as well. Here of late we seem to have confidence down the stretch”

This, that: Game official Steve Olson hurt his knee and didn’t work the final half. Two refs finished the game ... Bob Davis was honored at halftime and also emceed the Senior Day speeches after the contest. He worked his last home game after 32 years of broadcasting KU basketball and football.

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By the Numbers: Kansas 85, Iowa State 78

By the Numbers: Kansas 85, Iowa State 78


Bryce Landon 3 years, 8 months ago

How did they honor Davis exactly? Did they hang a "DAVIS 32" in the rafters alongside "FALKENSTEIN 60"? I missed the game yesterday because of work, so I don't know.

Chris Teegarden 3 years, 8 months ago

They presented him with his own framed jersey just like the seniors. At half time they played a video of lots of different people talking about how great he was. He also gave a short speech after the game.

Humpy Helsel 3 years, 8 months ago

What in the world has happened to our free throw shooting? 60%? You have to hit the 40% from 3 to offset that low of percentage, and that isn't going to happen every night. That percentage of CHARITY (there is a reason it's called that) stripe shots sends you home early in March. Guys, you have a half court gym in your dang multi-million dollar "dorm." I get so frustrated at Wayne because it looks like that guy could go to the hole much more than he does and live at the line.

James Donnell 3 years, 8 months ago

Totally agree. It doesn't seem like there is enough emphasis on this, but missing FT's is the same as a turnover, and this could certainly come back to bite us in the tournament. I have noticed that it is common for our players to hit the first one and miss the second--poor concentration?? Wayne's stroke can be beautiful on the first one. I don't really get it. And how is it possible for these great shooters to miss a pair?

Mallory Briggans 3 years, 8 months ago

I agree about the free throw shooting. I would be tempted to sit Wayne at the end of a close game if the opposing team wants to employ the " hack a wayne " strategy . Now you can put in Greene ......but he is not a good ball handler but an excellent free throw shooter....Svi a better ballhandler than Greene and good free throw shooter......You have Vick but he hasn't played but I would bet he can shoot a free throw as good as Wayne or better. Its a catch 22 . I like the fact that Wayne is attacking the rim and if he draws a foul that's a bonus. Of course if its an " AND 1 " thats even better provided he hits the free throw but its not an empty possession because he a least got the basket. If Wayne hits his free throws then its a mute point. But hopefully Wayne hits his free throws at the line at crunch nerves wont be able to take it .....Wayne is the number 1 option but hitting his free throws is not an option has to happen


Dirk Medema 3 years, 8 months ago

The FT's are an interesting issue, because there have been some games where they all have been lights out, and others that are just horrible.

It definitely makes a difference - See Aprils in '03 (?) and '08.

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