Monday, December 12, 2016

Jayhawks remain 3rd in latest AP Poll

Kansas guard Devonte' Graham (4) turns to the bench after a deep three to end the half against Nebraska on Saturday, Dec. 10, 2016 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas guard Devonte' Graham (4) turns to the bench after a deep three to end the half against Nebraska on Saturday, Dec. 10, 2016 at Allen Fieldhouse.


The Kansas men’s basketball team maintained its position in this week’s Associated Press poll, holding steady at No. 3 after home victories of UMKC and Nebraska last week.

And for the first time during the 2016-17 college basketball season, there was no change to the Top 5 of the AP poll.

Villanova (10-0) retained the top spot and received 56 of 65 first-place votes, while UCLA (10-0) stayed in the No. 2 spot and received three first-place votes. Baylor (8-0) stayed in fourth and garnered six first-place votes, while preseason No. 1 Duke (10-1) rounded out the Top 5.

In fact, the poll remained the same from Week 5 to Week 6 in the Top 11 spots, with Kentucky, North Carolina, Gonzaga, Indiana, Creighton and Louisville holding down spots 6-11 and West Virginia, at No. 12, marking the first change from last week’s poll.

The Mountaineers (8-1) moved up three spots to slide into the No. 12 spot, replacing Saint Mary’s which fell to No. 20.

Kansas (9-1) will play Davidson at 6 p.m. Saturday at Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri, before traveling to Las Vegas to take on UNLV on Dec. 22 in the Jayhawks’ final non-conference game of the season.

Associated Press Poll — Dec. 12, 2016

1 Villanova (56) 10-0 1,613

2 UCLA (3) 10-0 1,505

3 Kansas 9-1 1,455

4 Baylor (6) 8-0 1,439

5 Duke 10-1 1,391

6 Kentucky 9-1 1,277

7 North Carolina 10-1 1,222

8 Gonzaga 10-0 1,195

9 Indiana 8-1 1,124

10 Creighton 10-0 1,043

11 Louisville 9-1 981

12 West Virginia 8-1 864

13 Virginia 8-1 848

14 Wisconsin 9-2 779

15 Purdue 8-2 652

16 South Carolina 8-0 598

17 Xavier 8-2 526

18 Butler 9-1 492

19 Arizona 8-2 436

20 Saint Mary's 7-1 391

21 Notre Dame 9-1 310

22 Oregon 8-2 251

23 Florida State 10-1 227

24 USC 9-0 158

25 Cincinnati 7-2 155

Others receiving votes: Florida 44, Wichita St 33, Virginia Tech 32, Maryland 31, Valparaiso 9, TCU 8, Middle Tennessee 7, Miami 6, Minnesota 6, Kansas State 4, UCF 2, Syracuse 2, Ohio State 2, Pittsburgh 2, Michigan State 2, Iowa State 1, Clemson 1, Loyola (CHI) 1


Kent Richardson 2 years, 9 months ago

I've said before it's fun and cool being ranked so highly.

Looking forward we could have a realistic chance of being 18-1 and maybe #1 by January 24th. Then a challenging stretch and we could either become a unanimous #1 or 20th ranked. And solidify or kiss goodbye the 13 straight crowns

1/24 @ WVU

1/28 @ UK

2/1 Baylor

2/4 ISU

2/6 @ KSU

2/8 @ TTU

2/13 WVU

2/19 @ Baylor


Marius Rowlanski 2 years, 9 months ago

This happens so often w/Baylor then they fall way short of the hype. Still, it's hard to keep in the top five when we have so many good teams in the BIG 12 although I don't think this is one of the best years overall for the conference.

The ISU games always tough but it's too bad Hoiberg didn't stay. I've heard rumors already at Chicago about job security. I think he had the chance to build something special at Iowa State.

Ben Kane 2 years, 9 months ago

i hate college polls but especially college basketball polls. they play enough games a season that it shouldn't be so reactionary. they need to find metrics behind just wins in order to evaluate teams. We know what will happen from here, no matter what Villanova will remain #1 until they lose and then they will fall about 5 spots. Are they the #1 team, I have no idea but they should probably remain so if they are even after they drop a 2 point heart-breaker on their rival's court. While I'm not a fan of kenpom ratings, at least i can appreciate that they are based on non-emotional algorithms; I'd much prefer that over these stupid polls.

Dirk Medema 2 years, 9 months ago

Kenpom's algorithms are fine after a while, but early in the season they are fairly worthless with really limited data sets.

Marius Rowlanski 2 years, 9 months ago

Agree. I was looking at them today as Keegan had mentioned them and really didn't find them very useful. They did have 3 BIG 12 schools in the top 10 then Kansas State next at 33.

Harlan Hobbs 2 years, 9 months ago

You summed it up well, Kent. We have all of the ingredients, especially if the situation with Carlton gets resolved to where he can return to the program. Either way, however, it should be a fun ride, and I plan to enjoy it.

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