Kansas defeats Chaminade, 123-72

  • 8 p.m., Nov. 23, 2015
  • Lahaina Civic Center, Lahaina, HI

Monday, November 23, 2015

Everything looks better’ for KU in Hawaii

Still, Bill Self not pleased with Jayhawks' defense

The Kansas bench goes wild after another bucket by Kansas guard Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk during the second half, Monday, Nov. 23, 2015 at Lahaina Civic Center in Lahaina, Hawaii.

The Kansas bench goes wild after another bucket by Kansas guard Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk during the second half, Monday, Nov. 23, 2015 at Lahaina Civic Center in Lahaina, Hawaii.


— Scoring inside, outside and from the free-throw line, Kansas University’s basketball team erupted for 123 points on Monday night in an 123-72 first-round Maui Invitational victory over Chaminade.

That’s most points in a game by a KU team in the Bill Self era, sixth most in a contest in school history and most ever against an opponent on a neutral court.

“No. I could care less about that,” Self, KU’s 13th-year coach said, asked if such figures were of interest to him.

“I told our guys during the game I’d rather win 50-40 than give up that many points.”

Why’s that?

“Because that’s not real,” Self said. “You get into conference play in real games, you’ve got to string together five, six, seven stops in a row. We’re not doing that consistently. When we make shots we relax,” Self added.

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KU coach Bill Self on 51-point win over Chaminade and the latest with Cheick Diallo.

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The Jayhawks’ offensive onslaught — 15 threes made in 29 tries was good for second most treys in a game in school history, tying the performance in the season opener vs. Northern Colorado — certainly allowed KU’s large contingent of fans to relax against occasional-giant killing Div. II Chaminade.

Soph guard Svi Mykhailiuk hit a career-best six threes in 11 tries and scored a career-high 18 points for a squad that had seven players score in double figures. The 51-point margin of victory tied for fifth-biggest rout in the Self era. And it was the biggest rout in the history of the Maui Invite.

“Svi was good. We need Svi to be aggressive especially over here,” Self said. KU’s perimeter depth has been hurt by Brannen Greene’s six-game suspension.

“We need him to be one of our key players and go-to guys. He was tonight,” Self added of Mykhailiuk.

Of junior guard Wayne Selden Jr., who hit four threes, scored 18 points and had seven assists, Self said: “Wayne is a huge key to our team. Wayne did some nice things. He had a couple bad basketball plays. I thought he played well. He made a couple shots, which was nice to see.”

Guards Devonté Graham (15 points, three assists) and Frank Mason III (14 points, seven assists, six rebounds) joined the point parade.

Also, on the inside, Landen Lucas tied a career high with 13 points off 4-of-4 shooting and 5-of-6 free throwing; Hunter Mickelson contributed 11 off 5-of-5 shooting, Carlton Bragg tallied nine off 4-of-5 shooting and Perry Ellis 11 off 4-of-8 marksmanship.

“Our bigs, even though they (Silverswords) were small, at least we scored inside,” Self said. “We didn’t miss layups like we’d been.”

It didn’t take long for the Jayhawks to squash Chaminade’s dream of knocking off a Top Five-rated basketball team. The No. 5-ranked Jayhawks, who led by just two points eight minutes into the game, doubled up the Silverswords, 36-18 at the 7:30 mark and led by 30 with 12 minutes left. It was a 12-0 run that turned a 24-18 lead into an 18-point advantage. Graham scored five points, Mykhailiuk three, Ellis and Lucas two apiece in the surge.

“Obviously we made shots. Everything looks better when you make shots,” Self said. KU hit 64.4 percent to Chaminade’s 34.8 percent.

“Chaminade is the type team if they get comfortable and score well early, which they did against us, gives them confidence and they can hang around. Our offense was good enough to keep them at arms difference. We started guarding them better as the game wore on.”

KU had several highlight reel plays, including one wacky missed breakaway dunk by Selden, who had the ball rocked into the rafters and hit a flag at the top of the arena. Later, Selden had a vicious slam off a lob from Graham.

Also, Mickelson blocked a shot, dove for the loose ball and nearly had a steal, losing the ball after he hit the floor, the effort pleasing KU’s fans in attendance. Mickelson played two minutes the first half; 10 the second.

“We were switching on ball screens. He can’t guard those (smaller) guys out there,” Self said. “That was the reason he didn’t play a lot early.”

The star of the game offensively had to be sophomore Mykhailiuk, whose previous scoring high was 11, which he’d hit three times.

“My teammates, Frank and Devonté were driving the ball well. I was getting open looks and making shots. If it’s an open look it’s a pretty easy shot. I just need to make it,” Mykhailiuk said. “We knew they had a good team. They shot a lot of threes (33, hitting eight) and drove well. We tried to play defense. It was not good in the first half. We need to get better at that.”

KU will play UCLA, a 77-75 winner over UNLV in Monday's finale, at 9 tonight.

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By the Numbers: Kansas 123, Chaminade 72

By the Numbers: Kansas 123, Chaminade 72


Reggie Flenory 4 years, 7 months ago

We just beat the equivalent of Johnson County Community College Good win but let's see how well we play moving forward in this tournament I really want to see consistency from our back court and production from the front court from someone other than Perry Ellis

Gerry Butler 4 years, 7 months ago

Agreed Reggie, even against Chaminade , we still got beat ALOT of the dribble drive down the lane, just not staying in front of them , luckily some of the time just our shear height was able to make up for that making them miss at the rim or blocking the shot, but STILL getting beat. That will kill us against quality opponents , we do that tonight against UCLA not going to be good. Was good to see Svi get going some, I think that is the 1st time I've seen where he has been able to do what we have been hearing for so long- - - what a great shooter he is, but again you have to take that with some what of a grain of salt because of the competition, but still good to see, Anyways stiffer competition tonight ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

Rodney Crain 4 years, 7 months ago

Nice win. Not sure what you can take away from it other than a W against an overmatched team like that.

We should win this tournament now that IN gas been upset. Let's see if we can.

Great win for Danny, they had a huge comeback to beat IN. It is always great to cheer for hime again.

Aaron Paisley 4 years, 7 months ago

Did you see what Vandy did to St. John's? Vandy won't be a pushover if KU gets that far.

Benz Junque 4 years, 7 months ago

I think that was more indicative of the fact that St John's is incredibly terrible. Vandy need OT to beat Stony Brook at home.

Aaron Paisley 4 years, 7 months ago

St. John's isn't incredibly terrible though.

Bryce Landon 4 years, 7 months ago

Yes they are. They got blasted at home by D2 St. Thomas Aquinas.

Benz Junque 4 years, 7 months ago

Eh, yeah they are. They might beat Chaminade to avoid last place at this tourney. MIGHT. My guess is that they finish the season ranked in the low 200s in RPI.

Rodney Crain 4 years, 7 months ago

Aaron, I saw some of that game. My point is more about how the "loaded", lofty KU team should win this tournament.

Truth is I think it might be 50/50 that we do. The two games we have won this season did not really show us much. They are W's but if we think we are a top 5 experienced team we sould win this tournament. If we can't and leave Maui with a second loss this team is really not as good as everyone else thought.

Mike Riches 4 years, 7 months ago

I'm not sure I'm liking the Mason/Graham duo in the backcourt. Of course, it's only been three games, but Mason seemed to really embrace his role at the point, and doesn't seem as comfortable off the ball, which is weird since he's played much more throughout his life at the 2. The offense isn't as smooth as I would have thought it would be with those two back there. By Conference play, I wouldn't mind seeing a starting five of Mason, Selden, Svi, Perry and Diallo/Bragg, with Graham as the sixth man.

Trent Rose 4 years, 7 months ago

The Mason / Graham duo starting is because Self says they are best perimeter defenders. Self is more worried at the beginning of the game about shutting down the other team.

Allin Herring 4 years, 7 months ago

I sure have not seen Graham play and defense yet

Mike Riches 4 years, 7 months ago

In all fairness, these guys may be having a tough time adjusting to the new rules, but the defense has been far from stellar. But no one else on the team looks like they're playing great defense either...

Bee Bee 4 years, 7 months ago

How did that work against Michigan State? KU made another All American. Valentine.

Brett McCabe 4 years, 7 months ago

Mike, this has been my early season perception. Frank the Bulldog worked pretty well. You are right that it's early, and time will be needed for adjustment. We need an Alpha at the point, so let's hope that Graham has it in him.

Pius Waldman 4 years, 7 months ago

It is difficult to honestly evaluate a game that is so one-sided. But until Diallo get approved I find it difficult to see why Traylor gets the starting position. Mickelson appears to me with his Korea play far out performs Traylor. I also believe with the two smaller guards playing together some cases it might be disaster. Svi has the potential and Selden has the experience. Wonder how that would play out with Mason or Graham at the point.

Jared Reeves 4 years, 7 months ago

Traylor is much better at defending guards than is Mickelson. But I agree that Mickelson should play more in the right situations.

Adam Collins 4 years, 7 months ago

I agree that Hunter should be playing more as well. It seems like during every post game interview Self provides an explanation for why Hunter doesn't get many minutes.

Jared Reeves 4 years, 7 months ago

I agree that Self always seems to have an excuse for not playing Hunter, but some excuses are better than others. He is not as mobile as some of our other big men.

Benz Junque 4 years, 7 months ago

Eh, Chaminade started five guards, only one of whom was over about 6'4". Not really anyone that Mickelson can keep up with.

Marius Rowlanski 4 years, 7 months ago

Good game to watch but not much to take from it. The defence was non-existent and no BG to blame.

Benz Junque 4 years, 7 months ago

Not much need to wear yourself out in a 3 games in 3 days tourney running your butt off against a team you'll beat by 50+. The goal last night was to make open shots and not turn an ankle.

Chris Shaw 4 years, 7 months ago

I know SVI shot the ball well but he took 12 total shots and 11 of them were 3's? That's a great way to get your overall offensive game going (sarcastic statement). I'm sure UCLA will just close out and force SVI to put it in the floor. I wonder what will happen then?

I don't know, there isn't a whole much of anything to take away from this game. Just a big tease game imo. I'm still ticked about Michigan State.

Chris Shaw 4 years, 7 months ago

The best part of this game was Franny going off on "Hu" and saying that if "Hu" kept scoring, Self would be like..."what" the rest of the game.

I love me some Franny.

Bryce Landon 4 years, 7 months ago

You should have heard Bob Davis and Greg Gurley on the radio broadcast. They kept going Abbott & Costello on their listeners with Hu/Who jokes.

Humpy Helsel 4 years, 7 months ago

The competition level goes up ten-fold tonight. Hope our bench looks like that late in the game. I guess maybe we needed last night to regain some confidence. Tonight's game is a great prepare game for the rest of the season. This team has a long way to go. I still saw too many D-2 players getting right to the rim. I really liked how the ball moved with periodic and more timely drives when it was there. UCLA is always athletic and quick. Under this coach we know their defense will be better than other years. It looks like we have adjusted to the rules and points of emphasis from the officiating fairly well.

Martin Rosenblum 4 years, 7 months ago

"...No. I could care less about that,” Self, KU’s 13th-year coach said, asked if such figures were of interest to him.

“I told our guys during the game I’d rather win 50-40 than give up that many points.”.."

Then, why did he leave mostly starters in the game all the way until about 4 minutes in the game? I think he was enjoying the margin and didn't have to do the usual nail-biting of when teams take us to the wire with the new rules, etc. E. Manning, T Self and Company could have come in at about the 8 minute remaining point and got do really see PT and we still would have won by 20-30, not 50.

John Strayer 4 years, 7 months ago

I think he was talking mostly about the focus on offense rather than defense and not so much the bodies on the floor. He didn't like giving up 70 pts to an outmatched D2 team.

Justin Kruse 4 years, 7 months ago

Nice seeing the threes fall in. However, it seemed way too easy for their guards to beat us, while it seemed we really struggled with creating consistently off the dribble on the other end and getting by them. Kind of concerning considering the competition. Still, nice win and will give some guys some confidence going forward. Rock Chalk!

Jared Reeves 4 years, 7 months ago

Evidence that HCBS overvalues defense: “I told our guys during the game I’d rather win 50-40 than give up that many points.”

Defense is important, but winning is more important. Winning by 51 points is always better than winning by 10. It appears Self will never learn that offense is just as valuable as defense.

Trent Rose 4 years, 7 months ago

Self - like other great coaches - realizes that you don't shoot the ball well every game. You know why KU wins the big 12 every year? Because they play defense. Self knows the key to winning in the Big 12 is beating really good offensive teams in Iowa State and Oklahoma among others.

Jared Reeves 4 years, 7 months ago

Trent, I respect your position and agree that Self is a very good coach. I also agree that defense is very important.

However, I disagree that defense is more important than offense. Its simple math. Self has always overvalued defense, and undervalued offense. For example, if Svi/Greene equated to +6 points/game scoring, but we gave up +4 points/game compared to Graham, Self would still play Graham. That is bad math and bad basketball. Even good coaches are imperfect.

Benz Junque 4 years, 7 months ago

Playing better defense increases your ability to get easier shots on offense. Getting easier shots on offense = more points. It's simple math. They don't stop play after each possession, one feeds the other.

Jared Reeves 4 years, 7 months ago

Benz, I agree that defense CAN lead to offense, but that is not always the case. You can argue defense can lead to more offense, but if that were always true, coaches would never worry about how well a guy can shoot. Offense matters just as much as defense.

This is why I provided an example of the average point production being greater playing Svi/Greene over Graham. The average is what is important because it accounts for things like defense leading to offense. In my example playing Graham, who is the better defender leads to, 6 fewer points on offense, and an overall cost of 2 fewer points. My purpose for the example is to show that Self overvalues defense, and would still play Graham even if it meant the team's margin of victory is 2 points fewer (or losing by 2 more points in a loss). Defense matters, but offense matters just as much.

Benz Junque 4 years, 7 months ago

It's fun to make up random numbers, call them stats, and use them to support my arguments!

Jared Reeves 4 years, 7 months ago

Benz, its called a hypothetical. I said, "IF." I didn't call the numbers in my example "stats". If you want to challenge my argument feel free, but mislabeling to create a straw-man argument is ineffective.

Benz Junque 4 years, 7 months ago

So hypothetically, Self stinks because he doesn't play Evan Manning more. I mean, come ON! The kid is shooting 100% on the SEASON!

Benz Junque 4 years, 7 months ago

Jared, you're trying to hard to make a big deal over nothing. It appears fans will never learn that there are more goals to accomplish for each regular season than just to win them.

Jared Reeves 4 years, 7 months ago

Benz, I understand that there are different goals for winning different games, but at the end of the day, winning is what matters most. I don't think anyone would say, "rather than try to win against Michigan St. let's instead try to work on things that need improving." Winning and improving are not mutually exclusive.

Jared Reeves 4 years, 7 months ago

I will put your response in the category of "I don't have a counter argument but I still want the last word." (Feel free to have the last word after this if it makes you feel better).

Benz Junque 4 years, 7 months ago

We aren't talking about the Michigan State game. We are talking about a 50 point blowout of a D2 team. There was a 0.0001% percent chance that we weren't going to win that game.

Jim Stauffer 4 years, 7 months ago

If you can't chew steak, then eat some easy veggies and it will allow you to forget your deficiencies.

Exa. I am now a big believer in the big time center Landon Lucas who got something like 13 and 13 against this bunch. Sure!

Because of the tendency of the Big 12 to wilt in the face of KU, I will have to wait till the tourney to see if we are real.

Bryce Landon 4 years, 7 months ago


Score Opponent (Date)

150-95 - Kentucky (12-9-89)

140-72 - Oral Roberts (1-14-93)

134-73 - Niagara (1-9-97)

132-65 - Elizabeth City State (1-18-90)

127-82 - Iowa State (1-7-89)

123-72 - Chaminade (11-23-15)

122-58 - Md.-Baltimore Co. (11-23-91)

121-65 - Central Missouri State (11-28-77)

118-75 - Iowa State (3-9-90)

115-45 - Brown (1-3-89)

Benz Junque 4 years, 7 months ago

Nice to see Iowa State on their a couple of times...

Mick Allen 4 years, 7 months ago

Plus, you asked how we would play if we didn't start Mason and Graham together? In one word "slower". It is an advantage if you are trying to speed up play and have more possessions because you have better athletes if you have 2 good ball handlers in the game to catch the outlet pass off the rebound and push the ball. While Selden is a good passer, neither Svi nor Wayne have good handles. If you want to play faster, which I do, you need quickness and ball handlers to ignite the push or the break. Justin, you had concerns about our guards{Mason and Graham} "struggling with creating off the dribble". We had 32 assists on 46 made baskets. That doesn't happen without penetration and the kick out. Selden had 7 of the assists, but for the year Mason has 19 assists and 4 turnovers and Graham 13 and 3. I know many of us question how effective the high-low offense will be without Diallo. One way you offset this perceived weakness is by pushing the ball in the hope of getting uncontested lay ups and open looks at the 3. You increase your chances of being successful playing this way by having 2 quick, capable ball handlers on the court at the same time in my humble opinion.

Jared Reeves 4 years, 7 months ago

Question: Which would you rather have...a team that averages 85 points/game and gives up 70, or a team that averages 65 points a game and give up 50?

Answer: It doesn't matter.

One could argue that if Self said, "I would rather win 91 - 40, than 123 - 72" he would be only slightly irrational because it overvalues defense, even though the margin of victory is the same. But for Self to say he would rather win 50 - 40, than than 123 - 72 is insane. I would give him the benefit of the doubt if he was just talking about this game, but Self has consistently shown how he values defense as much as 5 times more than offense. The scoring margin is what matters, not how many points the other team scores.

Benz Junque 4 years, 7 months ago

The point is that the defense effort that allowed a sucky team like Chaminade to score 70+ points will result in a better team scoring much more, with the obvious additional problem that a better team will not allow us to score 120+. It's mind boggling that you're still arguing this.

And to answer your question, I'd rather have the team that scores 85 and gives up 50.

Jared Reeves 4 years, 7 months ago

Benz, of course you don't want to give up points to a bad team, because it shows you have a really bad defense. However, you fail to consider to opposite. What does it mean if you fail to score against a bad team? It means you have a really bad offense. You have to look at both sides of the equation. KU needs a great defense AND a great offense, not just one or the other. HCBS saying he doesn't mind having a terrible offense if he could get a marginally better defense is crazytown.

Of course you would like to score 85 and only give up 50. You dodge the hypothetical because you know it proves my point. Unfortunately, Self disagrees with you and would rather score 50 and give up 40. It's mind boggling that you would disagree with Self.

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