Kansas defeats Switzerland, 96-57

  • 8 p.m., July 8, 2015
  • Dongkang Gymnasium, Gwangju, South Korea,

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

No letdown: Team USA finishes pool play with flair

The Team USA bench celebrates a slam dunk by Kansas guard Wayne Selden Jr. in a Team USA 96-57 win over Switzerland Thursday, July 9, at the World University Games in South Korea.

The Team USA bench celebrates a slam dunk by Kansas guard Wayne Selden Jr. in a Team USA 96-57 win over Switzerland Thursday, July 9, at the World University Games in South Korea.


— With six minutes left in the third quarter against Switzerland on Thursday, Kansas University senior forward Hunter Mickelson sprinted to mid-court for a loose ball. 

It didn’t matter that the United States men’s basketball team had already secured a spot in the World University Games quarterfinals. It didn’t matter that the Jayhawks had a 25-point lead on their way to a 96-57 victory at DongKang College Gymnasium. Mickelson wasn’t giving up on the play. 

Mickelson dove for the ball, took it from a Swiss player and passed it to SMU senior guard Nic Moore. Once Moore had the ball, he floated an alley-oop to KU junior guard Wayne Selden Jr., who slammed it home with two hands. 

That was in the middle of an 18-0 run in the beginning of the third quarter to turn the game into a rout, as the U.S. took a 69-35 lead. Selden had three dunks in the stretch, and he assisted on a dunk for Mickelson. 

“It was just a hustle play — 50-50 ball,” said Mickelson, who finished with six points and four rebounds. “I knew I kind of had a chance to get it, and kind of where we were on the court. We were already more than halfway down toward our end. I knew if anybody was behind me I’d at least give them a good chance of getting a layup out of it.” 

Selden scored eight of his 16 points (7-of-8 shooting) during the 18-0 run and added two assists. KU senior forward Jamari Traylor added a dunk and junior point guard Frank Mason III drained a three-pointer. 

The Jayhawks shot 59 percent from the floor (41-of-70), including 59 percent from deep (10-of-17). They led 23-8 in the first quarter before the Swiss went on a 16-5 run. 

After Switzerland cut the margin to 29-24 with 7:43 left in the second quarter, Moore drained a three-pointer to begin a 22-9 run for the rest of the half. KU senior forward Perry Ellis scored all 11 of his points in the first two quarters (5-of-7 shooting). 

“I thought we were tired to start, but the guys started having fun,” Kansas coach Bill Self said. “It’s a lot easier to play when you make shots. We shot it so bad yesterday. Today the guys were relaxed and it seemed like they made just about everything they threw up there.”

Florida Gulf Coast senior guard Julian DeBose, who finished with a team-high 18 points, including three buzzer-beaters added: “Of course, coach got us on a little bit. When we get in the game we can’t let the team fall out, we have to pick the team up. I did my best. Next time I got in, I changed that.” 

After a three-pointer from Switzerland’s Florian Steinmann snapped USA’s 18-0 run in the third quarter, the Jayhawks continued to pour it on with dunks and easy baskets. 

“That was crazy,” Kansas freshman forward Carlton Bragg said of the dunks. “That’s just how it was. We just played the game. Everything just fell in place.”

DeBose, Bragg and KU freshman guard Lagerald Vick combined to score the last 12 points of the third quarter. 

“Coach just came in there,” Bragg said, “‘Have a lot of fun. We’re thinking too much. Just play the game. Don’t play to the competition. Just play the game.’ We came out and had fun.”

The U.S. earned a spot in the World University Games quarterfinals with its victory over Serbia on Wednesday. The Jayhawks will play Lithuania at noon Saturday (10 p.m. Friday CDT). Friday’s game will be broadcast by ESPNU.

“We’re ready,” DeBose said. “This is what we came for: to win a gold medal. We’ve been preparing for this the whole time. We’re just glad we came out of pool play the No. 1 seed, now we’re ready for whoever else is up next.”

“We’re not exactly perfect by any stretch,” Self added, “but I think our mood and our mindset is about as good as you can hope for.”

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Shannon Gustafson 4 years, 7 months ago

Wow that 3rd quarter was VERY fun to watch. I don't know if I've ever seen KU have more dunks in that 5-6 minute stretch.

Was nice to see DeBose and Vick have their best games. Hopefully that will give them some confidence moving forward.

Mickelson gave us some great minutes again. Lots of hustle. I did not like Lucas' body language the whole game. Looked like he was just going through the motions. No passion, not enjoyment, not intensity, just a big body doing the bare minimum. Was he pouting about his lack of minutes the previous games?

Todd Simpson 4 years, 7 months ago

I saw the same thing I was not thrilled with his passion on the court

Dirk Medema 4 years, 7 months ago

My guess is he got an ear full after pushing the Srbijam player to the floor right before halftime, tho it wasn't called a foul - kind of like a lot of other full body assaults. He has seemed a bit off this entire trip, which is odd. If anything, he would be the person that would seem most comfortable with the trip. He is definitely becoming the odd man out, because it is real unlikely that Coach will play 5 much less 6 bigs this season unless someone gets injured, and even then ...

Shannon Gustafson 4 years, 7 months ago

I considered that but I would think sitting the whole second half and having 24 hours to think about it should have been enough to "get over it" and play ball. It's not like you can feel like you were "right" in that situation after a little reflection.

I kind of feel bad for Landon, if he ends up the odd man out. In my opinion it's worse to get a shot (last year) and then be demoted to the bench the next season than it is to just never make it off the bench in the first place. If you never made it off the bench, you just didn't have the talent. If you were a starter and played major minutes and then sit on the bench, it's got to be much more difficult.

Rodney Crain 4 years, 7 months ago

All - Landon's issues are typically all in his head. We saw that he has the ability at the end of last season.

He has been given starts and playing time the last few games and he is a turnover machine who cannot score and barely rebound. Couple that with his body language and what happened in the Serbia game is not much of a surprise. He is lost right now.

You would think that he would take advantage of the more physical play allowed and try to assert his will but he is regressing.

It sure would be great to see the player we saw the last few conference games instead of the player we have seen the previous few years. He can play for us but I am not sure he has any confidence to think he can.

Can you imagine the "good" Landon and Hunter sharing the 5 for us the rest of the tourney? I hope Landon can get it together.

I don't feel bad for him he has been given and will be given chances to earn playing time, its up to him whether he wants to hang his head or play like he can so he can stay on the court.

Brianna Zaleski 4 years, 7 months ago

Good points Rodney, but the "good" Landon was overrated to begin with. With the emergence of Hunter, I hope Landon is only used for emergency situations where we have foul trouble. I've seen enough missed layup so and bunnies from him to last a lifetime. M

Rodney Crain 4 years, 7 months ago

I used to think that way too until those last few games of conference last year. When Perry was out and we needed someone to step up he did. He did it for 3-4 games. He is capable of contributing, its mental with him. There was nothing overrated in the way he played then.

When its mental there is always a chance the player can get it back. With our roster and schedule we need his length, fouls, play.

We have a few players who miss layups and bunnies you will have to be more specific on exactly why his are worse than some of the starters who play soft too.

Brianna Zaleski 4 years, 7 months ago

Well missed bunnies are a frustrating lot altogether. However, when you are a 7 footer and your only skill set is really around the rim, I would hope that you would be more efficient at making bunnies than, say, a wing. Perry's softness is irritating to the point of madness, however, he has other skills that make up for some of it from time to time. Such as outside shooting and taking a defender off the dribble. Players are going to miss easy shots from time to time, but when your C is missing them on a regular basis, someone else deserves a shot. Sometimes it seems like he doesn't even know where he is in relation to the basket. And that is basketball 101. Every person in the paint should know where he or she is in relation to the basket, just by looking at the floor.

Rodney Crain 4 years, 7 months ago

Not sure I agree on any of your points.

Size does not matter that much when you are over 6'6 standing that close to the basket with the ball.
Perrys skill set is around the basket, he is developing other skills away from it. Not going to give him a pass cause he needs an outside game to make it at the next level. He can't finish, does not seem to like the contact and or can't control his shot when he is contacted close to the basket. I think others are being given a shot at his minutes. Not sure what you mean. Traylor, Ellis, Hunter are not being inhibited. Who I am missing?
It is not that he does not know where he is, its that he struggles with the touch, confidence to make the bunny with or without contact. Same is true of Traylor, and Ellis. Fear of being blocked, no hand or arm strength to play through the contact that close, or is it something else? It certainly is not knowing their position on the court.
You don't look at the floor when you are trying to put the ball in the basket for location. Who in the world looks down to see where the basket is before they try a layup or a jam? SMH

Brianna Zaleski 4 years, 7 months ago

Rodney, Rodney, Rodney... You must not have played much basketball in your life? At least been coached anyway? i'm not trying to be condescending, I'm just making a point... One of the fundamental things you learn, as a post player, is to use your other "eyes" on the court. Your butt being one of them and the court being another. Imagine your are a post player that is backing down an opponent towards the hoop. His back is to the basket right? Okay. So since he can't see the hoop with his eyes, he has to use other avenues in order to increase his odds of making a basket. It is far too difficult to turn around to shoot and THEN get your bearings of where the basket is. Are you following me so far? So (a properly coached) post player will feel his defender with his butt and back him down to a spot on the floor where he knows exactly how far he is from the basket and at what angle he is at in relation to the basket without having to turn around and look. So, after much practice, he instinctively knows what shot to attempt (ie. hook shoot, power dribble and dunk, or bank shot of the backboard) based on his spot on the floor and the position of the defender. Basketball 101. Or at least 201. SMH

I agree with you on Perry, but he is not a banger he's a finesse player. And although his position requires much more toughness than he cares to exhibit, I'll take his shortcomings over LL's because LL has one job on offense: get his man into a favorable position and then receive a post pass at a favorable angle then turn and execute short, efficient shot. LL is not doing a good job of the latter part of that sequence and its costing him mins. He did do a good job of it towards the end of last year, as you stated, but he's regressed.

Rodney Crain 4 years, 7 months ago

typical Bri, just wants to hear herself talk nonsense lol.

Hey brainiac overthink things much? How did Lucas do tonight in the Lith. game? Best game he has played so far. Self.

As is your way, insert foot in mouth, again Bri. You should just give up, really!

Marius Rowlanski 4 years, 7 months ago

I'm not sure I agree Brianna for reasons listed by Rodney but I absolutely believe that the play of Hunter has separated him from the play of Lucas.

Lucas needs to swallow his pride, apologize and then put his butt in gear.

Greg Lux 4 years, 7 months ago

Having raised 3 kids I believe I have seen my share of pouting. Landon for whatever reason is in full Pout. Here is a young man who has a chance to really put himself in the upcoming seasonal rotation and he is squandering his chance to really show he is ready for quality minutes. HCBS is not the type of person who will forget so Landon if you want to be a part of a National Championship contender you should get you head on straight and do it NOW...

Marius Rowlanski 4 years, 7 months ago

Really good post. I hope Lucas realizes that Hunter Mickelson has probably moved ahead of him on the depth chart. Hunter has shown soft hands and good post moves. Lucas might think that he is indispensable for this tournament but Head Coach Self can easily spread out the minutes between Hunter, Perry, Traylor and Carlton Bragg.

If I was Lucas, I would have my butt in front of Coach Self and apologize for his lackadaisical playing. Does anybody know what precipitated the show by Lucas? Lucas doesn't seem to be the type of player who would take a cheap shot without cause but regardless, take his a$$ chewing in stride and play 100% when given the opportunity.

From Rodney "You would think that he would take advantage of the more physical play allowed and try to assert his will but he is regressing."

Exactly. The frontcourt play of Hunter, Bragg and Traylor seem to have benefited from the rougher play being allowed by the referees while Lucas definitely has not. I'm not really sure where Ellis should be on this equation.

Russ McCaig 4 years, 7 months ago

My wife 'BEGS' (thru the TV screen and in AFH) for Mickelson to get more PT and in the same breath, less PT for Lucas.
I don't know if I have ever seen someone that lost under the basket missing point blank over and over and over and over...well, you get the gist...

Gary McCullough 4 years, 7 months ago

Does anyone else see Magic Johnson's infectious grin in Carlton Bragg? This kid is going to be a ton-o-fun to watch this season. I hope he stays around for awhile.

Jonathan Allison 4 years, 7 months ago

I'm glad that Bragg didn't follow Magic to Michigan State.

Marius Rowlanski 4 years, 7 months ago

I have Magic as one of the top three players all-time. When you look at what Magic achieved in his 12 year career, he accomplished more than just about every player. Of course longevity hurts him when compared to others who have played over 15 years.

I admit to being biased as I grew up a Laker fan until Shaq and Kobe cured me from that affliction.

Robert Robinson 4 years, 7 months ago

Maybe it's just me but I feel like Lucas has always had a bad attitude and poor body language. He seems to get in small pushing altercations all the time. I've never been a fan of Taylor's body language either.

Marius Rowlanski 4 years, 7 months ago

To be fair, Jamari Traylor, always seems to play without the emotion that is seen in other players but that goes for both negative and positive moments.Traylor knows his role and goes out and accomplishes it. If you remember he was an unranked three-star recruit according to I think Self had done a great job in getting Jamari to buy into the system.

Gerry Butler 4 years, 7 months ago

I like seems just about everyone else noticed and has noticed Landon's attitude lately. very bad attitude,chemistry not sure what his problem is.I've never understood where a guy gets inside position and has the flush in front WHY they fill they have to put the ball on the floor for that 1 dribble then go up and try to lay it in. you GOT POSITION take the dam ball home with authority, you've worked to get that position use it. I've seen Landon & Hunter do this on multiple occasions and end up getting blocked, or miss bunnies, you dunk the ball your for sure not missing. Landon like others have said looks like he is pouting, kinda walking thru, little more of that and he won't sniff the court. different topic, heard the Russia team won the gold at the last WUG and got the bronze before that so could be a hard match if we meet. the one Friday isn't easy either hope the guys come out and just take it to them. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

Shannon Gustafson 4 years, 7 months ago

Yes, Landon had a blatant example of this against Serbia I believe. He caught the ball in the post and had no one between him and the basket. He took a power dribble and by that time 2 guys had closed in and he missed badly (airball or block, can't remember which).

Russia beat Canada by 7 this morning so that should put in perspective how good they are.

Tom Jones 4 years, 7 months ago

Fortunately, we're not going to need a ton from Landen this year. Jamari Mickelucas will have to combine for about 15 minutes a game. I trust HCBS to know who's earning those minutes and who's game will fit that particular game's matchups the best.

Jonathan Allison 4 years, 7 months ago

It was really nice to see Julian DeBose get his time to shine with 18 points. Also loved seeing Tyler knock down the NBA 3. Felt bad for Evan not being able to convert his efforts in to any points. He and Lucas were the only ones on the roster that didn't score.

RJ King 4 years, 7 months ago

Regarding Lucas . . . I'm wondering if maybe it's his back again. We seem to find out after the fact that Frank's wrist was "nicked," Wayne had a bum knee, Greene needed hip surgery, and on and on. Usually after these players have been criticized for not playing to their ceiling.

If Lucas is having back issues, the pain would explain the "grumpiness." Landon has always been calm, and not particularly animated. The throw down and appearance of pouting are very out of character. I'm guessing he might be hurt. If not, then he is allowing one mistake to stay with him and effect his game - creating more.

That said, I really like Lucas the person and his playing potential, and hope he can shine in whatever minutes he is given.

Kurt Eskilson 4 years, 7 months ago

A very generous and thoughtful perspective. Thank you for sharing!

Kristen Downing 4 years, 7 months ago

I think Self has had one of his available playing time conversations with Landen. Players move on after those conversations. Was there not a seven foot transfer who visited us when there was no scholarship available? Has he made his pick yet....? Conspiracies abound.

Shannon Gustafson 4 years, 7 months ago

That 7'2" kid you're thinking of committed to Syracuse.

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