Thursday, February 5, 2015


Column: Beaty speaking recruits’ language


If you never have been to Texas and don’t much like to travel, just introduce yourself to David Beaty if you run into him at a local barbecue joint.

Very much in his comfort zone talking about his first recruiting class as head coach of the Kansas University football program, Beaty flashed some of the lingo that makes Texas high school coaches and athletes feel so comfortable with him.

He referred to D’Andre Banks as “a big ol’ lineman.”

Of defensive back Bazie Bates IV: “Just watch this dude run on tape. He can get down hill in that alley and when he gets down there, for some reason, he’s in a really bad mood. And he does a good job of putting his face on guys.”

Wide receiver Jeremiah Booker is a “tremendously talented dude.”

Safety Denzel Feaster, “will come down hill and he will knock the fire out of you.”

As for wide receiver Chase Harrell, Beaty said, “I’ve known him since he was just a pup.”

Running back Taylor Martin took some work to keep because, “there were a lot of people sniffing around on him late down there.”

Beaty lauded Martin’s ability to make sharp cuts, to get to top speed and his deceptive size.

“You stand in his living room, this dude’s a pretty big dude,” Beaty said. “He’s put together. He’s got good size on him. I’m not sure 5-10 does him justice. He’s got some length to him and he’s certainly got more weight on him and the dude can fly.”

Clyde McCauley, a 6-foot-5 offensive lineman, is “a big, big boy, skinny as a rail at 275, believe it or not. I can’t wait to get coach (Je’Ney) Jackson with him and get him in our training table because when we do, I think this guy can be a giant.”

Of defensive back Shaquille Richmond, Beaty said, “Here’s the things I love about Shaq: Shaq can run. Shaq can tackle and he will hit you. And then Shaq has a nose for interceptions.”

Slot receiver Steven Sims is a “great kid. This kid doesn’t lack for confidence, now. He’s going to come with a little swagger to him.”

Beaty said he enjoyed spending time with quarterback Carter Stanley’s parents so much he pans to return to Vero Beach, Florida.

“I’m definitely going back down there and do some fishing at their house cuz they live right there on that beautiful bay. It is gorgeous, now. Gorgeous.”

Beaty said Bishop Miege High quarterback Ryan Willis stayed forever true to KU, even after Beaty gained a commitment from Stanley.

“He didn’t waver, not at all,” Beaty said. “The guy was a stud through the whole thing. (Coach) John Holmes, again, I can’t say enough about him and the job he did in helping us. This kid can sling the football.”

Beaty said he was struck by how much defensive back Brandon Stewart had grown from the time he played for Cedar Hill coach Joey McGuire to the time he finished playing for Trinity Valley Community College coach Brad Smiley. McGuire’s a pal of Beaty’s, Smiley a dear friend. Or is it the other way around?

“A lot of y’all are familiar with what they do at Cedar Hill with Joey McGuire,” Beaty said. “They’re going to play man coverage every snap and then they’re going to play some more man after that. Same thing at that junior-college level with coach Smiley. They play a lot of it.”

For those of us who miss the late, great Don Fambrough talking football with that Texas twang, hearing a younger version of it on signing day brought back fond memories.


Dirk Medema 6 years, 9 months ago

It was rather entertaining to listen to the presser. I'm not sure it is the "recruits'" language, but it is entertaining.

Ed Noyes 6 years, 9 months ago

Did Cam Durley sign his letter of intent and transmit to KU today as expected?

Tim Taylor 6 years, 9 months ago

Your comparison to Fambrough is spot on. I thought of him while listening to his signing day press conference.

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