Monday, October 20, 2014

KU’s Tony Pierson being evaluated for injury near neck

Kansas receiver Tony Pierson cruises up the sideline for a long gain against Southeast Missouri State during the first quarter on Saturday, Sept. 6, 2014 at Memorial Stadium.

Kansas receiver Tony Pierson cruises up the sideline for a long gain against Southeast Missouri State during the first quarter on Saturday, Sept. 6, 2014 at Memorial Stadium.


Kansas University senior Tony Pierson, who missed all but two plays of last Saturday's 34-21 loss at Texas Tech, is being evaluated by doctors this morning for an injury in his neck area and the full scope of the injury is not yet known.

Interim coach Clint Bowen shed a little light on the subject during the weekly Big 12 coaches teleconference.

“He's getting to the doctor today to get a neck type injury checked out,” Bowen said. “He's at the doctor this morning, doing the whole run-down done on him to find out exactly what we've got going on. We haven't got the final word yet on exactly what it is.”

Despite the continuation of tests and evaluation, Bowen said he was encouraged by what he saw from Pierson during treatment and meetings on Sunday. KU did not practice Sunday.

“Yesterday, Tony looked good,” Bowen said. “He was moving around well, doing things all right, so it doesn't look to be something really bad.”

The timing of the setback could not be much better for Pierson, who is one of KU's top offensive weapons but will have some time to heal. The Jayhawks are off this week with their second and final bye of 2014 and will jump back into their schedule Nov. 1 at Baylor.

Bowen said the Jayhawks (2-5 overall, 0-4 Big 12) would focus on fundamentals and the little details they haven't had as much time for during the off week. He said the team will practice Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday before taking Friday and Saturday off. After that, they'll jump back into a normal game-week routine on Sunday.


Phil Leister 7 years ago

"Interim coach Clint Bowen shed a little light on the subject during the weekly Big 12 coaches teleconference and added that Pierson was able to practice on Sunday


Despite the continuation of tests and evaluation, Bowen said he was encouraged by what he saw from Pierson during treatment and meetings on Sunday. KU did not practice Sunday."

So did KU practice on Sunday or not?

Matt Tait 7 years ago

They did not. My bad. I tried to add that part in to clarify and forgot I had said that earlier... It's fixed now. Thanks. They met on Sunday for treatment and film and stuff (which some still consider "practice") but they didn't actually get on the field.

Dirk Medema 7 years ago

Wasn't it a few weeks ago that there was an article discussing the change in practice routines where they actually did some practice, the running around variety, on a Sunday because of the generally lacking performance on the field?

Good clarification on the sentence details.

Kenneth Hillman 7 years ago

Get well TP3, we need ya!

What if from Saturday @matt tait: What if the officials had called the helmet-to-helmet contact towards the end of the game? They missed it and it would have given us a first down, kept an important drive alive that stalled, and put us deep in TT territory. We are so close to winning and if that call would have been made.....oyyyy! I assume that is not something that can be reviewed since there was no call on the filed, correct?

Micky Baker 7 years ago

I hope Pierson is okay. We need him, and he needs the rest of this season to have a chance in the NFL. It sounds like the tests are precautionary. If it was an NFL game, he probably would have returned to the game if it wasn't that serious but they have facilities in the stadiums in which to run some of the most common tests. I'm wondering if they sent over to KU Medical Center or if they are using Lawrence Hospital. It's just been unlucky for him with all the injuries he's had to deal with.

They can't review it, but there was another really bad call in the game where TTU had a hold of the KU defensive lineman's face mask, and they called it on KU. It was on 3rd down and it gave TTU a first down at about the KU 15 yard line. TTU did not convert on the play either. They would have been forced to kick a field goal.

Even with that, KU had their opportunities. Not having the depth at running back is starting to show now. At least next season we'll have four deep in the backfield with a some power running and we'll be working in a couple of new guys on the OL. If we get the right head coach, it shouldn't be anything like we've had the past 4 and a half seasons.

The opportunities that we missed was Wyman's missed FG, and I'm not sure why he is still the PC outside of 30 yards. We should be working with the other guys on the longer kicks and then in the training room, getting them where they have the strength, then they can work on the accuracy in practices. McDonald dropped an INT that was right in his hands. King dropped that pass early in the game too. It was a perfect throw by Cummings just right over the top and where the d-back couldn't get to it to knock it down. King had both hands on it and dropped it. We have to be perfect the rest of this season to pick up a win. We can't have false starts on first downs or when it's second and short or 3rd and short. We have to get that fixed. We don't have any QBs with enough experience yet to be able to read the defenses(Weis' creation). In retrospect, we should have not let Heaps be the starter last year. It should have been Cummings. We just don't have anyone ready to be consistent there yet.

Kenneth Hillman 7 years ago

Thanks for the reply Micky and I agree, there were certainly other opportunities that we had...whether it be missed calls or us not executing. On the positive, it's a good feeling that we are on the cusp and a good bounce here or a good call there, is what it will take to get a conference win. I'm hoping this off week will be used to focus on the little things that will make the difference and kicking/special teams. The conference schedule only gets tougher!!

From a critical standpoint: is there any analysis on our offensive play calling? Improved but I still question some of it. And why do out db's continue to play so soft? Bend don't break? Not fast enough? What are the options?

Aaron Paisley 7 years ago

Sounds like Pierson suffered a stinger and there's no reason to think Pierson was being held out as a precaution instead of because he hadn't completely regained feeling in his hand. If he could've gone, he would've because it wasn't a concussion.

Kerby Rice 7 years ago

A few more 49er 42-10 losses and this Jim Harbaugh fantasy becomes a reality.

Jim Stauffer 7 years ago

And we want a guy who loses his team in the NFL. How many NFL duds need to go thru here to realize we need someone who is here for KU and not someone who is here for the salary?

Aaron Paisley 7 years ago

Harbaugh is a control freak and a hard a$$ who doesn't have complete control of the team. Those are the kind of coaches who tend to bounce around in the NFL because their personalities tend to rub GM's the wrong way.

At the college level, Harbaugh would have total control over the program and the freedom to remove any problem players from the program at will.

Kenneth Hillman 7 years ago

I'm not 100% sold on Harbaugh but he's a proven winner on the collegiate level (Stanford), which is what we're looking for. Maybe he is better suited for NCAA versus NFL.

Bryce Landon 7 years ago

He's been pretty successful in Frisco up to this point. He seems to be one of those coaches who can do well at both levels, like Larry Brown has done well both in college and the NBA.

Bryce Landon 7 years ago

Didn't Pierson also suffer a season-ending concussion last year? College football has not been kind to him.

Michael Lindsey 7 years ago

Yes Bryce, it was and it was also against Texas Tech.

Kenneth Hillman 7 years ago

Yep, TP3 he has unfortunately been injury-prone, similar to Brandon Bourbon. I would love to see what both of those guys could do when healthy!

Agree on Harbaugh's success a both levels (Stanford and San Francisco). I was just responding to the recent rumored loss of his team. And that's a good point Aaron Paisley makes above. I'll be some of the complications Harbaugh is finding in the NFL (if that is in fact true), wouldn't be there in the NCAA. More control at the collegiate level.

Any update on who we may be interviewing for the head coaching job?

John Randall 7 years ago

Way premature to be talking about interviews … Only thing going on now is feelers with agents, which will (or should) be kept quiet by both sides.

Harbaugh expressing interest was self-serving, hoping to generate pressure on AD Zenger from top donors. Exactly the reason he wouldn't be beneficial to our program, but more of a disruption than we've already gone through.

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