Saturday, November 22, 2014

Freshman Perine’s record day leads OU to 44-7 win

Kansas linebacker Michael Reynolds (55) tries to drag down Oklahoma running back Samaje Perine (32) during the third quarter on Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014 at Memorial Stadium in Norman, Oklahoma.

Kansas linebacker Michael Reynolds (55) tries to drag down Oklahoma running back Samaje Perine (32) during the third quarter on Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014 at Memorial Stadium in Norman, Oklahoma.



Box score


427 SAMAJE PERINE, Oklahoma vs. Kansas, Nov. 22, 2014

408 MELVIN GORDON, Wisconsin vs. Nebraska, Nov. 15, 2014

406 LADAINIAN TOMLINSON, TCU vs. UTEP, Nov. 20, 1999

396 TONY SANDS, Kansas vs. Missouri, Nov. 23, 1991

386 MARSHALL FAULK, San Diego St. vs. Pacific, Sept. 14, 1991

377 ANTHONY THOMPSON, Indiana vs. Wisconsin, Nov. 11, 1989

357 MIKE PRINGLE, CS Fullerton vs. New Mexico St., Nov. 4, 1989

357 REUBEN MAYES, Washington St. vs. Oregon, Oct. 27, 1984

356 EDDIE LEE IVERY, Georgia Tech vs. Air Force, Nov. 11, 1978

350 ERIC ALLEN, Michigan St. vs. Purdue, Oct. 30, 1971

349 PAUL PALMER, Temple vs. East Carolina, Oct. 11, 1986

347 RICKY BELL, USC vs. Washington St., Oct. 9, 1976

347 RON JOHNSON, Michigan vs. Wisconsin, Nov. 16, 1968

343 TONY JEFFERY, Texas Christian vs. Tulane, Sept. 13, 1986

342 ROOSEVELT LEAKS, Texas vs. Southern Methodist, Nov. 3, 1973

342 CHARLIE DAVIS, Colorado vs. Oklahoma St., Nov. 13, 1971

As if Kansas University’s football team hasn’t had enough issues winning away from Lawrence, the Jayhawks found it to be an impossible task once again Saturday afternoon at Gaylord Family Memorial Stadium, in Norman, Oklahoma, where true freshman running back Samaje Perine set a new FBS single-game record, with 427 rushing yards on 34 carries.

Perine’s record day in OU’s 44-7 victory featured five touchdown runs of 27 yards or more, as KU lost its 28th consecutive game away from home, and the freshman rusher broke the week-old record of 408 yards, set by Wisconsin’s Melvin Gordon last weekend, against Nebraska.

On a miserably wet afternoon, neither No. 23 OU (8-3 overall, 5-3 Big 12) nor Kansas (3-8, 1-7) could count on throwing the ball effectively. Sooners freshman quarterback Cody Thomas completed just three of his 13 passes for 39 yards. Kansas junior quarterback Michael Cummings only found relative success, hitting on eight of his 22 throws for 84 yards, with an interception.

OU overcame the conditions and lack of air attack by riding its star freshman, Perine, who made a habit of busting long runs and cruising to the end zone, above the soaked turf.

A botched snap on a punt set KU’s total yardage back 25 yards, but the Jayhawks only produced 19 rushing yards and 103 yards of offense, compared to OU’s 510 yards on the ground and 549 total yards.

KU completes its season, and its eighth game under interim head coach Clint Bowen, next Saturday at Manhattan, where rival Kansas State (8-2, 6-1) awaits the Jayhawks.


First Quarter

11:24 — Samaje Perine 49 run. Michael Hunnicutt kick. OU was held to a three-and-out on its first offensive possession but the OU defense responded by holding Kansas to a three-and-out and that gave the Sooners the ball back near mid-field. On the first play — and his first carry — Perine took the handoff around the left side and raced untouched to the end zone. (OU 7, KU 0).

2:46 — Michael Hunnicutt 38 field goal. The Sooners benefitted big time from a Dexter McDonald pass interference penalty on third and long and the 15-yard march off after the flag set up the kick that gave OU a two-score lead. The drive went 46 yards in 11 plays and 4:05. (OU 10, KU 0).

Second Quarter

6:05 — Perine 33 run. Hunnicutt kick. With the OU defense continuing to bottle up the Kansas offense, the Sooners' offense pounded away on the ground to push their lead to 17 midway through the second quarter. Perine, who went over 100 yards for the day and broke Adrian Peterson's freshman single-season TD record, carried seven times on the nine-play drive and racked up 76 of the 82 yards gained. (OU 17, KU 0).

1:41 — Perine 34 run. Hunnicutt kick. The powerful OU running back continued to chew up yards while running through big holes to push OU's lead to 24. The 5-foot-11, 243-pound freshman carried the ball on four of the drive's five plays and gained all 74 yards, putting him over 200 for the half. The drive took five plays and 1:28. (OU 24, KU 0).

Third Quarter

13:56 — Perine 66 run. Hunnicutt kick. After a feeble three-and-out for the KU offense to start the second half, the bruising OU back picked up where he left off on OU's first offensive play of the second half, rumbling 66 yards through the left side for another touchdown. The drive covered one play, 66 yards and 10 seconds. (OU 31, KU 0).

13:34 — Cassius Sendish 67 fumble return. Matthew Wyman kick. After a big-time interception by OU's Ahmad Thomas ended a Kansas drive, KU safety Isaiah Johnson forced Keith Ford to fumble after an 11-yard gain and Sendish scooped up the loose ball and ran untouched to the end zone for KU's first points of the game. (OU 31, KU 7).

9:30 — Hunnicutt 37 field goal. Perine did most of the heavy lifting again on this drive, rushing six times for 51 yards, but the drive stalled at the 20 and OU coach Bob Stoops sent his kicker onto the field to tack on a few more points for the home team. The drive covered nine plays and 52 yards in 4:04. (OU 34, KU 7).

6:04 — Perine 27 run. Hunnicutt kick. A nice return by the OU special teams gave Perine less to work with, but Perine still found as many yards as he could on the four-play, 35-yard drive that delivered his fifth touchdown of the game and brought his rushing total to 375 yards. The TD run came on a fourth-and-two that Stoops elected to go for instead of kicking the field goal. (OU 41, KU 7).

Fourth Quarter

8:02 — Hunnicutt 36 field goal. The drive that Perine broke the NCAA single-game rushing record was capped by a field goal as Hunnicutt knocked his third three-pointer of the day through the uprights to add to OU's lead. Perine's record-breaking run came on a 51-yard run on second-and-three that set up the field goal. The drive covered 10 plays, 64 yards and 4:57. (OU 44, KU 7).

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Michael Leiker 5 years, 3 months ago

I do not envy Zenger if these guys lay an egg next week. Have a bad feeling that one way or the other we are going to have 1/2 of the fan base mad all off season. I hope the players realize how much next week matters. The difference between a close game/win and a blowout are huge for the next 5 years of this program, and don't think for a minute Grandpa Bill isn't fully aware.

Doug Cramer 5 years, 3 months ago

Michael - The majority of the KU fan base is irrational and grasping for straws. Most likely due to the whipsaw we've all been through since Mangino Gate.

Hire Doug Meachum or Phillip Montgomery and lets get this program turned around.

The great thing about hiring a coach this year...Zenger has some fantastic options to choose from.

Robert Brock 5 years, 2 months ago

Herr Doktor Z had a good opportunity a few years ago and bought into the cockamamie Charlie Weis story.

Michael Maris 5 years, 2 months ago

With all due respect, if you take Perine out of today's game, then what is the outcome?

Because, I guarantee that Big Game Bob is damn glad that Semaje Perine is on the roster this week as well as last week. Otherwise, the Florida job might look a lot more attractive in the coming weeks. Big Game Bob doesn't have a quality QB either. Semaje Perine single handedly bailed out OU today.

Sure have to think that Charlie Strong and his staff are watching today's results and wondering how they let Perine travel north to Norman, Oklahoma.

Doug Cramer 5 years, 2 months ago

It didn't matter who was running the ball for OU today. We had gaping holes in our D-line all afternoon. OU's line just dominated our D-line. It wasn't just Perine.

Michael Maris 5 years, 2 months ago

Yeah, but the RB's that were not named Semaje Perine didn't have near the success that Perine did. I do have eyes as well Doug. We all fully know you don't want Clint Bowen as the Head Coach. You can lay off. Like I said the other day. Take a breath and just try to enjoy the last 2 (now 1) game(s) left in the season.

Your constant badgering of the prospects of Coach Bowen possibly becoming the Head Coach, makes me put you you in the same category as Manginoorholtz, Ahperse, etc.........

And, if Clint doesn't get the job. Then hopefully, you won't have anything more to complain about. Perhaps, your holiday season will be spent enjoying the actual holiday season (instead of trying to worry about who's going to be coaching the Jayhawks in 2015).

Michael Maris 5 years, 2 months ago

Oh, and another thought. Tony Pierson runs like a whipped pup now. Corey Avery is our best option at RB. Hopefully, Darius Crawley will gain more confidence next week.

Was really excited about Pierson being moved back to RB. But honestly, that move really hasn't paid much dividends (as we all were hoping for).

Michael Leiker 5 years, 2 months ago

O-Line is just so flat out poor that you can't blame those guys. I still think if Tony would have seen any bit of a hole anywhere this year he would have had a nice year. Our running backs 50% of the time are having to make their first move as they're taking the hand off.

Randy Bombardier 5 years, 2 months ago

Good grief guys. Weis couldn't even best rice in two tries. Bringing in some guru isn't gonna change anything. No one will get us to a bowl his first year. I still think Bowen is a good hire and is our chance to change the trajectory of KU football for a long time. If we don't go that way the next coach will either fail again or move on within 5 years and we start over...again.

Doug Cramer 5 years, 2 months ago

Randy - who have we had that's moved after 5 years of success ?

Randy you seem like a nice guy...but you're the type of fan that isn't thinking right.

All you have to do is look back at history. It will tell you everything you need to know about Clint Bowen.

Michael Maris 5 years, 2 months ago

Ummmm, the one coach that I can think of that moved on in less than 5 season at KU was Mike Gottfried. In his Jayhawk tenure, he was in the process of turning the Jayhawks around.

Randy Bombardier 5 years, 2 months ago

You could stop with "who have we had thats been successful?" Right? Well Pepper Rodgers did pretty good in that day and didn't stay long. Glen mason did pretty well and took the Georgia job the changed his mind only to go to Minnesota the next year. Minnesota over Georgia? I think he realized we had limitations here.

I know my history thank you. Did you analyze time of possession, offensive efficiency of the offenses on the other side of Bowen defense. Thats of course is going to have a huge impact. Besides you're not willing to accept the notion that maybe hes a better hc than dc? You don't think he's capable of getting a capable staff? Evaluate and develop talent? Recruit? How can we know that about anyone. He's demonstrated some but truth is that just because you can recruit one place for your oline doesn't mean you can recruit running backs somewhere else. This isn't basketball

Ethan Berger 5 years, 2 months ago

This was a perfect storm. The only reason we have found success is our ability to pass. With the weather today, it eliminated that option. It made it a pound for pound fight. We don't have the personal to win that. Their running back was also a beast. He was patient yet powerful. He's a heck of a ball player. Overall, I still believe Bowen is our guy. We've been terrible for 5 years, that isn't fixed in 6 games.

David Atchley 5 years, 2 months ago

About the time Kansas fans didn't think they could be more nationally humiliated after tearing down the goal posts after beating a 2-6 team, the embarrassment against the Kentucky Wildcats earlier in the the Kansas punter is splashed all over social media for not falling on the botched punt. That followed quickly by Perine hanging a record setting day on KU defense.

Nothing against Coach Bowen, he has been a loyal Kansas alum through the interim. A flat, uninspired TCU team and a moral victory of TCU not tacking on another touchdown at the end of the game, is no reason to anoint him Head Coach.

If nothing proved anything to our esteemed Athletic Director....this program, with the misses on Turner Gill, Charlie Weis, are at a minimum six years behind every other school in the Conference. Kansas is in a Power Conference, and must start acting in that manner. Every category, recruiting, development, depth, experience, and program building, has lagged behind. Mangino had just begun making good inroads into Texas high schools when he was fired.

A Power 5 Coach or Assistant Coach is the only option the Jayhawks have now. Chad Morris, Clemson OC, with the exception of Art Briles at Baylor and Mack Brown, has more equity in Texas high schools than any other person. He won 2 State Championships at Lake Travis (Todd Reesing's alma mater) and 1 at Stephenville. He would bring instant recruiting connections and kids he's currently recruiting to Clemson. He has one of the more electrifying offenses in the country.

There are a lot of coaches available like Will Muschamp, Ed Orgeron, and more at the end of the season that have either been successful assistant or Head Coaches. Kirby Smart at Alabama, Greg Davis at Iowa has deep recruiting ties in Texas and ran Mack Browns offense till 2010. As unlikely as some of those names are, I would make them tell me no...

Today's game clearly magnifies how many aspects of this team and program are years behind competing for a Conference Championship. Under different circumstances, if a long time coach was stepping down, or a winning Head Coach was hired away, then you could take a chance on an unproven commodity like Bowen. Kansas has simply squandered that luxury.

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