Monday, March 17, 2014

Kansas rowing gets 2 more wins


— Kansas University won Third Varsity Eight and Third Varsity Four races and had six top-three finishes Sunday at the Louisville Rowing Invitational.

Rowing for the first-place Third Varsity Eight boat were Katy Brady, Bailey Brandon, Kate Cropp, Kylee Dewey, coxswain Sienna Durr, Christina Granzow, Madison Hovis, Olivia Loney and Allison Schaaf.

The Third Varsity Four rowers: Brie Mingus and coxswain Briana Pina, Brianna Anderson, Jordan Helms and Brittany Railsback.

Kansas Saturday Results

First Varsity Eight

3.Catherine Clements (coxswain), Caitlyn Decker, Maggie Duncan, Maddie Irelan, Claudijah Lever, Elizabeth Scherer, Kaylee Sextro, Kaylee Sextro, Alexandria Torquemada; 6:53.51.

First Varsity Four

1.Jackie Adamle, Carly Iverson, Jessica Jacob, Abbey Lozenski (coxswain), Emma Umbarger; 7:34.80.

First Novice Eight

2.Bailey Brandon, Danielle Gibson, Christina Granzow, Madison Hovis, Olivia Loney, Mallory Miller (coxswain), Emily Ruble, Allison Schaaf.

Second Varsity Eight

2.Julia Alvey, Kelsie Fiss, Angie Flores-Rodriguez, Allie Griffin, Tearson “Jade” Lambkins, Jessica Miller, Emma O’Neill, Mary Slattery (coxswain), Katherine Young; 6:56.13.

Second Varsity Four

2.Erin Brogan, Alexa Fowlkes, Jennifer Hartzler, Sarah Lasini (coxswain), Tessa Scott; 7:44.78.

Second Novice Eight

2.Brianna Anderson, Kristen Byrd, Meghan Cahlil, Kate Cropp, Kylee Dewey, Sienna Durr (coxswain), Breeona Foster, Andrea Joyce; 7:25.89.

Kansas Sunday Results

First Varsity Eight

3.Catherine Clements (coxswain), Alexandria Torquemada, Elizabeth Scherer, Caitlyn Decker, Brooke Thuston, Claudijah Lever, Maddie Irelan, Maggie Duncan, Kaylee Sextro; 7:02.62.

First Varsity Four

2.Abbey Lozenski (coxswain), Tessa Scott, Emma Umbarger, Jessica Jacob, Carly Iverson; 7:29.27.

Second Varsity Eight

2.Mary Slattery (coxswain), Julia Alvey, Tearson “Jade” Lambkins, Allie Griffin, Emma O’Neill, Katherine Young, Angie Flores-Rodriguez, Jessica Miller, Kelsie Fiss; 6:56.44.

Third Varsity Eight

1.Sienna Durr (coxswain), Christina Granzow, Madison Hovis, Olivia Loney, Kylee Dewey, Kate Cropp, Allison Schaaf, Bailey Brandon, Katy Brady; 7:20.60. 2. Kenzie Obrochta (coxswain), Andrea Joyce, Meghan Cahlil, Breeona Foster, Emily Ruble, Danielle Gibson, Casey Kelly, Kristen Byrd, Laura Foster; 7:22.21.

Second Varsity Four

2.Sarah Lasini (coxswain), Jackie Adamle, Erin Brogan, Alexa Fowlkes, Jennifer Hartzler; 7:52.76.

Third Varsity Four

1.Briana Pina (coxswain), Brittany Railsback, Brie Mingus, Jordan Helms, Brianna Anderson; 8:13.30.


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