Kansas defeats Baylor, 78-68

  • 8 p.m., Jan. 20, 2014
  • Allen Fieldhouse, Lawrence, KS

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Four in a row: Kansas pulls off rare feat vs. ranked foes

Kansas teammates Perry Ellis (34) and Wayne Selden chest bump before Baylor forward Taurean Prince following a dunk by Ellis and a foul by Baylor forward Cory Jefferson during the second half on Monday, Jan. 20, 2014 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas teammates Perry Ellis (34) and Wayne Selden chest bump before Baylor forward Taurean Prince following a dunk by Ellis and a foul by Baylor forward Cory Jefferson during the second half on Monday, Jan. 20, 2014 at Allen Fieldhouse.


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Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews

Bill Self talks the good and not-so-good aspects of KU's play in win over Baylor

Kansas coach Bill Self liked aspects of what he saw out of his Jayhawks in a 78-68 home win over Baylor. And he addressed Andrew Wiggins living up to the so-called hype.

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Podcast episode

Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews

Perry Ellis, Wayne Selden and Andrew Wiggins discuss KU's home win over Baylor

Perry Ellis, Wayne Selden and Andrew Wiggins talk with the media following a 78-68 Kansas home win against Baylor.

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The Keegan Ratings

Perry Ellis top Jayhawk vs. Baylor

Kansas 78, Baylor 68

Box Score

For the first time in a long time, a college basketball team has rattled off four consecutive regular-season victories against ranked squads.

Kansas University’s gritty, No. 8-rated Jayhawks, who entered the latest edition of Big Monday having beaten No. 25 Kansas State, No. 8 Iowa State and No. 9 Oklahoma State on successive game nights, bounced No. 24 Baylor, 78-68, to complete the string in Allen Fieldhouse.

KU, which received 18 points from Perry Ellis, 17 points and seven rebounds from Andrew Wiggins, 12 points from Joel Embiid, plus nine points and six assists from Frank Mason — not to mention one of the great hustle plays of all-time from Wayne Selden — became the first team since 1996-97 North Carolina to take four straight against AP top 25 teams.

The string can’t continue since KU’s next foe is against unrated TCU — tip is 8 p.m., Saturday, in Fort Worth.

Wiggins, who scored 11 points the second half — Ellis had 16 points after the two received some halftime inspiration from coach Bill Self — was asked if it was tough to play so many top-notch teams in a row.

“Not really,” Wiggins said. “We love the game, so basketball never gets old. It’s what we want to do in the future and do now. We might as well get used to playing good teams all the time.”

Said Self: “It’s a nice accomplishment, but it doesn’t really mean anything. It’s the way the schedule fell."

This one was close, with the outcome in doubt with KU up, 43-42, five minutes into the final half.

KU then went on a back-breaking, 17-4 run that put the game away, 60-46, at 7:55.

Naadir Tharpe opened the surge with a three, then Ellis hit a jumper and stepped in front of a Baylor pass to complete a layup and ensuing foul shot.

“I tried to hurry out there as quick as I can and get the deflection,” Ellis said of the steal and bucket and foul shot that gave KU a 51-44 advantage. “The first half ... I wasn’t being that aggressive. Coach let us know, me and Andrew, and we tried to pick it up,” Ellis added.

What followed the Ellis ‘and-one’ was a bucket by Embiid that was far from conventional. Selden chased a loose ball and as he was sailing into the northeast bleachers over the press table, he threw a pass that connected with Embiid, who hit a short jumper to give KU a 53-44 lead at 11:08.

Ellis had two points and Tharpe three more to go with two Selden free throws to complete the 17-4 run.

Of his talking-to at halftime, Wiggins said: “Coach told me to be aggressive, do what I do best, which is attack the rim, try to grab rebounds, get more involved.”

Asked about speaking with Ellis and Wiggins, Self said: “I do all the time. It’s becoming too common. Without question we tried to get them fired up at halftime.”

KU had a late scare when Tarik Black went down with a sprained ankle with 3:13 left. He left for the locker room, but returned to the bench with a minute left.

“He turned his ankle. I didn’t know you could hurt him. He should be fine,” Self said.

Black said he told trainer Bill Cowgill he could have returned to the game.

“I got taped back up and went back out there. It was painful at first, but it’s fine,” Black said. “I wanted to get  back in the game if the team needed me.”

The Jayhawks (14-4, 5-0) will be able to rest up a bit before Saturday’s game at TCU.

“I think we’re a tired team,” Self said. “Five games in 12 days against good competition ... I think we’re a little fatigued.”

• Wiggins’ parents, his brother, Nick, and some members of Wichita State’s basketball team attended. Nick, plays for WSU.

“It’s always a joy when your parents are there. Mom, dad, my brother, he brought friends too, brought the (WSU) team,” Wiggins said with a smile.


tim deegan 3 months ago

Wow, that was a great game to watch. And it looked like they were having fun too = per Self's recent advice. I kept waiting for a breakout game by Wiggins and admit to being disappointed when he didn't have one. But I loved how he shut down Haslip though.

Then I looked at his points at the end of the game and was amazed to see he led the team with 17 on top of seven rebounds. I thought when the heck did that happen? Then I read this article on him at fox sports and it really put things in perspective as far as expectations go. For me it's dead on - no more critical judging the guy for me. Like the writer of the article, I'm just going to enjoy him while he's here. Here's the link for anyone interested ( )

And when did my hawks become a 26 of 29 free throw shooting team??? I can't remember how many times I've sworn at the tv watching them lose games by tossing bricks from the only position you know you're going to get to shoot from. Like the McD's tag line "I'm lovin it!" What a fun big dance this is going to be!


Gerry Butler 3 months ago

as of right now latest bracketology they have projected the big 12 with 7 teams in, ku, okla, texas, k-state, iowa state, Baylor, Oklahoma state: texas 8th seed, Iowa state, 3rd seed, k-state 8th seed, Oklahoma 5th seed Oklahoma state 3rd seed, Baylor 7th seed and ku 2nd seed and yet we have people calling our league garbage GO FIGURE LOL. GO HAWKS


Gerry Butler 3 months ago

well guys wanted to update some things for our guest from Wichita state ( MR GELLAR ). some this and that: you call some of the big twelve teams garbage? don't deserved to be ranked? Kstate, Baylor, garbage? ok. Baylor SOS 22nd, Kstate SOS 36th and your beloved shockers? 71st. others you think are weak? Oklahoma 8th, Iowa State 10th, Oklahoma State 37th, and Texas 47th again your beloved shockers 71st. huh? whats up with that? and your talking how we are always talking about the toughness of our schedule? ok lets see: Ku's over all RPI 1st, your beloved shockers? 9th. conference games RPI KU 1st your beloved shockers 36th. non conference SOS KU 9-4 overall 3rd, your beloved shockers> 12-0 and 8th. KU's record for teams 1-50 8-4 -12 total your beloved shockers? 2-0- 2 total teams 51-100 KU 2-0 your beloved shockers? 6-0 teams 101-200 KU 4-0 your beloved shockers? 7-0 teams 201 plus KU zero your beloved shockers? 3-0. tougher conference. our conference weak? garbage? big 12 conference rank #1 Missouri valley # 11 team SOS KU #1 your beloved shockers? 71st KU opponents winning pct? KU 77% your beloved shockers? 55 % so before you wanna talk trash, garbage? all those teams you say are weak? garbage? don't deserve to be ranked? all of them are higher the n your beloved shockers, so where does that put you? facts don't lie ENOUGH SAID. GO HAWKS


Gerry Butler 3 months ago

again guys sorry, but will someone please tell me haven't heard for absolute sure. WHAT has happened to Andrew White? not even a sniff on the floor for what? the last 6-7 ballgames? ya again I know he was hurt for a spell but now its like poof, gone I feel dumb but just don't understand where he has gone. I can understand again I apologize can't think of our other big guys name I understand why he isn't getting playing time, he has played well when he has got in but just soooo deep at the interior position but again just curious about Andrew. all help is appreciated guys thanks. GO HAWKS


Nick Rushton 3 months ago

Isn't it amazing to sit back and think how this team has grown so far this season?? Bill Self keeps saying in his post-game comments: we can get better, we can get better, we can get better... this broken record actually reminds me of Tiger Woods because he constantly says the same thing in interviews and that's what drives him: I can get better, I can get better, I can get better...

I believe this squad WILL get better because they've PROVEN they can get better during the season, not only this year but essentially every year under Self. Can't wait to see what this team is like after it cleans up the turnovers and demonstrates some consistent lock-down defense. They HAVE TO get better at this stuff because it's going to be the key to winning on an off-shooting night - particularly on the road and in the Tournament.


Mick Allen 3 months ago

No excuse intended here as we do need to be concerned about the number of offensive boards we allowed especially after playing such good first shot defense. But remember the baptists lead the league in rebounding with their 7 footer and 240 and 270 lb inside players.


Ryan Shelton 3 months ago

I was considering all of the offensive rebounds that Baylor grabbed, and it occurred to me that when a shot blocker goes up and misses, that leaves the rim open for someone to slide in and make the rebound (we'll call it the Embiid Factor.) But with the shooter and the shot blocker out of the picture, that still leaves us with a 4-on-4 opportunity to block out. Outside of treys that caromed back out to the three-point line, why are we allowing so many offensive rebounds? Perhaps something for Self to look into?


Linda Frost 3 months ago

There was a crash and the sound of breaking glass in the top of the southwest corner of the fieldhouse during the Baylor game. Did some seats collapse?


Bruce Beckum 3 months ago

This is completely unrelated, but after the ISU game, when folks on this board were talking about Hilton fans booing every foul called on their team, someone responded by saying that KU fans do the same thing. I doubted that, but have made a point of listening to the crowd's reaction the last couple of games. When a foul is called on KU, the crowd reacts with groans, gasps and yes a smattering of boos. However, the whole crowd does not boo every foul called against the Hawks like ISU or our furry purple friends down the road. As we know, KU fans are hoops-savvy, classy and above all, loud. Also, the Freemasons are not secretly in charge of the world.


Tony Bandle 3 months ago


1] NOW THAT"S MORE LIKE IT!!!!...55 comments and counting. What a pleasure to hear from so many Hawks [even if much of it is squabbling, nit-picking and sarcasm..oops, I'm guilty too!! :) }

2] I had to turn off Fran and Brent just so I could focus on the game. Numerous times, action took place on the court during their wanderings and they never went back to fill us in.

3] 26 OUT OF FRIGGIN' 29 foul shooting and ESPN trested it like that was "just an average day at the foul line"!!

4] Jo T's last night...good man!!

5] I think just before game time tip-off someone needs to start chanting "over-rated" to get Andrew fired up!!

6] I AM BUMMING...Trent Green, Mitch Richmond, Jeff Mullins, numerous parents...BUT NO OLIVIA WILDE!! Come on, Sudekis, get on the stick!!!!

7] What is it with chubby little white guys and who keep hitting tre's against us...McNamara, Paige, Heslip, that Ali VCU dude, just to name a few!!!!!

8] TCU deserves a whippin' Saturday that will put us at 6-0 in conference play. Frankly, the only hiccups I see will be at Baylor and Okie State. excuse me if I don't list the Octagon of Dumb.


Joe Ross 3 months ago

My Top 25: (AP ranking in parentheses)

  1. Arizona 18-0 (1)
  2. Michigan State 17-1 (3)
  3. Syracuse 18-0 (2)
  4. SDSU 16-1 (7)
  5. Florida 15-2 (6)
  6. Kansas 14-4 (8)
  7. Louisville 16-3 (12)
  8. Ok. State 15-3 (11)
  9. Iowa 15-3 (10)
  10. Wichita St. 19-0 (5)
  11. Iowa State 14-3 (16)
  12. Wisconsin 16-2 (9)
  13. Kentucky 13-4 (14)
  14. Duke 14-4 (18)
  15. Creighton 15-3 (NR)
  16. Ohio St. 15-3 (17)
  17. Michigan 13-4 (21)
  18. Villanova 16-2 (4)
  19. Cinci 17-2 (15)
  20. StL 17-2 (19)
  21. UMass 16-1 (13)
  22. Kansas St 14-4 (22)
  23. Memphis 13-4 (23)
  24. Gonzaga 16-3 (NR)
  25. Oklahoma 14-4* (25)

*I would have ranked Colorado in the top 25 if Spencer Dinwiddie were not out for the season with an ACL tear.


Jack Wilson 3 months ago

Ok, you're Scott Drew. You watch the KU-OSU game from Saturday, likely Saturday evening. You prepare items for practice Sunday to get your team ready for KU at AFH. You watch KU's 17 point lead go to 5 in less than 7 minutes during a stretch where OSU ran a 2-2-1 3/4 court press. KU threw the ball away a handful of times, and only made OSU "pay" one time with a easy bucket off the press during that stretch. You saw how KU approached the press, essentially with one press break strategy. And your team is 1-3 in league, an underdog, and desperate to turn things around. To win, you probably have to think outside the box. Further, you are planning to run a zone as your primary D ("to stop Wiggins from driving" ). You might also realize that KU has just one plus days to fix what it did wrong against OSU's press.

So, if you're Scott Drew, what do you do?

If you're Scott Drew, you don't run a 3/4 court full court press.

If you're Scott Drew, you lose.

If you're Scott Drew, you're one of the worst D-1 basketball coaches in recent memory.


Keith Gellar 3 months ago this what passes for bulletin board material here. i'm all for patting your self on the back, but when you give yourself credit for beating 4 ranked teams when 2 of them are Baylor and KSU which clearly don't deserve to be ranked, that's just insane.

OSU, ISU- i can see them being in the lower half..maybe in the 20s. No way Baylor and KSU are top 25 material. KU fans know this too. Really, the feat has been beating 2 ranked teams, so call it like it is. We're beating up on Big 12 garbage and bragging about it? wow..times have changed.


Robert Brown 3 months ago

Interestingly, while KU has beaten four ranked teams in a row, each of their last five teams they have beaten are currently ranked. OU was unranked when we played them, but ranked now. I imagine that Baylor will fall from the rankings.


Michael Leiker 3 months ago

  • I think Weis and Drew went to the same "Proper Utilization of the Timeout" coaching seminar

  • If we can somehow talk AW into one more year materials costs on the new b-school will be reduced significantly

  • 11.6 TO/Game last 3 by our Big 3 freshman starters - this has to scare you

  • Where does Townsend get his suits tailored? That blue suit he has been wearing this year is awesome

  • Self finding the right guys to play every game in every situation as he has done every year. His personnel management and feel is one of the rarest things in sports today.

  • Feb 10th shaping up like it means your tickets before KSU fans realize it


Luca Rossi 3 months ago

RockkChalkk Thoughts:

1) Glad to hear Tarik is ok. Every quote I read from this guy makes me like him more and more.

2) Good win but the defense still has room for improvement. Why do we need to wait for the other team's sharpshooters to get hot before we pick up the pressure on them? Why not do it from the start? We end up being reactive on D. Also, I've watched every KU game this year and being more than halfway through the regular season, I do not think we've forced a 10 second call. Also don't even think there has been a 5 second call!

With our team so deep, we could be applying way more full court pressure and on the ball pressure without the fear of tiring out our guys. We can reload with minimal drop off. I trust in Self but having such a deep team is a huge advantage that maybe he should consider installing a pressure package and take it for a test drive against TCU this weekend.

3) Recruiting: First update in a long time but still minimal details to share. Sounding to me like Turner is in a holding pattern until we hear what Embiid decides.

4) Turnovers: Did I read that Self was happy with the turnovers this last game? We must have ended with about 16 which I'm surprised he would be happy with.


Bill Anthony 3 months ago

I believe the biggest game changer was our 3 point defense after the half. Wiggins and, to a lesser extent, Mason locked down their hot 3 shooter (can't remember his name) for about 15 minutes and that's when Kansas had its run. Great defensive hustle.


RJ King 3 months ago

Thank you Wayne for bringing the hustle. Perry and Wigs need a halftime reminders? Tapes of Aaron Craft? How about watching Releford and KY? Imagine the talent of this year's team with the heart and hustle of the 2011-12 team! Sometimes it seems this group is waiting to BE more confident so that they can play hard, passionate, and aggressive. Actually, tough "Crafty" play would result in success, and thus breed confidence.

Still wouldn't trade this group for any other. NICE accomplishment! What a tough stretch to get through.


Suzi Marshall 3 months ago


Giving up 20 ORebs and only getting off 40 shots…and we get a dominating win. Our interior D is incredibly tough. We held them to 31% (10-32) from deuce land. Thank god we hit our FTs (26-29, 90%) and took quality shots. What is this team going to be like when they play a good 40 minutes!

Roch Chalk Fans, the Glory train is roaring down the track!!!


Brianna Zaleski 3 months ago

And the WSU players couldn't have been more classy, when the ESPN reporter tried to bait them into saying something about being ranked higher than KU or KSU.


Reggie Flenory 3 months ago

Sorry for the spelling errors


Reggie Flenory 3 months ago

Great game we are being baptised in fire with good competition if wiggins could get strong wit his hands on the ball when he goes to the hoop he wont get ripped as much but it was good to see him fet more involved scorimg wise in the second half


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