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Self: Embiid would have been focus


Joel Embiid declares for NBA Draft

Kansas University freshman center Joel Embiid, with KU coach Bill Self by his side, announces he will enter the 2014 NBA Draft.

Joel Embiid reveals he learned how to drive

During Joel Embiid's press conference to announce his decision to enter the NBA Draft, Kansas basketball coach Bill Self discovers the freshman center recently learned how to drive.

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Bill Self: Joel Embiid a 'guaranteed' top-five pick in NBA Draft

After Kansas University freshman center Joel Embiid announced he was entering the NBA Draft, KU coach Bill Self said it was a difficult decision for the 7-footer because he "loves it here," but Embiid made the right choice as he is "guaranteed" to be one of the top five picks.

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If you had the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft, who would you take?

  • Joel Embiid, Kansas 63% 1368 votes
  • Dante Exum, Australia 1% 23 votes
  • Jabari Parker, Duke 8% 181 votes
  • Julius Randle, Kentucky 4% 104 votes
  • Andrew Wiggins, Kansas 20% 431 votes
  • Other 1% 39 votes

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Joel Embiid would have been the focal point of Kansas University’s basketball team his sophomore season ... had the 7-footer from Cameroon stuck around for a sophomore season.

“I think he could do anything,” KU coach Bill Self said of the 20-year-old Embiid, who Wednesday declared for the 2014 NBA Draft. “He could be our best pick-and-pop guy. He could be maybe our best passer. He would have had many opportunities to show what he could do. If you saw him practice on a daily basis, you’d be amazed on how quick he picks stuff up. I think with a little bit of time he can do a little bit of everything, a lot of everything.”

He’ll be a traditional post player in the NBA following his one-and-done college season.

“It’s kind of an incomplete deal,” Self said of how Embiid should be remembered.

“Wigs (Andrew Wiggins) has a little different feel. He started from the beginning, and it went to the end, even though it was just one year. Jo ... we didn’t get to see him in games, have him in games that were obviously the most important games of the year (NCAA Tournament). In a lot of people’s minds you could say incomplete.

“The reality is he should be remembered as ... we talked about (Jeff) Withey improving and Cole Aldrich improving. Ain’t nobody’s improved more than this cat from beginning ’til when the season was almost over,” Self added.

Behind the wheel: Embiid reported Wednesday that he has finally learned how to drive a car.

Who taught him?

“One of my friends,” Embiid said, the news coming as a shock to Self.

“You learned how to drive?” Self asked.

“Yeah,” Embiid said.

“Do you have your license?” Self asked again.

“No,” Embiid replied, laughing.

“Great. I’m sure it (driving lesson) was on a country road somewhere, wasn’t it? That way nobody was in harm’s way,” Self deadpanned.

Later, after the news conference, Self told media: “I told him, ‘Jo you need to learn to drive before you leave. Don’t you think that would be a good idea?’ I guess he took me to heart.”

Lion king: A questioner asked if Embiid really killed a lion, as is his legend.

“I think I’ve heard the story, but I don’t know,” Embiid said.

“You don’t know if you did it?” Self interjected. “I can acknowledge you forgetting a phone conversation (with Hakeem Olajuwon), but if you killed a lion, you should at least remember that, I would think.”

“No, I didn’t (kill one),” Embiid said, revealing the truth as his final KU news conference came to a close.

No representation yet: Embiid said he had not yet selected an agent. One published report had agent Arn Tellem as being his representative.

You first: Embiid was asked if he and Wiggins have talked about battling each other for No. 1 spot in the draft.

“No, I talked to him last night, and we’re like really good friends, brothers. Like we say, whoever goes — if we have a chance to go No. 1 or No. 2 — we would be happy for each other,” Embiid said.

Recruiting: KU currently has one scholarship to give. The Jayhawks are in the running for Myles Turner, 6-11 senior from Trinity High in Euless, Texas, who is considering KU, Texas, SMU, Oklahoma State and others. ... KU coach Self on Friday will be traveling to Brewster Academy in New Hampshire to watch 6-2 senior Devonte Graham, who, according to, has been released from his letter of intent by Appalachian State. ESPN says Graham also is considering Virginia, Nebraska, Providence, Xavier, N.C. State, Georgia Tech and Florida State. ... KU reportedly is interested in Maurice Watson Jr., a former Boston University guard, who has decided to transfer after his sophomore season.

Self on KU possibly having the top 2 picks in the draft: “I think it would be cool, without question. ... I think it certainly speaks volumes to our program and certainly our assistant coaches that drill these guys every day and their teammates.”

Where does Embiid want to play in the NBA?: “Whoever picks me, I will be happy,” said Embiid, who was asked by a media member about his playing a game on the Internet as coach of the Golden State Warriors.

“And for the video game, it’s just a video game. I can choose whoever team I want to play with, so I was just playing with Golden State,” said Embiid, who after being asked by Self if he won the game admitted he had Kevin Durant on the squad as well.

“That’s one reason why (you won),” Self said.


Jack Wilson 6 years, 3 months ago

Three things:

-Self says Embiid would have been the focus. Of course he would have. All post players are the focus. It's the same offense it's always been. Pound it into the post.

-Self is recruiting hard now to get another guard. We are pursuing Turner. We have one scholarship open. The next news might be a transfer. "I really enjoyed my time at KU. I want to thank coach Self and all the coaches, and the fans. My time here was really special. But I think that it's just best for me at this point to move on to other opportunities." --- or something like that. Best odds to transfer, Andrew White of course. But I wonder if there will be a surprise?

-Former KU recruit Roddy Peters, a point guard, is transferring from Maryland. Just came out a day or so ago; have not seen his possible schools.

Steve Williams 6 years, 3 months ago

what about matt carlino from BYU,,, also,, there is no way we escape without transfers.. AW3 comes to mind, maybe Brennan with his minutes reduced as the season progressed

Aaron Paisley 6 years, 3 months ago

I believe Embiid would have been the 2015 National Player of the Year had he stayed for his sophomore year. I also think it would have benefited him more from a developmental standpoint to stay one more year to solidify his foundational skills. I also think he could've earned a lot more money off the court in the NBA by staying one more year because as someone who more than likely would've been in the NPOY discussion for the entirety of the season, the national media would've gotten to see his personality and he would have gotten some good endorsement deals heading into his rookie season because of that exposure. That could still happen in he ends up with the Lakers though and I believe that Embiid has the personality that would thrive in LA. As much as I wanted to see Embiid stay, Marcus Smart is the only top 5 pick I can think of in basketball that passed on going pro so I'm not surprised in any way that Embiid left. It also sounds like the people that Embiid turned to for guidance on this decision truly did have Joel's best interest at heart by not actually telling which path to take, just giving him the pros and cons of each decision and letting him figure it out based on that information.

I do expect to see Myles Turner commit to KU because just as nothing about the Jaquan Lyle recruitment timeline added up to KU having much of a chance, not much about the timeline of the Myles Turner recruitment adds up to anyone but KU at this point. Obviously nothing is set in stone at this point, but I would be even more surprised to see Turner end up somewhere other than KU than I was last year when Julius Randle picked Kentucky over Kansas.

As for the PG situation, unless the transfer being brought in is a senior transfer that won't impact 2015 recruiting, I'd rather see Self focus on the 2015 PG's while continuing to develop Mason and Frankamp as PG's.

Matthew Pyle 6 years, 3 months ago

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Jonathan Allison 6 years, 3 months ago

If someone wanted to transfer, then I would expect that it would have been announced by now. Perhaps, Self convinced any would-be transfer to not announce a transfer until after the Myles Turner's commitment. But I would hate to see Self encourage anyone to transfer who didn't want to transfer just because we landed Turner and have a transfer who wants to join in.

I tend to think that Self is primarily recruiting a transfer PG in the event that Turner commits elsewhere or in the event that someone does decide that they want to transfer. It could be that Self recruiting for another guard could influence someone's decision to transfer... I wouldn't expect that recruiting a point guard though would likely cause AWIII to want to transfer (if he doesn't already want to). More likely, it could influence Tharpe or Mason. I'd hate to lose Mason at the start of what looks like it could be a very good KU career. But Tharpe, however, could see that he could transfer now, sit a year, and then take the reins somewhere else if Self is trying to over-recruit him here.

Matt Tait 6 years, 3 months ago

Hey everyone... Just got some info on the comments. We're in the process of doing some testing to fix a site issue and in order to do so we had to turn off the viewing of threaded comments, which is why the replies are not showing up.

Hang with us for the next couple of days while we test and we'll be sure to let you know if any permanent changes are coming your way.

If there are, I assure you that it'll be a workable system that you can all adjust to easily and quickly.

Thanks. Have a great rest of the day! - Matt

Miguel Colón 6 years, 3 months ago

As far as the PG position is concerned....IN CONNER AND FRANK I TRUST!

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