Originally published April 8, 2014 at 06:50p.m., updated April 9, 2014 at 12:35a.m.

Joel Embiid to announce future plans at news conference today

Kansas freshman center Joel Embiid listens during teammate Andrew Wiggins' press conference in which Wiggins declared his intention to enter the NBA Draft on Monday, March 31, 2014 at Allen Fieldhouse. Embiid has yet to make a decision about whether he will stay or also enter the draft.

Kansas freshman center Joel Embiid listens during teammate Andrew Wiggins' press conference in which Wiggins declared his intention to enter the NBA Draft on Monday, March 31, 2014 at Allen Fieldhouse. Embiid has yet to make a decision about whether he will stay or also enter the draft.


Kansas University freshman center Joel Embiid will announce his future plans today at a 2 p.m. news conference in Allen Fieldhouse, coach Bill Self said Tuesday night.

Sources close to the situation told the Journal-World that, barring some late change of heart, the 7-footer from Cameroon is expected to declare for the 2014 NBA Draft. Other news organizations have heard the same thing. Racine, Wis., columnist Gery Woelfel reported on Twitter that super agent Arn Tellem is expected to represent Embiid as well as some other top prospects. has multiple sources stating Embiid is headed to the NBA and quotes an anonymous NBA source as saying, “He’s coming out (for draft). Shouldn’t be a surprise. He’s a lock for the top five.”

Embiid, who averaged 11.2 points and 8.1 rebounds in 28 games this past season for 25-10 KU, is expected to be taken in the top three of the June draft, one NBA official told the Journal-World on Tuesday. The official said KU’s Andrew Wiggins is currently slated to be picked No. 1, followed Duke’s Jabari Parker and Embiid.

Yahoo! Sports NBA writer Adrian Wojnarowski reported on March 27 that sources indicated Embiid would be entering his name in the 2014 Draft. Four days later, Self said Embiid had not made up his mind. Wojnarowski, who has an excellent track record with NBA scoops, has not backed off his story and nothing has changed to indicate Embiid may return.

One elite high school big man prospect remains available in recruiting. Myles Turner, 6-11 senior from Trinity High in Euless, Texas, is considering KU, Texas, Oklahoma State and others.’s No. 6-rated player said he hopes to announce a decision date shortly after the Jordan Brand Classic on April 18 in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Today’s news conference is closed to the public.

Thompson tweets three: Virginia Tech transfer Trevor Thompson tweeted that he has a top three of Indiana, Ohio State, and Purdue. The 6-foot-11 Thompson, who averaged 5.0 points and 4.7 rebounds as a freshman, was said to have had some interest in KU.

Brewster guard on KU radar: reports that KU coach Self will head to Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro, N.H., on Friday to watch point guard Devonte Graham, a 6-2 senior who is trying to get out of his letter-of-intent with Appalachian State. No coach can speak with Graham until he is released from his letter, but coaches can watch him play. Reports indicate new Appy State coach Jim Fox will make the call on whether the school issues a release to Graham. Currently unranked, Graham will wind up in’s top 150, analyst Eric Bossi reports.

Tulsa talk: KU assistant Norm Roberts has been mentioned as a possible candidate for the head coach opening at Tulsa, according to Former K-State player Brad Underwood, head coach at Stephen F. Austin, also is on the CBS list. The Tulsa World reports that the three names most mentioned are Underwood, Mercer head coach Bob Hoffman and Southern Miss head coach Donnie Tyndall.


Cameron Cederlind 4 years ago

. . . about which NBA team he'll be playing for?

Ian Emerson 4 years ago

Could have been thinking about it really hard.

Eric Dawson 4 years ago

So his father could be in Lawrence when he announces.

Chris Hicks 4 years ago

Jo Jo what ever decsion you make big man. It was so much fun watching you play. I hope the best for you. Ah who am I kidding we want you to stay.

Tom Gillaspie 4 years ago

JoJo, so nice to know you as a Jayhawk. Good luck in the show. Stay healthy and make us proud.

Tom Gillaspie 4 years ago

Btw Jack Wilson, haven't forgotten our wager. After JoJo announces tomorrow for the NBA, we will see if Turner jumps. Game on.

Carter Patterson 4 years ago

Stays or goes, I think KU will get some good news.

John Fitzgerald 4 years ago

Embiid is staying .... Leaked info once again.

Jonathan Allison 4 years ago

it's either leaked out of Fitz's hot air balloon or out of the back of his undershorts.

Jonathan Allison 4 years ago

no offense John. just calling your bluff.

John Fitzgerald 4 years ago

LOL I just wanted to see how many people I could get to respond. Evil? Yes

Joe Baker 4 years ago we're talking. I'm glad he's announcing. He'll be fine either way. Well, I was just thinking that if Big Cliff knows anything, his recruiting Turner may be a big indication. It may be why Alex was pushing so hard on Turner.

Ethan Berger 4 years ago

I never like the sound of a press conference to make a choice. Seems like if he has a press, he is announcing he is leaving.

Joe Baker 4 years ago

Yeah, I always like giving this informaiton a good day to marinate and then come back after having time to think through all the facts. I think if you stay, like Selden, you simply tweet it. If you go to the NBA, you hold a presser.

It's all good and KU will be fine. Embiid is a great kid and wish nothing but the best for him either way.

Suzi Marshall 4 years ago

If Embeed leaves, I'll probably feel similar to when Selby left. Wishing him all the best but knowing it's not likely to work out, performance wise. Embiid will cash some nice checks the next 3 years but will suffer on the court. It's way to soon for him and he will be crushed by the NBA bigs for the next 2-3 years.

Steve Corder 4 years ago

Suzi, take a look at Wilt Chamberlain as a college kid (thin as a rail). No body in the NBA crushed him, ever. I seriously doubt Embiid will not be able to hold-his-own in the NBA.

Bill Kackley 4 years ago

Wilt might have looked thin but he was as strong as an ox. He put the shot 60 ft in high school. He one handed picked Ronnie lineski (sp) up one handed by the back of the neck. 6' 6" 205.

Mel Clare 4 years ago

Back in the 50's NO ONE lifted weights, had the nutrition they have now, teams did not have 6'7 guards and wings and 6'10 PF's who could shoot it from 25 feet with the quickness to drive it either. Different era different types of players............

Sam Constance 4 years ago

Not only was Wilt strong, as has been noted, but the NBA was a VERY different animal in the 1950-60s

Comparing Wilt's body type to Embiid's just doesn't work.

I have to agree with Suzi--I think there is some considerable concern for what he will do in the NBA with leaving after one year. Yes, he will get that first paycheck and not have to worry about another injury hurting his draft stock next year, but this route definitely involves risk for his long-term outlook. Coming back and having another year of strength training during a much less rigorous season seems to be like a better option to get his core to the point that it can help mitigate stress fractures moving forward. I worry that he's going to jump into the deep end and not have a specific "re-injury" point, but rather, the long wear and tear will cause chronic back issues, rather than a specific injury to be treated and healed.

Let's assume for a second that if he came back, even if he got injured he would still be a lottery pick. Given the track record of NBA GMs, I feel that coming back and not improving is a bigger risk to his draft stock than any further injury issues. And the track record of NBA stars whose careers have been ended by back injury is pretty low. Just look at this list of the top 30 stars whose careers were cut short by injury:

Of those 30, only three were cited as having back problems: Brad Daugherty, Larry Johnson and Tracy McGrady.

But whatever he does, best of luck to him. I hope he does become the dominant force that he seems capable of becoming. I'm just skeptical that it will happen without more development in college.

Suzi Marshall 4 years ago

Exactly, well said. Good supporting link.

Ian Emerson 4 years ago

Although i disagree that he will be leaving in the manner Josh Selby did, he will for sure be dominated by the NBA bigs for a substantial amount of time.

Dirk Medema 4 years ago

I would agree that he as a 5 is not ready to compete physically with NBA 5's, though he does have plenty of skill to at least keep from getting dominated. Unfortunately, the physicality of the opponent has increased significantly from when Wilt left.

Bill Kackley 4 years ago

Wilt also didn't make it to NBA until after his senior class graduated. He played one year for the globetrotters

Billy Gibbons 4 years ago

Anyone who actually WATCHES the NBA knows Embiid will play immediately for whichever crappy team lands him (I'm pulling for Boston). He'll likely struggle for much of his first year, and his team will too. But I honestly can't imagine him not being a top 5 NBA center in 2-3 years. Who are these NBA bigs that are going to crush him, Suzi? He's bigger than Anthony Davis (who's doing a little more than cashing checks!) and more athletic than all but a few of the NBA's current 7 footers.

OAD rule sucks, but if you allow yourself to follow these guys into the NBA and actually watch a few of their games…you just might like it. I hated the NBA years ago until The Truth turned me into a Celtics fan. The Jayhawks are still my favorite team, but I have to admit the NBA is a better game.

Sam Constance 4 years ago

Anthony Davis doing little more than cashing checks?

Perhaps you should watch an NBA game sometime before commenting on it.

I still hold a grudge that Davis was given the POY award in 2012 instead of Robinson (or heck, even MSU's Draymond Green), but he has been fairly dominant this season. Game averages of 20 points, 10 rebounds, 2.8 blocks, 1.5 steals and shooting over 50% from the field.

Len Shaffer 4 years ago

Sam, I suggest you read more closely before making a comment. Billy didn't say that Davis was doing little more than cashing checks; he said Davis was doing A little more than cashing checks. The key word is "A."

And considering minor details like context and punctuation might help you as well. If he had said it your way, it wouldn't make any sense, given what else he was saying. And he also included an explanation point!

But other than those few things, your response was spot on.

Eric TheCapn 4 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Gerry Butler 4 years ago

could be WAY TOTALLY out in way left field on this, but something just SOMETHING makes me feel he is coming back for his soph yr

Jeff Worthington 4 years ago

And something tells me I might drop 50 pounds by 2:00 tomorrow. I think mine is more realistic than yours.

Greg Ledom 4 years ago

Your an idiot regardless of the tongue and cheek (I hope) statement.

Garrett Coleman 4 years ago

It's funny when someone calls someone else an idiot but doesn't know the difference between your and you're.

Ethan Berger 4 years ago

In his defense, there was a different comment up earlier that was incredibly harsh. He wasn't responding to Gerry.

Garrett Coleman 4 years ago

Fair enough Ethan, I couldn't see the earlier comment so I didn't know what was said.

Ethan Berger 4 years ago

INot your fault at all,looked mean at face value but the person he said it to deserved it.

Drew Doerfler 4 years ago

he's gone....various places are reporting he is it just me, or is it hard to consider these one and done players true jayhawks? i wish him the best, but to me, he just isn't really a jayhawk......but then again, i hate the one and done crowd and what it is doing to college basketball

Dirk Medema 4 years ago

It's mostly you, tho it certainly would be nice to have him around longer.

Joseph Leon 4 years ago

I wouldn't say it quite so harshly, but I'm definitely less attached to those that leave after one or even two years. Until a recruit develops into a take charge player that you feel secure with the ball in his hands, I don't feel like he's given enough to us to be truly revered. Even Julian Wright, I never got to feel secure with the ball in his hands, and then he left. So I don't revere him. Darrel Arthur. Just two years. Don't revere him. I like them both a lot.

Brandon Mahon 4 years ago

It is hard to know because his family isnt like Ben's and he has been tweeting about how much he loves KU... Guess we will find out

Reggie Flenory 4 years ago

Joel and jabari parker (at duke) have yet to declair which means they both are comming back and the hell of it is we may still end up signing turner watch what i tell ya!!!!!!!!!

Mark Wooden 4 years ago

Greg Oden comes to mine when I think about Joel's NBA future. Back vs Knees about the same. Personally, I rather they just issue a press release instead of the pomp and circumstances of a press conference.

Sam Constance 4 years ago

Not really the same re: back vs. knees.

Many an NBA star's career has been cut short or hindered significantly by injuries to the legs (knees, ankles, feet). A significantly fewer amount have been ended by back problems.

I cited a link to Dime Magazine above that lists the 30 most significant players whose careers ended prematurely due to injury. The overwhelming majority (like 80%+) occurred due to some problem related to their legs (mostly knees, but a significant number of ankle and foot injuries as well).

Nicholas Cederlind 4 years ago

Besides Roy Williams, when's the last time you saw a guy hold a press conference to announce he's staying??

Bill Horton 4 years ago

Thanks for the memory. Enjoy Milwaukee. Or Philadelphia. Or Fort Wayne.

Roger Johnson 4 years ago

I'm hearing Joel is transferring to Wake Forest.

Titus Canby 4 years ago

Hilarious. Wish I had thought of that.

Ryan Kruse 4 years ago

Congrats Robert Harris for your decision to be an A-Hole on a comment board

Mark Lindrud 4 years ago

Good luck. Take care of your body. Get stronger and keep working on your game. Make us proud. Rock Chalk.

Matt Spitzli 4 years ago

Wish best of luck to Embiid in the NBA. It's too big an opportunity to pass up: his draft stock, really, can only go down by staying another year. I think he'll have a long career. He doesn't need to be at KU to improve.

Now if we don't get Myles Turner, I'm going to get depressed.

Robert Brown 4 years ago

I think we collectively understand and agree that Embiid is going to declare for the draft. We also agree that his body probably isn't ready for the physical toll of the NBA and just from a preparatory standpoint, another year in college would be best for him. But, who can turn down $10m? I think the same can be said for Wiggins.

I personally think that having two of the top five lottery picks on the roster makes this season all the more disappointing, but that subject has been discussed to death.

Jason Bruner 4 years ago

Does anyone know if this will be televised or some way to watch/listen live?

Brian Mellor 4 years ago

Well, I guess that he's leaving, and I'm sure I'd do the same in his position, but as a fan of College B-Ball it's hard to be very enthusiastic about the whole thing. With his early-season figuring out the game and his mid-late season injury, we only got to see such a short glimpse of a such a hugely high potential in action, at full strength, and we're left with the memory of, what, about 10 games, maybe?

It was so much fun watching him develop, and some of the jaw-dropping moves he was able to pull off, and I wish him the best, but as a greedy KU fan wanted the chance to see more, and now I'm probably never going to watch him play again, the same as I've hardly watched any KU players after they move on, because I simply have no interest in the NBA product. Just another reminder of how much I despise the OAD rule, and what it feels like it's done to the one sport that I've actually managed to care about.

Wish you'd stay another year, Joel, but wish you the best regardless. I'm sure I'll smile and nod at the Hawks in the NBA scorecard in the future.

William Weissbeck 4 years ago

I still say that the NCAA needs to do a better job at protecting it's product.

Matthew Pyle 4 years ago

The NCAA is circling the drain...

Joe Joseph 4 years ago

Good for Embiid. He should go. I would never tell a young man to turn down guaranteed millions.

Myles Turner, come on down.

Robert Brown 4 years ago

i am guessing like we all are, but my money says he stays one more year. 1-no march madness experience 2-no big 12 tourney experience 3-could use another year of big man experience!

Robert Brown 4 years ago

I didn't think I wrote that and now I see there are two Robert Browns!

Jonathan Allison 4 years ago

sure didn't sound like anything that you would say!

I guess that we need to go back to Screen Names so that we can tell people apart!

Maybe you and "New Robert Brown (user since today)" should upload some avatars in case New Robert Brown decides to stay and keep commenting here in the future.

Jonathan Allison 4 years ago

Multiple reports allegedly close to the situation or from NBA execs are reporting that he's electing for the draft.

Most of us expected this all along. I think that the back injury, more than anything, confirmed that he needs to go now to the NBA while he expects to be a high lottery pick.

Best of luck to Embiid in whatever he chooses to do. We'd love to have him back at KU though, he's a good young man and a good representative for the program.

I'm not convinced that Turner is going to come to KU if Embiid leaves for the NBA. It may be just my self-preservation instinct to set the expectation low or prepare to be disappointed. I like Turner and would love to have him at KU, but he's got a lot of options. If he does come to KU, then automatically the expectations go from being a 10-15 type of team to a top 5 team once again. KU fans will be cautious because we know what it's like to have 3 freshman sensations now. If this is the case it will be interesting to see if Bill Self changes anything about his approach, demeanor, etc. in light of the past season.

Joe Baker 4 years ago

Yea, before the back injury, I thought he was back. Even shortly after the back injury still thought he was back. But, now with all this time, consulting, and the many solid people in his life, I think he's going.

Drew Jarrett 4 years ago

Have Myles Turner on speed dial at 2:45, Bill. Wish JoJo the best of luck

Jonathan Allison 4 years ago

bold prediction shortly after Myles Turner declares his college selection John Calipari is introduced as head coach of the LA Lakers.

Jay Beakum 4 years ago

That certainly has to be weighing on Turner’s mind a little.

Steve Williams 4 years ago

u do realize kentucky isnt on his short list...right?

Jonathan Allison 4 years ago

I know that he didn't have an official visit there, but I've never seen anything to suggest that he eliminated them from his list.

Matthew Pyle 4 years ago

Maybe it's just me, but I hardly consider these OAD players Jayhawks.... especially Embiid with all the games he missed. I can't blame them for taking the money, but the whole system is FUBAR....bad for the NBA and bad for college fans.

Robert Brown 4 years ago

Matthew- I couldn't agree more with you. I also don't think the OAD players consider themselves Jayhawks as much KU being a stepping stone to the NBA. I'm guessing that Wiggins is no longer going to classes. I doubt that Xavier Henry and Josh Selby finished the second semester. They probably couldn't wait to leave.

Jason Bruner 4 years ago

I disagree. I think it depends on the kid. Selby and Henry maybe but I wouldn't but Embiid and maybe not Wiggins in the same category. I do think it's funny that so many people bash OAD players but if they or their kids were in the same position they would do the exact same thing. Is it in their best interest to stay in college one more year to risk injury or possible draft position when you can go pro and have guaranteed money WHILE developing more? Do I agree with the NCAA basically being a farm league for the NBA and some of these players? No. But it's what the system is now so as much as I don't like it there is no other option

Robert Brown 4 years ago

No one is bashing the player or even blaming anyone for leaving for the money. The point being made is that these guys aren't here because they want to play basketball for KU. They are here to fulfill a requirement to get drafted into the NBA.

Tony Bandle 4 years ago

Dear Joel,

Regarding your decision to declare for the NBA Draft as an may not NECESSARILY be the BEST decision, but, considering all the the circumstances, it is the RIGHT decision. The causes for going this route have been discussed ad infinitum on this site so it won't be necessary to repeat them.

Jo Jo, all I can say is thanks for being a Jayhawk, you will always be part of the family and I will cheer for you and your team [even if it's the stink-ass Lakers] during your NBA career.

Sincerely, Oakville JHawk '71

PS. If you happen to read this letter, "Frequent Flyer Myles" Turner, let me be the first to welcome you to Kansas Nation!! Jo Jo will be a tough act to follow but I am sure you can set your own legacy.

Jonathan Allison 4 years ago

"Frequent Flyer"

I love it. It has the same acronym as Final Four.

Keith Gellar 4 years ago

why do we care? Stay or go...unless we get decent guards, we ain't going nowhere in the tourney. sign me up for #11 though.

Tony Bandle 4 years ago

KU could have the best nickname starting five in the NCAA next year...Frequent Flyer Myles, Alexander The Great, Kelly Hombre Oubre, Seldom-Miss Selden and Missile Mason with the ever fashionable Perry Ellis, the dynamic Semi-Trayler, the bad Mean Brannen Greene and the diminutive but deadly Conner the Bomber coming off the KU bench.

Chris Warman 4 years ago

"why do we care? Stay or go...unless we get decent guards, we ain't going nowhere in the tourney. sign me up for #11 though".


William Weissbeck 4 years ago

Isn't the fact that the press conference is closed to the public a dead give-away? Hate to say.

Tony Bandle 4 years ago

WHAT...are they expecting Jayhawk students and fans to throw rocks and bottles and boo??? Come on, everyone loves Jo Jo and whatever he decides, we'll all back him 100%.

Brett Forreal 4 years ago

No they just don't want to be asked how is your back? I guess he could lie, but probably doesn't want to hurt his stock.

Tony Bushard 4 years ago

There's a difference between "closed to the public" and "closed to the press." Thus I would think he'll be asked about his back whether the "public" is there or not.

Jonathan Allison 4 years ago

Great news Everyone! Joe Lunardi has Kansas as a #1 seed in his latest bracketology!

... and the hype machine rolls on.

Rodney Crain 4 years ago

Has he seen our guards play? We will be lucky to win a 11th straight CC, even with all the talent on our team.

Suzi Marshall 4 years ago

better the Houston regional! Love for that to play out.

Beau Woolsey 4 years ago

Embiid looks like the best center prospect since Greg Oden. Who would have been great of he had knees. Embiid will at least be a stud next season, The Nerlens,Joel front court will scare people in a few years.

Rodney Crain 4 years ago

Odds on Turner coming to KU I say 3 to 1 he commits to KU.

Robert Brock 4 years ago

Turner will play for Rick Barnes. Barnes has a history of liking big guys who jack up outside shots early in the shot-clock.

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