Kansas defeats Louisiana Tech, 13-10

  • 11 a.m., Sept. 21, 2013
  • Memorial Stadium, Lawrence, KS

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Turning a corner? KU finally wins close one in improbable 13-10 victory over LA Tech

Kansas kicker Matthew Wyman is mobbed by the Kansas student section after his walk-off 52-yard fieldgoal gave the Jayhawks the win over Louisiana Tech on Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013 at Memorial Stadium.

Kansas kicker Matthew Wyman is mobbed by the Kansas student section after his walk-off 52-yard fieldgoal gave the Jayhawks the win over Louisiana Tech on Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013 at Memorial Stadium.


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KU coach Charlie Weis talks after 13-10 win over LA Tech

Kansas football coach Charlie Weis talks after 13-10 win over LA Tech on Sept. 21, 2013.

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KU-LA Tech

It was far from pretty, even downright ugly at times, but it ended on one heck of a high note, as walk-on kicker Matthew Wyman drilled a 52-yard field goal as time expired that sent the Kansas University football team sprinting onto the field in celebration of its 13-10 victory over Louisiana Tech.

At a school like Kansas, where wins and feel-good moments have been hard to come by, Saturday's come-from-behind win in front of 39,823 fans at Memorial Stadium may have been just what the program needed. That it came in the most improbable manner imaginable only added to the Jayhawks' joy after their first victory over an FBS foe in the past 23 games.

“You know, I would like to win every game by four touchdowns and breathe easy,” KU coach Charlie Weis said after his team improved to 2-1 on the season. “I'm too old, I'm in crummy shape, I don't need games like that. But that might be the best thing that happened for our team. I'm kind of counting on us being able to look back at this game and saying, 'That was the game where they turned the corner.' We've been waiting for one of those times, and I'm hoping that maybe today was the day.”

For the better part of Saturday's victory, the Jayhawks played from behind and watched Louisiana Tech (1-3) control the game. The Bulldogs were tougher up front, more effective with their offense and opportunistic with their defense. But for the second straight week, the Kansas defense stood tall, keeping points off the board at key times and giving the Jayhawks a chance.

With a little more than 90 seconds left on the clock and Tech driving deep in KU territory for a game-winning score that seemed inevitable, KU junior Michael Reynolds ripped the ball out of the hands of Louisiana Tech running back Kenneth Dixon at the 5-yard line and Keon Stowers did the rest. After a scrum that started near the middle of the field and finished near the hash mark toward the Louisiana Tech sideline, Stowers emerged from the bottom of the pile with the ball and the look of a mad man.

“I kind of had a little bit of profanity in there so I don't think I can say it on record,” said Stowers of his reaction to recovering the fumble. “I was just like, 'Let's go, let's go.' We fought to the end, and we (say) in practice, 'Finish the play. Never pull up,' and that was a perfect example.”

The wild turn of events completely flipped the script for the Kansas offense.

“My stomach was churning, I was just willing something to happen,” said quarterback Jake Heaps of the anxious moments before the fumble. “I felt helpless. But our defense has been playing great all season and they continue to make plays when we need it. It just goes to show that we're never out of a game.”

The fumble recovery gave the Jayhawks a lift and, perhaps more importantly, gave the offense a chance to atone for a sub-par afternoon.

“Every single time we go out there, we're saying, 'This is the drive,'” said junior tight end Jimmay Mundine, whose 22-yard touchdown reception with 9:54 to play tied the game at 10. “And something we were talking about in the huddle during that TV timeout before the last drive started was how our day could be all centered off this one drive.”

Added senior running back James Sims, who kick-started that final drive with 17 yards on back-to-back carries: “Our mentality when we went out there was, 'Let's win the game.'”

Because of the poor field position — something that plagued the Jayhawks all afternoon — Weis said his intention was to run out the clock and play for overtime. But the quick first down from Sims changed things and, with about a minute left, the Jayhawks shifted from survival mode to attack mode.

After Heaps gained five yards and another first down on the third play of the drive, the junior quarterback hit Josh Ford for eight yards and followed it up with a 29-yard pass to Tony Pierson, who led the Jayhawks with nine catches for 82 yards.

“They're the balls we haven't been coming up with,” Weis said. “And today that wasn't the case.”

Several Jayhawks had very different views of the pitch-and-catch to Pierson that set up Wyman's game-winner. Heaps said he was hesitant to throw the ball because of the tight coverage. Pierson shrugged and said he “just made a play.” Junior receiver Rodriguez Coleman (two catches for 30 yards) said he remembered the play call from earlier in the game. And Stowers barely saw any of it because he was still amped up from the fumble recovery.

“I was running around,” Stowers said. “I was still yelling, 'Let's go.' I was yelling at the players, yelling at the fans, yelling at anybody I could, because this is what it's all about.”

The one thing they all could agree upon was the fact that they had faith in Wyman to drill the game-winner, even if it was from 52 yards away and even if he did miss a 28-yard try earlier in the game. That included Wyman.

“When they turned that ball over, I just kind of said, 'It's our time,'” the sophomore kicker said. “Right when that happened I thought I was going to get a chance.”

Said Stowers of the kick: “I was 100-percent confident that Wyman was gonna make it. I'm pretty sure he's gonna be with me tonight because I gotta show him a good time.”

And therein was the theme of KU's postgame vibe on Saturday. The coaches and players admitted that the win was not pretty, but they also emphasized that the name of the game is winning and they were not about to apologize for moving to 2-1 on the season or anything they did to celebrate it.

“When I first got here, we started practicing that in the spring, and everyone laughed at us and said, 'Look what they're practicing,'” Weis said of the wild celebration that came after Wyman's kick cleared the crossbar. “Well, there it was today. And that's what the locker room felt like. It felt like what you want it to feel like.”


kckuguy 7 months ago

I just hope that all of these negative comments on here are not from KU students. We Won ! Congratulations , Next up is TT, bring -em-on


DocPossum 7 months ago

If we had Pardula and Wyman last year we would have won 2-3 more games. I'm just sayin... take the improvements were you can find them and work on the rest.


tinytimhawk 7 months ago

Would I rather we'd won by more? Yes. Am I glad we won anyways? Yes. Is this the turning point we're waiting for? Maybe.

Alot of people are calling luck. I can only say that luck had nothing to do with Michael Reynolds playing all the way to the whistle and ripping that ball out.

Alot of people are also complaining that we won ugly. What about last year? Do you think Texas, TCU, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Rice, or Northern Illinois were too disappointed that they won ugly against us. They all won and ended up in bowl games, so the win was all that mattered. And I know our fan base would've been ecstatic if we would've turned any of those close losses into ugly wins.

I know we're not Big 12 elite yet, but I'll take the obvious progress that has happened.


dhinkansas 7 months ago

Marcus Allen once said luck is executing when given the opportunity. Kansas was given the opportunity to win and took advantage of that. La Tech is a different team this year than the 9 win team last year. KU won and yes there's a ton of work to do, but hopefully the players enjoyed the win and everyone's working on a plan now for the Oct 5th game.

As far as the can't wait for basketball season comments, fans are not entirely to blame. The radio halftime show Saturday was with Self.


Mike Pressgrove 7 months ago

Great job by the defense, they never quit. Grunhard needs to keep working on the O-Line, but we will get better. So happy for those kids, they needed a win!


Jeff Soisson 7 months ago

We won like Texas, we looked terrible the whole game and came out with a win- I SAY WELL DONE!


KURiggins 7 months ago

Also want to shout out to our Def. and Coach Campo. And a big thumbs up to J. Mundaine. I was one of his biggest critics and he proved me wrong and I could not be happier. Great catch and TD. Keep it up rock star


KURiggins 7 months ago

Some folks need to watch and would not hurt if they played football at anytime. First, great job Hawks. Does not have to be pretty. Would rather win ugly than lose. I dont care how pretty it looks when you lose. I like to win. Good job Hawks. Second...anyone who says Heaps is not/will not be a great QB is nuts. I loved Reesing..thought he rocked. Still think he deserved NFL try. Hello Bucs and Jags. Freeman(kstate) and Gabbert(misery) suck. That being said as much I loved Reesing. Heaps is an NFL type QB. I have been to the games folks..he is going thru his reads as much as he can. I am glad we won..but pay attention Heaps naysayers here is lesson 1. A QB cannot complete a pass from the ground. Our OL stinks. If you review the tape, when Heaps has time he is deadly. Any ints he has thrown are due to two factors. Blown assignments(ol,wr or te) or tipped balls. The pick he threw to the FS this last game..the TE Smiley ran the wrong route. Heaps threw it to where he was supposed to be. All QBs do that. It was Smileys first start, so hard to be too angry at him. However it was still his error not Heaps. Also, has it escaped your attention our RBs cant get upfield? Our OL stinks. Until we get that straightened out neither our RBs or Heaps will be able to show what they can really do. It all starts up front. Watch some football. Its no accident Nebraska ran option for 30 yrs and won all the time. Their best talent was in their OL. A great OL makes or breaks an offense. Second reason Heaps has struggled is drops..which seem to be getting better. But folks..the reason you so.much short stuff this past week was not because Heaps does not have an NFL arm. It was because we have a jr high.OL. I said from the beginning Heaps is a beast if we can protect him. So far we have not protected him. Heaps, Sims, Pierson and Darrian Miller have NFL talent..big time! Can we get an OL good enough for us to find out?? We shall see. That being said..i love to win. Good job Hawks


lv70 7 months ago

Charlie's strength is our weakness, go figure.


jaymar74 7 months ago

Heaps made a number of quality throws, defense made a number of quality stops, we are getting there, we will upset two or three conference teams and just miss a bowl game.


Brian Conrad 7 months ago

sometimes people act as if KU can never have great football... remember only 6 years back KU went 12-1 and WON the ORANGE BOWL something KSU has never done .. WIN a BIG BOWL GAME ! take em one game at a time... TT next .. win that one and who knows .. possible for KU to win 3 of next 8 ... and would be wonderful to have a bowl game on the line with win over KSU for final Home game !


CHEEZIT 7 months ago

On another note. K-state lost and we have a better record! Na! Na! Na! Na! Na!


danno1313 7 months ago

The five starters that Self puts on the court would be a better offensive line than the five Charlie starts. They were handled by smaller players, again.

So it comes down to one of three things: (or a combination)

1) Improper technique

2) Lack of strength

3) Lack of b*lls

I ll take the win but I wouldn't be shocked if it were the last one this season. Hopefully not. Time to find the WEIGHT room and grow 'em boys, it's almost BIG 12 time!


hawkdds 7 months ago

Heap's throw to Tony was a bullet so he has the arm lets get some separation by the receivers and who knows how many points we can score. Bourbon had a nice game and seems to be more intense and healthy this year.RCJH


bigtex 7 months ago

Great kick!!! Finally saw some good catches on clutch 3rd down situations.


Tony Bandle 7 months ago

Probabilities of future victories:

1] Oklahoma. Oklahoma State, Baylor - 0% to 5%.

2] West Virginia, TCU, Texas - 5% to 25%.

3] Iowa State, Kansas State, Texas Tech - 25% - 50%.

We will be a decided underdog in most of the rest of the schedule, but improved play and team cohesiveness may produce a couple of upsets. We'll see.


Harlan50 7 months ago

I apologize in advance because I didn't want to take the time to read so many previous comments. Am sure that my thoughts have already been shared.

We mustn't kid ourselves. This clearly was a game that we should not have won. Nevertheless, when a program has been as down as ours has been since the Mangino era, you take whatever you can get. The key now is to build on this victory.

I am very happy about the strides that the defense has made, which hopefully will continue. That will at least keep us in games.

While the offense has been disappointing to say the least, I do believe that the talent far exceeds what they have shown so far. Since Coach Weis has a fine reputation as a coach of the offense, I'm confident that, given time, KU will develop a dual threat program.

I like the direction of the program, attitude wise. Creating a winning mentality is hard, but once you achieve it, as our basketball program has certainly done, it's amazing how much the perceived "breaks" seem to turn your way. Just think back to last year's basketball results. Other than the Michigan game in the Sweet 16, you can't really point to a loss that we should not have had. On the other hand, just ask the ISU fans about the games we won that we probably shouldn't have. I chalk a lot of that up to the mental strength that Coach Self and his assistants have developed over the years.

In short, I hope that LA Tech isn't our last win of the season. The conference is clearly not as deep as it has been in some years, so there is potential for some more wins. Go Hawks!


William Blake 7 months ago

We were fortunate to win this game... you can call it lucky. But luck doesn't happen on it's own. You have to create the possibility for a break to happen.

Even though we were outplayed most of the game, our guys didn't give up.... even when LA Tech drove the ball all the way down the field near our goal. When it counted most, our guys stuck with the effort and stripped the ball twice that saved two key touchdowns. That was fortunate... but it wouldn't have happened if our guys had given up and not put the effort in to strip the ball. We still believed we could win, even when times were tough!

Way to hang in there, guys! You didn't give up and you earned this victory because of it!

Rock Chalk!


Brad Farha 7 months ago

Game day was awesome. I wish more were there (nearly 40K), but still after a disheartening loss to Rice it was good to see that many and to see so many stay to the end. Obviously watching the 52 yard field goal go through the uprights was amazing. Seeing the team mob Wyman, and then rush over to the student section for the alma mater was damn special. But my favorite part was seeing the players run along the track celebrating with the fans. Took the kids down to the front row, and we high five'd every single football player as they went by. That's a memory that'll last a lifetime.


shelleysue 7 months ago

Congrats Jayhawks!! Jimmay for responding like he did. The kicking? Jaw dropping excitement. I could not stop smiling and not because of the win but because I was SO happy for the players and how excited they were. Heeney for another great game and his first interception. Victor S for a great game. Stowers recovered fumble. I could go on and on. Was it pretty? Not really but a wins a win. And let's be honest. More wins are ugly than not so ill focus on the win, the fun, and most of all a game that every player needed and deserved. I can't wait to see how they respond to Tech. Rock Chalk!!


texashawk10 7 months ago

I only got to see the last 5 minutes of the game, basically LA Tech's last drive and KU's game winning drive, so can someone answer a question for me. Did KU run any play action yesterday because I've been waiting for that to help take some pressure off the running and to help Heaps get some more time to throw and to get a couple of WR's very wide open.

I was able to follow on my phone so I know the game wasn't pretty, but as others said above, an ugly win is better than a well played loss every time. A win like this doesn't mean that KU is suddenly going to compete for a Big 12 title this year, but finally showing some mental toughness and stealing win can be a springboard for KU pulling off a couple of upsets this year. ISU and WVU have looked pretty bad so those two games are winnable for KU this year, but the big thing this win could do is give KU the confidence to close out a game or make that game winning drive that they've struggled to do for the past few years. Nothing is guaranteed by this win other than KU will win more games this year than last year, but the confidence gained from getting a monkey off their back very well could be the turning of the corner for KU for the next couple of seasons.


tical523 7 months ago

Have to admit that after that win I am curious to see what Michael Cummings could have done. Heaps may throw a more pretty ball but Michael seems to have better pocket awareness and finds the open man. Heaps rushed a few of those out routes that were clearly short of the first down and on two of them he had a crossing route open for the easy first down and more, he seemed to be set on one receiver.


Mike Barnhart 7 months ago

The win shouldn't overshadows the facts! That was a sad, pathetic performance against a below average opponent!

On offense:

  • At least one o-lineman misses an assignment on EVERY play!

  • The new core receivers are still slow.

  • Heaps is not a play maker.

  • Charlie's play calling lacks imagination.

On defense: I can't figure this one out except to say, someone screws up on almost every play. I must have said, "How the heck did that happen?", at least 20 times during that game!

Charlie Gill has this team stuck in neutral and the wealthy boosters that paid for this dumpster fire must feel like they've been robbed!


hotrodm 7 months ago

Exciting game, and a KU win, enough said.


BringBackMark 7 months ago

Who knows where this will take this team. On the surface you'd have to say it could be the last win this year. However, I remember in 1991 K-State returned a botched extra point by Indiana State at the end of the game to win 26-25. At the time it just looked like another pathetic K-State football team getting a lucky break to win a game against a nobody foe. Then they went on to win 7 games, losing to Colorado and Nebraska by 10 and 7 points respectively. In retrospect that game was the turning point for the K-State program and they really haven't dropped below mediocre (with the exception of the Ron Prince years) since then.

Having said that, Weis isn't Snyder and our offensive scheme lacks a lot to be desired. A faster pace with a more mobile quarterback would, in my opinion, be more effective. Just watching the games so far, it appears the talent level is adequate to win 5 or more. There's just something missing, primarily on offense, that's hard to put your finger on.

I find it hard to believe that Weis can't find a way to mix Michael Cummings into the scheme of things. It's almost like since he didn't recruit him he wants nothing to do with him. Cummings has a strong arm, good speed, and sense of where defenders are on the field. He looked sharp in the spring game but yet he's only gotten one snap all year. Wouldn't it make sense to have a play or two in the book where he and Heaps are on the field at the same time if nothing else?


kufanman88 7 months ago

Its great that we finally got an FBS win, but looking at the remainder of our schedule and the quality of play by the Jayhawks thus far, I seriously doubt we get more than one more win the rest of the season.


Micky Baker 7 months ago

I know the offense wasn't that good for much of the game, but in the 4th quarter, it was pretty darn good offense with some clutch plays made by Heaps with some good execution from him and that one to Pearson was a dart.

Now, that fumble by La Tech was to KU's credit, KU forced that fumble. Special teams played well, good coverage on both kickoffs and punts and some really good NFL worthy punts. That was also a NFL worthy FG, not the distance, but the pressure that was on Wyman to make that was huge.

741 Hawk, Heaps went 28 for 46 in the game. There were a couple of drops, he made one bad pass early, but that pass to Pierson was thrown in the right place and give the only chance to catch it, but he didn't and it popped up in the air.

Kansas forced 3 turnovers, even that one when their QB fumbled that ball, if our guys didn't hustle he wouldn't have tried to stretch it and Kansas went right down the field and scored a TD there with the Mundine redemption. Ford and Coleman made good catches in traffic and that was one of the biggest problems in the first two weeks.

Heaps did throw the ball away and they did improve from last week to this week in regards to the passing game and if that continues to trend towards the positive and the OL improves, and they were good in the clutch, then things are going in the right direction.

If Kansas had all four quarters like that against Rice, we'd be 3-0, and I know, that's an if. These guys are all mostly new working together, particularly the receivers with Heaps except for McKay but in games, it's new for all of them. I do think that we should not put Pierson in the back field to start the game unless we're going to use that as a decoy and have Miller or Sims in the slot and do play action to Pierson.

Christian Matthews also made at least one tough catch in the fourth quarter and those guys caught the ball.

In the running game, we might have to put Bourbon in the backfield to be an extra blocker or someone for that matter so that they don't bring in a safety or linebacker untouched. Of course, Heaps should be given a little latitude to change the call on his own with just a couple of code words if he sees someone sneaking up, and change those code words for every possession. If it looks like the defense is going to bring a run blitz, then you let that guy come through, and throw it to the place that defender came from, which would be either the slot, running back, or tight end. If they're going to give that to us, let's take it.


Kevin Kelly 7 months ago

Man some of you sound just like NU fans. Except they never get beat they always say, 'we lost that game'. No credit given to opponents on close loses. We so fricking sick in the head as a fan base we won't accept a win (which it is, by the way) and tell ourselves 'we didn't win...La Tech Lost'.

One team wins. One team loses. Your personal wish to divvy out the appropriate amount of blame and/or recognition says more about you than it does about the game. It says your a sad man.


741hawk 7 months ago

If we'd have played last year's punter and kicker, we would have lost. I'm not sure that's improvement.

That game was ugly. I attended Boise @ Fresno last night. That was pretty. Both teams had accurate QBs who had reasonable to good feet to move about the pocket. Both teams had the ability to get receivers open . . . on a regular basis. Big difference by two teams from the Mountain West!


kayjku 7 months ago

I'm just so happy for a win. So freaking happy.


John Fitzgerald 7 months ago

I didn't get to watch the game, and thank goodness I didn't. And I won't say much because I'm trying to be happy for our guys, but I'm impressed with our "never give up" attitude. And these guys need to be happy right now regardless of how bad the win was. When you haven't had bacon for awhile, you forget why it's so good. But give a man a piece of bacon and he salivates for it every morning. This win was our bacon. I just hope our guys like the taste as much as me. Kudos to Wyman. Heck of a kick buddy. Fitzy out!


Sparko 7 months ago

LA Tech played very well; have the best defense we have seen so far. The PI penalties were specious; and KU stepped up. The team will begin to click now. You have to play for something. I think they get it now. And they'll be great.


Chris Gilbertson 7 months ago

Rock Chalk on the win! How good does it feel to say KU got a win on a last second 52 yard field goal! Keep it up guys


Steve Corder 7 months ago

Observations Quarterback play is improved over 2012 Heaps throws a few too many Hail Marry passes that invite trouble. Heaps is a good QB that will get better. Get guys who can catch, add some confidence, and watch out. OL is troubling, on that 4th & 1 the center never charged forward but raised up as if pass blocking. Glad Weis went for it. Defense is better than 2012. Solid corners. Play calling curious at times, however, execution always makes a coach look good. IT'S GREAT TO WIN, especially a last minute drive to win on a field goal!


Terran Woolley 7 months ago

Throw Texas into that list as well. This conference is terrible.....even worse than it has been for the last couple of seasons. So glad we skipped Louisville to grab another hillbilly school that just lost to a horrible Maryland team by over thirty points. A great year to be rebuilding in this shiitty conference.


Robert Brown 7 months ago

Judging from today's results, there are some very mediocre teams in the Big 12 so there is hope for a couple of conference wins. KSU, WV, ISU are not having good seasons.


Bob Bowles 7 months ago

Saying a win is a win is like having sex with an ugly may feel good right now but will you be proud tomorrow. Don't get me wrong I'm more optimistic than I have been for a long time and I think Coach Weis will make KU competitive. Having said that KU football just seems boring. When most of the excitement is generated by the special teams then it will be a long season. It's easy for us old f*rts to sit in the stands and be critical but sometimes watching these games feels like the football equivalent of a root canal. Here's hoping we can have some games we can really be proud of winning..........


FCCoHawk 7 months ago

I am just glad for the win. You can look at stats and complain all you want but we won. We needed this win and got it. Go Hawks!! Did anyone coming into the season really think we would be pounding teams 40-0? Our OL is not good. Hopefully they will continue to improve. Our defense is improved. You can look at that stats and argue, but the players seem to be in the right position and making plays. There were a few missed tackles today, but not like previous years. We won't go from where we were to a good football team overnight. Be proud of the effort this team showed and that they won. We could have just as easily thrown incomplete passes and never been in a position to give our kicker a chance to win it. What an awesome thrill for the kicker to win it after missing an easy FG earlier. This win doesn't guarantee any more wins but I think the team is making progress. It won't be as fast as we all want, but hang in there. I do think we have some talent that will certainly help the team next year also, so who knows. Play hard and lets see what happens each week! Go Hawks!!


Bradly Moore 7 months ago

Great to have something good happen to our football program.


KURiggins 7 months ago

Also Mundaine is redeemed ! What a great job. I for one underestimated him


KURiggins 7 months ago

Jhawk60660 could not agree with you more. Great post


KURiggins 7 months ago

Good job Hawks. Very proud of you


jhawk60660 7 months ago

A win is a win. And for as many close games we had lost last year one shouldn't underestimate the psychological effect that this win carries. I'm proud of our boys especially after watching years and years of is not having the fortitude to roll with bad officiating. We have a ways to go but piece by piece you can see improvement and for that I am happy and say to one and all RCJHGKU.


ahpersecoachingexperience 7 months ago

All great teams need a last second field goal to beat La Tech. Booking my fiesta bowl tickets now!


Bryce Landon 7 months ago

I should take to rubbing my Jayhawk mini helmet from now on as a good luck charm. I did it right before the LTU fumble late in the 4th and again before the game winning field goal. The next time Kansas wins a tight football game, give me and my helmet rubbing fetish credit. Rock Chalk Jayhawk. :)


Dan Harris 7 months ago

Baby steps, tiny little baby Jesus steps!


troutsee 7 months ago

I tell you what, fellas. I've been a KUFB fan for years and I have suffered through many games where we outplayed the other team only to lose a heartbreaker at the end. So, let's feel good about this one. Every game has its own personality. On paper TT looks like they should pound us. But, who knows. I do know this, I feel pretty darn good right now.


Adam Gerval 7 months ago

Here's my take...It wasn't pretty. We all know that. But let me ask you this, would you be happier if we had lost? All this crap about how we'll do against, OSU, and Texas, etc., barely beating a team like LA Tech...I repeat, would you feel better if we lost?

The defense played very well today. But they were on the field ALL DAY, and as a lifelong Bears fan, I know that will always spell disaster. The offense should be disgusted with themselves. No push up front, still saw some drops and some dumb penalties, and the interception on that slant, that receiver did nothing to get the ball. The DB jumped the route and took the ball. The other interception was just bad.

The special teams continues to improve, although I couldn't believe we missed that field goal. Man, is Pardula a breath of fresh air, as is the special teams in general.

Maybe it's just me, and I hate to do this, but did those officials just not like us, or Weis, or Lawrence? That roughing the passer penalty was one of the most disgraceful calls I've ever seen. That was embarrassing. And how many calls were there against us on balls that were not catchable.

I don't know. I'll take it. I'm hoping this is a game where we turn the corner because we have ranked team coming to town in two weeks, and we've let them off the hook three years in a row. RCJH.


Bryce Landon 7 months ago

That would be an FBS school. South Dakota State and South Dakota were both FCS schools.

LJW editing fail


Jason Keller 7 months ago

Offensive line blows.
Receivers played a little better but still dropping bunnies and have no deep threat. Heaps isn't perfect but dude is a gamer. Corners need to play tighter.


kay_you 7 months ago

Turned a corner? That remains to be seen. It was a win against a D1 team and given all the close losses we suffered last year it's nice to finally have one go our way. However, an argument can be made that LATech lost the game instead of KU winning it. Either way I'm thrilled.


CalBBaller 7 months ago

Its nice to win, but face it, this is not a very good team on offense. Maybe this will get them going, but if they can't beat Rice and barely beat La Tech, how will they do against OK, OK ST., KState and other top teams in the Big 12. Not very well I don't think. Bring on basketball.


mikehawk 7 months ago

Like I wrote right after the ball to the punter. Game ball to the kicker. Game ball to the defense. And Uncle Charlie and the offense to report to the practice field.


Steven Mathew 7 months ago

I don't know if this game will turn the corner, but hey it's still a win.


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