Friday, September 20, 2013

KU, UK basketball vying for prep Oubre

Kansas University basketball recruiting.

Kansas University basketball recruiting.


It appears to be a Kansas University-Kentucky recruiting battle for Kelly Oubre, a 6-foot-7, 200-pound senior shooting guard from Findlay Prep High in Henderson, Nev.

“I think it’s fair to say that (KU and UK) are the front-runners in the process right now,” Oubre’s dad, Kelly Oubre Sr., told Cats, which is Kentucky’s website.

“That still could change, but right now that’s where we are at. Part of the reason that we haven’t done a ton of visits is because he feels strongly about those two. For a lack of a better word, they’re front-runners. I wouldn’t say either one is in front of the other, it’s pretty much neck and neck,” Oubre Sr., added.

Oubre, who is ranked No. 12 nationally in the Class of 2014 by, averaged 23 points and 11 rebounds last season for Bush High School in Fort Bend, Texas. He also has Florida, Georgetown, Louisville, Oregon, UConn and UNLV on his list.

Oubre will attend KU’s Late Night in the Phog on Oct. 4 and Kentucky’s Big Blue Madness on Oct. 18. He has yet to set up any other visits.

Rivalries squashed: KU, it has been well documented, has no plans of scheduling Missouri in football or basketball because of the Tigers’ decision to leave the Big 12 for the SEC.

It seems Duke has similar plans of avoiding Maryland, because of the Terps’ decision to leave the ACC for the Big Ten. Duke hoops coach Mike Krzyzewski told Washington D.C. radio station ESPN 980 that the only way his team will ever play Maryland again is in the ACC/Big 10 Challenge. Krzyzewski said Duke typically likes to schedule nonconference games against teams out of its conference area.

“I have a great deal of respect for Maryland,” Krzyzewski said as quoted by the Sporting News after last year’s regular-season game at Maryland. “If it was such a rivalry, they’d still be in the ACC. Obviously they don’t think it’s that important, or they wouldn’t be in the Big Ten.”

Anderson recovering: Former KU signee Braeden Anderson, who transferred to Fresno State in the fall of 2011 after being declared ineligible for financial aid at KU by the Big 12, has been providing updates on his physical condition on his Facebook account. Anderson suffered a serious neck injury after he and Fresno State walk-on Kyle Jackson were in a four-vehicle crash on Sept. 3 in Fresno.

Anderson, who averaged 4.1 points and 3.5 boards in 10 games after becoming eligible for Fresno last season, will miss the 2013-14 season but is expected to make a full recovery.

He was a passenger in one of the vehicles. Jackson was not injured seriously.

“I have so many amazing people in my life. Right now I will admit it’s hard, but your prayers and love keep me strong. I have lost about 30lbs, but I will come back even stronger! The comeback.(AGAIN),” Anderson wrote on Facebook on Tuesday.

On Monday, he wrote: “Admittedly I am in a lot of pain. In fact, before this incident I will admit that I had no idea how large the scale of pain actually was. I would not have thought it possible to endure so much pain without death. Of course people tell me how lucky I am to be alive, and to be in a group supported by less that 1% of people who survive this type of injury, but it’s also too soon to celebrate. The pain continues... But as I feel pain... I feel alive... I feel the will to live... And live well. I have always been a fighter, and I surely didn’t need something like this to prove I was... But if there was any question in anyone’s mind before... Take heed. I’m a survivor.”


Scott Smetana 7 months ago

After Calisleazy does a home visit, the couch undoubtedly has Slo Glo all over it.


Brad Farha 7 months ago

I'm sending all positive thoughts and best wishes to Braeden Anderson and his family. Such tough news..


Steve Gantz 7 months ago

Interesting piece in Sports Illustrated on the two or more high schools athlete like Oubre and the likelihood of them transferring. Now maybe Oubre is that good that he'll stick around for a year or two and go pro, but the article says that 33% of the kids who attend at least 2 high schools will transfer. 60% of four HS kids will transfer.


Michael Luby 7 months ago

Man, I'll probly get blasted for this but after Elijah Johnson, Im very skeptical of anyone coming out of Findlay Prep.


Tony Bandle 7 months ago


1] Available scholarships won't be a problem next season.....sadly, Jo Jo and Wayne will be scooped up by the NBA because they are both just radioactive with the "P" Word.

2] Someone above posted that Hunter Mickelson was ineligible "next" season. I sure hope they meant "this" season or we've got a real problem.

3] In September, there's always a lot of talk among recruits about playing college ball with their friends. However, come May and it's signature time, that talk generally dies down.

4] However, with Cliff and Myles, both from the same region and both very close to Coach Howard, they look like the true exception.

5] I love the fact that Perry Ellis is the "Claude Raines" of the Jayhawks...very invisible and very dangerous.

6] The supporting cast coming back in 2014 looks pretty darn good with Naadir, Frank, Brannen, Perry, AWIII, Connor, Landon, Hunter and Jamari so plugging in 2 or 3 OADs will keep us right near the top!! Cliff and Myles would be awesome!!


jaybate 7 months ago

But it doesn't translate to the pros, as Thomas has learned. All Thomas can do is shed his offense and play to his monster strength as a rebounder. But Perry lacks that gift. He is a scorer and he needs to learn a spot he can score from in the NBA.

If I were Perry, I would rather work on my perimeter game and foot speed than muscle up to bang in college, because it makes most sense, even if I had to transfer to do it.

Gulp! I can't believe I wrote that.

I know. I will go to legacy hell for writing that. But I like Perry Ellis. I like that he is a bright Kansan, who could go far in the right role. He has proven he is a good athlete by playing out of position at the power forward slot (same as Marcus Morris) and adapting under adversity to play a style that is not his strength. I am rooting for the best for him. I am rooting for him to get his shot at the 3 next year. But Oubre may make that impossible.


jaybate 7 months ago

Warning: Controversial take on The Designer.

6-7 200 lb shooting guard Oubre and 6-8 shooting guard/forward Wiggins make something very clear about Perry Ellis. These are the kind of players the NBA takes OAD AT THIS SIZE. The NBA does not take tweener power forwards as OADs and has only marginal use for them after several years of college.

Perry sure as hell could have and should have conditioned playing for a school entirely on playing shooting guard/forward! Then he should have spent however long it took to develop a perimeter game.

Even if his development were slow at a less than stellar program, it would have been a sound path for him.

If tyrel Reed can increase his foot speed and agility the way he did, a better athlete like Perry sure could. Worst case, Perry would have become a Lock down perimeter enforcer for the L--a 6-8 Ron Artest. But Perry almost certainly would develop an adequate trey with a couple years of work. And he's a natural scorer to boot.

Again, Perry's career as a power forward in the NBA appears very limited at this time, even if he has a TRob breakout. He will get a good contract and the wrong role. Therefore, IMO, he is wasting his time and earning opportunity bulking up to play power forward for KU and for Self. He should instead be leaning up and spending all his time working on his footwork, ball handling, and perimeter shooting, even if he has to take four years to do it. All his work on rebounding and back to the basket game will be useless in the NBA at power forward at his size and level of aggressiveness. At his size, with just a bit more aggressiveness, at the shooting guard/forward positions, he would be an every game MUA even in the pros.

The Designer will probably have a fine season for KU this year at the 4, probably be pivotal in KU's success, and probably be our leading scorer, for as Self rightly says, the toughest thing for D1 defenses to cover is a strong 4 that can move hi-lo AND step out and stretch a defense , and drive. He could become quite a bit better at this than even TRob, because of his natural scoring ability.


William Blake 7 months ago

Oubre will attend Late Night and Blue Madness? I like this guy already!

He's letting the fans be the recruiters.

If we want this guy then we have to go get him on Late Night!

This needs to be the biggest Jayhawk party of all times!

Bring your banners, big heads, and a huge set of lungs... let's prove who the best basketball fans are...

Rock Chalk!


IgnorantYokel 7 months ago

We should cement a rivalry with Duke. Get both ADs to announce an unprecedented 10-year one-for-one in basketball.


REHawk 7 months ago

Introspective Perry Ellis, framed quietly in distant relief, clocking steady seconds 'til tipoff. The Silent Assassin....


REHawk 7 months ago

WOW! Hudyized is right! Tyshawn could have really utilized this bunch to assist him in his scuffles with the pigskin brigade.


wrwlumpy 7 months ago

Boot camp over. Tweet photo from Snacks. Congrats to Hudy. Wow.


REHawk 7 months ago

Braeden is a very well spoken young athlete, considering that he was a kid whom the Big 12 evaluated as academically ineligible. I have always wondered if the NCAA recognizes and accepts GED passing scores for scholarship eligibility. If so, do major conferences follow suit?


Jack Wilson 7 months ago

Interesting question here .. do we over-recruit? Meaning, if we get Alexander, Lyle, and Oubre, do we accept all three commitments (when we only have two scholarships presumably available -- Wiggins/Black)? That would mean 14 players for 13 scholarships. One would have to go. Sounds like it could be an issue with what's on the table, even if getting 3 of these top guys is still a long-shot. Though it seems more possible each day.

Over-recruiting .. or over-signing .. isn't pretty. You are blatantly showing a scholarship player the door. On the other hand, as we sit here now, many of us except at least one transfer anyway even if we don't over-recruit/over-sign.

There was a bit of a dust-up when Pitino had 15 players committed for 13 spots last fall. I would say that Self might find himself in an interesting spot in the coming months.


Justin Steele 7 months ago

Oubre's build and offensive game reminds me of Brandon Rush a little bit. He would be a nice piece how many scholarships are we going to have avaliable? His Dad worries me like dagger said?


phogfusion 7 months ago

Not sure but let's make up an assistant coaching slot somewhere and boom problem solved...


Dirk Medema 7 months ago

Does Dad Oubre make anyone else feel nervous?


Dirk Medema 7 months ago

Sorry to hear about Braeden's accident, but glad to hear that he is fighting toward recovery. I was hit by a truck while at KU, and can relate to what he is going thru. Still thankful for the army that surrounded me, and stronger than ever. Fight on Braeden!


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