Monday, September 16, 2013

Kansas football afflicted with dropsies

Kansas quarterback Jake Heaps is sacked on the final possession by Rice defensive tackle Christian Covington on Saturday, Sept. 14, 2013 at Rice Stadium in Houston, Texas.

Kansas quarterback Jake Heaps is sacked on the final possession by Rice defensive tackle Christian Covington on Saturday, Sept. 14, 2013 at Rice Stadium in Houston, Texas.



Kansas quarterback Jake Heaps is sacked on the final possession by Rice defensive tackle Christian Covington on Saturday, Sept. 14, 2013 at Rice Stadium in Houston, Texas.

It may be too early to make a definitive call on what kind of football team Kansas University has.

But there’s no questioning that two games have been enough to determine the KU offense has a major problem developing: drops.

In each of the Jayhawks’ first two games, dropped passes crippled the offense and made it difficult to find positives in a passing attack that received an offseason makeover. As the incompletions have mounted and the pressure risen, a few KU receivers have taken on the persona of a golfer with the yips.

During a 31-14 season-opening victory over South Dakota, KU’s five drops were more easily forgiven because the Jayhawks never lost control. Saturday night, in a 23-14 loss to Rice in Houston, KU’s four biggest drops were magnified because stone hands too often squashed drives and kept Kansas from getting into an offensive rhythm.

“(That’s) something that you want to capitalize on,” said junior quarterback Jake Heaps, who finished 13-of-28 passing for 157 yards and two interceptions. “You never know when you’re gonna get that opportunity back, and when you have missed opportunities, from whoever it is, it hurts your team because you may be getting something going, and it stalls everything.”

That certainly was the case against Rice. Two of the drops — one by wide receiver Josh Ford and another by tight end Jimmay Mundine — came on third down. Another Mundine muff came late and looked like it might have gone for a touchdown had he caught it. And the fourth drop, which skipped hotly off the hands of James Sims on the series that followed Rice’s regaining the lead, led to a three-and-out.

“There were a couple of really bad drops,” KU coach Charlie Weis said matter-of-factly. “I mean, when you hit a guy in the chest and one running wide-open down the field to score, who knows? You score there, you get the ball back, you might be kicking a field goal at the end of the game, and you win. You just don’t know.”

The issue is a major concern for an offense that is still looking to get on track. Despite the early struggles, the Jayhawks — Heaps in particular — seem confident that the two-game slump is something KU can correct. Asked how, Sims shook his head and gave the only answer that came to mind.

“Just practice and keep working on it,” he said. “That’s all you can do, and we’ll get that fixed.”

As for Mundine, who entered the season poised for a breakout campaign but has quickly become KU’s biggest culprit in the dreaded dropped-passes category, Heaps said his faith in the junior tight end remained strong.

“Absolutely,” Heaps said. “There’s no reason for me to question him, and he’s gonna continue to be one of my go-to guys. I have 100 percent confidence him.”

Tailback Tony Pierson has been the most reliable target for Heaps so far this season — the junior had four catches for 95 yards and a touchdown against Rice — but getting him the ball as much as KU might like has proven difficult at times.

“(Rice) did a good job of paying attention to Tony and what he was doing,” Heaps said. “They really paid attention to where he was at all times. But that opens things up for other guys, and we just have to capitalize on that.”

If history has proven anything, it’s that Weis won’t stand for continued incompetence in the passing game. He hinted at that following Saturday’s loss, but also said that the easiest solution was in the hands of his struggling receivers.

“The first thing we have to do is just get better with the guys we’re playing with,” he said. “But we’ll continue to look at everyone all the time.”


KURiggins 7 months ago

And kudos to pur def that gave us plenty, plenty of chances. Line sucks and get a new TE


KURiggins 7 months ago

Mundaine sucks. Bench him. Heaps is a good qb..if..if we can get a decent ol and suit up a new TE who wont cost us a game. Lets stop lying Mundaine dropped a peeeerrrfect pass from Heaps that would have led to a win. He sucks bench him Charlie. Heaps is a great qb..his stats dont show it because his line needs a lot of work and TE sucks


armynut58 7 months ago

Do we need to put out a search and rescue team for Justin McCay? We have 3 potential all-conference players (Pierson, Sims, McCay), and it seems we can only get the ball to two of them. Is McCay injured? Is he not as good as advertised (see also Crist)? Does Heaps not have confidence him? Is HCCW not have confidence in him and not running plays in his direction? Some how, some way we have GOT to get the pass game going. Its the only way we can open running lanes for Sims and Pierson. #ROCHCHALK!


Ralster Jayhawk 7 months ago

Here's my big-pix comment (for now): I have the utmost respect for Weis, Campo, Bowen, Grunhard, Holsopple, etc...for even agreeing to come try to fix our mess and try to build a competetive team for BigXII play. Clearly, we arent there yet in execution...but all these guys brainstorming to try to build something better will pay dividends sometime soon down the line. They are creating their own legacy, but the job is at the 20% stage only. Ways to go. Ive already got 50yd line tickets for 2 more games-->yes, I will support our guys (coaches and players) every step of the process. For the players nearing the end of their college careers, I hope we taste success sooner...RCJH.


JayHawkFanToo 7 months ago

ralster, you are on fire today, I agree with everything you posted.


Ralster Jayhawk 7 months ago

Word to the clueless, who in all ignorance, really think that an AD telling a coach how to coach is a viable option? No. No. And, no. All the Athletic Dir. needs to do is have simple weekly "progress-report meetings" with the head coach, which is exactly what Zenger is doing. Any head coach will thus know the AD is monitoring everything. Actually, a football-savvy AD with football coaching experience himself will PRECISELY know what line not to cross. No reason to be inappropriate. You chase any coach off with that stunt, good luck finding any sort of replacement, as your program will be blackballed in private coaching circles...Again, my apologies to Zenger, Weis, and the staff & players for the utter ignorance of too many in the KU fanbase. They need to just do their jobs like men, and disregard all the whiney-girls here. RCJH, someday.


Ralster Jayhawk 7 months ago

Cliff Notes version: Im willing to wait to see if we can ever develop this "decided schematic advantage" at KU. But that would require efficient, well-oiled execution. Obviously, we arent there yet...


Ralster Jayhawk 7 months ago

Well, well...same old foolish posts on this site. SSDD from the fanbase, right? Everybody going big-picture (blame SZ, blame CW, called Heaps "trash") after 1 loss, eventhough y'all saw the exact problem in execution we are having? That's called turning your back on the truth. All I am saying is to give this mostly new team (90% different from last year) time to get proficient/efficient, and assimilate the schemes vs. live foes.

Here's the difference for me: I hated the L in a winnable game, but I truly felt bad for the players. Just like after we lost in bball to Michigan, I felt the worst for the players, EJ included. I just want KU football to learn how to win--> but I have nothing but time. That KU diploma on the wall means I will root for KU football till the day I die...doesnt matter who the coach or players are. Same goes for KU basketball. Im all-in every year. You girls a-griping need to grow a pair regarding the realities of a total rebuild just beginning Yr2, and just get a grip. Reality is right there on the gamefilm/TV screen, but some of you cannot stomach it, much less mentally grasping how a coaching staff (&players) go about making things better. Keep your ignorance to yourselves please.


CHEEZIT 7 months ago

"Did you see that pile of crap out there" Yes I did and your the head coach of it!!!


Terry N Tom Denner 7 months ago

CW needs to just own up and let someone up in the Booth to tell him what plays to run on OF and on top of that the receivers need to get the bugs out of their butts and start catching the ball. Heap is doing his job and fine one at that.


danno1313 7 months ago

Mangino is still laughing. What a mean guy he was to his players. KU is much better off with NICE GUYS for coaches. Things have been great since the big man left.

Another one win season, dead ahead.


Reuben_J_Cogburn 7 months ago

Somethin to think about....just for "what if's" sake.

Heaps seems to be a great person and a great leader; with the ability to be a great football player. As are many of the guys on our team. But maybe that type of player doesn't work with KU.

Obviously we have to revert back to the Orange Bowl year to find a sampe. But think about those players. Think about Reesing.

It wasn't just about finding diamond-in-the-rough players from a talent was really more about attitude. We had a group of guys who didn't have as much talent, speed, strength, or over all ability as anyone they played.

But what we had was a group of players with an enormous chip on their shoulders. Something I haven't seen from a KU team since Mangino...a killer mentality. It made up for the talent discrepancy.

Heaps is more athletic and more dignified than Reesing ever was. But Reesing had a severe case of "little man" syndrome, and wouldn't stop until he proved himself better than his opponents.

Maybe that's the type of player we need to be successful at KU. Not the high-caliber, pedigree groomed QB...but the fiesty little jerk who just won't quit.

I direct this at Heaps, who I respect, but it could be true accross the board. We haven't had spirit or fight in a long time. Just a continuous group of guys who have gotten used to losing.


MartyrMangino 7 months ago

Call me crazy, but I believe there are some positive things to take away from the Rice game.

Our defense looks to be progressing ahead of schedule, even without many of the heralded recruits and our special teams play appears to be much improved from last year.

Unfortunately, I don't think that we are going to be able to run the ball very effectively until we prove that we can pass the ball. It isn't as simple as some are suggesting that we should just abandon passing and try to run right over teams. We don't have a credible passing game and there are a lot of players on our O-Line without much experience.

We all would like to be beyond the simple installation of a credible passing game, but that is not easy to do when you have a brand new O-Line, a new quarterback who hasn't played in a couple years, and middling talent at the receiver position. Our passing offense last year was almost historically bad; it is going to take some time to stop that runaway train.

I am feeling positive about this team because if the defense can keep improving, we should have something to build on. Back in the Mangino era, the defense came first and once the offense had talent to match the defense we took a big step forward. I have my own doubts about running a pro-style offense at KU, but I don't feel like we have had the caliber of player Weis envisions running it. We may never get that caliber of player.

Remember 06-07. There were so many games we should have won because we just couldn't put it all together yet. We will get there, but we need something to build on. Hopefully our defense and special teams will provide that stability.

P.S. Ben Heeney is a terrific player


Michael Luby 7 months ago

Well, if KU cant beat a mid major, its safe to wrap the season up now. Throw the towel in fellas, good try, maybe next year. I mean, how likely is it that the defense can carry them through the conference, especially when every other team we will play is better, much better? Just sayin.


Reuben_J_Cogburn 7 months ago

This is embarrassing....again.

And every year we set ourselves up for the same embarrassment.

No more "well, Turner Gill left us in a hole" jargin. This coaching staff has to do something right now, or we're going to quickly become the K-State of the modern era (if we're not already).

Is Weis a good coach? I have no idea. I'll tell you one thing though, he's a heck of a salesman. He had this university and fanbase sold on a product that doesn't exist.

The best thing I can say is that defense did their part...couldn't ask any more of them. They just couldn't do it at the end; after an entire game spent keeping us in it.

The scary thing is we have one of the best stable of running backs in the league, yet we couldn't run. That is the truly startling part about this loss.

I can't jump off board just yet, but this team needs to reach deep and find something...and I mean right now. You call me a pessimist, but you know exactly how quick a season can spiral out of control. You've seen it, just like I have.

Like it or not, we're in this thing. Pick youselves up and dust yourselves off. Get ready for next week.

It's time to right this ship; not just for pride, respect, or recognition....but for the sheer survival of the entire athletics progam. We stay a 2-win team for the next two or three years and conference realignment happens again....say good bye to the glory of KU basketball.

...we'll be fightin Eustachy at Colorado State for bragging rights in the Mountain West.


Sparko 7 months ago

The 57-yard field goal was a morale killer. The guy has more 50+ yard FGs than most of the NFL. Why he is at Rice is an eternal mystery. Rice will founder back into obscurity next season--KU scheduled at the worst possible time. Still should have won. Better play calling and better effort are needed.


Tony Bandle 7 months ago

It took three years to tear this program down...isn't it logical that it will take at least that long to build it up again???

As an architect, trust me on this...demolition is a lot easier than construction!!!


Milton Bland 7 months ago

I am not calling for Charlie ro be fired but I wish he would lose weight and buy some new clothes.


shufly 7 months ago

Disappointed but encouraged. I saw a defense that was much improved and still strong in the fourth quarter, special teams that looked damn good to me and an offense that appeared to have the ability to win at Rice. Offensive lines take time to gel and this one should improve with each game. The running game is sound and the passing game can be good with surer hands. CW/Campo have definitely turned the program in an upward direction. Feel for those of you still waiting for the elevator (it don't work), take the stairs and enjoy the progress.


OklahomaSooners 7 months ago

Can anyone tell me why my comments were removed yesterday? One was completely and totally removed almost like censership. I simply asked if your coach had thought about using a sweep play. It's a football play for a fast runer better than handing it off into a pile of logs. Is there something inapriate with the word sweep?


DaNeille Davis 7 months ago

You guys are killing me! Why does everyone always call for the coaches head on a platter the minute things go wrong? Jesus! Come one now! CW has been here one year and two games. What the hell are you expecting? A frickin miracle? Why can't you just support the team and coaches we have now and let them fix their mistakes? Support your Jayhawks! Not bash them after every game! Geez! Rock Chalk! Always a or lose!


AzHawk97 7 months ago

No mention of Coleman's drop. I would forgive Sims for his, since he contributes in other ways, but Coleman is a reciever that gets one to two chances a game to make a play.

I also agree above about the missed tackle allowing Pierson's TD. While it was an amazing play, both the not going down on contact and the breakaway speed, it was due to the Rice defender not wrapping up. So maybe that play was some karmic retribution for the drops.


iamakufan 7 months ago

What's the story on Cox? Last I heard he was good to go for the Rice game. Did I miss something?


Lance Cheney 7 months ago

I haven't seen anybody make this point yet, so here goes: I went back and watched the Tony Pierson TD (I wasn't able to watch the whole game but had it DVR'ed), and the only reason he scored is because the Rice defender didn't wrap him up at all (possibly due to injury - I'm not sure if he got injured before or after the missed tackle). If they make that tackle, which they should have, we only have a gain of about 5 or 6, and we probably don't even score a TD on that drive (based on our offensive performance), and lose 23-7. Is that not frustrating/concerning to anyone else, or is it just me?


Terran Woolley 7 months ago

Plus the Big XII may be even more weak than it was the last two seasons. This is a good year to be rebuilding in this pathetic conference.


WesternKSJayhawk 7 months ago

Maybe it has already been discussed somewhere on the site since the game, but I need to ask anyways.

Marquel Combs was tweeting during the game. Did he not even travel?



Marc Frey 7 months ago

The drops are frustrating, but seems to me, if we had made most of those catches, we would not be on HCCW's ass so much. Those drops stlled drives, took potential scores off the board, and gave the other team a possesion. There are a couple of other issues...stopping the option, that we need to work on. Other than that...I think we can still pick up a couple more wins. We are not the only Big 12 team struggling. Lets take advantage of it.


shelleysue 7 months ago

My grandson said he was going to buy a bunch of velcro and wrap the receivers in it


Nicholas Cederlind 7 months ago

I hope coach doesn't use his K-Mart sale on "hands" comment this week because butterfingers wasn't the problem. Our guys should have dropped those balls because they couldn't even get in FRONT of it. We need better position, not better hands.


NebraskaJayhawk 7 months ago

Guys...we cannot afford another coaching change right now. And I'm not talking financially. So anyone that's suggesting a coaching change, please stop. I think pretty much everyone is baffled by some of the play-calling Saturday night. I know I was and continue to be, but this program needs some stability. Give Weis his five years and let's see where it goes from here.


Steve Corder 7 months ago

Have not been able to see the first two games where I live, but I share in the frustration expressed. However, it only takes a couple of catches to change a game, and in this case a confidence boost is as needed as anything.

A coach never looks better than when a player makes a play.

By-the-way, these posts are NOTHING compared to what our Orange Blood, UT , brethren are going through.


hawkone 7 months ago

KU has to find a way to get the ball in McCay's hands. He seems to be as open as any of the other recievers, but not getting much attention. I thought I recalled hearing that Heaps and McCay had great chemistry.


nuleafjhawk 7 months ago

(Regarding Mundine)

“Absolutely,” Heaps said. “There’s no reason for me to question him, and he’s gonna continue to be one of my go-to guys. I have 100 percent confidence him.”

Jake is in the wrong bidness. But he's gonna make one darn fine politician some day.


OakvilleJaybateNightmare 7 months ago

Justin McCay is a huge disappointment. On that deep ball that Heaps gave him, he made no move on the ball. He just watched a much smaller defender catch it right in front of him and then you people act like Heaps made a bad decision. It's single coverage! McCay is like 6'4"!!! You throw that ball every time and the receiver doesn't let the defender have it, simple as that.

You think Bob Stoops is a dummy? There is a reason he didn't mind McCay transferring in conference. He saw how soft he was and his unwillingness to compete.

I'm sure Justin is a fine young man but he is no where near a go to option at this level of play. Period. End of Story.


jaymar74 7 months ago

The turn around under Mangino started with the defense. I do not think we are talking enough about the fact Rice scored 16 points on offense. Rice has averaged over 30 points for over a year and their offense is all Juniors and Seniors


akgjenkintown 7 months ago

What many fail to recognize with the receiving core is that dropping passes is only one of the problems. As demonstrated on Saturday, the receivers are having a difficult time getting open, thus leading to Heaps getting constantly harassed and sacked. Rice had good cover corners, but if this is an indication of the receivers ability to get separation from the defenders, then it will only get worse once the Big XII season starts.


troutsee 7 months ago

If Akron can play with the big boys, why not KU? Why? Why? Why?


Brett McCabe 7 months ago

Quite a bit of overreaction after an away loss to a bowl team that returned something like 19 starters.

As ATL points out, the defense seems significantly improved - though we'll know a lot more about that unit in two weeks.

As numerous posters pointed out all summer long: the entire offensive line is virtually new. Forget about the drops, the law of averages says that this stat will even out. Focus on offensive line improvement - where gains will effect every part of the offense.

We have two more weeks to get ready for the Red Raider onslaught. That game will tell us where we are as a team.

Weis isn't going anywhere, and not because he is Zenger's guy. But because it would be bad for the program. Right now, it's time for the team to get tough, the coaches to dig in and for the fans to get a clue.


troutsee 7 months ago

More than half the posters on this board say run, run, run. Okay. So we have good backs, but we also have a guy that can throw the ball. Unless we mix it up and keep other defenses off balance, our offense will continue to falter.

This whole fire-Weis stuff comes from the crazies.

However, the La Tech game just became our most important game of the year. I watched La Tech play Tulane the other night, and Tulane manhandled them and the La Tech QB looked horrible. If we don't win this game......


Keith Hummel 7 months ago

I'll say again, we are two games into the second season of a MASSIVE rebuilding project. The defense appears to be further along than we all thought. Offense - not so much. So we have work to do. How 'bout we all take a deep breath and give it a little more time. If these coaches are as good as advertised then we should see major improvement in the coming weeks.


area51 7 months ago

Is it basketball season yet? SRDC.......same results......different coach


hotrodm 7 months ago

KU's receivers couldn't catch a cold.


Rock_Chalk_NYC 7 months ago

Get an Offensive Coordinator! Our play calling for 14 games under Weis has been atrocious.


Ashwin Rao 7 months ago

On an unrelated topic, I do like the white uniforms!


Janet Scott 7 months ago

Weis won't last at KU beyond his 3rd year.


Charles Logan 7 months ago

Kansas was horrible Saturday night. We all saw it. The offense was horrible. The defense wasn't so good either. Yes Heeney played well, but if you watched the game, our defense didn't look good at all. Most of the stops we had on defense wasn't us.. It was Rice stopping themselves! Their RB had a career high 157 yards against us. He is a senior, and never had that many yards before...... AND THEY PLAY IN CONFERENCE USA! You mean to tell me that the bottom teams of Conf. USA can keep him under control, but we can't? Our D-line was getting blown up! That was a smack in the face for me, and a wake up call that KU is gonna get run over in BigXII play.

There was a BYU fan on the KU conversation page at ESPN .com before the South Dakota game. He was giving a warning to KU fans about Heaps. He said that he has a problem killing drives by being sacked. He said that the sacks usually average about 9.5 yards. KU fans called him a troll, and ridiculed his statement. Saturday night his statement was dead on. Heaps is unbelievably slow. I was totally surprised by how slow he is. The only QB I have ever seen slower than him is Dayne Crist! Heaps did take some unnecessary sacks because he didn't throw the ball away, but other than that Heaps played ok.

This loss falls totally ON COACH WEIS!!!!!! Some may say do you think you could do better? YES I DO! I am not a college coach nor have I ever been, but I bet if I had the exact team Weis has now..... I could crush Rice! Heavy rotation of Miller, Sims, Bourbon, Pierson, Cummings, Mathews, AND COZART! Cox is hurt, and I knew he wouldn't play. I don't know why Weis is trying to hide it. Cox needs a couple of weeks to heal.

Cozart at QB Miller, and Sims on both sides of him..... Pierson outside of them. Triple option run! Triple option run. Sweep to miller. Short pass to Pierson (just like the K-state game last year). Naked bootleg Cozart. Sweep to Sims.

This backfield could be a force, but Weis isn't using it. (USE THE FORCE COACH....use the force.)

Next series Cummings QB Sims, Bourbon in either side of him. Mathews outside of them. Same thing....... Next series back to Cozart. ......Repeat.

I would have more pass plays with Cozart at QB than with Cummings. I also would put Mathews in the Jayhawk formation, and have him PASS to Pierson! Even with a weak O-line, group #1 would have gotten us a win. I'm pretty sure of that.


machinegun 7 months ago

Stop making excuses for Charlie Weis. He is the head coach. He is being paid millions of dollars to produce a winning team. The players work for free, they bust their butts all week (3 hours on Sunday?), and then they go out and give it their best each and every week. Weis will throw anybody under the bus to deflect attention away from his own failure to produce a winning team. These are college kids working hard to win games not NFL players making millions just to show up and dance when they make a play.

The Weis apologists continue to plead for more time claiming that those who would dare to point out his numerous coaching shortfalls are not true KU fans. Stuff like, Charlie needs 5 years to build a winning team. Absurd suggestion on the face of it. Mangino did it two.

If Zenger's plan is to let Charlie drag this out like some kind of research project, both of them will be looking for new gigs elsewhere. Zenger just got a pay increase and contract extension from the administration for who knows what reason. The new track is on the outskirts of town and the local developer got a nice sweetheart deal apparently without any meaningful competition. This is a recipe for disaster based on simple economics, certainly not the kind of business decision that warrants any kudos. Remember, that it was not a fully transparent transaction. That is always a red flag.

Zenger has no time to fiddle frick around. Get it, fiddle frick. Memorial Stadium needs to be filled with paying customers (i.e., adoring fans). Ticket revenue and alumni support are crucial to renovating Memorial Stadium which is rapidly advancing toward its 100th Anniversary. KU fans demand a winning football team now not five years from now.

Due to Weis' hubris, he continues to fiddle around with an offense that is viewed by many football analysts as one of the worst in the FBS. Weis apologists always point to the fact that the Preacher was blessed with more talent. Sure, the Preacher was preoccupied with turning the guys into a church choir. However, it also is fair to point out that the team had just lost Reesing and two NFL receivers from Mangino's team.

Charlie has had two 5-star quarterbacks and turned both of them into rambling wrecks. Last time I checked, Dayne was on the NFL roster of the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens. We should expect more from Weis and judge him just as harshly as the Preacher if not more so. The Preacher got two years. That is all Weis will get if he does not quickly turn things around (or bail out). The word is that he is talking to his NFL buddies about job openings just in case this season goes down the tubes like last year. Weis will not allow himself to get fired like he did at his beloved Alma Mater. Remember Weis is a Notre Dame guy with all of his extensive ties to South Bend. He has his millions and frankly should probably retire due to his poor health.


jayhawkintx1973 7 months ago

Weis has one opportunity to make play calls that will allow for high percentage pass plays to get these guys some confidence. The receivers, backs, and tight ends need to catch the ball first. Yards after the catch are not nearly as important this coming Saturday. Just get some confidence and give the other team something to have to cover in the passing game even if they are just short passes.

I'm also okay with speeding up the offense when you're moving the ball and don't let the other team get substitutions but the play calls have to be right. Nothing tricky. If Weis can do this and the receivers can just focus on catching the ball and the shorter passes like quick slants, short little stop routes, and if there is a guy that is coming in off the edge, that's the side of the hot route. Empower the players to use their skills. Heaps can get rid of the ball quick if the right plays are called. C'mon Weis. You can do this.

Zenger, I think you need to give Weis an ultimatum. No trickery. Just the types of passes that will get our guys on the outside a chance to succeed. Four wins this year or Weis has to hire an OC and Weis can no longer call the plays except for in situations during a timeout when it's a close game late in which we trail by a touchdown or less. It had better be the right call for the situation and not going for a 50 yard bomb if all you need is 7 yards on 3rd down. Also, how about some of these passes like this on first down so the other team doesn't stack the box. If you don't get the passing game going, it's going to be another rough year. Weis can do way better than this, but I'm questioning now if his ego is in the way. Just win. It doesn't take any thing fancy with these guys. That can come later when you got guys in the system for more than a year. Just win.


Ryan Lee 7 months ago

Catch the fu$%&*ng ball!


phatass311 7 months ago

We had several drops but it seems that Heaps is putting a little too much mustard on the short throws. His touch seems a bit off as well on the shorter routes especially that disaster of a backwards "pass" attempt to Embree.


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