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Opinion: Charlie Weis too ambitious in trying to balance coaching, coordinating

Kansas head coach Charlie Weis looks up at the scoreboard late in the fourth quarter against Rice, Saturday, Sept. 14, 2013 at Rice Stadium in Houston, Texas. At left is linebackers coach Clint Bowen.

Kansas head coach Charlie Weis looks up at the scoreboard late in the fourth quarter against Rice, Saturday, Sept. 14, 2013 at Rice Stadium in Houston, Texas. At left is linebackers coach Clint Bowen.


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Kansas coach Charlie Weis talks to reporters following the Jayhawks' 23-14 loss to Rice on Sept. 14, 2013.

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— Two weeks into the Kansas University football season, I can’t stop thinking head coach Charlie Weis fell one recruit short during a busy offseason of bringing new talent to the program. It’s becoming apparent he should have recruited an offensive coordinator to take those duties off of his own plate.

The thought first occurred to me after the spring football game, which Weis watched from up in the box. He remarked afterward that it’s easy for a veteran coach to spot what the defense is doing from upstairs.

The same thought gained steam in the first half of an unimpressive season-opening victory against South Dakota. The voices in my head calling for change grew louder in the first half of Saturday night’s 23-14 loss to Rice, played in front of 22,974 in Rice Stadium.

Down by a field goal and starting a drive at its 40 with 2:52 left in the half, Kansas had plenty of time to use multiple plays to draw within field-goal range or break one for a touchdown along the way. Instead, what happened amounted to a punt on first down, giving the ball to the team armed with the best field-goal kicker in the nation.

Quarterback Jake Heaps attempted a bomb to Justin McCay, a 50-50 ball that was intercepted and Rice was able to drive into field-goal range to take a 13-7 lead at the half. Throwing long does not appear to be Heaps’ strength and McCay is a possession receiver, not much of a deep threat. It played to nobody’s strength, except that of Rice dual-threat quarterback Taylor McHargue and kicker Chris Boswell.

The bomb smacked of desperation when the circumstances were anything but desperate. It was too ambitious a play called by a coach who was guilty of being too ambitious in taking on so many duties when trying to turn around the program in shambles that he inherited.

At the very least, it was a swing of three points. And it was far from the only bizarre decision on a night when KU’s offensive line was exposed as not ready for prime-time competition.

Another strange call: On fourth and one from its 23, Kansas didn’t just send the punt unit onto the field. Instead, Weis had Heaps attempt to draw the defense offside. It didn’t work because it was way too obvious that was what KU was trying to do. Rice doesn’t have the fastest athletes on the planet, but they do have brains fertile enough to handle the academic demands of a very fine school. Predictably, the five-yard delay-of-game penalty was an unnecessary gift.

Weis is not too proud to steal from other coaches and acknowledge when he does so, but doesn’t want to conform to what the vast majority of coaches believe to be the right way to assemble a coaching staff, which is to have an offensive coordinator working for a head coach, not one man performing both demanding tasks, all the more demanding given the magnitude of the rebuilding challenge.

During the offseason, Weis shared that he was stealing from West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen and planned to use Tony Pierson the way Holgorsen used Tavon Austin, as a hybrid running back/receiver, the idea being the more ways to get the fastest player on the field, the better. Pierson had five touches Saturday, just one run. That’s not how Holgorsen used Austin. Pierson rushed for 120 yards on 19 carries a year ago.

Calling plays in college football is a very different animal from the NFL, where every team has athletes good enough to enable a coach to scheme to stop something. In college, superior athletes can expose defenses, even ones designed to stop them. For example, no NFL player could have as big a speed advantage against an NFL defense as Pierson had against Rice. Pierson caught four passes for 95 yards, including a 77-yard TD catch on which he covered the final 76 yards with his legs.

“We only had 15 plays in the first quarter,” Weis said. “When it comes to a game like that, you want to make sure that you are trying to re-establish the running game because a lot of those plays early in the game, those quick passes, were run calls where they took away the run we’re throwing a pass.”

James Sims gained 109 yards on 19 rushes.

“I felt like we needed to give James the ball more to establish the interior line of scrimmage and we hadn’t done that in the first quarter, and that’s what I was trying to do,” Weis said.

It’s never a bad idea to hand the ball to Sims, but several Pierson outside running plays could have come at the expense of passes. Jake Heaps threw 28 passes and was sacked three times. The four KU running backs — Taylor Cox sat this one out — combined for 23 carries.

Talent-wise, this is a football team that should be running the ball 65 percent of the time, regardless of whether the defense schemes to take away the run, especially since the Heaps target who does the best job of getting open is having atypical trouble holding onto the football. Tight end Jimmay Mundine dropped a key third-down pass late in the first half and a potential score late in the game. Nothing wrong with those play calls. Weis has the personal skills to get inside of Mundine’s head, figure out what has given him the yips and show him the path back to ball security, but does he have the time to do that if he’s busy scripting the offensive plays, trying to make his preference for balance work with an imbalanced roster?


John Fitzgerald 7 months ago

KEEGAN! I'VE BEEN SAYING THIS FOR SOOOOO LONG! Thanks for bringing this up. I like Weis, and think he's a great coach, but he's gotta take a step back and realize he can't just "handle" everything. The best leaders know how to delegate. They are the best leaders because they bring out the best in the men they lead. If he can't trust his leading abilities enough to find someone to call the plays, then that worries me. Once he swallows his pride, I think he'll get the hint and bring on an offensive coordinator. Preferably one from the Oregon area! Haha!


budsitz 7 months ago

Charlie Weis was a disaster of a hire. And, the AD must be accountable for this disaster. First, Charlie has a total of six years as a head coach. At ND he was paid $ 2.6 mil/year. They were even stupid enough to give him a 10 year extension after going 9-3 with Ty Willingham's recruits. He then went 10-3 when these players were seniors in 2006. His last two years with his recruits he went 10-16. ND lost their last six games in 2008. He was fired with six years left on his contract. He has two more years of $2.6 coming from ND. We hired him for $2.3 MIL/YEAR. So far, he has gone 2-12. That works out to 2.3 mil per win. Actually, he is currently taking home $4.9 million -win or lose. He belongs in the NFL where all of the offensive players are gifted athletes and can make his system function. He is a pathetic recruiter. The really sad thing is that a fantastic talent, Dave Doeren, really wanted the KU job. Now, he will turn NC State into a powerhouse. And, in two or three years of 2-10 or 3-9 seasons Charlie will be sent packing back to the NFL with his enriched bank account, and KU will resume our perpetual "rebuilding saga".


halogenlamps 7 months ago

I vote Tom Keegan for OC. When he fails spectacularly, then he can shut his big fat mouth.


tdscpa 7 months ago

Time to have walk-on tryouts for offensive coordinator!


DKmode50 7 months ago

that only expands my argument Houtex.he brought in retreads and juco transfers cause hes said repeatedly hes not interested in developing players (what coach says that) . it just seems like this is one big self serving experiment. So hes taking huge gambles....if it works even moderately well he likely bails forfirst nfl job offer with guaranteed money still coming from KU ...if he fails he can just shrug his shoulders and say "hey i tried but you just cant win there" and STILL walk away with guaranteed money because our moron ad gave him the most absurd contract deal imagineable.


mikehawk 7 months ago

The Blue Kool Aid being gulped down in preseason just turned sour. Welcome to the massive rebuilding job called Kansas Football. We really need this next one with La Tech. It might be the last W this year. Maybe we get one more somewhere. Three wins would truly be something to celebrate. That is how far down the program is right now. Rather than be honest about the situation and own up to the fact we are a big pile of crap (still), it is easier to blame the coach, AD, players, cheerleaders, Big Jay, Baby Jay, etc, etc.


Patrick Leiker 7 months ago

Would be interesting if Weis goes upstairs to call plays given he made his whole defensive staff move to the sideline? Our defense looks great with their coordinators on the field. Plenty of successful OCs call plays from the sideline. I do agree that both HC and OC jobs may be to much for Weis, but don't agree with the premise that and OC has to be upstairs to see what the defense is doing.


Robert Brown 7 months ago

Had Zenger hired Gill he would still be here. Weis and Zenger are now joined at the hip. Zenger will be viewed as a success only if Weis is successful.

To DKs point, I would be a lot more patient if we recruited a lot of young players and were told this is a 3-4 year project. But Weis did not do that. By bringing in 5 star QBs and other transfers, he is signaling that he expected to win quickly.


tophawk87 7 months ago

Good thing Zenger fired Gill so Weis could come and go 1-11 and then lose to Rice. Gill was only given 2 long will Zenger stick with Weis? Firing Gill too quickly and hiring Weis is on our inexperienced AD...


DKmode50 7 months ago

Sorry how is that none of Weis fault? he gambled big time on jucos and thats the price you pay and why no one in their right mind signs 20 jucos in one class.....its playing with fire. Weis didnt want to start from scratch he wanted quick fixes. Yes there is some fault with him either not doing adequate hw or taking kids with very shakey baggage. ie Chris Martin.

And Keegan i know you are a giant Weis apologist and refuse to find anything negative to say....but theres another description for "too ambitious" about "arrogance"? or "hubris"? Weis thinks he can do both because hes Charlie Weis and if you dont understand that its because you arent as smart as him.


Joe Ross 7 months ago

RE: "Two weeks into the Kansas University football season, I can’t stop thinking head coach Charlie Weis fell one recruit short during a busy offseason of bringing new talent to the program."

Look at all the injuries, NCAA disqualifications, defections, dismissals due to legal reasons, etc. and so on with all of this years' recruits! None of that is Weis' fault. It took a while for Mangino to get going. Sometimes, it takes a few years to turn around a program. So what's the difference between Gill and Weis, then? Well, for one, we weren't competitive on the field under Gill. Embarassment week in, week out. Two, Gill didn't know anything about football. At all. You could tell because on the field he couldn't manage a game. Three. He was clueless about what the problem areas were. Even when the press knew, Gill had to be told where the issues were.

Much of the problem lies is expectations by the fans. Look. We are Kansas. We get spoiled on basketball success. We have "learned" that even in a year where we are short on personnel and/or talent, it is justifiable to expect to win. But that is in basketball. We have the same expectations in football, though. I have always thought it'd take 3-5 years to build stability into the program.


yates33333 7 months ago

I think Weis ought to continue as offensive coordinator and hire a head coach.

On a serious note, Rice has a good team. They played Texas A&M close in the first half and for the entire game better than a 21 point victory would normally indicate. A&M nearly beat #1 Alabama. To put it simply once more, Rice has a good team and will probably win their division of Conference USA. The challengers who will push them are Tulsa, UNT, and maybe Tulane. Personally I hope the University of North Texas beats them.

Weis has a pretty good team, and in my opinion ought not to be criticized for this loss. His problem is that KU is in a powerful league. #6 Texas A&M's respectable showing in the SEC, the power league in university football, indicates as much. Rock Chalk, KU, and Rock Chalk, Charlie Weis.


Robert Brown 7 months ago

I don't understand what Charlie Weis has accomplished that gives anyone hope that he will be able to transform the Hawks to a consistent 7-8 win team that wins half their conference games.

Lets put this in perspective. We are talking about Rice a team that before last year never beat a Big 12 school and now have beaten us twice.

Charlie can obviously talk a good game but can he coach a good game. His track record is spotty at best, but some here think he is the second coming of Knute Rockne. What has he done to gt such accolades? I don't get it.


Ryan Shelton 7 months ago

Having roamed the hs sidelines for years, I swore I would never publically call out a coach, but Keegan hits the nail on the head with this article. I was livid with that pass late in the 2nd quarter. Such a bad decision. The only way we get away with bad play calls like that one is if we are well ahead in the fourth quarter. Inexcusable in my opinion.


Tony Bandle 7 months ago

I keep saying to you guys..2014 will be our breakout season.

2012 was the season to hit rock bottom to show how much damage was done in 2009, 10, 11.

2013 will be the season that KU team and coaching staff learns what it takes to win, although not necessarily winning much themselves.

2014 with another influx of talent Juco and otherwise plus a foundation of experience, KU will break ourt and possibly be bowl eligible.

C' took three seasons to tear down the house isn't it fair to expect at least the same time frame to rebuld it again???


kay_you 7 months ago

I think the depth to which this program has sunk in the last 3 years has been underestimated and the expectations of some KU fans have been unrealistic. After two games it has become apparent that talent wise, we are just not there yet. We are not going to a bowl game this year but we can still win some games. I refuse throw the AD, Coach and players under the bus. This program has a long way to go and we won’t get there by starting over with a new coach.


troutsee 7 months ago

Once again totally disappointed with KUFB. When will we ever get over the hump? Probably not in my lifetime. I have not liked what I have seen in the first two games. Better get 'em ready for Saturday, Charlie. A loss on Sat will end the season. Can we just once have a KU team over achieve? Consistently? Nope. No way, Jose. After all, this is KUFB. This is what we have grown accustomed to. It doesn't matter who the coach is. It doesn't matter who the players are. This is KUFB and this is why the stands empty at half time. When the long time devotees like myself throw in the towel, it's time for the administration to worry. I know, I know. We have only played two games. But, our performance in those two games has been very telling. I am always optimistic prior to the season and then reality hits.


champdave 7 months ago

I agree with Keegan here. The track record both here and at Notre Dame clearly suggests that Weis is a terrible head coach, but it's hard to pinpoint where the problem is. His recruiting probably isn't quite as good as it looks on paper, but I don't think talent is the limiting factor. He seems to connect well with the players, and I haven't really seen problems with effort except a few times last year when the game was already well out of reach. He never had a good staff at Notre Dame - never had a good defensive coordinator, and the positions coaches seemed to be better at recruiting than coaching. The staff here seems to be much better, though I can't help but notice that the two position coaches he brought from ND happen to coach the two positions that have struggled the most (QB and WR).

So yes, I think Weis being spread too thin is a big part of the problem. One of Mangino's strengths was that he seemed to know every aspect of the game. Whatever unit was struggling the most, Mangino would work with in practice to provide extra help. Snyder does that too. Weis on the other hand has so many responsibilities with the offense that he can't take such an active role in developing players. At the very least, I think it's time for Charlie Jr to take on a bigger role.


Jim Jackson 7 months ago

Play calling and of course, the drops, are why we lost. Rice was consistently tackling us for loss on 1st and 2nd down and Charlie did not call a single play action the entire 2nd half (I missed 1st half, did he call one then?).

I am not an offensive guru but I am pretty sure that pee wee football coaches have the aptitude to play action when needed.

Furthermore, I hope we see more Charles Brooks because Mundine is atrocious.


VaJay 7 months ago

Keegs - how can you say we need to run the ball 65% of the time if our O-line can't open a single hole??

If you take away Sims' 2 big runs from the game stats, he averaged 2.5 yards per carry. To start the second half, I'm sure Weis was trying to make a statement by trying to run the ball down their throats - and what happened? Well, we gained 4 yards in our first 4 running plays, the first two plays on a 3 & out, and 2 runs on the second series which was a 3 & out too.

Grunhard's got his work cut out for him this week - he's got to figure out a blocking scheme that will work better, or we're in trouble...

On a side note - Weis made a great call on offense in the second half on the one yard sneak for a touchdown - he made sure we ran a super fast play so there wouldn't be a replay of the previous down, which would've shown Tre Parmalee fumbling the ball away at the end of a 17 yard pass play.


Steve Jacob 7 months ago

Think it's not coaching but talent. Everyone kept saying Heaps was a 5 star QB, but that was 2009. The wideouts don't help. I am of the opinion if KU loses to a bad Louisiana Tech team at home, Weis might not be back in 2013.

Going over my past comments...7/18 "4-8 for KU. Anything more then that is great, less then that you have to wonder if Weis will stay." 8/24 "I have heard a few experts say 4-8 too. Think that will keep the masses happy enough. Only one or two wins, and you have the potential of blowing up and rebuilding again, with a new coach (fired or quit). KU CAN NOT LOSE TO BOTH RICE AND LOUISIANA TECH. I can not stress that enough."


AzHawk97 7 months ago

So the answer to Wildcat not working last week was having Heaps have four running plays called for him? Those are four touches better served for Pierson, Sims, Bourbon,...etc., etc.


AzHawk97 7 months ago

This article is right on the money. And it echoes comments I have made from Day 1 of Weis, this turnaround is way too big to have a head coach overseeing the offense as well. I noted those exact quotes that Weis made at the spring game. The media needs to address this with Charlie instead of sitting in the front row of his pressers giggling and being his hype machine. Manny Diaz at UT got fired as defensive coordinator for his body of work over the last season, maybe it's time for Weis to to the same with the offensive coordinator at KU.


Robert Brock 7 months ago

Our receivers are terrible. They struggle to get open, and on the rare times that they are, they put out their hands...and drop the ball. Nearly every time. This is going to be a huge problem until KU recruits better players.


troutsee 7 months ago

Actorman said it best above. Long time KUFB fans have suffered enough. We are frustrated, angry, disappointed, disenchanted, and resigned to losing year after year and after year. We have perhaps one good team every 20 years. Hells bells if Akron can come within a heartbeat of upsetting Michigan at the big house, where are we? Where is our satisfaction? Is it only in beating a totally outmanned South Dakota State. Is that it? Is that all there is? We supposedly have all these coaching gurus and we put together a game plan that looks like it was drawn up by me. I'm sick of it. Put a good product on the field or give it up. This simply won't do.


Rivethead 7 months ago

Let's not forget, coach Weis and team had one extra week to prepare for this season/game. Looks like it was wasted from a game plan perspective.


Bryce Landon 7 months ago

This loss has more to do with bad execution on the part of Heaps and the receiving corps than with bad play-calling.

Patience, people! Turner Gill ran this program so deep into the ground that it's going to take Weis some time to dig us out. Kinda like Glen Mason needed several years to dig Kansas out of the hole that Bob Valesente left them in.


Ralster Jayhawk 7 months ago

On a stern note, maybe the WRs and TE should take "effort" notes from a 5'11, 175lb RB (Pierson) who was forced to try to make a circus catch way downfield, too little, too late. The dropsy caught up with us in this game, and that's the most maddening thing. Not that mad at Heaps, as INTs may happen, he's gotta get up to speed himself. But damn, he needs some help!


Ralster Jayhawk 7 months ago

Im not sold on the OC/head coach debate, only because of 2 logic points:

1) Weis's players arent rehearsed enough yet to execute his stuff productively & consistently (yet). Kind of like trying to watch a bunch of Self's frosh trying to execute Self's stuff early in the season, right? We hate the L's, but give em a chance to get better in live play, as that is exactly the point of experience they need as a unit.

2) BIG conundrum caused by Weis "removing" 1 of the 2 hats he wears (HC or OC): If he goes upstairs as OC-only, who do you make HC? Campo? Does he get the big $ then instead? I dont think any HC's ego would allow him to step-down as HC & just be OC. Now if Weis stays on the sideline as a HC-only, who is going to call the plays, when that "decided schematic advantage" is Weis's supposed calling card?

My theory is this: Weis stays HC+OC, but goes upstairs into the box, to see the field better, and call the plays better. Keegan may be right about the fact that Weis is even handicapping his own "decided schematic advantage" by not being up in the booth, like ANY good OC would be.

Finally, there may be more than we know: Never saw Campo on sideline, maybe he is up in the box, analyzing the opposing D, and telling Weis (who was evidently talking to someone in the booth on his headset). And the sad fact of execution comes right back to our WRs not catching the balls that hit em in the hands, and an inexperienced O-line, in all aspects.


Ralster Jayhawk 7 months ago

Offense still a work in progress. WRs dropping balls that hit them in the hands is a quick way to make an offense stink, and 2 games of the same dropsy = a trend...

Nice to see lessened penalties on KU.

Nice work by the defense. Some of Rice's final TD could have been from the big emotional letdown of knowing the O just wasnt going to get it done, and the team loses hope.

O-line was spotty at best in ALL situations, but lets not forget the inexperience the O-line has.

Now that the DBs got "tested", I do feel a lot better about them as a unit.

Finally, hats off to Rice: they indeed were an improved team from what they were at Memorial Stadium last year. (See in contrast KU has a ton of new starters on both sides of the ball).

Our "preseason" live-action practice games continue, but the Ls do count.

Jake Heaps: Both INT's seemed to be on Jake, as he's gotta make the final pre-trigger decision, but we wont know if the bomb to McKay (2nd INT) was supposed to be over the outer shoulder (sideline) and 'badly' underthrown, or if was the "reach back catch" playcall, and thus purposely under-thrown slightly? I will give that Rice player recognition for the first INT that he tipped to himself, made a hell of a play. That TD loomed large for most of the game, and sort of overshadowed how well the D played for the first 90% of the game. Bottom line, gotta score more pts from the O, no matter how well the D plays. BigXII meat grinder is coming. How about this summation: QB + RB need help from WR + OL + TE!


RibMan 7 months ago

Charlie Weis isn't a top-tier offensive coordinator in the Big 12. Deal with it.

The play-calling has been unimaginative since he arrived.

The defense showed signs of improvement last year at the end of the season. That has continued.

Totally agree that Weis needs to fire himself as coordinator. He has earned it.


Janet Scott 7 months ago

Weis couldn't win at ND, where he had limitless resources. Why do we think he can or will win at KU? Ain't going to happen. Z made this hire out of desperation, to generate hype and a flash of energy among the KU faithful. Weis will be gone after year 3.


Tony Bandle 7 months ago


1] OMG...1-11 just reappeared as an albeit not so slim possibility.

2] Heaps no better than Crist is not a rational statement. Jake has less experience, more room to grow and two seasons ahead of him. Please calm down.

3] Compared to the last three seasons, the defense has made a definitive upgrade.

4] 100% in agreement with offensive cooerdinator is a must in this day and age.

5] GLASS HALF FULL - Well, at least we were in the game till the very end.

6] I have got to amend my previous protest..the white helmet/white uni looked pretty sharp out there last night.

7] Gosh, this morning, a 6 - 6 season feels like it's still years away.

8] This must be how the lower tier teams of the Big 12 feels about basketball!!!


ForeverLoyal2KU 7 months ago

I agree 100% with Keegan. I respect a lot of the things Coach Weis has done leading the program since he got here; however, as an outsider watching the game, he deserves the biggest blame for this loss. The offense has been terrible from day one with little to no signs of improvement. Let's just call it like it is: his play calls have been awful. With this team and our stable of running backs, we should NEVER pass more times than we run. Why does he come out slinging the ball around from the start? Even when we call pass plays a majority of the time, they seem to not be well drawn up to put guys in the best position to succeed. Get your running backs the ball!! Then, you can supplement that with a small passing game. The run game (your strength) can strengthen your passing game (the weakness) if you handle it properly. Last year, we competed in games in conference play (almost beat Tx Tech, Texas, OSU) with Michael Cummings as quarterback because it forced Charlie to run the ball. Now with Heaps, you should be able to supplement a small passing game to that and you'd expect at least SOME improvement in the offense.

Big time props to Coach Campo and the Defense though. I'd argue that our undermanned defense last year helped keep us in a lot of games due to turnovers even if we couldn't slow people down much (4 TOs against TCU and Charlie's "decisive schematic advantage" offense does nothing to help us win). Tonight the D showed it has improved a lot since Coach Campo, Bowen, etc. joined the staff.

On a final side note, this is why I respect coaches like (dare I say it) Snyder and even Mangino. They aren't about flash or drawing attention to themselves. With Snyder, it's about going to work everyday, doing everything in his power to make his team better and to create a culture of intense focus and work ethic that make the players strive for improvement. It's about demanding more out of the players than they think they can give. A lot is made of KSU's juco recruits, and for good reason. However, go back and look at their high school recruits. Look at their ranking, what other schools were recruiting them, and then see the players they become. The same thing is true under Mangino with guys like Aquib Talib, Todd Reesing, and about half the players off that Orange Bowl team. I know the importance of marketing your program, but not at the expense of winning and having a program of substance.


Jack Jones 7 months ago

Yes, we lost a game we could/should have won ~ and one that carried a lot of meaning beyond just this game. But ~ "too upset to go to sleep" !! ~ it ain't that big a deal! The second game, of the second season of Coach Weis tenure as our head coach ~ and the judgements some people make, and the things some people say are ~ well, the word 'comical' comes to mind, except that they're not funny. Look, I understand the mentality of a typical sports fan ~ been there, done that. Unfortunately, the 'negative rant' is well established as a permanent condition arising from the male DNA ~ most apparent in sports and political utterances. Having passed thru that 'phase', while retaining my same high level of enthusiasm for all things Kansas University (including, and especially athletics - all athletics) ~ my perspective has evolved to where I can see patience as being far more rational than the former knee-jerk responses I formerly exhibited. When the genetically based negative tendency is coupled with the more recent, "I want it, and I want it now!" ~ and the "What have you done for me lately?" mentality ~ Well, there you are. Regardless of the name of our Head Football Coach, anyone who believes that a D-I football program ~ coming from where our program has been for so many years ~ can be turned around in 5 years , or less, is truly delusional ~ and not much of a 'fan' ~ in my opinion.


havecents 7 months ago

This is no surprise. Chaz had you fooled.


machinegun 7 months ago

I need to vent because I am so upset that I cannot go to sleep. We lost a must win game.

No way can anyone say that they are happy. Happy about what? Zenger has to share some of the responsibility. He is making a boatload of money and football is supposed to generate the kind of revenue to support other athletic programs. We also need the ticket revenue and alumni support to renovate the stadium well before the 100th Anniversary which is not very far away.

However, this huge loss is on Charlie! Where is Dayne? Charlie needs somebody to blame. Weis and his Notre Dame guys are not pulling their weight. The O-Line is slow and ineffective. Heaps is not going to fulfill Charlie's preseason hype. The WR corps is going backward.

You see, Charlie acts like a typical blowhard. He makes claims that you want to believe but you know deep down he is blowing smoke. He also can't continue to make harsh comments like "last years team was a pile of crap" without eventually passing on that negativity to his current team. I wonder if that hasn't happened already.

Big 12 defenses are going to stack the line just like they did last year. To win in the Big 12, we need a strong passing game. We don't have one. Deep threat? Not yet. Do we really need such a complex offense that only Charlie and Charlie Jr. can fully comprehend it?

I sure hope we fill Memorial Stadium this coming Saturday for the game against mighty LA Tech. Maybe Charlie will start buying tickets for the students. I am afraid Senior Night will be too late. The K-Staters will gladly fill 3/4 of our stadium.


Hawk4Life34 7 months ago

Heaps is not the problem...yes he made some bad decisions...but when a ball hits the receivers in the chest it is not the QB's fault if they drop it. And Heap's isn't better than Crist? are you kidding me? Crist couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat...he wasn't mobile and couldn't escape pressure. Heaps ain't a huge upgrade but he can get the ball where it needs to go. But I do agree that Weis needs a OC.

It just amazes me how fast you "Jayhawk fans" turn on the coaches and the players. I've tried keeping my mouth shut but some of you are a disgrace. Give the man a few years to get some players in and figure out Big 12 football. He isn't taking the team back to our "glory days" but Weis is a step in the right direction.

Weis will not be seen as a great coach when he leaves Kansas but he will be seen as the coach that got the ball rolling again. Some of you are too used to winning because of basketball, have some patience and some faith.

and another reason to keep Weis for his entire contract? what coach in their right mind would want to go to a place that will only give them 2 years to turn a program around?


romejhawk 7 months ago

Kansas football stresses me out. we'll look back in a few years and realize weis was no better than gill. Horrible hire since day one and it shows on the field and by his 2-12 record.


Adam McEwen 7 months ago

the fact that he's even being asked to run points to the larger problem...


nuleafjhawk 7 months ago


I tried to be positive all week. I chastised a few posters who weren't positive. (Sorry Reuben) I really believed we were better than that. We aren't.

On the bright (?) side, the defense played very well for most of the game, until they were exhausted.

The next time a supposed 5 star QB sets foot on the University of Kansas field, it will be too soon. This guy is no better than Crist. It's a good thing my memory's not that great, or I might say that he's not as good as Crist was. I suppose he might look a little better if there were anyone on the team that could catch a ball though.

Come on October 29 !!


farmdog1 7 months ago

unfortunately a couple of dropped passes by #41 but Heaps seems a little too slow. His runs didn't amount to any significant yardage.


Sarah Carr 7 months ago

Good call, Mr. Keegan - I think you nailed it.


pbouldenv 7 months ago

The bad decisions right before halftime has been a consistent theme with Weis...look back to ISU and KSU last year (I think there were more, but those are off the top of my head). If you are getting the ball back after halftime, don't give the other team a chance to get the ball (aka potential points). KU needs to value possessions and field position...we are not good enough to gamble with either one of those. Even with how bad KU's offense was tonight, this still should have been a 10 point win with the chances we had and how well the D played. I was impressed by the D, hope they can keep it up.

How about Mangino for OC...just joking.


Brennan Keller 7 months ago

What are you taking about PittHawk34? You clearly do not follow any other KU sports besides football and basketball.

What has happened since Zenger has arrived to Lawrence:

  1. KU men's bball continues success by winning 9th straight Big 12 title and making a Sweet 16 run.
  2. Construction of Rock Chalk Park is underway.
  3. Women's Track & Field win the 2013 outdoor NCAA Championship.
  4. Women's Track & Field win the 2013 indoor and outdoor Big 12 Championship.
  5. Women's basketball advances to back-to-back "Sweet 16's".
  6. KU volleyball has a dream season and makes it to second round of 2013 NCAA Tournament.
  7. KU baseball advances to the 2013 Big 12 Tournament Championship game (1 win away from getting an automatic bid to NCAA tournament).
  8. KU athletics announce new media deal.
  9. KU softball improves their record drastically.
  10. Dr. Zenger signs Coach Self to a contract extension for another 10 years.

    Like you, I am not happy with our football team these past 4-5 years. Never in my life would I have thought I would see KU go from winning two straight bowl games to becoming one of the biggest "jokes" in college football. That being said, you have no right calling Zenger out as athletic director. He has turned around KU athletics and has challenged the other sports to improve... and improve they have! Trust me, I am sure Zenger is not happy after tonight's loss either. As a college student at KU, and an aspiring athletic director, I could not be happier with the job Dr. Zenger has done! Rock Chalk!


Pitthawk34 7 months ago

How about recruiting a new AD as well.


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