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Coyotes swept up in ‘waves’


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KU coach Charlie Weis

Kansas coach Charlie Weis talks to reporter following the Jayhawks' 31-14 victory over South Dakota on Sept. 7, 2013.

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South Dakota football coach Joe Glenn knew it’d take a remarkable effort from his FCS Coyotes to defeat FBS member Kansas University on Saturday night at steamy Memorial Stadium.

“You always have to go play these teams on the road. They’ve got a little bit more everything than you’ve got,” Glenn said after the Coyotes’ 31-14 loss to the Jayhawks. “It’s tough to win. Yet Northern Iowa did it (against Iowa State). Eastern Illinois did it (against San Diego State). Eastern Washington did it (against Oregon State).

“I take my hat off to those teams that did it. It’s really hard to do,” he added of the smaller division upending the larger division.

South Dakota, which actually led 7-0 after one quarter and trailed by just seven points, 14-7, at the half, was outgained by just 104 yards — 390 to 286 yards.

“Hopefully we don’t play too many teams with that much talent. I think we can handle one wave of it, but when they can come with three backs and a couple more receivers ... we saw a couple really good backs,” Glenn said.

KU’s James Sims gained 94 yards off 16 carries and scored on one and six-yard runs. Darrian Miller had 72 yards off 14 carries, while Tony Pierson and Taylor Cox gained 47 and 44 yards apiece. In his KU debut, Jake Heaps completed 10 of 20 passes for 110 yards and one TD, a five-yard bullet to Justin McCay.

“He did a nice job,” Glenn said of Heaps. “Ten-for-20, you know that’s kind of pedestrian, but they really were going to run the ball when they saw they could run it, a little blood in the water. They went after it. Sims and Miller are a pretty good 1-2 punch, there’s no doubt. Sims had over 1,000 yards rushing last year. You kind of expect he’s going to get it against a team that’s not a Big 12 team. They did a nice job running the football tonight,” Glenn added.

Glenn gave a shout out to KU’s defense for perhaps the most exciting play of the game — an interception by defensive lineman Keon Stowers on a third-and-three call from the South Dakota 40. Stowers scored, but his dash to the end zone was called back because of a penalty. At the time, the score was 7-7.

“I give their defensive coordinator credit. We had third-and-three and ran a crosser. He’s wide-open, and they drop the noseguard ... come on,” Glenn exclaimed. “He caught it and ran it in for the touchdown. It didn’t count. It was a good call. You don’t see that dropping the noseguard when he weighs 320 pounds into the coverage very often. They’ll probably drop him all the time now after he ran into the end zone. That’s not on Josh (Vander Maten, QB). It’s hard to see that. The linebacker is who you are reading. You could tell he couldn’t see him. It (pass) went right to him (Stowers).”

South Dakota junior QB Vander Maten completed eight of 18 passes for 67 yards, an interception and a TD.

“Right now I can think of four or five plays that stick out that maybe could change the game we missed or were that close on,” Vander Maten said. “You got to capitalize on those plays, especially if we want to beat a good team like Kansas. We have to make those plays. We got to go forward and hopefully start making those plays so we can get a win.”


JJHAWK 7 years, 1 month ago

I hope South Dakota wins a lot more games. They are big and have some hard nosed running backs and are well coached. I'm hoping that our 1st game jitters were just that - 1st game jitters. Rice will be a real measuring stick. I'm hoping -


90sHawk 7 years, 1 month ago

Rice will be THE measuring stick. SD is not a high quality opponent and we should have controlled the line of scrimmage better than we did last night, both OL and DL. Must improve exponentially in one week to beat Rice in my opinion. .. with that said, it was the first game and we will improve. Nice to have a QB again. Heaps looked good I thought. Accurate. Our guys need to catch the ball; these drops will kill us down the road. Mundine starting the game with 2 big drops was frustrating. Miller was the best RB of the night; the guy looked like he was picking up right where he left off a couple years ago. I can easily see he and Sims sharing 85% of the carries as the season moves forward. Nice to have a kicking game again !!

troutsee 7 years, 1 month ago

could not agree more. Our defense does not look good, especially against the read option. I am not worried about the O, or special teams, or fan support. I am very worried about a defense that could not control the line of scrimmage against a much lesser opponent. From what I saw, much improvement is needed, especially on defense.

Jonathan Briles 7 years, 1 month ago

South Dakota does not have your typical FCS offensive line though. They put an article up yesterday stating that their average height was about 6-5 and average weight was 298. That was a solid FBS caliber line. KU also won't face many opponents who are as determined to run or go against a QB who is as sneaky with the run and Vander Maten. I'm not saying we did well, but I don't think its as bad of a sign as what some people think. We were out of position on quite a few plays, but that is something that can be ironed out with time and experience.

Andy Godwin 7 years, 1 month ago

Hope Kevin Short was out for only one game. Not sure what is up but the defense, including the DBs, was not very impressive. Too many wide open receivers, especially deep. Good thing their receivers had the same issues as KU receivers (at least early on) and dropped passes. The run defense was also surprisingly poor, especially staying home and not letting their QB run wild.

Best news was Weis and the other coaches finally figured out to run, run, and run. Why it took a half for them to to figure out that SD could not stop the run is beyond me. It was obvious from the beginning, yet Weis likes to be fancy instead of running the ball down a lesser team's throat. Hard to believe many teams in the country have as many quality running backs as KU. Run Charlie run.

John Randall 7 years, 1 month ago

Could HCCW have other ideas about using this game to focus on things we will need desperately against all the rest of our opponents instead of feeding your frenzy for blood when it's obviously there for the taking?

I was disappointed we had to resort to our obvious advantage so much that our lack of a balanced attack was exposed to the next eleven opponents.

Jay Hawkinson 7 years, 1 month ago

That INT absolutely is on Vander Maten. How do you not see a 300 pounder right in front of you? If he makes all his decisions based on what he reads before the snap, he's gonna have a rough year.

KURiggins 7 years, 1 month ago

I was really impressed with Heaps. He was ten for twenty, but easily could have been fifteen or sixteen for twenty if some people would catch the ball. Also love how he can go thru progressions. He has NFL written all over him. He can make reads and quick. We as KU fans have not seen that since Reesing. Heaps is a bigger version of Reesing, not as mobile but with a stronger arm. And makes great reads. I see Sundays in his future. Sims still rules. Finally, welcome back Miller. Miller has the potential to be a beast! I love it ..Sims, Pierson, Miller, Bourbon, Cox. Pick your poison Big 12. Oh and we happen to have a great QB. A one time #1 HS QB in the nation. We love ya Heaps. Thanks for choosing KU

KURiggins 7 years, 1 month ago

Loved the KC vs Jax game. Blaine Gabbert sucks. Thats what you get with a Mizzou QB. Chiefs need to cut Chase Daniel too. He is better suited for pee wee football. Just like Gabbert

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