Thursday, October 31, 2013

How former Jayhawks fared in NBA games of Oct. 30


Cole Aldrich, New York

Did not play (coach’s decision)

Darrell Arthur, Denver

Min: 18. Pts: 6. Reb: 2. Ast: 1.

Mario Chalmers, Miami

Min: 31. Pts: 16. Reb: 5. Ast: 4.

Nick Collison, Oklahoma City

Min: 13. Pts: 6. Reb: 4. Ast: 0.

Xavier Henry, L.A. Lakers

Min: 36. Pts: 14. Reb: 4. Ast: 1.

Ben McLemore, Sacramento

Min: 17. Pts: 4. Reb: 1. Ast: 0.

Marcus Morris, Phoenix

Min: 26. Pts: 6. Reb: 7. Ast: 1.

Markieff Morris, Phoenix

Did not play (suspended)

Paul Pierce, Brooklyn

Min: 30. Pts: 17. Reb: 4. Ast: 2.

Thomas Robinson, Portland

Min: 9. Pts: 4. Reb: 2. Ast: 0.

Brandon Rush, Utah

Did not play (coach’s decision)

Tyshawn Taylor, Brooklyn

Did not play (coach’s decision)

Jeff Withey, New Orleans

Did not play (coach’s decision)


Eliott Reeder 6 years, 8 months ago

I'm not sure who puts this together, but it would be a lot more appealing if there were a little more information. I usually try to look at NBA box scores every day so that I can track the Jayhawks, but I would definitely love to be able to come here instead if it had their full line from the box score, with FG numbers and TO #s, etc. Merely showing points, rebounds, and assist totals doesn't really display how good or bad of a game a player had. Obviously, scoring 10 points going 5-14 FG is way different than scoring 10 points going 2-2 FG and 2-3 from 3PT, etc. And Mario's 5 assists look great, unless he had 10 turnovers as well... Just a suggestion!

Ron Prichard 6 years, 8 months ago

I also liked when the information would include who won/lost and the score.

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