Saturday, October 19, 2013

Jayhawks show 10K fans reluctance to run

Kansas forward Andrew Wiggins reaches wide to slap hand with fans following an open-practice scrimmage on Saturday, Oct. 19, 2013 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas forward Andrew Wiggins reaches wide to slap hand with fans following an open-practice scrimmage on Saturday, Oct. 19, 2013 at Allen Fieldhouse.


Unofficial box score

Three scrimmages of 10 minutes apiece

Blue team: Andrew Wiggins 21, Perry Ellis 17 points, Andrew White III 11, Tarik Black 8, Wayne Selden 8, Jamari Traylor 6, Naadir Tharpe 5.

Red team: Brannen Greene 10, Landen Lucas 10, Joel Embiid 7, Frank Mason 7, Conner Frankamp 6, Justin Wesley 4, Hunter Mickelson 2. Nobody else scored.

x-White and Traylor went to the Red team and Mason and Embiid to the Blue for the second scrimmage; Lucas played for the Blue team and Ellis, Black the Red in third scrimmage.

Leaders: Rebounds: Embiid, Black 8. Steals: White 3. Assists: Frankamp 3.

Kansas University’s basketball coaches have been encouraging their players — actually pleading with the players — to get the ball and run this preseason.

“We don’t run, though. Running is something you condition your brain to do every single time. We run when we want to run,” KU coach Bill Self lamented after three 10-minute scrimmages contested before a crowd of 10,000 fans Saturday morning in Allen Fieldhouse.

“Andrew Wiggins is the worst we have at that because if he feels like he can get something, he’ll take off. Sometimes he doesn’t,” Self added of the 6-foot-8 freshman guard who led the way with 21 total points.

Wiggins was the only Jayhawk to score in double figures in one session with 10 in the final period off 4-of-6 shooting, including 2-for-2 from three. He hit the game-winning trey, erasing a 20-19 deficit in the final seconds.

“He doesn’t understand when he runs, he stretches the defense, and we can play behind that. That is understanding and figuring it out,” Self added of Wiggins. “With he and Wayne (Selden) and Andrew White (III) on the wing and with ’Mari (Traylor) and Perry (Ellis), Tarik (Black) and those guys ... the way they run, I think this could be the quickest team we’ve had to get up and down the court. But we’ve got to do it every possession.”

Self said he hasn’t settled on a rotation this early, but some things became obvious during practices open to the media during coaches-clinic weekend. He really likes the Blue team (first-team) lineup of Naadir Tharpe, Selden, Wiggins, Ellis and Tarik Black. And it appears at this time White, Traylor and Joel Embiid are in the plans for minutes.

“Naadir knows what we are doing. Frank (Mason) is figuring it out. Frank is talented, but Naadir has emerged as our starting point guard,” Self said of the junior floor leader. Freshmen Mason, Conner Frankamp and Selden all played some point Saturday.

Of 6-6 sophomore guard White, who scored 11 points with three steals, Self said: “I think he’s playing well. He does what he does. He took a couple of bad ones today. For the most part, he takes open shots, makes a decent percentage. He’s a good rebounder. He doesn’t make a lot of mental mistakes.”

As far as senior center Black, who along with freshman center Embiid had eight rebounds, Self said, “He’s great with our young guys. He hits on ’em every day, and he applauds ’em every time they hit back. It’s been fun to watch.”

Sophomore forward Ellis, who had 17 points and seven boards, has been impressive.

“Perry could easily be our leading scorer. He’s played great,” Self said. “He’s more confident. He’s matured. He wants, ‘Give me more; give me more (coaching).’ He’ll have a big year for us, I feel.”

Asked about freshman wing Greene, who had 10 points, including two threes, Self said: “He has labored as much as any of the newcomers in figuring out what we are doing. Brannen has done fine. What you guys see isn’t real because (you see) the guys playing in pickup games, and we see them in practice. He’s starting to get it. I thought today he did a couple of nice things.”

Self stressed that players are involved in a competitive situation.

Does he have a rotation in mind entering the Oct. 29 preseason opener against Pittsburg State?

“No, not really,” Self said. “I think Conner (two threes, three assists) will be so much better in two weeks than he is now. Frank will be so much better in two weeks than he is now. Joel will be so much better … Brannen Greene. I haven’t figured it out, but I do know there’s a core 5-6-7 I know who is going to play, and those other guys are fighting for minutes.”

10,000 fans on hand: There were no problems with fans storming the gates as they did at Late Night in the Phog.

“It’s a great crowd,” Self said. “Our fans are unbelievable.”

Recruits Jahlil Okafor and Tyus Jones were in attendance.

Self said KU didn’t hold an open scrimmage just because the country’s No. 1- and 5-ranked players are in town on official visits.

“The reason we did it primarily was because of the way Late Night ended with us not being able to get everybody in the building,” Self said. “It is pretty special knowing these people do turn out to watch their Jayhawks. I know for our guys that’s probably the primary reason why they love playing here so much, because of the love they receive from our fans.”

Gap apparent: Self was asked if there’s a gap between the returnees and the six freshmen: “I think from a talent standpoint there is a gap. Our new guys are talented,” he said. “From a knowledge standpoint there is a gap. Our new guys don’t know what they are doing. If we can get two veterans, or three veterans on the court at once, it makes it a lot easier for those young guys to play. We’re not going to look good if we have five newcomers out there. We need some stability. It’s always best if you have a point guard (veteran) and a big (veteran) because the bigs can coach the bigs and the point guard can coach the perimeter. There’s a gap, but it’s narrowing.”

He’s OK: Brannen Green went down hard after a dunk and appeared to tweak an ankle. Self said he was fine and not injured.

Smart on Wiggins: Oklahoma State standout Marcus Smart spoke about Wiggins-mania to USA Today.

“They are saying he is the best college player there is and he has not even played a game yet. Of course that hypes me up. It is all talk. He still has to put his shorts on one leg at a time like I do. It is all potential. I am not saying he can’t do it. But he has not done it yet,” Smart said.

After calling him a “great player,” Smart added: “I wouldn’t say he is overrated. I would just say there is a lot of pressure on him right now. He is under a microscope from the world that is bigger than anybody would think, bigger than he knows.”

To read the USA Today article, go to


KU open scrimmage highlights


Scott Gruhn 5 months, 4 weeks ago

Gary, if you were at the practice, did you think that the players were reluctant to run? Or do you think Coach Self is trying to motivate them to run even more?


Woody Cragg 6 months ago

Sinking this site is not an option, but discussions among passionate fans has certainly taken a huge step backwards here. Many guys just feel betrayed by LJW & you need to grasp the perspective why. This message board has up close reporting for sure, but some of the most knowledgeable contributors are no longer here. Personally I miss their wit mostly, so essentially there is a lot less to read. Copy is copy no matter where you get it. And some is better than others.


Jonny Swift 6 months ago

Ya who cares about the Facebook thing. If you do care, just go use one of the other sites and get on with it. Let's discuss this year's team instead.

No one is really talking about Andrew White, but I've been really impressed with him after watching Late night and the scrimmage highlights. He looks like he really improved since last season. He's been Hudy-ized, put on a lot of bulk and looks and is playing much stronger. He is much more athletic - dunking a bunch (which we didn't see much at all of last year), going after steals, staying in front of his man on D, and sprinting all out more. He looks fast! His 3 point shot (while good last year) looks great so far, and although he sometimes takes ill-advised shots, he generally is pretty smart about it and makes a high percentage of his shots. He also looks like he is one of our top defenders early on (until another Andrew W starts to get it haha). But like I said, he's been staying in front of his man, pressuring the ball, and has the most steals from what I've seen so far, many of them finishing in fast break dunks. Basically - he looks like a Jayhawk!

I'm really excited to see what he can do this year. I was worried he wouldn't see many minutes and many are speculating he might redshirt, but after seeing these comments from Self, I'm sure he won't and it seems like he will get a decent amount of minutes backing up Wiggins and Selden on the wing. White is definitely one of the core 7 Self knows is going to get minutes early on: Tharpe, Selden, Wiggins, Ellis, Black, Traylor, White (Yes, I don't think Embiid is on that list yet, but he will be by conference play). I expect 15-20 minutes a game from White and around 7-10 points (he averaged .45 points per minute last year, and I think the same is doable this year with his improvement, even with the additional minutes). What do you guys think?


Justin Steele 6 months ago

I really dont mind that my comments are linked to my facebook account and that my real name shows up. I dont see what the big deal is? if its something you don't like than you dont have to put up with it! I understand the need for trolls to hide behind a fake username but its not the end of the world and you wont be sinking this site because jaybate and nuleaf hawk and whoever else isnt commenting! the articles will still post and most peoples first reaction will be to come here! The internet is cool in that if theres something on there you dont like you just simply do not look at it! I really hope we have moved on from this by time the season starts so I dont have to go through a hunderd post advertising some awesome new blog being started daily, just want to drop my two cents about the boys and HCBS and read other peoples opinions on said subjects.


Ian Emerson 6 months ago

Does anyone remember Arkansas Forty Minutes of Hell offense? Do you all think Bill Self could condition this team to run like that? A problem I always thought came with Selfs teams around tournament time was that they were just so tired come late in the season. I think that this team is young and well conditioned enough to handle it though.


Chandler James 6 months ago

Also check out Ryans site at ...... Anywhere but here


Chandler James 6 months ago

boycott this site... elite major, nuleafjayhawk and others whose comments are usually better than ljw writers articles.... sink this site


Woody Cragg 6 months ago

If they only run when they want to, they're far removed from the real student life we experienced-try some local restaurants, they should do the trick. Most former rats are joining men. So check it out for some friendly & familiar discussions.


Chris Shaw 6 months ago

I wouldn't call Smart a punk. The guy is just defending his territory and doing what any competitor would do in that setting when asked those questions. It's not like Smart was seeking out to have those questions asked to him.

And...anybody who can do cartwheels like that who plays the game of basketball has my respect. I was court side when he did those turns and it was quite impressive. I like the fact Okie State isn't backing down. It's good for the league and the national exposure since the level of the teams drop off after The Pokes and The Jayhawks.

Great to see AWIII playing well. I am still very intrigued on how the Mason, Frankamp, Greene, and AWIII minutes turn out over the season and who possibly red-shirts.


Bewareofthephog Fifety-Five 6 months ago

I thought this may be an article about football. Weis likes to pass way too much.


Danny Hernandez 6 months ago

This team is going to be pretty impressive......

And I like this site and don't plan on going anywhere soon


Ferd Magellan 6 months ago

“Andrew Wiggins is the worst we have at that because if he feels like he can get something, he’ll take off. Sometimes he doesn’t,” Self added of the 6-foot-8 freshman guard who led the way with 21 total points.

The man loves to motivate.


Trace Stark 6 months ago

Yet more smack talk out of Stillwater... Jan. 18th can't get here soon enough!!!


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