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KU hoops notebook: KU still in prep Turner’s plans

Kansas University basketball recruiting.

Kansas University basketball recruiting.


Myles Turner, a 6-foot-11, 225-pound senior center from Trinity High in Euless, Texas, who is ranked No. 6 in the recruiting class of 2014 by, will make his first official visit to Ohio State next weekend, his dad told

Turner’s dad, David, said his son “definitely” will visit Kansas University at some point. He had to cancel his trip to KU for Late Night in the Phog because of a conflict with USA Basketball.

He’s also considering Duke, Kentucky, Louisville, Arizona, Texas and Oklahoma State. He will sign in the spring.

Taylor on KU freshmen

Former KU point guard Tyshawn Taylor of the Brooklyn Nets told that he can’t see KU freshman Andrew Wiggins, Wayne Selden and Joel Embiid staying in college more than this season.

“I like all three of them,” Taylor told and on Saturday. “I think they’re all one-and-done and I think they’re all gonna be really good pros.

“I was a four-year guy, yeah, but I didn’t go to college expecting to stay four years, trust me,” Hoboken, N.J., native Taylor added. “It just kind of happened that way. For the individual, the one-and-done is great. If I had the chance to leave after my freshman year, I would’ve been out. But, for the college game, it takes away from it a little bit.”

Taylor had high words of praise for 7-footer Embiid.

“I watched him play and his game is crazy. He’s 7-foot doing between-the-leg dunks and windmills and all that,” Taylor said of the Cameroon native. “Coach (Bill) Self told me that if he has him for two years, he’ll be the best big man he probably ever coached as far as skill, footwork, hands, everything. I played with some great big men — Cole Aldrich, Thomas Robinson, the Morris twins — and to hear coach say that, I was blown away when I played with him in June when I was out there.”

Taylor, by the way, had a crazy stat line in the Nets’ preseason opener.

The second-year pro had 16 points, seven turnovers and six assists in the Nets’ overtime win over Washington on Tuesday.


Ian Emerson 8 years ago

Let's be real here, Tyshawn is one of the best KU players of all time. Not to mention the amount of talent he's been around. If he says they're all one and done you best believe they're one and dones.

Steve Gantz 8 years ago

Was that your sarcasm font Skinny? Let's hope so.

Ian Emerson 8 years ago

Haha absolutely not Steve. Lets make it clear that Tyshawn had more too do with winning his last conference championship then anyone else on the roster. He may have been troubled but lord knows he had a troubled life. His senior year he was one of the best guards in KU history, what if senior year Tyshawn was on this team!? OH MY JEEEEEZ

Steve Gantz 8 years ago

Well I'd like to modify it then to he had one of the best 1/2 seasons of all time. Obviously he and T-Rob carried that team, with Jeff and the others playing major support roles.

Jack Wilson 8 years ago

Turner waiting until the spring tells me that our opportunity with him is still very good. And it seems as if it's tied to Embiid, or Ellis. Embiid and Ellis both stay, Turner isn't coming. Both go, very good chance we snag him.

That is unless we sign Alexander or Okafer. Then it would seem to require both turning pro.

We know now that Alexander is apparently free from the Lyle "two for one" deal that seemed promising, until it appeared that Self wasn't a willing participant. Some posters here were, and have been, insistent that Lyle was being recruited by Self, despite the non-appearance at Late Night. Can't say for sure, but Lyle coming out this week saying that he and Alexander may not land in the same spot, and referencing Alexander and KU, seems to show where this is going.

One question I had is whether we could land both Okafer and Turner, as they are both "centers." I do think it's possible. Though both are listed as centers, both have good face up games. And I think both could easily play at the same time. The "center" thing isn't a big deal. Okafer has been a presumed Duke lean for a while, though.

Really, though, getting just one of the three would be terrific.

We seem to be well positioned with Alexander. He's announcing Nov. 16. Sign Alexander. Then, if both Embiid and Ellis bolt, there's a real good chance we get Turner in the spring. If we miss on both Alexander and Okafer, our chances of getting Turner goes up as only one (Ellis or Embiid) would need to turn pro.

In a perfect world, here, based on the timing of when Alexander and Turner will commit, we'd sign Alexander and both Ellis and Embiid stay. I think Turner might be better than Alexander, but timing is the issue there.

Worst case scenario, Alexander and Okafer sign elsewhere. We stretch to the spring, and despite Ellis and Embiid turning pro, Turner makes another choice.

With guys turning pro, the cupboard can be left relatively bare pretty quickly. While we had issues a few years ago, we at least had two top 40 guys ready to roll. That's not the case right now. For some reason, though, I doubt the worst case scenario is realistic. But it's the OAD world we live in.

And hey, a three man post rotation of Lucas, Traylor, and Mickelson might not be that bad. Right?

Chris Shaw 8 years ago

Love him or hate him...TT always provides an interesting quote. TT should be really thankful he stayed all 4 years because he may not be in the NBA at all had he not.

TT drove me nuts, but the kid has my repsect. He was stubborn to a fault, but I also believe that is why he is successful.

TT also played more different roles as a starter over his 4 years than other Jayhawk under Self. That sophomore year had to be really tough for TT.

Jack Wilson 8 years ago

I always wonder what we would have thought about TT if he did not have the breakout the second half of his senior season. The championship game run cemented the TT positivity for me .. a point guard leads you to within minutes of a national title, it's hard to worry about the negative.

Walter Bridges 8 years ago

"If he says they're all one and done you best believe they're one and dones."

No disrespect towards Taylor but this is hardly a bold prediction. Most college basketball analyst have said the same thing although I wouldn't be surprised if one of the three stayed a second year.

I think the one and done rule is ruining college basketball. Will players such as Andrew White III, Greene and other solid players who need to develop their games before making it into the NBA still choose Kansas? Tyshawn Taylor was ranked #77, he had the time and the continuity of his teammates to develop an NBA game. Swapping 2-3 one and done starters every year, doesn't allow the continuity nor the camaraderie that was such a big part of the 2008 championship team.

I cannot agree that Tyshawn Taylor was one of the best KU players of all time. He was a solid player that made too many bonehead mistakes for someone of his ability. I'm glad he came to Kansas and developed into an NBA talent but I would think being one of the best players of all time would put you somewhere near the top 15 players to ever play at Kansas. He just doesn't make that list.

Ian Emerson 8 years ago

He took us too a championship game, he's 20-15 for me, also like the fastest mother effer of ALL TIME. I absolutely agree about the OAD rule. It would be best for everyone too stay is college 2 years but the NBA wants you as soon as possible. However tht one year in college provides a basis for NBA teams to truly study your game making the draft process that much easier.

Steve Gantz 8 years ago

Don't forget, he nearly cost us a chance at the championship game with one last boneheaded pass right to Bill Self against OSU when we could have just ran out the clock.

Jack Jones 8 years ago

And, exactly why would I (or you) want to "Don't forget"? Weird, at best.

Walter Bridges 8 years ago

Great speed and height but not always great decision making. I think Chris Shaw got it right that Tyshawn had both distractors and fans. He could make a sensational play and then follow it up by dribbling the ball off his foot.

Aaron Paisley 8 years ago

Myles Turner waiting until the spring is him waiting to see if Joel Embiid leaves or if Cliff Alexander ends up elsewhere. If either of those happen, the Turner is a Jayhawk and if neither happens, then Turner ends up elsewhere.

Miguel Colón 8 years ago

I think Cliff Alexander is a KU guy not sure if Myles wants to come here with Cliff on board.

AJ Vanderhorst 8 years ago

I guess the top recruits aren't always willing to compete head to head for playing time. Seems like Alexander & Turner could coexist if Embiid leaves.

Jack Jones 8 years ago

Steve ~ and exactly why would I (or you) want to "Don't forget"? Weird at best.

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