Kansas defeats Kansas, None-None

  • 6:30 p.m., Oct. 4, 2013
  • Allen Fieldhouse, Lawrence, KS

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Dunks, anticipation and heat higher than ever at Late Night

Kansas freshman guard Wayne Selden soars in for a dunk during an unofficial dunk contest during warmups before a scrimmage.

Kansas freshman guard Wayne Selden soars in for a dunk during an unofficial dunk contest during warmups before a scrimmage.


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Andrew White III, Naadir Tharpe & Bill Self share favorite moments of Late Night 2013

Andrew White III, Naadir (not Nuh-Deer) Tharpe and Bill Self give their reaction to the skits and scrimmage from this year's Late Night at Allen Fieldhouse.

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More than 16,300 fans who were shoehorned into Allen Fieldhouse shared an unexpected group sauna Friday night in KU’s tradition-rich building.

“It’s hot in here. Oh, it’s hot in here,” 11th-year KU coach Bill Self exclaimed to the spectators after grabbing an usually hot microphone at the 29th-annual Late Night in the Phog, held two weeks earlier than usual this year in accordance with NCAA rules.

“I didn’t switch clothes because I spilled anything on my shirt. It was that I soaked it.

“Obviously, you are excited,” he added to a throng that didn’t seem at all inconvenienced by an 80-degree day and evening that had the non-airconditioned fieldhouse as steamy as it has ever been.

“How many places in America are over 25,000 people waiting to get in a 16,000-seat building ... other than Lawrence, Kansas?” Self asked, to roaring applause.

KU officials estimated that between 3,000 and 5,000 fans were turned away once the building quickly filled to capacity.

“It was ridiculous out there,” Self exclaimed of long, winding lines around the fieldhouse, lines that were already long when he arrived at work at 9:30 a.m. Friday. “I feel terrible for those people who couldn’t get in. I know we have the fire marshal and codes. It looked to me there were still some places guys could have gotten in. It shows the interest level, though.”

Those nestled snugly in the building were treated to some comedy, courtesy of host Rob Riggle as well as Jayhawk players and coaches who enacted scenes from movies “Old School,” “The Hangover” and “Anchorman.”

Self stole the show as egotistical anchor Ron Burgundy in “Anchorman: The Legend of Bill Self.”

“I’m kind of a big deal around here. People know me,” Self said, mimicking Burgundy to perfection.

He also played a drill sergeant character screaming at his pledges/players — one being KU broadcasting legend Max Falkenstien — in a parody of “Old School.”

“I got into character, without question, at least I thought I did. I thought I was a better actor than it looked on the big screen,” Self cracked, indicating the only negatives of the evening were his acting and KU’s play in a 20-minute intrasquad scrimmage in which the Blue team drilled the Crimson, 66-40, behind 14 points from Perry Ellis and 12 from Andrew Wiggins.

“I was really disappointed in our play ... awful. That was brother-in-law ball. I don’t know who told them to do that. Obviously, the veterans said, ‘This is how we do it.’ We’ll get that corrected in the next few days,” Self added, noting senior forward Tarik Black (10 points, 5-of-6 shooting, four rebounds for winners) played “harder than anybody else.”

Freshman sensation Wiggins, who hit six of eight shots and had various dunks, ran the court fluidly despite being quite nervous.

“I was standing in the corner waiting (before Late Night) with Andrew Wiggins. He was sweating bullets, telling me he wasn’t ready and all that,” said sophomore Andrew White III, who had 14 points off 6-of-9 shooting with three steals for the Crimson.

“I was trying to relax him. I know the new guys were real nervous out there. He personally told me. You can’t really simulate that many people looking at you at one time,” White added.

The Jayhawk players each took part in a group dance number, Self proclaiming Naadir Tharpe best dancer on the team.

“The dancing is the best part,” said Tharpe, who scored 10 points off 4-of-4 shooting with seven assists and no turnovers. He was shaken up early after running into big man Joel Embiid (seven points, one block) but returned to the scrimmage and played 11 of 20 minutes.

“It’s funny to see dudes on the team dance. They don’t dance at all around us. I could tell they (freshmen) were nervous dancing in front of all those fans.”

Self had the fans all fired up during a short speech.

“I know expectations are high. As a fan, you’ll drive yourself nuts if you are not somewhat patient this year,” Self told the crowd. “By the end, we’ll be something special ’cause it’s time to hang one more banner right there,” he added, pointing to the north rafters.

Dunk drill: Freshman guard Wayne Selden (six points, three assists in scrimmage) was the unofficial star of the layup drill with several power jams with both one and two hands. ... Wiggins downed a dunk off a pass off the floor from Black. ... Black had a vicious dunk after throwing the ball off the backboard.

Banners: The KU women’s track NCAA national championship banner was unfurled in the south fieldhouse rafters prior to members of the 2013 Outdoor championship team receiving their title rings. The banner will permanently hang in Anschutz Pavilion. ... The retired jerseys of KU’s women’s players now hang in their own row above the men’s players’ retired jerseys in the south rafters.

Football today: KU football coach Charlie Weis spoke to the crowd on the night before today’s 11 a.m. battle against Texas Tech.

“One thing we are missing here is winning against the teams in our league,” he said. “So tomorrow that’s got to end. It’s got to end. It’s got to end.

“1,063 days from tomorrow will be the last time we won in the Big 12, and that’s where it ends. It ends tomorrow.”

He asked for the students’ support.

“Here’s the deal. Stay up all night, roll over to Memorial Stadium about 10 o’clock tomorrow, get there early, and by 2:30 in the afternoon we can all be partying together,” Weis said.

Recruiting: Three top senior prospects attended Friday’s Late Night in the Phog as part of their official recruiting visits.

They are: No. 4-ranked (by Cliff Alexander, 6-8 power forward from Chicago Curie High; No. 12 Kelly Oubre, 6-7 shooting guard from Findlay Prep in Henderson, Nev.; and No. 17 Malik Pope, 6-8 small forward from Laguna Creek High in Elk Grove, Calif.

Alexander, who is slated to visit Illinois on Oct. 25-26, has a list of KU, Illinois, Memphis, Michigan State, DePaul and Arizona.

Oubre, who will visit Kentucky for its Big Blue Madness on Oct. 18, is also considering Florida, Georgetown, Louisville, Oregon, UConn and UNLV.

Pope, who is currently out of action following surgery on his leg, also is considering Gonzaga, San Diego State, Arizona, Washington, USC, Oregon, UCLA and California.

Juniors in the house at Late Night included No. 14 King McClure, 6-3 combo guard, Dallas Triple A Academy; No. 39 William Jackson, 6-4 point guard, Athens (Ga) Christian School; No. 68 Jarvis Johnson, 6-1 point guard, Minneapolis (Minn.) De La Salle. No. 11-rated (in Class of 2015) Charles Matthews, 6-4, combo guard, Chicago St. Rita, had a conflict and did not attend.


Hawk8086 8 years, 3 months ago

Really difficult to try to draw any conclusions about who will play, etc. since no one was playing defense.....looked like the McDonald's game in that respect, but....

Embiid looks so athletic for his size it's hard to imagine him not playing a lot by the end of the year despite Self's comments about him being raw. Traylor showed some nice offensive moves.......let's see if he can do that when someone is guarding him. Wiggins did look incredibly smooth and fluid. One conclusion you can's great that the season has started.

Yonatan Negash 8 years, 3 months ago

Based on observation, need and listening to coach's assessment from the past couple of weeks, I see the 2013 2014 lineup as follow:

STARTERS: Andrew Wiggins, Naadi Tharpe, Perry Ellis, Andrew White III, Tarik Black

BACKUPS: Wayne Selden, Joel Emiid, Landon Lucas, Jamari Traylor

WILL PLAY DURING BLOWOUTS: Justin Wesley, Tyler Self, Even Manning, Christian Garrett Niko Roberts

RED SHIRT CANDIDATES: B. Green, Frank Mason, Conner Frankamp

Paul James 8 years, 3 months ago

Personally, I would replace AW3 with Selden in the starting lineup, and add mason to the backups list (with a chance to be a starter down the road). Other than that, I can't disagree with too many of your picks. Not sure what to make of Green though- he reminds me of AW3 his freshmen year- good, tall shooter, but won't get many minutes this year

Ted Hume 8 years, 3 months ago

i think you forgot about Mason being a very crucial back-up for Tharpe. Self-ball needs a true point in as one of the 3 guard~wing combos, and I can't see not having one of the two in the game at all times...

Yonatan Negash 8 years, 3 months ago

It' pure speculations at the moment but if Bill Self does opt to go with a nine-man rotation, it would be the starters; Wiggins, Tharpe, Black, Ellis and in my estimation the fifth starter will be AW III.

Andrew White III played well, practiced well, coach is high on him thus far. If you guys were paying attention last night, the dude looks confident, ripped and just appears to be ready.

I can also see AW III as a red shirt candidate, not because he's not ready to play but because of needs (i.e., Frank Mason true point guard to backup Naadir, rather then a compo guard like Selden).

Backups will be: Selden, Emiid, Lucas and Traylor

Note, both Lucas and Traylor have red shirted in prior years and only makes sense to have them both be backups this year. Selden Emiid will not be red shirt candidates, too talented.

I am thinking Selden will backup Naadir at the point guard position. I can also see Selden backup others.

KGphoto 8 years, 3 months ago

JayhawkinMinny you have Tharpe playing 100% of the PG minutes for the whole season?

Tippyhawk 8 years, 3 months ago

I can do Kusports anymore. Google surveys have pissed me off "to the point of no return". I'll have to get my enlightenment from Ku athletic, Rock chalk Talk, JayHawk Talk and other blogs. Google, in their arrogants can simply provide a 'skip this survey button?

rob4lb 8 years, 3 months ago

Five seconds to click a box pisses you off?

Red Demon 8 years, 3 months ago

While they're certainly annoying, I'll still put up with them. LJW still has enough good content to tolerate the inconvenience.

Alex Staley 8 years, 3 months ago

Whole-heartedly agree. I am an internet marketer/developer. Helping sites make money is what I do for a living. Were I offering my professional opinion to LJW, I would discuss the serious step back they have taken in user-experience. The survey is invasive and not all that convenient to fill out. One must oftentimes scroll down to access it and click through it, then scroll back up to read the content. If you are dead-set on having that thing, at least place it at the top of the page. Don't make users scroll to get there. This tip isn't just based on my personal preference. It is based on hard numbers identifying user behavior. The more a user has to work, the more aggravated they will become. This Google survey is a fantastic example. Hope LJW takes this to heart.

pea 8 years, 3 months ago

C'mon, everybody. Chrome Adblock.

cklarock 8 years, 3 months ago

I don't even bother to read them. I just click options until they go away. Enjoy your bad data, Google.

Jeff Kilgore 8 years, 3 months ago

First world problem. Half the world walks a mile to get water each day. You might reevaluate the horror of a two-second* click.

*I must read a lot faster than you.

bgthemanofsteel 8 years, 3 months ago

Download Safari. I never get them when I use it.

Evan Bilyeu 8 years, 3 months ago

Really annoyed, I talked to people that sat and wait since the morning that didn't get in. I was so disappointing!

jvhawk22 8 years, 3 months ago

Minnesota: someone has to back up tharpe and I'm pretty sure Selden will start over AW3. Selden is going to shock some people when this year is over. NBA body already and he hasn't even hardly worked with huddy yet. If u listened to self last night u heard him say CF will play this year purely bc he can stretch the d so far. Opens things up for the bigs when u can't sag off a gaurd to play help d. If connor can play any d at all he will get minutes

pepper_bar 8 years, 3 months ago

Late Night was magical back when it was actually a late night event. When did it end last night, like 10pm? Move it back to where it should be, and many fans who can no longer afford to attend an actual game will be able to get in and feed their passion for KU.

Ryan Houston 8 years, 3 months ago

That was a 3 shooting point, dunk fest. It did give me an idea on who the most athletic people on the team are. Andrew white the 3 was looking pretty nasty.

Alex Peekeaton 8 years, 3 months ago

Actually was traveling all day yesterday and didn't see it. Of all the matchups between these two teams, I am most intrigued about this one. Wiggins elite athleticism versus Poythress athleticism and strength.

Alex Poythress, So, SF, 6’8, 236lbs. Averaged 11.2ppg (58% fg% & 42.4% 3pt%) and 6rpg in 2012, Poythress finished his freshman year with a 4.0 GPA.

Scouting Report: Long and athletic forward with great strength, quickness and explosive leaping ability. An above the rim player who is a great dunker and rebounder. Very powerful athlete who can do a little bit of everything on the court. Excellent rebounder and has enough size and bounce to compete in the lane. Has the ability to be a lockdown defender when he puts his mind to it. Has extended his shooting range out to college three and should continue to improve his consistency and range. Very quick with the dribble with a great first step. Reminds me of a young Thaddeus Young but with a more advanced game at this stage. Has a lot of upside and an NBA ready body.

Eammon Brennan – “Poythress finished the season shooting 60.7 percent from 2 and 42.4 percent from 3 (which he attempted just 33 times, but still). He also rebounded well on both ends of the floor. No, the biggest issues were mental: Despite the constant pleading (and then some) of John Calipari, Poythress checked out of entire games, unwilling to be aggressive, happy to be a bystander. If he cuts down on the turnovers and becomes a more engaged, lively guy on the court, not only does he have a big role for Kentucky, he’ll remind NBA folks why he was such a big deal in the first place.

The 6-foot-8, 239-pound sophomore had one of the best summers of any Wildcat. He has received praise from the staff for his academic marks, his workouts and even the way he has carried himself. Poythress, as Calipari often pointed out, struggled with his body language at times last year. “His head’s up,” Coach Cal said. “He’s looking you in the eye. I think he’s more confident. He’s ready for the year.”

Alex Peekeaton 8 years, 3 months ago

Part 2

From a number of UK insiders, battling Julius Randle on a daily basis this summer has brought out the beast within Alex Poythress. “The story this summer has been the epic battles between Julius Randle and Alex Poythress. A couple of folks familiar with the games (and as Hawkins noted to the Courier Journal) have told me that the battle between Poythress and Randle in practices and games has been special indeed. As one source told me, “these guys are bringing out the best in each other. Alex has stepped his game up so much, I think because he knows he has to in order to stay with Julius. And when Alex wants to, he can guard anyone and it is making Julius work as well. Both are really bringing it.”

John Robic (7/24/13) - “Alex has a legitimate matchup now in Julius. I will tell you he is so far beyond where he was at any point in time last year. Yes, it was frustrating [last season] because we saw the talent. He’s come so far, and I think his confidence is at a different level.”

Poythress also turned some heads at the Kevin Durant Skills Academy this past weekend (July 2013). According to’s Josh Stirn, Poythress was “by far the most impressive player from a physical and athletic standpoint” at the camp, which included Jabari Parker, TJ Warren, Laquinton Ross, Glenn Robinson III, Gary Harris and Damyean Dotson.

Backup - James Young (See write up in SG)

Alex Peekeaton 8 years, 3 months ago

A couple of comments on the Poythress versus Wiggins matchup. The first thing I see is that Wiggins will be KU’s number one scoring option, while Poythress will be #4 option. While Poythress won’t put up Wiggins type numbers, I expect the efficiency (fg% & 3pt%) to be much higher for Alex.

I think there is going to be more of a transition for Wiggins than you do. At this point in time, I am not sold on his outside shot in particular from 3 point range. I also know it takes a lot longer to thrive in Bill Self’s offense (a team concern too). As good as McLemore was last year, he had a redshirt year to learn BS system and had a very experienced team returning (3 starters) of which Wiggins won’t have. I recall Paul Biancardi stating during one of the all-star games that he would rather have Parker than Wiggins right now because he is more refined now - obviously not for a career.

I also think you’re underestimating the improvement in Alex’s motor right now than last year. Both Calipari and Robic have publicly stated he has changed completely and you can thank Julius Randle for that at they destroyed each other in pickup games during the summer. Reports had neither AP or JR had much of an advantage over the other.

Against UK, Wiggins would have a quickness advantage over Poythress (agree strength advantage Poythress), but Alex has the athleticism to compete with him off the dribble. When Wiggins does beat Poythress off the dribble, he will also have to compete with UK’s size (Cauley-Stein, Dakari, Lee, Randle) which isn’t going to be easy for anyone.

Another comment I disagree with you is that UK needs a big year from Poythress. While I believe Alex will have a very good year, I think you are underestimating how good the Harrison twins and Randle are. Andrew and Julius are elite alpha dogs and Calipari (and others) are saying Aaron is just as good if not better than Andrew. While I realize I’m talking about freshmen, they are way ahead of that ranking.

While I give the advantage to Wiggins, it wouldn’t be as much as you would. I can assure you, there is a bigger difference between Andrew Harrison (who will be one of top 2 PG this year and top 5 NBA pick) and Nadiir Tharpe than there is with Wiggins over Poythress (projected 1st round NBA pick). You currently rank the difference the same.

Greg Lux 8 years, 3 months ago

Wiggins, Ellis, Black, Tharpe, Selden or Frankamp

Rock Chalk

Gil Ek 8 years, 3 months ago

Awesome first visit to Late Night. Thought the best performances were Ellis, Selden and Black, Next were Traylor, Tharpe and Wiggins. I would start Tharpe, Wiggins, Selden, Ellis and Black. First off the bench would be Traylor and Mason, then AW3 and Embiid. Then Greene and Lucas. 1st R.S. candidate is Frankamp. Big ? is Greene. Will he play defense??? So many options. Would probably change this list by the hour when thinking about it. Couple players won't be happy with the minutes they get.

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