Monday, May 20, 2013

They said it … about Tarik Black


Tweets and other comments regarding new Kansas University forward/center Tarik Black, a 6-foot-9, 262-pound senior transfer from the University of Memphis, who is immediately eligible to play in games his final season following his graduation from Memphis.

Jason King, “Black is a unique player because he’s a senior who hasn’t come close to reaching his ceiling. He’s big and mean and physical — an intimidating figure who will make anyone’s All-Airport team. His arrival in Lawrence couldn’t come at a better time for a KU squad that is young and inexperienced in the paint. The lack of consistency (and, sometimes, effort) that kept Black from peaking at Memphis won’t fly with Bill Self. But if Self manages to get the best out of Black, he could end up being the country’s best offseason addition. In some ways I think Black is similar to former KU standout Jeff Graves, the x-factor in the Jayhawks’ run to the 2003 NCAA title game. Black doesn’t rebound quite as well as Graves, and it’s no secret he’s a poor free throw shooter. But he’s a smart player who runs the court extremely well and is a bully in the paint. This is just what the Jayhawks need. I see Black averaging 20-25 minutes per game as one of Kansas’ top three big men along with Perry Ellis and Joel Embiid.”

Dick Weiss, New York Daily News: “Additon of Memphis center/fifth year transfer Tarik Black makes Kansas a potential Final Four team again.”

Adam Zagoria, “Kansas now has five guys up front in Joel Embiid, Tarik Black, Perry Ellis, Jamari Traylor and Landen Lucas. Depth to avoid foul trouble.”

Hoops News: “Tarik Black reminds me of former Kansas forward Darnell Jackson. Numbers won’t be huge, but can be very important to their success.”

Jon Rothstein, CBS Sports Network: “Tarik Black adds depth for KU next year. They’ll need it. Jayhawks will play 11 potential NCAA Tournament teams before Big 12 play begins ... Big men that will practice for Kansas next year: Tarik Black, Perry Ellis, Joel Embiid, Hunter Mickelson, Jamari Traylor, Landen Lucas. Wow.”

Roger Kuznia, Sporting News: “One thing Black will have to work on is his propensity to foul. Through three seasons, he reached or passed the four personal fouls mark in 44 percent of his appearances. As Sporting News’ Mike DeCourcy notes, “If that’s not a record, it ought to be.”

Memphis coach Josh Pastner, to (on Black and Antonio Barton both graduating and leaving to play elsewhere for a final season): “They’ve graduated and got their degrees. They have every right to explore other options. They did their job, and we did our job. They graduated. That’s a big thing. You graduate, you have options. I’m OK with that.”


Kevin Huffman 11 months ago

All right this is my prognostication:

Tharpe / Mason

Selden / Frankamp

Wiggins / B. Greene / A. White III (Redshirt - no elig. lost)

P. Ellis / Traylor / Wesley (mop-up)

T. Black / Embiid / L. Lucas (given more chances early but might gravitate to mop-up as the season progresses - kind of like White III & R. Adams last season)

Essentially, see us going 9 or 10 deep. Honestly, think of the 10 that I speak of Frankamp might actually be 10th. Him or Mason, if Frankamp shows that HE can actually spell Tharpe.....I'd be surprised if he can do so more adequately than Mason however. Still think there'll be times when we'll want Frankamp's shooting though. I don't think Traylor will really see any MORE minutes than he had last season.

The "5" spot should be interesting to see if Embiid will steal time for Black. I just hope that we get 2 years from Embiid (and not just one) is one of my biggest concerns for the future of the team.


Scott MacWilliams 11 months ago

Regarding Black's post-grad development, how much can we expect from Hudy given he's already a senior, and pretty burly?? I have no idea... What if he needs to maybe even lose 10 pounds or so to be a bit quicker, less foul-prone?

Is he a Hudy project or just needs some footwork drills, any ideas out there?

Any way you slice it, he looks like a great addition to a young team. Sounds like he might be a bit like Alonzo Jamison, too. He was fun to watch, and was not one to be trifled with...

Rock Chalk, New Hawks!!


Jeffery Barrett 11 months ago at least 1 game next season.


ParisHawk 11 months ago

Question for HEM and others who yearned for Randle:

Right now, would you trade Wiggins and Black for Randle, straight up?

Of course we all wanted Randle, and rightly so, but things have worked out pretty darn well without him.


jgkojak 11 months, 1 week ago

GUARDS 1. Tharpe 2. Greene 3. Mason SGs 1. Selden 2. Frankamp SFs 1. Wiggins 2. AW III PFs 1. Ellis 2. Traylor 3. Wesley Cs 1. Black 2. Embiid 3. Lucas

On the one hand, you can see Mason possibly red-shirting. On the other, one injury and we're relying on Evan Manning for some possible late-game minutes.


joeloveshawks 11 months, 1 week ago

Ok. Now that the roster is all set, is it for sure someone is going to have to red-shirt? I just can't see all of these guys getting meaningful minutes. I think it is obvious who won't red-shirt...Wiggins, Tharpe, Selden, Black, Lucas (he just did), Ellis, Traylor (already has), Embiid, Wesley.

I really don't think AWIII will either as it may be his year to shine backing up Wiggins. My guess is Mason but I suppose it could be Greene or Frankamp. That would be pretty wild, though. I highly doubt too many kids that are ranked in the top 30-40 coming out of high school take red-shirts.


sdallen24 11 months, 1 week ago

I graduated from Memphis, so I follow the Tigers. While I'm happy that the Jayhawks have added more frontcourt help, Black is not the bruiser that he appears to be. He routinely gets outhustled and outmuscled on the boards. I do think that he has potential to help if Self can find a way to get the most out of him, but I do not expect him to be a star.


Brak 11 months, 1 week ago

I'm thinking we should start Traylor and Black and just let them beat the crap out of opposing big men until halftime or they foul out then send in Ellis and Embiid and let them score at will. All I know is this is going to be a fun team to watch and the season can't get here soon enough.


William Blake 11 months, 1 week ago

Let me put it this way... It's never a bad thing to build a 262 lb. concrete wall in the paint.

Imagine what happens to a 180 lb driving guard who hits a 262 lb barrier at full speed?

Yes, Black will be assessed the foul... and yes, that guard will think second about driving in next time!


justinryman 11 months, 1 week ago

It looks like KU and Self are getting some transfers now after the work they do with Mr. Kevin Young.

Yes Kevin had a motor that dosent' stop, but he went from a nothing to a starter at KU and gave this team a huge boost when it needed it.

Guys see how he develpoed and know they too can get better and have options at the end of college that will include playing basketball for money.


KemDooKU 11 months, 1 week ago

I don't think Lucas will ever be a star for KU - nothing against him but he is not very athletic and has about a two inch vertical - that being said he is a Hoss that can take up space in the middle but it may be another year before he ever gets an serious minutes. Black seems like a guy who will fit nicely at KU for just one year but I am glad it's just one year-


JHWK 11 months, 1 week ago

When we all saw the schedule for next season with the team we 'had' I think there were many among us - myself included - who thought there may be some potential slaughters coming. Now this makes HCBS and the scheduling team look like they knew something the rest of us didn't! Black's addition gives us such a balanced attack with our blossoming PG No Fear Naadir, two slashing drivers in Wiggens and Seldon, a 3-point specialist in CFrank and now another inside space-maker in Black.
What an arsenal! Rock Chalk!


REHawk 11 months, 1 week ago

Anyone else notice the discrepancy in Tarik's weight, articles yesterday/today?


REHawk 11 months, 1 week ago

Jason King hit the nail on the head in stating that Black's occasional inconsistency and lack of effort won't fly with Bill Self. If Tarik roars into Lawrence with the focus and tenacity to make the most of his opportunity with Jayhawk coaching and training, he could become the absolute stud that Jeff Graves was in that national championship game. I prefer not to fight the crowds, choosing to watch Kansas games via TV. But I would pay some decent dollars to watch a dozen Oct./ Nov./Dec. practice sessions. The developmental progress of this current lineup: WOW!


Robert Brock 11 months, 1 week ago

-Black allows Self to have a scholarship open for next season. Right now he has two – Wiggins and Black.

Two? Just enough to fit in Okafor and Jones!


Jack Wilson 11 months, 1 week ago

The Black signing is perfect.

-When Embiid is ready, Black is first big off the bench. Until then, Black starts next to Ellis. Makes sense.

-Black gives us a big body .. think Darnell Jackson-esq as mentioned in the article. He can be the banger, protect Ellis and Embiid. He shot nearly 55% in his three seasons. Not overstating it here hopefully, but Black could really thrive in a setting like this with significant skill around him.

-Permits Traylor and Lucas to be what they are .. developmental guys that could impact their junior and senior seasons. Let’s be careful not to expect more from them. Traylor probably wouldn't have played last season if Peters didn't have his issues. As I’ve mentioned over the past few weeks, Self’s pursuit of Black tells us what he thinks about their readiness to be in the rotation for 2013-14. But this is what should be expected. They aren't disappointing if they don't play. Traylor will likely be the 4th big this season, unless Lucas unseats him there. This is exactly what Traylor or Lucas is suited for.

-More on Lucas – this will be his freshman season. Unranked guy. No pressure. He can sit the bench, work in practice, and get better. Top ranked guys enter more “game ready” for this level. Great example is KY .. as a 5th year senior, he was better than hot-shot top 30 guy Ellis in Ellis’ freshman season. But Ellis was coming on at the end. It took KY much development to get to that point. It will take Ellis much less to be at the same level. Guys like Lucas just usually need some more time. Heck, there is an outside chance he could start in 2015-16 (his junior season). Different type of players than top 50 guys.

-The Mickelson signing could push both Lucas and Traylor out of a three man post rotation in 2014-15 (Mickelson/Ellis/Embiid – assuming neither Ellis/Embiid turn pro). From a practical perspective, as I’ve mentioned before, I wouldn't be surprised to see one of them transfer – depending upon recruiting. The scholarship/playing time battle is clearly between the two of them. We won’t play 5 bigs.

-Black allows Self to have a scholarship open for next season. Right now he has two – Wiggins and Black.

-Black secures the post area -- our biggest weakness. And makes us a clear national title contender.


Benz Junque 11 months, 1 week ago

I am genuinely surprised to see Black coming to Kansas. He figured to get more minutes and a more prominent role at Oregon. It's good to see a kid make the decision to fight for minutes at a place where he thinks he has a better shot at winning and a better chance to develop his body and game. GREAT pickup for KU. What an amazing haul for Coach Self and staff.

I think this year will officially put to rest any chatter about Self's recruiting misses! This should easily go down as one of the greatest KU classes in their storied history. I am super excited to watch this team develop through a nasty non-con schedule, hit their stride as the rotation solidifies in Big 12 play and flourish come tourney time. If even half the young guys develop into solid contributors this year the sky's the limit.


ccarp 11 months, 1 week ago

Imagine what Hudy might have done with Big Gravy. I can't wait to see the results she gets from Black. He already has the strength to go hard and throw it down.


David Brown 11 months, 1 week ago

Gotta love Coach Self and his staff for what they are bringing to KU next season: talented freshman, red-shirted players, transfers. Constantly traveling to watch prospects, meet players/parents, scanning the various conferences for players leaving. Putting all the pieces together as they become available. All coaches do those things of course, but Self seems to do it best! Next season will be FUN! So much change in personnel, so young and inexperienced, so much potential, such a challenging schedule. Wow, can hardly wait to watch Self mold this group and see the results.


Michael Pannacciulli 11 months, 1 week ago

Felt it would be hard for him to choose anyone else after Wiggins signed. Excited he is coming to KU. Will be nice to have an new enforcer down low to bully anyone who comes in the paint. I for one am pleasantly surprised with Bill's haul this year. A+.


Ferd Magellan 11 months, 1 week ago

"Through three seasons, he reached or passed the four personal fouls mark in 44 percent of his appearances. As Sporting News’ Mike DeCourcy notes, “If that’s not a record, it ought to be.”"

Maybe a record for Memphis, but I think Manning and Valentine have him beat. If those guys sneezed on an opponent they were called for a foul.


MinorThreat 11 months, 1 week ago

Graves did some nice stuff sporadically, but I don't recall him being a "standout"...


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