Sunday, March 31, 2013

Young Jayhawks face rough slate in 2013-14


One of the youngest teams in Kansas University basketball history will embark on a challenging schedule in 2013-14.

The Jayhawks will meet Duke in the third and final Champions Classic, set for Tuesday, Nov. 12, in Chicago’s United Center. Michigan State will meet Kentucky in the other game of the one-day doubleheader.

KU is 0-2 in the Classic, having lost to Kentucky in 2011 and Michigan State in ’12.

The Journal-World has learned the four schools have had talks about renewing the wildly successful Classic, presented by ESPN and State Farm Insurance.

The Jayhawks also will play in the Battle of Atlantis, set for Nov. 28-30 on Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas. The field consists of KU, Southern California, Villanova, Tennessee, Xavier, Wake Forest and UTEP. The eighth team is rumored to be Michigan State, though no announcement has been made.

KU has three players in the 2012-13 rotation expected to return in junior-to-be Naadir Tharpe and sophomores Perry Ellis and Jamari Traylor. Red-shirt freshman Ben McLemore is expected to turn pro.

Next season, Kansas will travel to Colorado in the completion of a home-and-home series. Georgetown and San Diego State will visit Allen Fieldhouse.

It’s also possible KU will play Arkansas in a Big 12/SEC Challenge game in Allen Fieldhouse. The two conferences have yet to officially announce formation of the challenge. Criticism of the event points to the fact four of the 14 SEC teams won’t play in the challenge since there are only 10 Big 12 teams.

The nonconference schedule is normally announced sometime in April or May, with the Big 12 portion of the slate being revealed during the summer.

Wiggins mum on choice: The country’s No. 1 recruit, Andrew Wiggins, is one of three uncommitted players to compete in Wednesday’s McDonald’s All-America game in Chicago. The others: 6-8 guard/forward Aaron Gordon of Archbishop Mitty (Calif.) High and 6-5 guard Keith Frazier of Kimball (Texas) High.

Wiggins told the Chicago Tribune on Sunday that he will announce for either KU, Kentucky, Florida State or North Carolina by May 15. He would only say he was fond of all four schools on his list.

The 6-8 forward averaged 23.4 points, 11.2 rebounds, 2.6 blocks and 2.5 assists for Huntington Prep (W.Va.), which finished 30-3. He is the son of former NBA player Mitchell Wiggins and Canadian track Olympic medalist Marity Payne-Wiggins, both graduates of Florida State.

Wiggins told the Tribune the plan is “to get bigger, stronger, faster. Just be ready for the next level.”

Better start: Michigan sophomore point guard Trey Burke on the Wolverines racing to a 13-0 lead in their 79-59 Elite Eight victory over Florida on Sunday in Dallas.

“We felt like we came out against Kansas pretty sluggish. And we felt today the key was to come out and throw the first punch,” Burke said.

The Wolverines overcame a 14-point deficit in the final minutes of a Sweet 16 overtime victory over KU.

“The game against Kansas, with us coming back and winning, I guess just after that game we were saying, ‘God has something in store for us going to the next game,’” Michigan’s Tim Hardaway Jr., said. “We were just running and gunning and having fun. That’s what we’re best at. If we continue to do that, we should go really far.”

TV talk: CBS Sports and Turner Sports’ coverage of the 2013 NCAA Tournament across TBS, CBS, TNT and truTV is averaging 9.4 million total viewers to date, up 9 percent from last year’s 8.6 million viewers, and is tied with 1994 as the highest average for the NCAA Tournament through the Saturday Regional Finals in 19 years (10.7 million, 1993).

CBS made the announcement Sunday.

The 2013 NCAA Tournament to date is averaging a national HH rating/share of 6.1/13, up 9 percent from last year’s 5.6/12, and is tied with 2005 as the highest-to-date rating in 15 years (6.3/15; 1998).

Saturday’s Regional Final coverage on CBS averaged 9.4 million viewers, based on Nielsen Fast Nationals, up 6 percent from last year’s 8.9 million viewers.

Regional Final coverage on Saturday earned a HH rating/share of a 5.8/12, up 4 percent from last year’s 5.6/12.


Steve Brown 1 year ago

Game day, I am hanging the flag, along with our neighbors, all the Tiger & Purple flags put away. The crimson and blue will wave this weekend in tribute to dances past and yet to come. They call us snobs & delusional, Guilty.
Guess they don't sell Shocker garage flags, don't see any.

Got the DVR set, snacks coming out, beverages iced down, house music system warming up by playing Crimson & Blue, I'm a JJJ Hawk, even Home on the Range, Dorothy will sing over the rainbow at noon, it's a tradition for final fours. From 3-4 we play the chant, Georgian Monks chant, it's not the same yet close.

Windex the front storm door window, Tiger rug mat upside down on front step to clean your feet of impurities. Yet they are not coming today, I am ready, yet they won't come, they will mulch and shop and fish and hit balls into the rough. My pals won't fill my home today, and I will miss them, everyone.

Years ago at Dallas Final Four walking from Anotole to Reunion Arena with our early versions of the red beak 'em shirt, all the Louisville fans honked and waved thinking it was a mamouth cardinal on our front, we just waved the trojan horse and smiled. We were thanking Ted who recruited Calvin Ronnie and the others, wishing him well, glad to have Larry, our future was ahead of us.

Lots of March dances since that spring day, most of them hurt in the end, why do we come back knowing the pain, I am not sure, somebody help me, when does this emptiness subside, is it just a game or is it religion. Somebody help me.


Carolyn Hunzicker 1 year ago

HEY, Michigan had 3 freshmen 1 soph and 1 Jr AND BEAT FOUR SENIORS AND I LOTTERY PICK

were in and ready to roll



hotrodm 1 year ago

3 point lead, just seconds on the clock, foul the guy at half court and put him on the line. When will Bill learn this?


Lance Hobson 1 year ago

Very tough loss. Will never be over it.


Jay Dogger 1 year ago


Not sure if you saw my post form yesterday but I'm going to repost it again. I'm a curious person.

HEM, I'd really like to hear you reply to merrill --

"I don't care that much about championships. It's about how well does the team play with each other, show respect for other teams and how many games Jayhawks can win throughout the regular season. If KU wins a lot of games and never wins a final four so what. How well does the team play and do they play as a team?"

--merrill must be Bizarro HighEliteMajor. That is, LowAverageMinor. LAM

In all honesty winning a 10th Big 12 will almost be like becoming a #1 seed again: a reminder of our struggle to close. And next year's team has little if any chance of winning a National Title. The reality is that we have two years before we win one again, at best. Of course, we'll probably still be able to brag about "Eleven is Heaven" or whatever. Whoopee. It's starting to make the Big 12 look bad. Sorry for being negative. I just saw a clip of Michigan cutting down the nets.


AsadZ 1 year ago

Rio, Uncle is a bad influence. He is a troll on this site. You have a great career path at KU. Just look at Tharpe. He was in a similar situation as you last year and see how much PT he got this year when nobody was expecting

You have the talent and skills to become a great guard at KU under Self. Its up to you. Work hard over the summer and you will flourish.


UncleMarty 1 year ago

Rio if you are reading this, I think you should set that meeting up with Coach Self asap, so you can get your release and move forward in your career. Although KU is a great school, I personally think you would be better off going elsewhere. Your style of play does not fit into HCBS system. If you stay at KU you are setting yourself up to be another EJ.


Kye Clark 1 year ago

Texas Tech to hire Tubby Smith. Love it. I'm not saying he's a great coach (although he does have a NC), but he's very good and definitely right at the ceiling of any coach that program could hope to attract. Anything that makes the league better.


machinegun 1 year ago

Big Bill is a great coach! Next year, he will have a chance to do it all over again. It will be another huge challenge for one of the top 5 coaches in all of college basketball with all of the new players. Will 14-4 win the Big 12 next year?


702Hawk 1 year ago

I am surprised nobody has asked this yet but when is the 13-14 team going to play the first game of HORSE against each other. With the types of shooters that we got coming in maybe it should be PIG.

Bedore could you try and convince HCBS to have you record it and play it here?


Michael Luby 1 year ago

Travis Releford deserves to have his jersey hung. So does Jeff Withey.


jayhawkinATL 1 year ago

I know all-American status is one qualification that will get you in the rafters...just don't know if it's only 1st team honors.


jayhawkinATL 1 year ago BMac and Withey get into the AFH rafters as 2nd and 3rd-team all-Americans???


KemDooKU 1 year ago

Next up Royals and Chiefs - and the heartbreak continues!


TexiCaliHawk 1 year ago

All that said, we STILL had a chance to hold on and win the game as we were up by 5 points with :21 to play and lack of 'Basketball I.Q.' got in the way. Did any of the coaches tell the players during one of the (many) timeouts that WE had the 'Possession' Arrow, so if there was a loose 50/50 ball, we should simply tie them up to take over possession? Not getting the ball over the :10 line is unforgiveable and the one thing a guard has to do in that situation. Missing the front end of a 1-and-1 happens to even the best players, but making poor decisions (again, regardless of whether E.J. is playing 'out of position' at PG vs. SG, or the health of his knees), he did not exhibit 'Basketball I.Q.' befitting a Senior Leader.

I am confident that had we held on to win that game, we would have beaten Florida to move on to the Final Four against Syrcacuse -- imagine the 'story line' there as we would have had an opportunity for revenge from the 2003 National Championship game debacle in New Orleans. Plus, the addition of Wichita State would have given a strong KANSAS storyline with the 'chance' of meeting each other in the National Championship game (something even our State Legislators could not pull off).

The 'Bottom Line' is that we lost -- poor decisions were made that HCBS and I'm sure E.J. would love to have back. This loss hurts and will continue to hurt for some time; however, we cannot lose sight of the tremendous ride this KU TEAM gave us when we look back with objectivity. The 'highs' were tremendously high (@ Ohio St., @KSU, @OSU, ISU, @ISU, TT on 'Senior Night' honoring 4 stud Seniors) including the emergence of Ben McLemore as one of the most talented Jayhawks players to play in a Kansas uniform; and the 'lows' were incredibly low (MSU, OSU, @TCU, @BU, Michigan).

I look at our Media Guide every year when it comes out and lament the 'near misses'/close losses that we have experienced in the NCAA Tourney over the past several years -- if even 'half' of those games go our way, we take on an entirely different aura/perception within the pantheon of college basketball . . . THE undisputed College Basketball 'Kings' (not just 'Royalty') as Conference Championships are great, but what you do in the NCAA Tournament is what gets remembered longest. However, I also count up the ridiculous number of wins (#2 All-Time just 10 behind UK who grew their program on the back of a Kansan, Adolf Rupp, as well as confirmed 'cheating' during the '50's) as well as the tremendous character and quality of student-athletes we all have been so richly blessed to watch play in a KANSAS uniform over those same number of years.

It absolutely sucks to lose the way we did on Friday, but the sun did come up on Saturday and with a fresh perspective, I am ready now to close this chapter and move on to a new one with an exciting line-up of young, but talented Jayhawks who will no doubt (continue) to make us proud to be KANSAS Basketball fans next fall.


TexiCaliHawk 1 year ago

It all comes down to 'Basketball I.Q.' people -- with 4 Seniors (3 of them 5th Year Seniors!), it is forgiveable that we may not possess the most athletic ability, or raw basketball talent; however, it is NOT forgiveable that we grossly lack the requisite 'smarts' to make better, more intelligent basketball decisions. Our number of turnovers due to unforced errors ('boneheaded plays' as HCBS calls them) was our undoing as we played well enough as a TEAM to beat Michigan for 38-39 minutes.

I love E.J. and all he has meant to the program over the past 4 years (averaging over 30 wins per season and 4 Big 12 Conference Championships as well as NCAA Tourney runs -- do you know that this is only the third 30-Win Season in Michigan's 'HISTORY'?!); however, he did not demonstrate 'Basketball I.Q.' on Friday -- heck, he violated the #1 'Man Law' (hitting a guy below the belt) . . . within the opening minutes of the game and no provocation. E.J. is not a thug; rather an incredibly intelligent, well-spoken individual who finished last year strong, but actually regressed in many ways this year. HCBS should have benched E.J. like he did Ben as he inhibited our ability to win the game -- drawing up a play for him to take the 'final shot' (er, I mean 'pass') when all we needed was 2 pts. to send the game into a 2nd O.T. was not a good example of 'Basketball I.Q.'

(More . . . )


Redlandsjhawk 1 year ago

“The game against Kansas, with us coming back and winning, I guess just after that game we were saying, ‘God has something in store for us going to the next game,’” Michigan’s Tim Hardaway Jr., said.

Well if that's not an admission that it was a freaking miracle they won, then nothing is.


KemDooKU 1 year ago

I replayed the end of the KU -v- Michigan game last night and we won this time - not sure how it happened but Congrads to Johnson who made the first free throw and we won by one-


LngTimeFan 1 year ago

A coach who adapts to an opponents game plan better than HCBS is hard to find long term. Sure, Withey played his heart out but the smalls offense ran him ragged. JT will be a big time player for KU, perhaps a budding version of TRob, let's hope. The last couple of minutes the whole team lost itself, not Bill. Who wants a Pitino, or Calipari, or Thompson, et all here and HCBS in OSU?! I sure don't. That would be idiotic and make me question the direction of KU BB if that ever happened. KU lost a big game. So have other big time schools. Disappointing yes. KU will be just fine with the incoming player and most of the returnees. Rio needs to work hard and earn his time, he and coach make that call. It's time we all move along and stop beating things to death.


Konkis Dongington III 1 year ago

Even with it apparent that Wigs is going to join the Evil Empire, there's still going to be plenty of recruiting going on. Pretty much all of the blue chips from this years class have been swallowed up, and KU has got its share, but there are still some lose ends from years bygone and some coach shuffling that is yet to be sorted out. I love our class, but I'd like to see us add one really athletic or really bruising 4 to top it off. Someone who is either like Julian Wright or someone who is like Adrien Payne.

To start, there are a number of players out there from as far back as 2010 that have as of yet to play D1 ball that could step in right away: Norvel Pelle is a 7' forward from Compton, CA that KU recruited some, commited St. Johns, but had some eligibility issues. He was then supposed to go to Iona, but was never seen on campus despite getting clearance from the NCAA. He hasn't shown up in any mock drafts, Euro Leagues, or otherwise made any noise as far as I know. Luke Cothron is probably a name that if you read my posts you're sick of hearing. I'll just say his status remains unclear as well. Mike Chandler was a top 50 F/C that wound up at the same JUCO that Cothron and former recruit Chris Jones play(ed) for. Chandler didn't make much of an impact at NWF, though.

On the transfer front, Tony Parker has made plenty of noise that he's not happy at UCLA, and that he'd consider Kansas. I don't think he'd be a great add because he need to lose weight and he wouldn't be immediately available. The Wear Twins could be of interest if they decide to leave. They aren't great players, but they're solid, experienced, and could only play for a year, so they don't close off any recruiting avenues. They haven't made any indication of their plans, though. New Mexico has a decent big in Cameron Bairstow who is a junior. If he could get clearance to play immediately, I'd take him for the year for the same reasons as the Wears.

Lastly, many have commented or joked about Rio leaving the team and just not being able to wait to get out of dodge, but so far, at least on his twitter account, he hasn't said anything that to me sounds like he's going anywhere. He's been fairly positive. It may doesn't mean anything at this point because he still has to meet with Self towards the end of the month and they'll probably make that decision together, but I wouldn't say that he for sure has one foot out the door or anything.


William Blake 1 year ago

I'm a Bill Self fan. He's great for KU basketball, the State of Kansas, and college basketball. I wouldn't trade him for any other coach on the planet.

But we all have the right to speak our opinion on what he does as coach.

One thing I'm not fond about with CS is his structure of discipline. Freshmen get pulled when making simple mistakes. Sophomores are allowed a tiny bit more leash. Juniors have to really screw up to get pulled. And seniors rarely get pulled... often just catching an earful on timeouts.

I think more in the opposite: young players need PT in order to improve. They rarely get that at KU... at least, real (uninterrupted) PT. They play "not to screw up" basketball, and so it is all about molding in to an exact specification... and while it teaches them a great amount of discipline, it does not teach them how to maximize their own personal skills as a player. If you want to know why we don't land that top tier of players, this is why.

Personally, I'd put more discipline on the seniors. If you've been in our system that long, you shouldn't be making big mistakes. These kids have been given those rules from day one, and to suddenly give them a "free pass" because they are a senior, doesn't hold water. Keeping them in a game when they screw up doesn't build confidence; it builds confusion.

And look at our seniors. EJ simply was not handled properly this year. He has the type of personality that needed more direction... and a big part of that direction needed to be shown through discipline. Is there anyone in here who doesn't agree with me that he should have been pulled several times throughout the year because of bad play? He needed to be benched at times to force him to get to the next level. That didn't happen and he never got to where he needed to go. I'm not blaming EJ for our loss to Michigan. I believe more responsibility should be put on CS's shoulders. EJ's mistakes were merely a repeat of what he did most of the year... and it was allowed to go on, game after game.

Ultimately... all players are different. It is hard to have one disciplinary structure for an entire team. But then... when players are treated uniquely it can create feelings of favoritism and other issues can come from that.

What I am trying to get across with this post is the need to loosen CS's discipline structure to fit the situation a bit more. BMac was cut plenty of slack so why can't the same loosening happen for other players? Where would Perry's game gone (this year) had he received more minutes before March? What would EJ had done (down the stretch) had he been disciplined throughout the year? Would we have landed a top tier recruit or two this last year if the "freshman rule" wasn't around?

These are just my opinions, and I'm not trying to roast CS... just throw out some ideas... I'm thrilled for the record CS has developed in Lawrence!


bradynsdad 1 year ago

One other quick thing to think about. Cal will be under tremendous pressure to win it all next year. I don't mean the normal pressure either. Think about his selling points to recruits? If they don't win it then he what will be the excuse? What will every analyst or fan say? Cal brought in the greatest recruiting class of all time with first round draft picks coming off the bench and he still couldn't win a title? Just food for thought.


bradynsdad 1 year ago

I think this whole UK greatest recruiting class ever storyline is a little overrated. They had the best recruiting class last year with the number 1 overall recruit and look how it turned out. How many people were eager to jump on the UK will repeat bandwagon? Even before Noel went down they were in danger of even making the tourney. Cal proved this year that too many egos can be a bad thing. Think about his first year when he had Wall and Cousins, that team was so loaded that first round draft pick Ortin was coming off the bench and they didn't make it past the Elite Eight. Regardless of how many people say it Kentucky did not win the title last year with all freshman. No matter how heralded the recruiting class is if they don't cut down the nets in April then just like everyone else they go home. It's easy for the kids to get caught up in the hype themselves but just wait til two or three months into the season when one or two of these all stars aren't getting the playing time they were promised or thought that they deserved. I will never trade a class full of one and dones over kids who pour everything they have into our beloved university. On a seperate note did anyone get the full story as to why World Wide Wes was not allowed VIP access into Lucas Oil Stadium?


jaybate 1 year ago

The minute UK and Ryan Harrow announced yesterday that Harrow would be transferring to Georgia State, the odds of Wiggins selecting UK spiked as high as they can go without becoming certainties.


REHawk 1 year ago

I am of the disposition that league titles represent the meat and potatos of a sportseason. Anything beyond,in the postseason, is always someting of a crapshoot. NCAA Tourney wins are gravy. Some posters are calling for a review of Bill Self. Heck, Bill Self is always on review, 365 days per annum. That comes with the 3.8 million dollar territory. Personally, I cherish those 9 consecutive conference trophies. In my estimation, no other coaching and training staff in America could have posted such a series of heralded championships, even at the throne of the nation's historically best program and fan base. That said, I grade Bill Self at "A" level again this season, but for 3 areas of concern: his psychological slip in sending his troops to TCU with their heads hanging, his freezing up in the final ten minutes of the Michigan game, and his persistent shortcomings in reluctant development of bench talent. In the grand scheme of 30 Wins Jayhawk Basketball, what other head coach is going to post so many significant victories while keeping his own act and the program so clean? We've got the right guy in place to lead this program for as long as he chooses to do so, hands down. I am already excited for the 2013-14 season. Rock Chalk!


yates33333 1 year ago

I hope Michigan wins the national championship, but Trey Burke's comments break my balls. KU gave them the game. Sure he is a great player and made an outstanding shot to tie the game and send it to overtime, but he should never have had that opportunity. Robinson may be right concerning God.

Can't someone get McLemore's mother a cushy job in Lawrence and rent her a nice home cheaply? I know this sort of thing has worked since I played in the 1950s. I can't see how this would be against any crappy NCAA rules.


shinguard 1 year ago

After watching this video, I have given up all hope on Wiggins. Lots "we"s in his answers when talking about Kentucky's incoming freshman class. I hope I eat my words. What do you all think?


KemDooKU 1 year ago

This year we were light on guard play - next year it's the opposite - light in the paint and the only big we have coming in has only played two years of basketball ........- with all that being said go ahead and chalk us up for another Big 12 championship and a three seed in the dance.


AsadZ 1 year ago

Gary Bedore,

It was my understanding that KU had a home/away series with Temple. Temple was at AFH last year so I was expecting KU to play at Temple next year. However it is not mentioned in the article.

Can you clarify.

Thank You.


akgjenkintown 1 year ago

Next year could be the truly first down year for Self at KU if the returning players don't improve monumentally between now and the beginning of next season. I wouldn't be surprised if KU's season doesn't mirror that of UNC (young and over rated at the beginning of the season and demonstrated they were only a second tier team in a weak ACC), but hopefully not UK (overhyped and never lived up to their potential). Lack of senior/junior leadership will be a problem. Most of the truly successful teams for Self have had some players with experience in the starting lineup and next year's team will have little (Tharpe-Junior, Ellis and Traylor-Sophomores). Missing out on a number of recruits over the past few years will come back to bit KU in the short term. How do you go into a season with no Seniors (no offense intented to Wesley and Roberts) and one Junior' Tharpe (no offense to Garrett)? The 2013-2014 season will be a result of poor recruiting in previous years. Young and talented, but inexperienced is the outlook for next year.


KemDooKU 1 year ago

Plenty of room on this team for Wiggins to be the man - plus he can come hear and be the giant killer which will be the Kentucky Wildcats next year! Man they are loaded


KemDooKU 1 year ago

You know that sick feeling you get when your team loses a Heartbreaker - well it's still there!


Kevin Jenkins 1 year ago

Really Mac should stay one more year. He could improve his game so much and not be like so many early entries. Who now are out of the NBA and looking for a job. Yes we understand his situation. He could help his family, but if waited, he could be a star player.


Yonatan Negash 1 year ago

I have a feeling Andrew Wiggins is going to shock the world with his choice. First, I don't believe the guy would ends up at Kentucky. Not so sure about NC and Florida State either. I have a feeling we'll get him.


Kevin Jenkins 1 year ago

I think we have a great bunch of players for next year. We have a great coach. Who in there right mind would want Self in OSU? Think if we ended up with Webber? Wow, what a nightmare that would be. Self can teach! Who else could win so many Big 12 titles? You are crazy chalk23. We have so much talent now and only Self can bring them together for greatness. We will be fine. The better teams we play in November, will make us ready for another NCAA tourney. RockChalk. KU fan for life. Wins and losses.


Mike Barnhart 1 year ago

KU whopped Michigan for 36 minutes on Friday night. If we could have held on and snuck by Michigan, now knowing what they did to Florida yesterday, does anyone doubt we'd be heading to Atlanta next weekend?


Andy Tweedy 1 year ago

I used to think it was stupid that a kid wait until late in his senior year before picking a college. But then I one day I remembered that until April of my senior year, I wasn't going to Kansas, I was headed somewhere else. I wonder how many of the posters who think kids should pick Kansas in the fall are actually from Kansas. No matter what kind of kid you are, it can be tough to leave home and go to a place where you don't know anybody. Good things come to those who wait!!!


April13 1 year ago

Why on earth would it take a kid until May 15 to choose a school at which he intends to play one year? These drama queens need to get over themselves and get over themselves quickly.


Michael Luby 1 year ago

Wiggins will follow mommy and daddy to Florida State. He wants to be The Man on a team and he couldn't do it on any of his other choices. We could use that Gordon kid though.


Margaret Schadler 1 year ago

Has it occurred to anyone that one and done works for those already in the pros? If it takes longer to develop if a talented player ones and dones than if he stays in college, then those already in the Pros have less competition than if there was a three or four year rule.

My understanding is that the players' union is a big advocate of one and done.


trustyourSelf 1 year ago

I know every else is against me on this, but I don't really want Wiggins. I don't really like OAD's in general. (Yes I love Xavier and I don't really consider McLemore an OAD because of his RS season) Just sort of has that Kentucky flavor to it. When he says his plan for college is to "just be ready for the next level" it's like he's already ready to be done with college now. I know that our team would be greatly improved next year if we had him, but I prefer watching guys develop and stick around for 3 or 4 years. I'm interested to see if there is one other person in our fan base that feels the same way as me.


Adam Tyler 1 year ago

Anyone implying bill self be under review or fired is simply ignorant.


Steve Zimmerman 1 year ago

Did I just miss '13 Late Night? Is it Thanksgiving already? I can't wait! Bring on Dookey!


Suzi Marshall 1 year ago

Trying to understand how some of these HS kids pick a school is mind numbing. How does Marcus Smart choose OSU over KU? Can you imagine this team with Smart at the Point! Wiggins....has an unbelievable opportunity to shine with a KU as his choice.

BMac has great potential but the NBA will eat him alive with the state of his current game. That league will eat him alive with his current ball handling skills.


Ethan Berger 1 year ago

First I'm going to plug for ESPN real quick. If you haven't watched survive and advance, the 30 for 30 episode, please go do so. Excellent piece.

But the reason I bring it up is because of how good the college talent was. NC States run was incredible because basketball had never been better. UNC had a crazy good team who lost to Georgia. Virginia had one of the best post players in college ball history. Houston had two players who were starts in the NBA. All of them went to college for multiple years. Now maybe some can inform on the rule back then, but we can look and say how college develops and betters them as pros. (If you haven't caught on, im about to rant about the one and done).

Now the counter argument would be the 70s and 90s. Same rules, same scenario. College ball was excellent (for UCLA in the 70s) but the NBA was lackluster. I think the NCAA and NBA need to team up and find a balance. The talent level today is as high as its ever been. Mostly due to strength and conditioning. However, all these really good raw players are jumping far to early. So lets get a committee to be in charge of saying who can jump. After every year, they can review and ask to jump again. But the one thing we don't need anymore is average college players jumping pro. We have a great class next year but my fear is Selden being an 1and done and not being ready. B Mac this year is a top 5 pick but mentally and ball handling is not ready for the nba. Julian Wright, X Henry, Josh Selby. All guys who played for us who jumped to early. If we could get a logical rule, not only will college ball improve, but so would fan/team relations.


KJD 1 year ago

Bedore has followed Kansas Men's basketball for thousands of days straight. If he runs a headline that we face a rough slate then I do wonder how he compares it to other slates in the past. I really do wonder what his opinion is on the entire slate, not just these early games. What does it look like for our talented, though young, roster next year.

"KU, Southern California, Villanova, Tennessee, Xavier, Wake Forest and UTEP" with what we return and have coming in seems like a lot of early season fun for KU fans. We don't play all of those teams, we only play 3 of them along with a mystery guest. If it is Michigan State we know Nix is gone and they return everyone else. If I was the Atlantis folks, after looking at this field, I would be sure to put Izzo and the Spartans on the other side of the field from Kansas.

Duke will be fun for sure since it will be two names playing an ugly game–ah memories of Hawaii just two seasons ago. Duke will lose Plumlee, Curry, and Kelly who are three of their starters. Quinn Cook will have experience for the Blue Devils though Naadir Tharpe will have plenty to share too. Even though Rasheed Sulaimon will return with experience so will Perry Ellis at a different position.

November games will be fun next year and we should have as good of a chance to win them as anybody else. I'm much more interested in the look of the December schedule, where we play, and who we play when.

2013-2014 Jayhawks remind me of the 2005-2006 Jayhawks. Wayne Selden, Joel Embiid, Brannen Greene, Conner Frankamp already have me waiting for the next Self and Co installment of KU basketball. I'm real excited about seeing Selden in a Kansas uniform along with Embiid though the whole class looks good. They will be young, talented and they should not have a whole lot on their shoulders in the way of expectations. Seriously KU fans, watch them win and grow like we always do with pain and you will love it along the way. I saw a Frank Mason video recently and it looks like he's got chops to dribble, drive and pull-up to make the three so don't bury him on the rotation yet you 'no-rank frank' posters :-) .

Traylor and Andrew White III will now have their time to shine. Rio Adams, yes I'm calling you Rio here at, will have a chance to live up to that name if you choose to grow up and be a team player. Landen Lucas will be ready to play (period)


AZHawk72 1 year ago

I didn't think you were off-base, 741, but I did think the handling of Johnson's behavior was. And, no, I'm not just referring to the cheap shot, the three fouls in three minutes, or the sad reality of getting a flagrant in the first two minutes of a critical game, which I've never witnessed in over fifty years of watching college basketball.

When a player is clearly out-of-control from the get-go, get him out and don't give a second thought to any concerns about the "entitlement generation," just rip him for what he's done to his teammates, sit his -ss down and don't just let him sit and seethe and think that's sending a message.

If, as an assistant, a coach doesn't feel comfortable bringing a young man back to reality, then it's time to update the resume. If you can't stand the image in the mirror, you can't do anything for anyone else.


rockchalkchalkin23 1 year ago

If you want a clear example of player development by bill self, look at his son. No disrespect to Tyler. Attitude reflects leadership.

Hopefully it will be the "right time" to go home to Okie St after Tyler graduates.


ahpersecoachingexperience 1 year ago

TV ratings are up bc we couldn't stop looking at the train wreck that was dudes leg yesterday. OUCH!


jayhawkinnc 1 year ago

I'm just still baffled as to how Self could keep EJ in the game vs. Michigan. Why didn't he just bench him when it was obvious EJ was having an awful game? I mean, he benched McClemore vs. UNC when he wasn't playing well, why not bench EJ? And why not draw up a play at the end of OT for your best player on the team (and projected #1 player in the draft), and let him make a play? Very, very frustrating. I love coach Self to death and I'm one of his biggest fans. He's a great coach, but not the greatest tournament coach over the years in my opinion.


Lance Hobson 1 year ago

Welcome FGCU trail of victims to AFH!


CPAHawk 1 year ago

"Heck, I may be completely off-base". What was your first clue?


741hawk 1 year ago


I think the world of HC Bill Self. I think he is one of the best in the business. We are blessed to have him at the University of Kansas.

That being said, no one is above review, especially someone in the public eye like Bill. Here’s what I’ve been thinking about today. (Because I can't get the loss off my mind!)

I’ve always been impressed by Bill’s coaching staff. With the exception of Coach Townsend, I believe all have been head coaches. Hinson was replaced with Doc Sadler, etc. Each of the assistants are invaluable in scouting opponents and giving our guys an edge.

I’ve also noticed that many D-1 coaches sit at the far end of the bench, closest to center-court. Bill sits between Townsend and Dooley, as though he wants their input throughout the game. However, thinking back on it, I recall little in-game conversation with Self. Dooley, for example, seems to just take notes . . . like Danny used to do.

However, in the aftermath of the “meltdown,” I began to think about Bill’s use of his coaches within “the game.”

I’ve always admired head coaches who, during a timeout, spend a portion of the timeout talking among their coaches before addressing the team. (Four or five heads are usually better than one!) The “meltdown” made me think about how Bill does (or does not) use his assistants. When a timeout is called, the players head directly to Bill Self. The bench players . . . and the assistants . . . huddle around. I don’t see Bill talking very often to his assistants.

Is it possible that during a game, Bill puts himself in charge in such a way that his assistants are too intimidated to suggest or contribute? The 10-second violation, for example. Any of the bench coaches could have called timeout. The utilization of Elijah, for example. Is it even possible, that at halftime or during the last five minutes of the game, the assistants knew better than to suggest a different role for Elijah? Interesting to think about because the assistants either 1) agreed to go down in flames with Bill’s reliance on Elijah or 2) they were too intimidated to speak up.

No malice. Nothing unkind here. Heck, I may be completely off-base. Maybe Bill coaches best without "distractions." (I just can’t get over the way we lost.)


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