Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Self not worried by McLemore’s scoring slump

Kansas guard Ben McLemore drives against North Carolina guard Reggie Bullock during the first half, Sunday, March 24, 2013 at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo.

Kansas guard Ben McLemore drives against North Carolina guard Reggie Bullock during the first half, Sunday, March 24, 2013 at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo.


Bill Self isn’t sweating the fact his squad’s top scorer has had a rough start in the 2013 NCAA Tournament.

“I think it’s exciting for our team to know you can win a game like that and have your leading scorer not make a basket. I don’t think it’ll happen (again),” 10th-year Kansas University basketball coach Self said of red-shirt freshman guard Ben McLemore.

The 6-foot-5, 195-pound St. Louis native scored two points off 0-for-9 shooting (0-6 from three) with two assists and two turnovers while playing 24 minutes in Sunday’s 70-58 third-round victory over North Carolina in Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo.

McLemore had 11 points off 2-of-5 shooting (0-for-2 from three, 7-of-8 from the line) with six rebounds, two assists and four turnovers in Friday’s second-round win over Western Kentucky. McLemore — he averages 16.2 ppg off 50.5 percent shooting on the season — played just six minutes in the second half against Carolina in large part because things were going so well with sophomore point guard Naadir Tharpe in the lineup.

Tharpe exploded for 12 points (Travis Releford had 13 and Jeff Withey 12) as KU stomped UNC, 49-28, in the final 20 minutes.

“The way the mood of the game and flow of the game was going was perfect. I’m pretty sure the coaches didn’t want to slow that down,” said McLemore, who averages 32.2 minutes a game, second on the team to Releford’s 33.5. “I was actually happy I was on the bench supporting my teammates because they were doing great. Our ball-handling ... it was awesome,” he added.

Self said it was a tough call to leave McLemore on the bench from the 13:40 mark (KU led, 37-35) to 1:48, when KU led, 65-52.

“I’ve talked to enough people, coaches over the years; you don’t do that with your best player,” Self said, “but we actually were better in that stretch and Ben was the best cheerleader we had. It was hard to take Naadir out, too. He was fabulous the second half. Everybody played well the second half. Travis and Jeff carried us.”

And so the No. 1 seeded Jayhawks (31-5) have advanced to a Sweet 16 contest against Michigan (28-7) at 6:37 p.m., Friday in Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Winner meets either Florida or Florida Gulf Coast on Sunday for a spot in the Final Four.

“Not really,” Self said, asked if he was concerned about McLemore’s production. “He had a rough weekend. Travis (K.C. native Releford) loves Sprint Center. Ben probably needs to get out of it. He’ll be fine. He’s too good a player, too talented.

“He’s got to see the ball go in the hole,” Self added. “The thing about it is with kids and freshmen who never experienced it (NCAAs), it’s a different pressure. You are talking about expectations. The Sports Illustrated (story), CBS deal (TV piece), all these things going on ... he handles it beautifully and his family does too. He was probably a little tight, a little nervous.”

McLemore said he didn’t experience the jitters. He said his form was just a little off. In the three previous games in the Big 12 tournament, he had averaged 13 points a game off 14-of-24 shooting (7-15 from three).

“The last couple games, my shot hasn’t been falling,” McLemore said. “I’ll keep playing my game. I talked to coach. He told me they are going to really need me. I’ve got to get back in the gym all week and keep shooting and play my game like I’ve always done, the way I played in the season. This game, I cheered my team on. We played a terrific game the second half. I felt like a fan out there. It was great.”

Freshman Perry Ellis said there’s no doubt McLemore will shrug off what happened in Sprint Center.

“He knows that he still has it. He knows we still trust in him. He’s carried us a lot. He knows he will pick it up. He just knows,” Ellis stated.

Burke a beast: Michigan’s Trey Burke, a 6-foot sophomore guard from Columbus, Ohio, who averages 18.8 ppg with 236 assists against 75 turnovers in 35 games, is a finalist for Naismith Player of the Year with Indiana’s Victor Oladipo, Creighton’s Doug McDermott and Georgetown’s Otto Porter.

Tim Hardaway, Jr., a 6-6 guard from Miami, Fla., completes perhaps the best backcourt in the country. He averages 14.9 ppg and 4.6 rebounds a game with 76 assists to 66 turnovers.

“I don’t think we have any edge going into this game,” Hardaway Jr. told ESPN radio in comments printed in the Detroit Free Press. “Both teams are similar, both have bigs that have great motors, they’ve got guards, wings that are capable of having any type of game when you’re playing against them. I don’t think (anyone) has an edge. You’ve got to do what you’re doing and keep on having fun, like we’re doing.”

Wolverines rugged foe: KU coach Self’s early take on Michigan, a team that went 12-6 in the Big 10. Michigan beat South Dakota State (71-56) and VCU (78-53) in second- and third-round tourney games.

“In order to cut down the nets, we’ve got to prepare for another two-game tournament,” Self said. “We’re playing a team that demolished an unbelievable basketball team (VCU). When Michigan plays well, they are definitely a top five team in the country. We’ve got our work cut out.”

He wasn’t crying: The Springfield News-Leader pointed out that the North Carolina fan who was shown cringing on TV after a vicious blocked shot by Jeff Withey was Chase Allen, son of Missouri State football coach Terry Allen.

Terry Allen, a former KU head football coach, and his family members are Carolina basketball fans. Allen is a close friend of UNC coach Roy Williams..

The paper, by the way, pointed out that Chase Allen was not crying as suggested by some.

South Regional info: KU’s shootaround, which is open to the public, will run from 2:10 to 3 p.m. Thursday in Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.


Priest Fontaine 1 year ago

The matchups to start the game:

1 6-0 190 Trey Burke-- vs 6'4" EJ

2 6-6 205 Tim Hardaway Jr-- vs 6'6" Releford

3 6-6 190 Nik Stauskas-- vs 6'5" B-Mac

4 6-6 210 Glenn Robinson-- vs 6'8" Young

5 6-10 250 Mitch McGrary-- vs 7' Withey

Tharp comes into relieve EJ guarding Burke. If Burke becomes too much for them to handle then Releford switches to Burke in second half with EJ taking Hardaway. I would love to see Traylor come in and just bang on McGrary to wear him down while withey catches a breather. If he fouls, make it memorable. Withey isn't going to get stretched much going against their bigs. This means we can put pressure on the perimeter and know that out insurance policy is in effect. I really hope we are the aggressors and come to play.


monkeehawkSL8 1 year ago

With the exception the "I just made a 3" sign that resembles the O.K. hand signal, I have never seen Ben do anything on the court that even suggests a taunt. I loath players that go out of their way to draw attention to themselves over what should be considered at best a good play. When Ben has wowed us with rainbow 3's, alley-oops and come out of nowhere blocks, he just gets back on defense. This quality is so rare in today's "what's in it for me" and my career attitude. Struggles produce character. In the midst of Ben's current lose of stroke, whatever is going on. Instead of sulking Ben cheered passionately for the success of his "team", family, that he has become a lifelong member of. This is one small part of the miracles that are taking place during another extremely successful season of Jayhawk basketball. What a year, and its not over yet. Jayhawks take care of each other and go and win another. RCJH.KAAUOO!


soapisurfriend 1 year ago

Sorry if it has been mentioned and I missed it, but as expected, it appears Tony Parker may be looking to leave UCLA. His dad, who's from KC if I remember correctly, mentioned that Tony is looking for a good strength program in his possible destinations should he leave, and listed Kansas and Miami as examples. Parker has conditioning issues, to say the least, but a year under Hudy may be all he needs. Also, UCLA has a good shot at landing Mark Gottfried, which could open up The possibility of current recruits at NCst could be released from their LOIs and reopen their recruitments.


Mark Wooden 1 year ago

Move the ball around, guard the 3 point line and make them go inside, make crisper entry passes to the inside, calm Young down, and have Elijah play like a senior.


hawkdiek 1 year ago

As far as Ben staying or leaving, I wish the final choice was truely his with no pressure from anyone else. I see a kid that for one of the first times in his life he is having fun. He is enjoying his life on a regular basis. I don't think he could say that growing up. He may have had good days here and there, but from everything I have seen and heard he had it pretty rough. No one is making Ben come into the gym hours before others working on his shot. No one is making him stay extra in study hall. He is doing it because he enjoys it and is having fun for a change. You can't coach or teach that kind of attitude or ethic. You can't make someone have an infectious smile or teach dance moves like that. That comes from a young man that is truely enjoying his life right now. I for one would be sad (for him) to go to the NBA so that he could have a house or a car 1 year sooner. Let's face it, the NBA is a job. It's a business. He will not have near the experience there that he is having right now at KU. That life will be there. Posters say he will benefit if he stays another year. I agree, but for different reasons.


KansasComet 1 year ago

Unfortunately, it appears that Ben McLemore has let the Technical Foul that occured in the Iowa State game get the best of him. Before that shot that he swished, and celebrated in front of the Iowa State bench, he was full of confidence. However, after the Technical Foul, he has been kind of an introvert on the court, not quite his fun loving self. It's easy for me to say, but he needs to find a way to let it go, and not be afraid to celebrate when he drains a 3 pointer. He is one of the best in the nation, and clearly has the nation's best shooting form. Ben McLemore has made 1 out of his last 12 three point attempts since the Iowa State game and has scored 18 points in the last 3 games since that unfortunate call. It is in our best interest for Ben to just get back to being himself. We miss the smiling, flying, dunking, shooting, and celebrating on the court. This is who Ben McLemore is, and hopefully, his coaches, teammates, Jayhawk fans and the rest of the nation will see him back to being himself again real soon.


Konkis Dongington III 1 year ago

A crazy idea on how to get Ben going on offense: Start him guarding Trey Burke.

I know, I know. I said it was crazy myself. But hear me out. Burke is super quick. So is Ben. Burke is 6'. Ben's 6'5". He's got speed to match and length to bother. Ben's worst quality on D is watching the ball and losing his man. Burke usually has the ball in his hands most of the possession, so as long as he's staying with the ball, he's got his guy in front of him. And of course, if he can get a pick or we can get a stuff or a transition opportunity off a miss, Ben's going to be right there ready for a break away jam.

You don't have to do it all game and really, we aren't giving much up. Relly is going to have to be on one of Hardaway or Burke anyway, and I think it's better if he guards Hardaway. We can put whoever we want on Stauskas. Stauskas doesn't really put it on the floor and isn't quick. He won't shoot with a hand in his face. EJ has had trouble staying in front of quick PGs like Burke too, but would have no problem guarding Stauskas. Lastly, I doubt anyone would expect it, so there's that element of surprise. It might mess with their plan of attack. It might cause Burke to mess up or take shots he shouldn't (Ben can get up and stuff a step back from a 6fter).

Speaking of Stauskas, he's also the key to attacking their D. UofM already isn't a great defensive team and Stauskas is by far their worst perimeter guy. Whoever has him should just put the ball on the floor and drive off the pick and roll. One way or another it's going to lead to easy points. And when they start over helping on that, should be easy kick out opportunities on the wings.

Love to hear some thoughts on it. It more than likely won't happen, and it probably wouldn't work out, but in a OAD tournament where anything can happen, you have to roll the dice here and there if you want to win it all.


Kevin Lee 1 year ago

Kansas is 26-0 this season when Travis Releford scores at least nine points. Travis needs to lead the way because the rest of the team plays off him.


lrahardja 1 year ago

Ben, Just soar up and shoot your form, nobody can really reach and block your shot. Go Mr. McLemore.


jaybate 1 year ago


UM is what Pete Carrill probably fantasized about when he was developing the Princeton system, except for one thing.

Instead of playing it with a bunch of flat footed, Ivy league half talents, Beilein has assembled all of the required D1 grade, Big Ten meat grinder pieces but one.

And this is why Self says: "We've got our work cut out for us."

1 6-0 190 Trey Burke--lightening quick, short and tough PG with 39% trey.

2 6-6 205 Tim Hardaway--lightening quick long and tough PG/2 with 39% trey.

3 6-6 190 Nik Stauskas--solid spot up 43 percent trey

4 6-6 210 Glen Robinson-athletic 4 with 57% short game

5 6-10 250 Mitch McGrary--bruising former footballer with 59% short game

Third Big-- 6-8 250 Jordan Morgan--bruiser with 59% short game (commitee at post)

Fourth Big sub--6-10 250 Jon Horford bruiser with 57% inside game

Fourth perimeter 6-5 170 Caris Lavert defensive sub

Fifth perimeter 5-11 Spike Albrecht point guard with 41% trey game

The Michigan formula with the Princeton is simple. Keep 3 guys on the trey stripe and have one guy either being ball screened by a brick outhouse, or cutting past a brick outhouse. If the cutter isn't scraped off, the brick out house takes a feed inside, lowers a shoulder and plows to the rim. On the ball screens, eventually the perimeter defenders are supposed to slowly wear down from the beatings. The variation is Glen Robinson cuts and screens inside, again either to rim ram, or to scrape one of the brick outhouses to turn, drop a shoulder and power to the rim.

Distilled this is three tree shooters, one L&A, and a brick outhouse playing the Princeton six play routine.

Think of it as an ancient Power I formation in football with kickouts to the trey stripe.

The keys to the game are Mitch McGary and Jordan Morgan. Our guys can defend and score on all of their 1-4 position players, despite the brass knuckles action. The key will be what Self and KU can come up with to counter the 250 pound outhouses.

If the brick outhouses are allowed to shove Jeff all over the lane when he is on defense, then he will get very few blocks.

On offense, if the brick outhouses are allowed to shove Jeff and Kevin all over the lanes, then we are going to have to play full time Spread Hi-Lo with push when they pull and pull when they push.

All for now. More later.


Jonathan Allison 1 year ago

Off-topic alert.

I live in Houston and so I have at least some interest in the Houston Rockets.

That said, the more I read about Royce White, the more impressed I am with Fred Hoibergs ability to even get Royce to show up to practice and games.

Professional sports is not for everyone, and if the Rockets can find anyway to get this kid off the payroll without facing a lawsuit or looking like a supervillian then they should do it.


jayhawkinATL 1 year ago article on ESPN ranks KU as the 11th best of the 16 remaining. I guess, based on our struggles in the first two games, I shouldn't be THAT surprised.


kennethst 1 year ago

My 3 year old likes to draw. She asked who Jayhawks are playing....and I told her she is going to make some pictures.....3 year old style.

I thought she could get some inspiration from Coyote vs Roadrunner(close comparison!)......but so far no pictures......just lots of laughing.


Sandeep Kalburgie 1 year ago

I am gradually getting worried about our 2014 recruiting class. I will be terribly worried after we win the NCAA championship :)


Tony Bandle 1 year ago

My September 1, 2012 predictions.

1] 9th Big 12 Title - Check.

2] Make it to Big 12 Tourney Final - Won it....Even better.

3] 29-8 record - 31-5 ....and counting!!

4] 2nd seed in Midwest - 1st seed in South

5] Bill would start all four seniors all season - Check.

6] BenMac would be good - despite weekend, BenMac much better than "good"!

7] Perry would have an immediate impact - missed that one by about 5 months.

8] Kentucky was going to be tough - I loved being totally wrong on this one.

9] If we played North Carolina again, we'd beat them - Hahahahahahahahaha..check.

10] Would still be proud to be a Jayhawk - ALWAYS!!!!!!!!


Andy Tweedy 1 year ago

Man, I love the LJW coverage, but can the writers please resist continually using the word "exploded" when a player had 12 points? They did that the other day, too, about someone having similar totals. How 'bout "contributed" or "chipped in?" When I think "exploded" I think of EJ's performance against ISU or B-Mac's performances earlier in the season. 12 points? Exploded? Really?

Okay, I'm done...


Tony Bandle 1 year ago

1] Kansas has never beaten Michigan.

2] Michigan has never beaten Bill Self.

3] Immovable Object meets Irresistible Force.

4] I just wanted once to post in the Gigantis Maximus Font. :)


cajayfan 1 year ago

I really want to be as positive as most of you guys, so you need to please explain to me how Ben is going to play better in an even larger environment. I have seen our veteran players not be able to hit the side of a barn in a dome. Please tell me how our NBA draftee is going to play less tight in a bigger, more pressure filled situation?! I can only hope at this point that freshman Trey Burke has trouble adjusting.


Sally Presson 1 year ago

Could be we got Terry Allen because he was Roy Boy's friend.

Ben, You're our guy, stay loose and play like you always have been, you're OK, can't wait for you & the entire team to shock Michigan-you guys can beat anyone, can't wait. Love you jayhawks!!!

Rock Chalk


kennethst 1 year ago

I think Michigan has no idea what they are in for. A %$%^storm! Two things stick out.......Michigan is not too good at defense and rebounding.

If KU is better than average on offense on Friday......look out, Michigan.......look out!


stinkybulldog 1 year ago

Defense will win this game. We need a low scoring slug fest to come out on top. If we try to run and gun with Michigan, it won't be pretty. Beak Em' Hawks!


Tom Richmond 1 year ago

You have got to watch this video about Roy Williams losing three NCAA games to KU.


justinryman 1 year ago

Free throws. Turnovers. Rebounds.

Win those numbers and play solid offense and deffense and you win.

Not 3 pt shooting, not pressure D.

If both teams are crossing each other out on D and O then it comes to those three things listed above to survive and advance.


dhinkansas 1 year ago

That's funny Terry Allen was there. Remember he and Roy were buds at KU and Williams pitched a fit when Allen as fired. Good times.


Marshall Ballard 1 year ago

I see the deciding factor in this match-up with Michigan to be fouls! If we can keep our guards and Withey out of foul trouble and really attack their guards, then we can gain the upper hand. The most aggressive team who gets the other side in foul trouble will prevail, IMO. Burke has the tendency to play a little out of control, and once he gets into foul trouble, its like a 180 shift in his attitude. He goes from stud to our best defense real quick like!


iamakufan 1 year ago

You know, referring to North Carolina as "Carolina" is really disrespectful to South Carolina. I have friends from South Carolina and they most definitely feel that way.


Steve Brown 1 year ago

During the extra long half time BS told team to chat among themselves, then he went out for 10 minutes. My hope is he got LB on the line and SMU head man gave Willie the game insights and tactics.all fiction.

LB best ever at mid game strategy and tactics.

Since we are in DFW, can LB go into our half time locker room, or are extra coaches banned.


jgkojak 1 year ago

In the NCAA Tournament, defense wins until the Final Four - then you HAVE to have some offense.


JS82 1 year ago

In the NCAA tournament Defense wins. If we continue to play defense and hold opponents to 35% shooting we are going to win. Withey is the anchor but Releford is the glue. Ugly games are our style and Bill Self's record shows that it works.

I loved Roy's style of offense when he was here but a team like ours would stop Roy's team in their tracks. Bill Self was the best hire and he is a tremendous bench coach who figures things out as the game goes along. We are fortunate to have him here and I hope he never leaves.


justinryman 1 year ago

Kimmy English said Jeff Withey was the easist guy he had to guard, can't see how he gets RBs or points.

C'mon Jeff, use that as bulliten board material.

Then again you can block his shot next year in the NBA!


kennethst 1 year ago

I was reading through an article last night on cbssports......of course saying Michigan would win. I moved down to the comments section......and who do I see there? None other than our Marchphog88 providing a glorious and noble defense to our Jayhawks. There Marchphog stood......"Look Men! There is Marchphog88 standing like a stonewall!"

Stonewall Jackson? Stonewall Marchphog88!!!!!!!

Marchphog88.......a courageous defender of our Kansas Jayhawks......


Ron Franklin 1 year ago

Anybody notice Coach Self used Hockey Terminology when referring to Travis 'checking' their best player (when referring to PJ Hairston)

It's guarding, not checking, right ? :)

Also, can we get a count on how many jerseys have been destroyed from all of the clutching and grabbing going on in the NCAA tournament? This is where this "parity" comes from. It's a lot easier for lesser talent to keep up with superior talent when the rules of the game are not being followed. I could go play TyshawnTaylor right now in one and one and if I were allowed to clutch, grab, tear, push, pull, yank, hip-check, chest bump, he'd only beat me 10 to 5 instead of 10-0.

Also, while I'm complaining, I'm so flippin tired of the block/charge call, I"m ready for them to get rid of the rule all together. First few minutes of the game vs UNC Elijah drives in lays it in and gets called for a charge, when the dudes feet were in the semi circle. What gives?

Get rid of it, or use replay on it.

Let's see if I feel better now :)


Jayhawks Rock 1 year ago

My guess is that TRelly will guard Hardaway, EJ/Tharpe will guard Burke. Don't let them shoot the 3's and Withey/Young/Eliis will protect the basket. I think we win this by 15 (as long as our offense is ok). The really interesting match-up will be who BMac guards.


Ron Franklin 1 year ago

Common Opponents:
Kansas State: neutral court—71-57 (w) West Virginia: neutral court—81-66 (w) Ohio State: at OSU—56-53 (L) Ohio State: home—76-74 ot (w) Michigan State: at MSU—75-52 (L) Michigan State: home—58-57 (w)

Worst Loss: Penn State @ Penn State 84-78 Penn is 1-14 in conference play.

Notable Losses: Wisconsin (2x) Indiana (2x) Never beat Indiana.

My two keys to the game:

Who guards Burke? I think it has to be Travis because he would get EJ in foul trouble quickly.

Mitch McGary is the most important key, IMHO. He’s coming on strong right now; Turning into a man right in front of us. He checks in at 6’ 10” 250 pounds. He has the ability to push Jeff around down on the low and force Jeff back on rebounds. If Jeff takes him to Swat City, North Texas and doesn’t let McGary get him in foul trouble, I see Kansas eeeking this out.

Another wrench that could be thrown in is if Belein throws in the zone and McLemore and Elijah are still off. The zone should be busted really quickly after BMac goes 3-3 from downtown.


William Blake 1 year ago

If Withey comes with same determination he had last weekend (he will) we won't lose.

He made it to the finals last year and he wants gold this time.

I'm pretty sure he isn't alone in his desire.

Michigan is a good team... but they will fall victim to timing... it is our turn to win it all. We were runner-up last year and that left an empty cavern in the guts of our players.

We will be ready to feast and fill our bodies with victory! Napoleon ate his opposition... we need to go in with that level of hunger!

Our only issue is convincing EJ (the thinker) and BMac (the confused) to leave their minds in Lawrence this weekend, and just go play some ball! If they can do that we will crush Michigan and one of the Floridas!


KansasComet 1 year ago

Kansas has an advantage on the inside as far as rebounding goes. Couple that with the inside presence of Jeff Withey altering and blocking shots and the advantage goes to KU. As long as our guards get back on defense and make Michigan work when we are on offense, we will be fine. Elijah Johnson has been doing a great job of maintaining the pace that Coach Self has set. Yes we will have turnovers, probably 50% of the turnovers from last game could have been avoided, but as Jaybate said in a post yesterday, they may have been necessary to get the point across that we will pound you inside. If it gets us the win, then I am all for it.

I don't worry about other teams, they don't scare me. I was not worried about VCU, and I am not really worried about Michigan. I think KU can beat MIchigan. Looking at their regular season, Michigan had a losing road record in Big 10 play. All of their losses were in Big 10 road games. Michigan has looked great in two games at Auburn Hills, Michigan. Kansas on the other hand has proved they could go into the "Octogon of Doom", faced "Hilton Magic" and survived "Gallagher-Iba",for three extremely impressive road wins. Yes, we won two tourney games in Kansas City, but I feel we are a much better road team than Michigan, which in my opinion gives us an advantage at a neutral site.


Ron Franklin 1 year ago

All this talk of injuries ruining draft status by coming back early and possibly injuring one's self has me thinking about Brandon Rush.

Did Brandon's injury and subsequent return to college hurt his draft status?


Ron Franklin 1 year ago

I started having cynical thoughts, whereby I questioned McLemore's character. All of this talk about, going pro, and not getting injured, and not coming back in case that he does get injured he loses a lot of money. So: I started wondering....has BMac checked out? For about 2-3 minutes I really thought he had. It is so close to the end of the year...'why risk so much when there is so much to gain'. It's a reasonable argument....for some types of folks.

Then I remembered that those types of players don't come to Kansas. So, I started digging for other explanations, and found one that might be related to his poor shooting, let me know if you think it's valid.

Every home game, Ben comes out alone 2-3 hours before to tip-off. I've never counted how many shots he gets up before going back into the locker room, and then coming back out to warm up with the rest of the team, but I would say it's between 250-350. He takes short & midrange jumpers. He shoots freethrows, and spots up all around the perimeter before he finishes. It's amazing to watch him cash in so many shots in a row. Unguarded or not.

I don't know for sure because I've never been to an away game, but I'm guessing Ben gets less time to go through his routine before tip off, thus, his conference shooting percentage drops.

Further, he only gets 27 minutes pre game (with the team) in the NCAA tournament, and he had to ditch his pregame warm up routine altogether.

Based on his comment above, I"m guessing that being taken out of his practice/warm up routine, it's resulting in even lower percentage shooting.


DanR 1 year ago

There's definitely a pattern in Ben's offensive production:

Last 4 games: 28 total points, 8-26 (3-15 from three) 7 ppg

Previous 4 games: 96 total points, 33-57 (14-28 from three) 24 ppg

Previous 4 games: 41 pts, 13-35 (5-15 from three) 10 ppg

Previous 4 games: 83 pts, 30-56 (10-26 from three) 21 ppg


REHawk 1 year ago

1 priority for Wolverines to stand a 49% winning chance: Do NOT slap an elbow to the head of Jeff Withey!


HAWKTOPIA 1 year ago

Kevin Young gets Rodmanesque!


HAWKTOPIA 1 year ago

BMac will be fine. When he scored 33 did we feel he would do that every game? He was in the game in the 2nd half during the climb to be within 2. He missed some shots he will never miss again. I would suggest he is much closer to having a 25 point game than another 2 pt game.

I feel this game will be won at the 3 and 4 slots. Look for Kevin and Ben to combine for 40pts and 20 rebs. I don't think Michigan can run with us for 40 minutes.


Woody Cragg 1 year ago

Ben is stellar on the glass & D. O production can balance itself out as proven. Most amazing thing is how we are defensively taking others out of a flow. Typical for a Kansas team under Self. Won't be a pretty 80 point game IMO, but a 55-54 W is just as good to keep advancing. Danm, can you say "D" again?


nuleafjhawk 1 year ago


Self not worried by McLemore’s scoring slump

  • If there is an article dedicated to the fact that Self is not worried - he's worried. So am I.

guithawk 1 year ago

Key to the game. Score more than Michigan. If we do that we have a real good chance of winning.


jaybate 1 year ago


• Attack where they are weak.

• Defend where they are strong.

• Play smash mouth the whole game.

The Big 10 is winning for two reasons and neither are better talent.

  1. They have moved from bang ball to outright hockey, and once again teams outside the Big Ten are not ready for it.

  2. Referees appear to be favoring large market teams.

Conclusion: what's new? NADA!

Beilein's team plays with more finesse than most B12 teams, but that is not saying much.

Keys to game:

• dome shooting. Who ever shoots treys best, and relies least on trys has an edge.

• Battle of the benches. Both teams have to conserve energy for second game. KU will be at most risk, because Beilein's Modified Princeton burns the most energy budget to guard.

• Zone defense could become decisive, if either coach will resort to it.

• KU and UM cause each other serious match up problems. EJ/Dir vs. Burke may favor KU. Ben vs Hardaway could favor UM, unless Ben grows up quick defensively.

• UM has to draw Jeff outside, or lose.

• Inside games to be analyzed later.


nostradavid 1 year ago

It's good to hear the big guy isn't worried about Ben's slump.

I will try to get it together.

I will try to get it together. by nostradavid


KJD 1 year ago

Ooof: 76 assists to 66 turnovers for Hardaway. That is not a good stat for a starting point guard. 6-4 Elijah Johnson has 169 assists to 111 turnovers so those two are in a similar mix on that level with EJ having a better ration. EJ is 31.2 minutes per game and 9.8 points per game while 6-6 Hardaway Jr is 34.6 minutes a game and 14.9 points. Kansas is obviously the defensive oriented team. Hardaway only had 11 points at home against Indiana and 8 points in the Wolverines loss to Wisconsin in their Big 10 tournament quarterfinal loss.

Freshman 6-6 Robinson Jr is a bit undersized as compared to the longer, taller and more energetic Young. 6-0 Burke has to go through 6-6 Releford and when he does get to the paint he looks at all that is 7-0 Withey and those demons that get into the head. I like KU in this game. I think our 'other' players, which includes Withey and McLemore, are better than their 'other' players. I like our team Defense a whole lot too.


JAY2016 1 year ago

This could be perfect timing for Ben. He didn't play well earlier in the season for a couple games straight then exploded on KSU for 30. Hopefully the same will happen again Michigan and everyone else will play just as well too. All in all, let's go get 'em!


eric poncharello 1 year ago

This game will be the best game until we play Sunday? Michigan has talent, but young talent maybe better than ours, I don't think they do Friday, They have the names on the back of there jersey's but it do's not say KANSAS on the front. Kansas has players who accomplished more from last season to this season and I'm not listing what they have accomplished, if your a Jayhawk fan then you know. Michigan has not done a thing other than get more love from the media, there going to have to prove they can beat us not the other way around., enough said. SMASH MOUTH TIME!


Steve Zimmerman 1 year ago

Funny comment from Grantland's Titus:

"I'll never pick a team coached by any of the following coaches in an NCAA tournament toss-up game ever again: Frank Haith, Steve Alford, Bruce Weber, Frank Haith, Bo Ryan, John Thompson III, Frank Haith, Jamie Dixon, Frank Haith, Mark Few, Frank Haith, and Roy Williams if he's playing Kansas.

Oh, and Frank Haith. Don't forget about him."



Jay Dogger 1 year ago

Keep the same starters and end with who's hot. Sounds simple enough.

I believe in BMac. It's nice not needing a single player to carry the team on his back every night. We have options.

I'm glad we're before the FGC-Florida game.

Can't wait 'til Friday! RCJH!


Steve Zimmerman 1 year ago

You'll watch Michigan crying - that's for sure. Travis will shut Burke down while Jeff busy collecting swats surpassing Timmy's record. BMac, well it is hard to tell. Naa will continue his speedy penetration & hitting 3s. EJ - is still the leader. Perry, hopefully he's not shy anymore.

Rock Chalk!


Hurinfan 1 year ago

I'd like to know how the paper knows he wasn't crying. Did they ask him and have him respond "wait. they saw that?... I mean.... I wasn't crying."


jhawkrulz 1 year ago

How did we ever hire Terry Allen when the family is Carolina Basketball fans?


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