Monday, March 18, 2013

Former Hilltopper Townsend to scout WKU for Jayhawks

Kansas assistant coach Kurtis Townsend congratulates center Jeff Withey after the Jayhawks' 88-73 win over Iowa State on Friday, March 15, 2013 at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

Kansas assistant coach Kurtis Townsend congratulates center Jeff Withey after the Jayhawks' 88-73 win over Iowa State on Friday, March 15, 2013 at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri.


Kansas University basketball coach Bill Self had his players’ full attention as he delivered his first scouting report on Western Kentucky on Sunday in Allen Fieldhouse.

“I said, ‘Hey, this is Western Kentucky. This is their record (20-15). This is the league they play in (Sun Belt) and everybody knows their all-time greatest player to ever play there,” Self said Monday.

“They said, ‘Who is it?’ I said, ‘Coach Townsend,’ and everybody started laughing because I don’t think Kurt was by any stretch,” Self added of ninth-year KU assistant Kurtis Townsend, a former Hilltopper point guard who graduated from WKU in 1982.

Townsend is in charge of the scouting report for Friday’s 8:50 p.m. second-round NCAA Tournament game between KU and WKU in Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo.

“He did love his time there and he does love his alma mater, but he won’t have as much love for them this week I don’t think,” Self added.

Indeed, Townsend made it clear where his allegiance rests when asked Monday if he has mixed emotions entering the match-up.

“No, no, no, no, no, no, nope, nope,” Townsend said, laughing. “I’ve been here nine years. I love that place and got my degree from there. There are a lot of great memories, but no, no,” he added. “I think it’ll be fun,” he added of the game. “I know how much they care about basketball. It’ll be really fun.”

Townsend played for Gene Keady at Western Kentucky, which is located in Bowling Green. Keady is best known for his years many years coaching at Purdue.

“It’s like most places in Kentucky where basketball is really big. I played for Gene Keady there and Clem Haskins,” Townsend said of the former WKU assistant coach and head coach who played nine years in the NBA.

“For me, I was a juco kid (out of Menlo, Calif., Junior College). It was two really great years. I met my wife there. It’s kind of a special place for me.”

Townsend helped WKU to the 1980 Ohio Valley Conference title and an NCAA Tournament bid where WKU lost to Virginia Tech in double overtime in the first round.

“The first round was at our place, at home,” Townsend said. “Kentucky was there. Indiana was there. That’s when they used to keep teams local. We hosted it and probably should have won and got a chance to play Indiana when Isiah Thomas was a freshman. But we lost in double overtime,” added Townsend, who recalled averaging 10 points and three assists a game as a junior starter before tearing his ACL and averaging five points a game his senior year in a reserve role.

“In Bowling Green, Ky., we’re the only game in town. The people support the program and they’ve got a great history and tradition of basketball there going back to Jim McDaniels (former NBA player who played at WKU from 1968 to ‘71) and Clem Haskins (1964-67). E.A. Diddle (1922-64) was a famous coach. When I was there we were in the top 10 in all-time wins. I’m not sure where they are now (17th).”

The Hilltoppers have been outstanding in recent years, as well.

“They won their conference tournament four of the last six years including this one, so they are always in there,” Townsend said. “I think the year we won it, in 2008, they got to the Sweet 16.”

Townsend has put his Western Kentucky degree to good use.

“I studied ‘recreation’ and got my degree in that. Like most kids when they were my age, I was thinking I’d go on and play pro ball,” he said. “I probably didn’t take it as serious as I needed to. It’s a great place. I’m glad I went to school there and met a lot of people influential in my life. Coach Haskins treated me like a member of his family and coach Keady. It was good for me.”

Roy looms in third round: The winner of the KU-Western Kentucky game will meet the winner of North Carolina-Villanova on Sunday in the third round. UNC, of course, is coached by Roy Williams, who was Self’s predecessor at KU.

Self was asked Monday about the possible “Roy vs. KU” match-up maybe being a distraction.

“I would say it is a potential distraction but we won’t allow it to be,” Self said on the Big 12 teleconference. “It certainly won’t be a distraction to our players at all. None of them were around 10 years ago. Some of them were in fourth, fifth grade. It doesn’t mean anything to our guys for sure. It will not even be brought up. It will not be a distraction for me. It will not change preparation.

“If we are fortunate enough to advance and they are fortunate enough to advance and we hook up against each other we are going to have two good teams with unbelievable history and tradition going against each other,” Self added. “That will be the focus as opposed to the ex-coach at KU. I don’t see that being a factor any longer.”

KU beat Williams’ Tar Heels in the 2008 Final Four and 2012 regional finals.

Tape aplenty: Self has plenty of tape on Western Kentucky.

“It used to be (years ago) there was ‘Hoops Video’ (company) where you’d go get tapes. If they could get them on airplanes by midnight Sunday night we could have them by noon the next morning or 3 the next afternoon,” Self said. “Now we’ve got it all. We can go to ‘Synergy’ and watch whatever we want to watch. Access from a scouting standpoint has become a more level field. We used to try to tape every game that was played in February and March. Whoever we played, we’d have at least two games. Now we have access to all that stuff. It’s definitely made it a lot easier.”

Big Eight rules: Seven teams from the old Big Eight have made the NCAAs. They are: KU, K-State, Missouri, Iowa State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Colorado.

“I remember when we were in the Big Eight, six teams got in one year. It’s always been an unbelievable basketball area and league and it’s good to see that tradition continuing,” Self said. “It’s pretty to cool to see them all doing well,” he added, also applauding Wichita State’s making the field.

Honors: KU’s Ben McLemore and Jeff Withey were named second team USBWA All-America on Monday.

Practice times: KU will hold its open practice from 5:10 to 5:50 p.m., Thursday, in Sprint Center. Western Kentucky’s practice is 6:40 to 7:20. North Carolina’s is 4:25 to 5:05 and Kansas State’s 2:15 to 2:55.

Hats purchased: Julius Randle, a 6-9 senior forward from Prestonwood Christian Academy in Plano, Texas, who is scheduled to announce his college choice at noon Wednesday on ESPNU, went shopping for hats of his four finalists Wednesday, Jason Jordan of USA Today reported. The finalists are: KU, Kentucky, Florida and Texas.


Bewareofthephog Fifety-Five 1 year, 1 month ago

I don't mean to disrespect Kurtis Townsend's game, but I have evidence that he only averaged 2.1 points per game in the 1979-1980 season.


Konkis Dongington III 1 year, 1 month ago

Well as if UK laying an egg against Robert morris wasn't enough help in the Randle sweepstakes, in the post game press conference, all the bluechips indicated they weren't ready to go pro:


Jay Dogger 1 year, 1 month ago

I heart Robert Morris!

I don't know if I've ever been so giddy over someone losing. It's pretty hilarious, really. It's a good reminder that anyone can be too big for their britches.

Alright, Jayhawks, lets TCB vs. WKU.


JayHawkFanToo 1 year, 1 month ago

It is official. Kentucky loses to Roger Morris. This has to be the first time the overall #1 seed (even if it is the NIT) loses to the last seed. There has to be a lot of worried people in Kentucky and a lot of recruits reconsidering their commitment to the squid.
Six more wins and we are only 6 wins behind Kentucky in all time wins. Life is good!!!


jaybate 1 year, 1 month ago


"Youre a loser. And a chicken. And a poser." --JLost

"Jaybate says above that he is afraid to make a prediction. LOL!!!!!!! Somehow I KNEW that!!!" --JLost

"Continue on with your criticism of those who are bold enough to make them. Chicken." --JLost

"LOL!!!! :) Intellectual cowardice at its finest." --JLost

"I think you're scared!" --JLost

"Well, I just wanna let you know you're sittin' in my need to go heels to get the bulge on a tub like you." --JLost



BainDread 1 year, 1 month ago

in response to seventytwohawk above. "...whined, bullied and bated the refs for any edge." I had to double-check. For a minute there I thought you were describing Joe B. Hall. The joke used to be that the "B" stood for "Baiter".


jhox 1 year, 1 month ago

Tastiest looking cake ever:


by jhox


Adam Gerval 1 year, 1 month ago

I just can't help it. Randle, you want to play for a championship, well one of the teams from last year's NC is in a great position to do that. The other is currently losing to Robert Morris in the NIT, at Robert Morris I might add since Rupp is being used for tournament games (can you imagine if AFH was used for that purpose? Nauseating). Recruiting classes are great, but again, how's that working out for UK this year? Second, Florida took you to a football game. What's that tell you? Third, Texas was selling tickets to their game against KU this year for $3. That's their most important game of the year and they damn near let people in for free. What's that tell you about exposure?

I watch highly touted recruits turn KU down every year, and with the exception of a few (Doron Lamb comes to mind) KU gets the last laugh...god, Kentucky is playing in front of 3,000 people...sorry. Anyways, it's just laughable to me when I think about Randle turning down the opportunity to play for the greatest basketball program in the world. Do the right thing.


KansasComet 1 year, 1 month ago

Andrew Wiggins parents went to FSU, okay. His brother Nick Wiggins is playing basketball for Wichita State. If Andrew Wiggins comes to KU, then both of their sons would be playing ball in Kansas, something to think about.


seventytwohawk 1 year, 1 month ago

At the final four in 1971 the consolation game against WKU was the roughest I had ever seen. The refs obviously wanted the game over so that the finals could commence. Guards would get knocked down and the ball stolen and nothing would be called. Jim McDaniels went off for 40 or so points, hitting fallaways from all over the court. It led to him being drafted very high that year. I don't think he ever panned out (shades of Sam Bowie). The game was anticlimactic after the semi-final in which we were beaten by UCLA. I will just say this about that game: There is no doubt that John Wooden was a great coach, but the impression of a calm, professorial team manager is inconsistent with what I witnessed. He constantly whined, bullied and bated the refs for any edge; and when Dave Robisch hit his patented turn around jumper from the freethrow line to tie or put us ahead and the refs called travelling, it totally took the wind out of our sails and the players, coaches, and fans in the astrodome became resigned to the belief that the powers that be had consigned KU71 to the role of one more 'worthy opponent of the UCLA dynasty'. I was not sad at all when Coach Wooden finally stepped down from Mt. Horeb and the rest of D1 BBall could become relevant again.


Joe Ross 1 year, 1 month ago

Kansas plays better when they have something to prove. Interesting that no expert in this article is picking Kansas.


Jeffery Barrett 1 year, 1 month ago

“Not every program can play a regular-season game in a stadium like we can,” Calipari said. “The NCAA tournament plays half its regional games and the entire Final Four in those venues. Who do you think will be in those domes and stadiums? It will be us.”

What an arrogant jerk!


Joe Ross 1 year, 1 month ago

It's just for fun. No malice. Honest injun.

Everybody else is doin it too...


Joe Ross 1 year, 1 month ago

Jaybate, funny how you made various and sundry predictions in response to a poster above:

kennethst 4 hours, 42 minutes ago: "Jaybate......What are your thoughts on a possible 2nd round game vs North Carolina?"


"At some point, say the 5 minute mark, it will make sense to bring Perry in and go to him about 4 straight times to break their backs in half court sets; then return with the starters at the 10 minute mark and try to run their butts into the cracks of the floor.

Still, I suspect Roy's boys will be too well conditioned for us to run their shooting legs out from under them, so, at the 10 minute to go mark in the second half you start taking it inside relentless every time.

I would expect to see EJ driving the lane very hard unless the UNC point guard is just a superb strip artist.

I think Kevin Young will fair extremely well on the lobs and stick backs against the dwarfs.

But at some point KU is very likely to get very physical with UNC. UNC is used to being gotten physical with by Duke, Maryland, and one or two other schools. And Self will be looking at how UNC faired against those teams that like to get down and butt heads. If those teams have been successful against Roy's Runts, then Self may even send KU out and initiate some violence just to let the UNC guys know it could happen at any minute, then holster the rough stuff and play it straight along the lines of what I have described.

I will try to get some time to look at UNC and get back to you on this."

So noting you were making predictions, I ask you for one, and you respond:

"The difference between you and me is that I know when I don't know and you apparently don't. :-)"

Well guess what. NO BODY KNOWS. That's why they're called PREDICTIONS! So...just for the fun of it why don't you TRY. You're astute enough to at least venture a GUESS, aren't ya?

I think you're scared!


Tony Bandle 1 year, 1 month ago

Julius has the opportunity to be the first "Big Man" one and done in the History of Kansas basketball.

He'll enter Kansas as a talented high school athlete. After Andrea is done with him, he will leave as The Terminator..indestructable and unstoppable.

He will, at some points during the season play all five court positions, including bringing the ball up against the press, draining threes and slamming it down in the paint.

Julius and Wayne will give us two of the toughest players in America.

Driving miles: Austin [215], Waco [114], Lubbock [331], Ft.Worth [51], Stillwater [264]. Norman [187], Lawence [516], Lexington, KY..........[880]!!!


FarSideHawk 1 year, 1 month ago

One thing none of the 'experts'are talking about is experience on this team. How many teams have 4 seniors that went to the title game last year and elite eight the year before?!

And I'm tired of people, including KU fans, doubting EJ. The guy is as clutch as they come and will not let us down!

Believe in the Prophet!

Rock Chalk!


Joe Ross 1 year, 1 month ago

Jaybate says above that he is afraid to make a prediction. LOL!!!!!!! Somehow I KNEW that!!!

Continue on with your criticism of those who are bold enough to make them.



Joe Ross 1 year, 1 month ago

I guess we won't know for sure until jaybate weighs in. But for the record, I think the hat thing is stupid, too (caveat: unless he picks up the Jayhawk one).


GabrielMichael 1 year, 1 month ago

Julius will not be coming to KU. We don't get guys that pull the magic hat stunt. We don't want the guys pulling it either...


Joe Ross 1 year, 1 month ago

Glad you had the courage to jump in khuff! I filled out a bracket on ESPN. I had the same FF with the exception of Ohio State. Choosing to avoid chalk, I went completely off the map and chose Iowa State for a sleeper. I don't give them a great chance, especially because their region is played in Dayton (which is less than 100 miles from Ohio State's campus). But I like the fight in the cyclones. They've got great guys around the perimeter and they're coached well. We know what kind of fight they gave Kansas. As for myself and the recruits, I think Randle might pick Kansas. I see Wiggins at either KY or FSU (he looked kind of stoic on his official visit to Kansas). But I agree with Gordon at U of A.

I'm hoping Jaybate will chime in and give his 2...ahem...64 cents.


Kevin Huffman 1 year, 1 month ago

Randle = UK, Wiggins = UNC & Gordon = U of A

Final Four for me =

Louisville / Ohio State & Kansas / Miami (FL)

Virtually the SAME FINAL FOUR AS LAST YEAR, with the lone exceptions being that Miami's in there in place of Kentucky & Ohio State's over on the other side (wouldn't meet us in a Semifinal).

Have Louisville beating us in the Championship game 76-70.


Joe Ross 1 year, 1 month ago

@Jaybate...(reposted here in case my earlier post from above gets lost in the shuffle):

At this time of year in college basketball, the opportunity to make predictions abounds. With this in mind, where do you see the trio of Randle, Wiggins, and Gordon going?

Who's your Final Four?

Some of us make some pretty outlandish predictions. Maybe you can show us the way...


Steve Gantz 1 year, 1 month ago

Sports Retort, an otherwise excellent podcast from the Wall St. Journal, had 5 guys doing their regions last night. 3 picked Florida, 2 picked GTown. Yahoo story today on the odds of 10 potential tourney winners, why they might win, why they might lose. Interesting in that story our odds are 10-1, while 3rd seeded Florida's are 7-1. Not sure why nationally Florida's considered a safer bet than KU.
As far as Randle, why not KU? An NIT team like Kentucky, and not even a top NIT seed, or a team that has been the top seed numerous times over the years.


741hawk 1 year, 1 month ago

You don't think Cal would pull scholarships? In a minute. (He has, he will, and he's already told some players, I suspect). That is what is SO wrong about the NCAA rule that was changed 25? years ago. Kid makes a commitment to the school, but the school only has to commit a one-year, renewable scholarship. Seems to me that once a player commits to a school (and fulfills the school's requirements for participation), he should have a four-year scholarship. That would be a case where the NCAA was looking out for the interests of the player instead of the school.


Joe Baker 1 year, 1 month ago

If you read articles, it's interesting that uk is a fav to grab Gordon, Randall, and "possibly" Wiggins. This is possible, but really or highly unlikely. The point is, these stupid writers are so in love with a team and coach that failed to defend their title, they can't see straight. They are in total denial about uk. They are nothing. Their coach was unable to turn their season around. He can't coach. A good coach would've brought his team together and turned their season around. I don't think uk gets Gordon, Randall, and Wiggins. I hope Gordon goes to Washington. I think KU is still leading for Randall, and Wiggins is either UNC, FLSt, or KU. I'll be shocked if uk lands any of these guys. I'll be tripled shocked if they land 2-3 of these recruits. Cal would have to transfer or yank scholarships, push people out. Harrow is already looking to transfer?
I just don't get the media's love affair with a program that won a NC last year and failed this year. I'm convinced they have no idea what they're talking about. But apparently, they can't pull their heads out of uk's butt to see reality.


kennethst 1 year, 1 month ago

So......I tell my 3 year old daughter that KU is playing a team called the "Hilltoppers".....She giggled and said "That's silly"........This while she is sitting at her play table trying to pull on the buckled,gold shoe of her stuffed Baby Jayhawk.

Some irony there....but I just let it go and agreed with her. You have to love mascots.....especially Jayhawks


soapisurfriend 1 year, 1 month ago

Although I'll be disappointed if Randle doesn't pick Kansas (I think he does), I don't like this Jason Jordan guy posting pics of him buying the hats and buying a suit for his announcement from Burberry. This just leads to people assuming he had already been paid for his services.


jgkojak 1 year, 1 month ago

His parents went to Florida - so I have a feeling that's where he's leaning.

After KY's year (i.e. no guarantee you'll play in the tourney every year, ha!) he'd be a fool to pick them or Texas.


ParisHawk 1 year, 1 month ago

Anybody have access to this?

If so, how about a quick resume for the rest of us?

P.S. Just saw this on Twitter:

‏@CollegeHoopHits 4 of 6 ESPN Insider "experts" pick Kansas as the choice for Julius Randle as of Tuesday morning. 26 hours and counting....


Konkis Dongington III 1 year, 1 month ago

The good news about the impending decision of Julius Randle is that, at least according to his mother, he is coming down to the wire on this decision:

Don't let the title of the article freak you out. Yes, there's a huge UK whisper campaign, but even his own mother doesn't know for sure and they're planning on discussing it this evening. That alone says there's no clear cut favorite. I'm not going to speculate about where he's leaning now. It should be unsurprising to anyone reading this that I think KU represents his best opportunity at this point. If he had committed before Marcus Lee and Dakari Johnson hit UK, I think that would be reasonable, but at this point, Randle doesn't add as much to UK as he does to KU and there is such a thing as having too much talent. It's why Miami never traded Chalmers in the years that they were unhappy with him. He's the only one that can work being sandwiched between all of those egos. They should thank Bill Self for that. Plus, Randle has indicated that he wants to be challenged as much as possible and Self has that reputation. Also, Randle responded to the rumors flying yesterday with this tweet:

'I'm bored .. Entertain me with some of you guys sources lol'

It's a wide open race.

Long and short, I hope Randle picks us, but I think we'll be fine without him. There was a lot of hand wringing at the end of last year about what we could do this year. I thought were were a little underrated at the beginning of the season and although this team is far from dominant, we picked a good year for it. The team has accomplished so much already and come what may, I'm immensely proud of them. There are only two things remaining that need to happen to have a perfect season: 1) a commit from Randle tomorrow. 2) a National Title on April 8.


jaybate 1 year, 1 month ago

• Look for laboring vs. WKU, then a spirited effort vs. UNC game winner, though KU's awesome talent performing un-amped and loose may separate anyway.

• Been saying this for a month now since I recognized them as a credible threat for a ring: get to a dome and start Ben, Trav, EJ and Dir practicing their treys. Dome familiarity is good for 5-10 points in any give game in a dome.

• Notice: there will be user fee added to the usual bill for jaybate leading JLostNeverWentToKU on a merry chase so that others can have civil discourse about about hoops. :-)

• Thought for the day: crop the Hilltoppers.

• Central bankers try new scam for covering up their bungling: in Crete western central bunglers er bankers will shortly confiscate 10 % of each citizens savings accounts. Nice work if you can get it. U bungle, then steal monster their money. No wonder the privately owned central banking game is to make states and citizens central bank subordinate. Note: this is real economik not politics.

• Going to be interesting to see how sore EJ's knee (s) is (are) against WKU. 3 in 3 had to be tough. And his shooting slumps and TO's have tended to track with the knee thing.

• Ben will probably be a dervish vs WKU.

• Trey shooting teams that master shoving defensive rebounders 2-3 feet toward the rim tend to have good offensive reeb stats and second shot scoring. Solution: the moment you feel the shove quarter pivot and swing the elbow high. Go for the head and throat. The offenders are using their hands to push and can't protect themselves. Its one of the great feelings in basketball to elbow someone that can't protect themselves because they are doing something illegal with their hands. Rule: make the opponent use his hands to protect himself, not push you.

• Every strategy has a counter strategy. Right JLost? :-)

• Attack where they are weak. Defend where they are strong. Surprise. Flank. Surprise. Combined modes of attack. Mask. Exhaust. Crack. Crush. Love the sting of battle more than your opponent.

• Its still the same old story a fight for love and glory a case of do or die as time goes by...


Tony Bandle 1 year, 1 month ago

Florida?? Texas???

I wonder if this will be the direct pick up the winning hat approach, or the process of elimination approach....or the fake out start/stop/and switch approach??

This hat thing has become wwwaayyy too complicated for me!!


Tony Bandle 1 year, 1 month ago

WOW...who needs Olivia Wilde..the Gonzalez girls are gorgeous!!

[PS On second thought, let's keep all three!!! :) ]


Pork_Ribs 1 year, 1 month ago

I was going to say "what the (beep) is a Hilltopper?"....then I remembered we are the Jayhawks. Still curious. On both accounts.


jaybate 1 year, 1 month ago

Anyone know if Synergy offers a digital video algorithm that takes wide shot game video and isolates and tracks an individual player on the screen first in close up, then converts that into a simulated defensive (or offensive) player's POV?

This would be a great way to let your defensive players study the habits of their opponents.

Generate a first person defensive POV of each opposing player. The rotation players each watch and study their own man. They might watch the simulation video on wall pro sections, or on big screens turned to verticle perspective.

At the same time, the scout team coach trains the scout team members using the same video simulations to simulate the tendencies of the offensive opponent.

Then the scout team member simulates the opponent's tendencies more accurately and the rotation player gets to practice for the tendencies in reality.

The goal of the video simulation is for the player to "see" an inventory of tendencies and get used to the speed of the speed of the opponent.

The computer processing power and resources are there to do this now in the cloud.


FearlessJayhawk 1 year, 1 month ago

Is there anyone else that feels that Western Ky. is not a legitimate 16 seed? Normally, a 16 seed is from a school you never heard of like Brooklyn of Long Island. I remember KU lost to Western KY back in the 70's in the third place game of the NCAA tournament. They had an All-American and I can't remember his name. Somebody better tell Bill Self to watch out for this team. They beat Kentucky earlier this year.


Brianna Zaleski 1 year, 1 month ago

Does anyone know when we would play (time and channel) on Sun? Assuming we win Friday of course. I'll be out of town and on the road Sun evening and I'd like to be able to set my DVR. Thanks for any help!


Ron Franklin 1 year, 1 month ago

Number 1 Seed

Number 1 Coach

Number 1 Point Guard who happens to be the #1 Prophet

Number 1 Shooting Guard who happens to be the #1 Pick

Number 1 Perimeter Defender who happens to have the #1 'Finish-Around-The-Rim

Number 1 Glue who happens to have the #1 Fro.

Number 1 Post Defender who happens to have the #1 Block Parties

Number 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach who happens to have the #1 recipe

Number 1 Tradition who happens to have the #1 inventor and #1 Father of Coaching

Number 1 Family that believes in FOE.


phogphan2000 1 year, 1 month ago

I hear Poythress is heading back to UK and Harrow might graduate and transfer. Personally I don't see why Randle would want to head to a school returning the starting 4 and 5, but maybe they expect to move Poythress to the 3, play the twins at the 1 and 2 with Young off the bench. With Wiltjer back and Lee coming in, that team is stacked with or without him. I know he'll get massive minutes/touches at KU, hopefully that tips the scales.


nostradavid 1 year, 1 month ago

Here's a hat for JR to think about, and a tune to listen to from Dylan and Dakota.


Dakota by nostradavid


waxtron 1 year, 1 month ago

It might a ruse but Randle sent out a tweet the other day that included "#FOE". It was a retweet of his bro about his decision.


Jay Dogger 1 year, 1 month ago

Top two rebounders for WKU are 6-6 and 6-1...we will crush them.


moonlightschlademan 1 year, 1 month ago

The Hat History began with Baron Davis. Hope for Julius Randle to bring a new era for lids at KU.


jaybate 1 year, 1 month ago

Wow! These Okie Ballers are every where! Forgot Kurtis played for Keady!

The big test of the Okie Baller Mafia is going to come when interim head coach Bruce Weber is s-canned in 3 years for never beating Self, not recruiting, and chronic hair shock!

Will the current Dean of the OBM, Bill Self, be able to add Bruce Weber to His staff in the head coach emeritus role Hinson and Sadler have held?

Could be a tall order. :-)

Maybe Self and Weber could stage a mock burial of them both.


Rock Chalk 1 year, 1 month ago

Somebody said Jason Jordan is a Kentucky guy, too, that he went hat shopping with. Not sure that that bodes well. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Looking forward to the tournament! Such a great time of year. Better to focus on the positive.


Michael Sillman 1 year, 1 month ago

Same reaction. I hate the hat trick!


Gavin Fritton 1 year, 1 month ago

Well, we won't be getting Randle. We've never won at "hats." Not once that I can think of.


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