Kansas defeats TCU, 83-61

  • 8:30 p.m., March 8, 2013
  • Dallas, Texas,

Originally published March 9, 2013 at 12:28a.m., updated March 9, 2013 at 07:57a.m.

Boyd breaks out, helps KU women past TCU in Big 12 tourney opener

TCU' Latricia Lovings, left, and Delisa Gross (22) defend against a shot attempt by Kansas 's Asia Boyd (0) in the second half of an NCAA college basketball game in the Big 12 women's tournament Friday, March 8, 2013, in Dallas. Kansas won 83-61.

TCU' Latricia Lovings, left, and Delisa Gross (22) defend against a shot attempt by Kansas 's Asia Boyd (0) in the second half of an NCAA college basketball game in the Big 12 women's tournament Friday, March 8, 2013, in Dallas. Kansas won 83-61.


— This isn’t the first time a Kansas University women’s basketball player has been forced into playing time because of injuries and/or a defection and has responded in a way that made the world wonder what she was doing watching from the bench most of the year.

A year ago it was Chelsea Gardner after Carolyn Davis injured her knee. Aside from magnificent point guard Angel Goodrich, no player had a bigger role in Kansas reaching the Sweet 16 than Gardner.

Now it’s Asia Boyd’s turn. Sparking Kansas with strong drives to the hoop in both halves, Boyd came off the bench to help her team to an 83-61 victory against TCU inside the sparsely populated American Airlines Center in a Big 12 tournament first-round game played late Friday night.

No. 7 seed Kansas (18-12) faces No. 2 seed Iowa State (21-7) in a quarterfinal at 6 p.m. today.

Boyd should be armed with boosted confidence for the big game.

A highly rated recruit out of Detroit, Boyd has spent the past two years watching teammates, some not as talented, play ahead of her.

In the wake of Tania Jackson quitting the team and Natalie Knight suffering a season-ending knee injury, Kansas is down to nine scholarship players, one of whom does not play in games until the outcome is not in doubt.

Henrickson has no choice but to play Boyd, who now doesn’t have to play with the stress of feeling as if her chance to play hinges on avoiding mistakes.

Boyd played aggressively and under control in her 12 minutes on the floor and totaled 12 points, four rebounds, two steals, an assist and a blocked shot and turned it over once.

She used her quickness and sharp handle to get past defenders and her strength and size to finish those drives with buckets.

Boyd was the best supporting actor on a night that stars Goodrich (16 points, eight assists, five rebounds, two blocked shots, two steals, no turnovers) and Gardner (11 points, 19 rebounds) dominated.

“I thought it was pretty nice,” Gardner said of playing so well in her hometown. “I came out with a lot of energy, a lot of effort, started off with a great start and I just felt excited about being back at home.”

Goodrich threw a scare into the Jayhawks when she crashed hard and loudly to the floor, face-first after executing a behind-the-back pass in transition. She shook it off and shortly after that threw a beauty of a wrap-around pass to Carolyn Davis (12 points, nine rebounds, five turnovers), one of her many exceptional passes.

Goodrich didn’t hesitate when asked which of her statistics she liked the most.

“Zero turnovers,” Goodrich said. “When Terry (Nooner, assistant coach) told me on the bench I put my hands up and was smiling so big.”

It was the senior All-American candidate’s first turnover-free game of the season. Her assist total could have been higher if everyone had finished with as much authority as Boyd did.

“She came in ready to play,” Goodrich said of Boyd. “She attacked. And that’s what we need for people to come off the bench, step up and be ready to play.”

Nobody was more ready to play than Goodrich and Gardner, a sophomore. Henrickson pointed out that the two stars of last season’s strong finish shot poorly in the first two games against TCU, both KU victories. In those two games they combined to shoot 8 for 40 and on Friday combined to make 11 of 19 shots.

“That matters,” Henrickson said. “It was a good night, a much better night.”

Kansas split against Iowa State (21-7) in the regular season, winning 78-75 in overtime Jan. 30 in Lawrence and losing, 83-68, on Feb. 27 in Ames.

“We talked in the locker room (after Friday’s victory),” about what caused the recent loss to the Cyclones, Henrickson said. “It was 7 for 10 from three in the first half, then it was everything inside. Their three bigs had 62 points and 34 rebounds. They could talk you through exactly where we broke defensively in the locker room after this game. They’re really excited to play.”

And Henrickson is excited to see Boyd play with similar enthusiasm and energy as she brought to Friday’s game.

“Her minutes were huge,” Henrickson said. “We’ve had some really special kids be able to hang in there and go through the difficulties of not getting on the floor and then because they handle themselves well ... and impact the game. I thought she did a great job for us tonight.”


wakeupcall 5 years, 2 months ago

To say that less talented teammates are playing over her and one only plays when the game is already decided is sad!!! This team has struggled both games against TCU, the worst team in the big 12 and it just so happens that the balanced team effort is what got them over the hump this time . If you think this team can win without what you are calling or who you are calling less talented teammates, lets see a repeat against Iowa state, Baylor, etc. the top teams in the league. Good play Asia, but your teammates are no slouches otherwise ku would be sitting where TCU is. If this was a closer game, don't think some of those wild and crazy shots would be as accepting. Nevertheless, great overall TEAM effort, that will be needed from this point on.

MinnesotaJay 5 years, 2 months ago

Congratulations on the solid win. Five players in double figures, and Monica had 9 points in 14 minutes. Why only 14 minutes? Monica, you fouled out in 14 minutes??? That must have been some pretty intense play!

big12ku 5 years, 2 months ago

Yes foul trouble. Game was not pretty intense, intense is what they will see today!

Evan Jorn 5 years, 2 months ago

Correction to this story: KU women came from behind and won the game against ISU in Allen Field House on Jan. 30, 2013. I can't believe Tom Keegan could get this wrong; it must have been a copy editor!

Jesse Newell 5 years, 2 months ago

Thanks for the heads-up. Should be fixed above.

no_fan 5 years, 2 months ago

Move on from who quit the team, who got hurt, etc, etc and focus on who is there now. You people need to focus on finding a new coach, one that will not only know what heshe is doing, but will not stifle kids games. Lastly, stop writing about kids expectations coming out of high school....this is college! Some are two to three years removed from expectations (good grief).

yates33333 5 years, 2 months ago

I don't understand playing in Dallas. Dallas isn't even a good football town unless O.U. or U.T. decide to flood it with fans. Ask SMU or UNT fans how their teams fared or fare playing there. The old Cotton Bowl tickets were usually easy to get at marked down prices on January 1 unless a nearby school, Notre Dame, or an SEC school were playing there. Dallas is a cultural center. They load up on the symphony, art museums, lecture series, and such presentations.

wakeupcall 5 years, 2 months ago

Guess this is Keegan vote for next player to crack the starting lineup. Well truth be told no matter who is that 5th starter, they will always be handcuffed and shackled. Each kid that has started has had little to no margin for error in this system and honestly Bonnie's system sucks. Maybe that can explain the reason for so many transfers, quits-as you call them, or less talented players cause this system makes a player look the part. I remember years back watching Jacobs, kohn, codio, weddington, and a few others rot on her bench and waste their talent, and then my favorite Boogard just sat her entire senior year ( not even decent minutes on senior night) ask yourself why so many departures over the past years ? I have watched several of what you are calling lesser talented kids play out of this jacked up system and believe me, different ball game, different player ..... Need to analyze the system ku runs and figure that out and maybe, just maybe they can consistently contend in the big 12..,,,oops forgot most think it is the kids, not to put any blame on the highly overpaid coach.

Chris Condren 5 years, 2 months ago

We are seeing the post regular season flicker of supposed success and progress that will likely lead to another exciting NIT appearance for Bonnie and her team. Lets see how much further this mediocre team can go in the Big 12 Tournament. Teams that play on the first day usually are ground to pieces the second day.

wakeupcall 5 years, 2 months ago

Maybe she should have went with some of the so called lesser talented players in the Iowa state game, they couldn't have done any worse. Lmao. No class for this coach to not have allowed cole to touch the floor when the game was over, Iowa state coach showed class to his bench players. Stick with Henrickson another year and ku basketball will be doomed again.

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