Monday, March 4, 2013

Elijah Johnson, Ben McLemore sweep Big 12 weekly honors

Kansas freshman Ben McLemore (23) and senior Elijah Johnson (15) talk during the end of the second half on Monday February 11, 2013 in Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas freshman Ben McLemore (23) and senior Elijah Johnson (15) talk during the end of the second half on Monday February 11, 2013 in Allen Fieldhouse.


Kansas guards Elijah Johnson and Ben McLemore are the recipients of the Big 12 player of the week and freshman of the week honors, the conference announced Monday morning.

Johnson averaged 25.5 points, 5.0 rebounds and 8.5 assists in the Kansas wins over Iowa State (108-96 in overtime) and West Virginia (91-65). The senior guard began the week with a stellar effort in Ames, Iowa, finishing with a career-high 39 points, which was the most for a KU player since January 5, 1991.

Johnson scored eight points in the final 35.7 seconds to help tie the game, then contributed 12 points in the extra session. Johnson followed that with his second career double-double by posting 12 points and a career-high tying 10 assists versus WVU. He shot 56.7 percent in the two games, including 64.3 percent from three-point range, while making eight of eight from the free throw line.

McLemore averaged 21.5 points and 5.0 rebounds last week while shooting 66.7 percent from the field. His top performance came against the Mountaineers, as he finished with 36 points on 12-of-15 shooting, which included a 5-of-6 effort from 3-point range. The point total set a KU freshman record, as McLemore became just the fifth Big 12 freshman in league history to score 36 points or more in a game.

McLemore has three outings with 30 points or more this year, which all have come against Big 12 opponents. He has scored 20 points or more eight times in 2012-13.


PayHeedAll 5 years ago

4 out of our 5 starters have won at least 1 Big 12 P.O.W. honors this year I believe, which is just silly

5 years ago

Kevin Young has been getting screwed all year for that award

CHEEZIT 5 years ago

We were stumbling around on Saturday until Kevin got us going with his play! Stealing the ball on an inbound play under the basket! When's the last time we did that?

actorman 5 years ago

That was a truly incredible play. His hustle made it impossible for them to get the ball in.

ccarp 5 years ago

Pretty sure he had an inbounds steal against Colorado this season as well. I love The Lube! :-) There is still a chance he can get POW this week.

Steve Reigle 5 years ago

Kevin Young is one of the keys of the success the team has enjoyed this season. He is most definitely overlooked and underrated outside of this area. That might be a good thing in the tournament, though, as other teams may be laying off him in favor of trying to stop the others.

jaybate 5 years ago

Hubris? Not a story or comment about TTech? Ozymandian karma?

Where is stupid Michael when we need him?

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Eyes wide dunk?

Put some rock back in the chalk before The Techies cat us sleep in.

stupidmichael redeem us

Phil Leister 5 years ago

You're strange. Cue witty response

jaybate 5 years ago

You're waaaaay deep in the jungle.

Cue dumb response.

jaybate 5 years ago

You calling someone strange is like Ed Gein calling Shirley Temple strange. (rim shot)

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Whew! Take some caring advice from John Fogarty and sing "better run through the jungle/better run through the jungle/better run through the jungle/and don't look back."

Surely you jest :-)

Phil Leister 5 years ago

You proved my point. Seriously, you're strange. But not if I were to find out that you're like my very old grandpa, retired and living with his grandma and their tiny dog. I'm not sure what my grandpa does to pass the time. I mean, most of us have school, jobs, families to worry about. We don't have hours a day to write pages worth of editorials on the KUSports message boards. There are more pressing, interesting matters to deal with. My grandpa, though, has all the time in the world (so to speak). It's just him and his wife, the one who does the cooking, cleaning, and feeding of the dog. My grandpa has nothing to do. So, the only way you can be considered not strange is if you're like my grandpa. Otherwise, you're strange.

And before you get your panties in a twist, how do you usually sign off? All fiction, no malice? Ok then, all fiction, no malice.

jaybate 5 years ago

You are a very strange board rat. You hang here every chance you get. Not much to say. But time to diss.

"And don't look back..."


jaybate 5 years ago

Seriously, you're so odd you don't perceive how odd it is to post to strangers that they are strange.

"Well, you've been down so very danged long, that it looks like up to you..."

GranitePlanet 5 years ago

Spaces or speeches? Otherwise, very well written.

jaybate 5 years ago

Probably should have opted for speeches.

But love Tommy Eliot's "dull head among windy spaces." :-)

GranitePlanet 5 years ago

Thanks for the reference. "Spaces" works better.

Ted Hume 5 years ago

it does; keep us close with TSE through the dark of serial posting (while no doubt often boasting) 'bate. although if' you'd replaced "a peach" with "peaches ' in the 4th then a nice rhyme one might roll with...

jaybate 5 years ago

Nice to know there are some afficionados of the original word smiths--the poets.

Joe Joseph 5 years ago


jaybate 5 years ago

AT flipping last!!!!!! Thanks for weighing in.

Phil Leister 5 years ago

I didn't realize EJ only had 19 points with 36 seconds to go in the Iowa State game. Finishing with 39 is unreal.

Reuben_J_Cogburn 5 years ago

Destroy Tech, and hope Scott Drew leads his team to more disappointment on Saturday.

But first....wish nothing but disaster for our purple stepchildren to the west.

John Randall 5 years ago

Didn't your mother teach you to share with little brother?

jaybate 5 years ago

Scott Drew can't coach his way into a paper bag.

Sam Constance 5 years ago

With all the talk of how Scott Drew "coaches" in relation to paper bags, I got to thinking...

He can't coach his way out of a wet paper bag, or he can't coach his way into a bag. It's all very confusing, but no more.

Scott Drew is a paper bag (filled with money). That's how he can recruit so well, but seemingly have zero coaching skills whatsoever. Because the right recruit will play for a bag of money, but a bag of money can't write up plays or explain how to inbound a ball.

tdomine 5 years ago

Down here in Texas, there are a lot of Baylor alum who are very worried that they will be hit with sanctions due to dirty Drew. They know he's dirty and they are just waiting for the fertilizer to hit the ventilation.

Kettlesworth 5 years ago

As a community we have GOT to make sure we keep college athletics pure.

Queen_Krenda 5 years ago

I agree. It has almost gotten, to the point, that professional sports teams have eclipsed the college games in terms of prestige/purity, etc. Sad really.

Kettlesworth 5 years ago

Isn't EJ's 19 points in 36 seconds a record of some kind? How many of those were 3-balls? Will he get a trophy next game?

dylans 5 years ago

8pts in the last 36 seconds of regulation; 12 in overtime; 19pts in the first 39min24sec.

Queen_Krenda 5 years ago

LOL, it was 39 points over the course of the whole game, not 39 in 36 seconds. He did make a lot of threes tho, and the game was never in doubt.

Kettlesworth 5 years ago

Still, that's insane. 39 divided by 36 = 1.08333333333333 points per seconds. He must have been raining! Did anybody see the game?

Jim Dickerson 5 years ago

he actually scored 20 points in 5 min 39 sec. 39 sec regular time, 5 minutes overtime. Still one helluva performance

Kettlesworth 5 years ago

Exactly. I think it behooves us to keep that in mind. Especially come tourney time.

Kettlesworth 5 years ago

Queen Krenda, I think the game went to OT.

Kettlesworth 5 years ago

You said "never in doubt". You really need to focus your comments a little more from now on. Thanks for sideing with me, HawkOverSees.

Queen_Krenda 5 years ago

Okay, so the game was tied and it went into OT. How does that make it in doubt agian?

Kettlesworth 5 years ago

I guess when I hear "never in doubt' I think more of the '08 title game against UNC.

texashawk10 5 years ago

That was a semi-final game and UNC had the lead down to 4 at one point in the second half before KU stretched it back out at the end. Never in doubt would be more like KU against American earlier this season.

Phil Leister 5 years ago

The preceding exchange between Kettle and Queen is priceless.

Kettlesworth 5 years ago

A little help with Queen K here, HOS?

Woody Cragg 5 years ago

Say what? 56.7 & 66.7%'s-Man alive... the lights... somebody get out some candles? Regardless of defenses, refs bad calls, blizzards, nor easters, hurricanes, or an absolute act of God, that is enough to scare anyone in what ever bracket we end up in cause you have to be able to overcome anything you are up against to keep playing & getting W's. And no sheets men, these guys have it, the total package. At least in the starting 5 they do. Maybe a little light in consistant bench production, but 1 thru 5 I'd take my chances vs anyone. Also at least 3 guys can put this team square on their backs & carry it. Only team that I've a doubt vs would be Duke-with Ryan Kelly. Without him they may not make 16. I dunno, maybe Young could hang with him. Made a beliver out of a lot of people this year. Coming in, he reminded me of Cosby's Wierd Harold-"Used him to get the football out of the sewers." He's not had near the credit he deserves IMO. Very workman like, blue collar guy, the kind we all admire. Damn huge move takin the bullit for Jeff vs ISU also. That took some real game savvy. That's also probably the worst mistake that the BG 12 (bush) League admin was speaking about. Ain't expecting any favors at Sprint in the conf tourney either. Maybe a 2 seed suits us better after all. JMO

Jim Dickerson 5 years ago

I agree that KY has had a tremendous impact. As for me, his greatest play was the put down that he laid on Marcus Smart. A 180 pounder taking out a 225 pounder coming at him ballsout was priceless. Best foul in KU history.

Kettlesworth 5 years ago

I want to see KY put up some three-balls this year.

Jim Dickerson 5 years ago

but he deserves to give it a shot

Jonathan Allison 5 years ago

I prefer the 1 seed because I wouldn't want to have to face both KSU AND OSU again. If we are the #1 seed and KSU is #2 and OSU #3 then that would pit OSU v. KSU likely in the semi's. Not that it matters, but the teams that I'd least likely face again are OSU and ISU.

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