Originally published June 26, 2013 at 10:50a.m., updated June 26, 2013 at 02:55p.m.

NCAA fines, reprimands KU coach Bill Self for damaging scorers table in NCAA Tourney

Self: ' ... my emotions got the best of me'

Kansas coach Bill Self cheers from the sidelines in the second-half of the Jayhawks 70-58 win against North Carolina Sunday, March 24, 2013 at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo..

Kansas coach Bill Self cheers from the sidelines in the second-half of the Jayhawks 70-58 win against North Carolina Sunday, March 24, 2013 at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo..


Kansas coach Bill Self received a fine and public reprimand from the NCAA on Wednesday morning because of "misconduct" during the 2013 NCAA Tournament.

Specifically, Self damaged the LED scorers table when he hit it with his hand during KU's 70-58 victory over North Carolina on March 24 at Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo.

Self issued a statement on the matter: "After shooting 25 percent (7-for-28 field goals, 0-for-6 threes), scoring 21 points and 12 turnovers in the first half, my emotions got the best of me."

NCAA guidelines define misconduct as “any act of dishonesty, unsportsmanlike conduct, unprofessional behavior or breach of law, occurring from the time the championship field is announced through the end of the championship that discredits the event or intercollegiate athletics.”

"Coach Self’s actions were out of line with the committee’s expectations that championship participants act in a manner that represents the highest standards of sportsmanship,” said Ron Wellman, athletic director at Wake Forest and chair of the Div. I men’s basketball committee.


Bobby Burch 6 years ago

I remember he seemed very angry during that game, but I don't remember him hitting the table. Regardless, my stomach dropped when I read the NCAA's story's first sentence ... glad it's only for hitting a table.

Guess on the fine ... Over/under $5K ?

KUFan90 6 years ago

I dont know the amount, but I'll go out on a limb here and guess that he can afford it. : )

jay_cheese 6 years ago

Well I guess it's very transparent what the priorities of the NCAA are these days.....

What a joke. I doubt if he broke something that he wouldn't offer to pay or fix it without all of this. What does the NCAA do with the "fine" money anyways?

Bobby Burch 6 years ago

The NCAA puts it back into their limiting student athletes' freedom and anti-logic fund.

REHawk 6 years ago

They investigate, sometimes long and tediously. And I imagine that they need many dollars for liability insurance to protect the organization against misdeeds of their investigators.

chriz 6 years ago

Hopefully this is the NCAA's way of using KU to prove a point. I'd rather it be this than the B-Mac thing. Interesting timing considering they were just visiting with KU's staff about B-Mac's eligibility. Is this the NCAA saying "we'll let you off the hook for the B-Mac situation, but we have to do SOMETHING to you?"

Doug Roberts 6 years ago

NCAA is ALWAYS using KU to make a point. Why not Kentucky for a change???

B0B 6 years ago

i assume somebody is working on linking the youtube clip of this "misconduct"...

Jabez Harlan 6 years ago

At least he hit the scorer's table and not Mitch McGary below the belt...

Robbk1066 6 years ago

OK............. Where is the who cares file???

Michael Bratisax 6 years ago

Exactly what I was thinking. Why don't the players who flop purposely to get to the free-throw line be punished for their unsportsmanlike conduct?

As far as I'm concerned, flopping is really a form of cheating.

Sam Constance 6 years ago


I've seen some pretty wild antics from coaches during the NCAA tournament--Bill Self is hardly the only one.

So now I'll patiently await the forthcoming press release listing all the coaches that received fines for their conduct during this year's tournament besides Bill Self.

imzcount 6 years ago

I've seen people arrested for disorderly conduct for acts similar.

Eric Dawson 6 years ago

What a joke. Something happens in a nationally televised game and it takes them 90 days to determine that the action in question met their definition of "misconduct"? In the pros a reprimand and fine, if merited, would have been discussed immediately and handed out within 24-48 hours. If it takes them that long to handle something that happened out in the great wide open, it's no wonder their "in-depth" investigations take years. The fact that this is happening now leads me to hope that chriz has it right above -- the NCAA has determined they can't do anything on the McLemore front, so they are doing something to KU on this instead.

I repeat -- what a joke (the NCAA, that is).

Virgil_Caine 6 years ago

If they were ever gonna fine Coach Self, I would have thought it would be for the first half of that Iowa State game in the Big 12 semifinals. I'll bet that ref can still hear him screaming about B-Mac's technical foul for looking at the Cyclones' bench! I didn't notice this incident in the UNC game, but I love the fact that our Coach gets fired up, particularly when we're playing away from the Phog.

Displayhawk 6 years ago

Speaking of the Iowa State game, didn't Fred Hoiberg throw a chair during a timeout??? Where is his fine???

KGphoto 6 years ago

This particular rule is for the NCAA tournament only.

Virgil_Caine 6 years ago

You're absolutely right, thanks! Wasn't actually expecting a fine for the ISU game, but that was the closest I've seen Coach Self to being "out of line," so thought I'd mention it. Well, out of line in the opinions of others; I enjoyed it immensely, and it really got our boys rollin'!

KGphoto 6 years ago

Yeah, I loved it. I always love it when he dances on the edge of ejection.

Spencer Goff 6 years ago

So is this rhetoric building by the NCAA? As though Bill Self is a loose cannon that they are going to have to come down on over the Cobb thing?

If we get popped for people NOT associated with the program while the sCam Newton incident got a wash over, and Miami can run a hooker boat/abortion program, it is time to disband the NCAA and move to a semi-pro format similar to Euro league programs.

I think it is inevitable anyhow, why wait?

Spencer Goff 6 years ago

I expect Bill Self to issue an "apology" (unless he already did so) publicly, but I would love to hear his real opinion over a beer at the Oread.

DRsmith 6 years ago

I think you have to go ahead and let him go. What kind of example is that for the student athlete?

hawkdiek 6 years ago

I'm sure they waited so it wouldn't affect recruiting. Seriously...let him go? I am really hoping that's sarcasm.

KemDooKU 6 years ago

Is his job in jeopardy - I hope the AD gives him another chance - after all he has been a decent coach - if they do let him go I am sure everyone will understand - maybe we could get Doc Sadler back - he was the one running the show last year anyways.

Ervin O'Neal 6 years ago

And it only took the NCAA 3 months to issue this judgement on something that was trivial, televised and uncontested. Things sure are speeding up at the NCAA.

Micky Baker 6 years ago

Wow, the NCAA is demonstrating their, "A S S".

Micky Baker 6 years ago

Bill Self is a threat to the narrative that the NCAA and the ESPN experts want to push about who the best coaches are(Bill Self is at least top 3) but they don't want that in the narrative.

FearlessJayhawk 6 years ago

I'd like to know why are they waiting this long to say anything. That's ancient news that doesn't even need to be addressed. It's a big joke in my estimation. Another example of the NCAA putting their nose where it shouldn't. If it was such a big deal, they would have said something immediately. I smell a mizzery tiger in the wood-pile.

Mark Lindrud 6 years ago

Always knew we shouldve hired calimari. he never does anything wrong

kevinatc 6 years ago

Who the hell is this? We should have hired a squid!!

Tony Bandle 6 years ago


This is great...Bill has been chastised and punished for this little infraction but now the NCAA can puff out their chests and say we are doing our job on Kansas..we won't pile on about the McClemore thing..Kansas has suffered enough!!

It is hilarious in that every other school in the NCAA including UK thinks Kansas gets away with murder and are the NCAA's "teacher's pets" and we Jayhawks think just the opposite.

Guess it all depends on with end of the telescope you are looking through!!!

Reuben_J_Cogburn 6 years ago

I agree.

This is awesome.

Rock Chalk.

chriz 6 years ago

I also agree. That's exactly what I was getting at earlier. Hopefully it's right!

Steve Reigle 6 years ago

This is a typical reaction of short-sighted bureaucracy, treat the symptom rather than the cause. In other words, instead of fining those who react to horrible officiating, take note of what caused the reaction and try to eliminate that problem. In other words, improve the officiating.

Houstonjay 6 years ago

I think Bill should be fined for the stinker that was the TCU game, that was a far greater crime!

Brad Farha 6 years ago

I wonder when he hit the scorers table. I just looked at the time right before and up to halftime and I didn't see it. Maybe early in the 2nd half..... Either way, this gives me an excuse to watch the game again!

jaybate 6 years ago

"Some Other Fines Ron Wellman of the NCAA Is Contemplating"

Rick Pitino maybe fined for winning the NCAA instead of Wake Forest, or UNC, or Duke.

Gino Auriemia maybe fined for not being a woman.

Pat Summit may be fined for not being a man.

Ben Howland may be fined for not being a coach.

Bruce Weber may be fined for only winning with other coaches players.

Roy Williams may be fined for only recruiting half the country (and the less populated half at that) during his 15 years at KU, and for crying after end of season losses.

Bob Knight may be fined for helping Dick Vitale get in the BHOF.

Dick Vitale may be fined for helping Bob Knight get in the BHOF.

Dean Smith may be fined for wearing a Sears powder blue double knit blazer to funerals.

Frank Haith maybe fined for impersonating a coach with a cell phone addiction.

Bill Self may be fined for being too decent.

(Note: jaybate may be fined for writing all fiction. No malice.)

jaybate 6 years ago

This Wake Forest a$$hat needs a header in the latrine of a regiment with dysentery. If he is angry about Self giving Carolina a snot-ectomy, then just say so. This is the most ridiculous penalty I have ever heard of.

Lee Henry 6 years ago

Really ! ! ! NCCA has nothing better to do than come up with this against KU 3 months late?...WOW ! ! !....

Nicholas Cederlind 6 years ago

This is the most laughable thing I've ever heard of the NCAA doing. What's next, Coach gets fined for wearing the wrong color tie?

rawheadrex 6 years ago

The NCAA has reprimanded (to be announced later) coach for his failure to crook his pinkie at proper degree whilst sipping tea whilst viewing ISL with European colleagues. ISL officials responded with the statement:"Hey, Yanks! Get an effing life!"

Kent Noble 6 years ago

The NCAA should save the table, that's memorabilia! KU head coach Bill Self damaged it!

Dan Pawlowski 6 years ago

From what I recall that occurred in reaction to a terrible T on McLemore. That call should have warranted the NCAA reprimanding the refs in that one.

amatxjayhawk 6 years ago

Since the table is paid for couldn't we bring it to Lawrence and build a display to put it in the Booth Family Hall of Athletics with it?

Joe Ross 6 years ago

I tell you what I like about it...Coach Self HATES to lose. More than that, he knew what that game meant, being against UNC. Coach Self HATES to lose to the Tar Heels. Furthermore, this wasn't just a regular season game. I guarantee Coach Self hates to lose tournament games. When you add in that we didn't show up to play in the first half, I appreciate Coach's fire, even if it damaged a scorer's table. He's got enough money to pay for it. AND the fine.

Enough of this business about neutering coaches. Mark Mangino had a temper. He's a F^#&@% FOOTBALL COACH!!!!! Duh....

Let's just water down sports and make everybody play nice.

LeadFarmer 6 years ago

So a future HOF coach blames his players for his own lack of constraint. Real class act.

LeadFarmer 6 years ago

"Self issued a statement on the matter: 'After shooting 25 percent (7-for-28 field goals, 0-for-6 threes), scoring 21 points and 12 turnovers in the first half, my emotions got the best of me.'"

How am I wrong?

thedudelovesKU 6 years ago

If it were up to me I'd invest all the money the NCAA makes off penalties in houses & lots.

Whore houses & lots of weed!

Micky Baker 6 years ago

Yeah, that way, the 5 star prospects won't have to rob people at gunpoint to get a joint.

kerbyd 6 years ago

I guess the AD at Wichita State also got in trouble for arguing with security.

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