Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New KU TV deals may limit handful of hoops games

Kansas guard Ben McLemore gets some attention from the ESPN cameras prior to tipoff against Oklahoma State on Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2013 at Gallagher-Iba Arena in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Kansas guard Ben McLemore gets some attention from the ESPN cameras prior to tipoff against Oklahoma State on Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2013 at Gallagher-Iba Arena in Stillwater, Oklahoma.


Tuesday’s announcement of a seven-year deal between Kansas Athletics and ESPN did little to squash the concerns of Kansas University basketball fans nationwide about six games at the beginning of the upcoming season.

The deal makes it possible for KU fans across the nation to watch a minimum of 70 KU events annually on the multiscreen ESPN3 service and comes on the heels of last week’s announcement of a partnership between KU and Time Warner Cable and Kansas City channel Metro Sports.

While the new Tier-3 deals will put KU athletics in more homes than Texas’ more highly publicized Longhorn Network, they leave in question the availability of six early-season men’s basketball games that KU fans across Kansas have become accustomed to seeing: two exhibition games and four regular-season, non-conference games.

As things stand today — and KU officials were careful to point out that there are a lot of moving parts still associated with this situation — fans without Time Warner or ESPN3 may miss those six games. Even those who have the subscription-based ESPN Full Court service, which only includes regular-season college basketball contests, will miss the two exhibition games.

All other games — basketball and football normally broadcast through KU and Big 12 Tier-1 and Tier-2 partners on ESPN, ESPN 2, CBS, Fox and others — will be unaffected.

Here’s a quick breakdown, by region, of what is required to see the four regular-season games in question:

  • In Lawrence and throughout Kansas — The games will be available for customers who have Metro Sports or Full Court, but will be blacked out on ESPN3.
  • In Kansas City — The games will be available for customers with Time Warner, Comcast or Full Court, but not ESPN3.
  • Across the country — The games will be available via ESPN3 and Full Court, as has been the case during the past several years. Because of the Big 12 Conference’s television agreement with ESPN and Fox Sports, the live-game broadcasts on Metro Sports will be offered only to viewers in Kansas and the Kansas City metro area, but the new shoulder programing, which includes pre- and post-game content as well as weekly features about KU sports, will be available to Time Warner’s millions of customers nationwide.

While those scenarios appear to leave some Kansas cities in the dark, KU officials said today’s reality could change in the future. For example, if Cox Cable in Wichita were to broker a deal with Time Warner to bring Metro Sports to its channel lineup, KU fans in Wichita would be able to see the six games in question along with the more than two dozen others on national television each year.

“With this deal and the excitement and the discussion that it’s causing, it’s possible that developments are going to continue to unfold,” said Jim Marchiony, KU’s associate athletic director for public affairs. “If it happens that a very small minority of Kansas fans are somehow inconvenienced for two exhibition games and four non-conference basketball games, we think those fans would agree that the national exposure for the entire program is well worth it. And I stress that a small minority of fans may be inconvenienced, because the full story may not have been written yet.”

Added KU athletic director Sheahon Zenger: “In the spirit of doing what’s best for the student-athletes at the University of Kansas, we will, to the best of our ability, do whatever we can to work with our media partners to bring our fans, wherever they may be, the most access possible.

“This is an incredible deal for KU’s student-athletes. For the first time in history, all Kansas sports will have the opportunity to be seen nationwide by Kansas fans.”


gchawk 5 years ago

I sure hope that the "moving parts" will mean more availability of games. I'm just wondering, does UNC, UK, Duke, or any other "power" teams have this same type of limited availability of games?

Kman_blue 5 years ago

UNC and Duke don't control their 3rd tier basketball and football media rights. The ACC does, so whatever deal the ACC has for 3rd tier basketball and football rights is what UNC and Duke have. ESPN exclusively controls all ACC 1st, 2nd, and 3rd tier basketball and football media rights BTW.

UK also is in the process of handing over their 3rd tier basketball and football rights over to the SEC for the new SEC network, so their 3rd tier basketball and football games will be on that new network, but in the past and currently I believe they've had a regional deal with IMG, just like KU. They did just announce and joint deal with Time Warner and IMG though, kind of similar to what KU just did.

hawksquawk 5 years ago

WAAAHHHHHHHHHH, WAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH, I live in Kansas/Kansas City and am a spoiled little brat and a child who over-reacts about everything because I'm just a wittle baby. WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Get over it, you nitwits. This is good for KU and good for the majority of alums.

gchawk 5 years ago

You very well may have a good point, but one challenge that a number of us face is the nonavailability of ESPN3.

hawksquawk 5 years ago

Take it up w/ your ISP. I can watch it on my phone, or tablet, or laptop, or desktop, or my tv, or at work....

KUFan90 5 years ago

I took it up with my ISP, and they told me to get lost.

I have phone/DirecTV/internet bundled, so very inconvenient to switch ISPs just to get ESPN3.

hawksquawk 5 years ago

I guess you have a choice to make, then.

chriz 5 years ago

This sucks. I have rabbit ears and can't justify getting all these cable channels I don't want just to get one that I DO want.

Jason Spangler 5 years ago

seriously dude. Rabbit ears??? Come on now

79ictjhawk 5 years ago

Just add some aluminum foil to those rabbit ears. :-)

magaggie 5 years ago

More and more people are ditching cable. Especially the younger generations. I'm in my 30s and haven't had cable for 12 years. You'll make it.

AaronHawk19 5 years ago

I am in my young thirties and have directv to get every sporting event I can. Hulu, netflix, ect. will not get you that.

Jason Spangler 5 years ago

KU is looking beyond little TV sets in Kansas. Sorry guys. This is about national brand and it's a great move by all involved (KU, TWC, and ESPN).

Like Zenger said. Go to a friend's house and have a beer.

Scott Smetana 5 years ago

I live outside of Kansas and can't get Espn on dishnetwork or directTV

Kaplow 5 years ago

Wrong, try again. How is cutting out the millions of people who have Directv or other satellite provider helping national branding?! This is a weak, short-sighted cable network deal. If there isnt a solution to this its going to be mutiny. I host 10-15 people at my house most games and have Directv...under this new deal, I wont even get the games in question unless i buy full court and I live in Lawrence! Directv=No Metro Sports=No watching the game=F this

KUBowler99 5 years ago

Umm...wut? Don't know what you mean by 'millions' exactly...because outside of Kansas, it has ZERO negative affect on DirecTV customers. None.

From the story above:

Across the country — The games will be available via ESPN3 and Full Court, as has been the case during the past several years. Because of the Big 12 Conference’s television agreement with ESPN and Fox Sports, the live-game broadcasts on Metro Sports will be offered only to viewers in Kansas and the Kansas City metro area, but the new shoulder programing, which includes pre- and post-game content as well as weekly features about KU sports, will be available to Time Warner’s millions of customers nationwide.

So, yes, in your case, in Kansas w/DirecTV, it's possible you won't get to watch the 6 games + 1 football game. I'll admit, that does suck, but I think the point of the article is this situation could (and most likely will) change before the fall. I'm going to guess local TV stations in Topeka and/or KC will broker a deal with Time Warner to broadcast the games.

Kaplow 5 years ago

OK yeah I admit I just looked at the article and how it will negatively impact my ability to watch and host games as a loyal Jayhawk fan. I do see how this deal is a strong play for KU nationally, I just think its lame that Zenger didn't figure out how to take care of the local coverage before rolling it out. I guess they see local satellite customers as an acceptable sacrifice for the greater deal. I haven't missed a game in years but sounds like I'll just have to be an angry superfan of a school that doesn't give a sh*t whether I see the game or not.

Jason Spangler 5 years ago

Yea. Colleges are putting a greater importances on all the other sports besides football nowadays. KU doesn't have great football so they need to be on top of this as much as possible. I think it's hilarious that more people in America will have the Jayhawk Network over the Longhorn Network. What's that say?

"It's best to be the first guy to build the second factory."

Joseph Kuebel 5 years ago

Both of your posts are quality. Th(is is good for KU any way you spin it. I personally have 3 other friends (in CA) watching KU bball on a religious basis. This doesn't hurt really hurt anything (even if you have directtv I suggest you connect your hdmi cable from the labtop to a TV) and helps KU nationally. As stated- the next phase of re-alignment will also be aided with this deal, as will KU sports as a whole...

kukevbo 5 years ago

Explain to me how removing the ability to see the games from everyone in KC without TWC or Comcast helps KU own the KC market. They are actively limiting the people who can view the games in what is supposed to be their key market. It's ridiculous. Who gives a flying eff if people in New York or California or Florida can see KU games when thousands and thousands of people in the KC area are SOL?

Jason Spangler 5 years ago

Because when realignment happens the people in NY, California and Florida matter....the Kansans, not so much.

AaronHawk19 5 years ago

Odds are the other networks will broker a deal and pick up the games, people will switch to Time Warner, or buy Full Court. It's all about the $$$

rschneider 5 years ago

So you own the KC market but severely limiting the access to games in that area? KU's actually taking a big step back in the KC market. And to top that off, by not having much of a plan for the rest of the state (minus Topeka and Lawrence), you get a sense of what they think about alumni and boosters across the state.

jhox 5 years ago

I'm not mad at Zenger over this. He's just doing his job and maximizing revenues. Unfortunately, the deal sucks for a lot of fans, if not most fans. I just hope the closest bar to my house carries the games that I can't get on TV or can't attend. I nearly passed on getting a season ticket this year. Glad I didn't because I would hate to miss Wiggins' and possibly Selden's one and only year at KU.

Sam Constance 5 years ago

Spot on.

Also, I'm not sure what some of the replies you've gotten are talking about. One said that KU is "actively limiting" who can view the games. Another said "severely limiting".

Unless people are just mad at the fact that THEY personally will be affected and being hyperbolic in response, I don't understand those descriptions. KU is "actively" trying to expand the national cache of it's brand. The limiting that is taking place is an unfortunate, and possibly still-to-be-resolved side effect of the way TV coverage networks are intertwined. The effect is also hardly "severe", given that even the people who don't have the setup that will currently get all the games are only going to miss out on 6 games, two of which are EXHIBITION games.

I'd love for one person who is preaching doom and gloom on this matter to find some numbers on just how many people will be out of luck on those 6 basketball games. Because I think it's far less than people think.

Pitthawk34 5 years ago

This tells me BIG 12 is dead within the next 6 years. No doubt about it. I will buy full court by ESPN and have to miss 2 games that i am totally pissed about and that i have have already voiced my displeasure by canceling fall tickets. Hell with it tell BIG/PAC we will be there tomorrow. No sense in putting our fan base through all of this. The 4 big 16 conferences or 18 will be among us before long. Get Rock Chalk built and get Memorial upgraded by 10s of millions please in the next 5.

Chris1955 5 years ago

This is just another in a series of developments, which KU is making to meet the criteria for an invitation to the B1G TEN.

AaronHawk19 5 years ago

Exhibition games don't count. It's like watching a scrimmage against Lawrence High. You will live without them...

Steve Hillyer 5 years ago

I'm still confident that other providers in KS/KC will get the games however this is different than was reported last week, initial reports stated they would be on all providers in KS/KC now they are saying this may not be the case. However even if I don't get those six games(glorified practices) I'm not blowing an aneurysm, I don't see how this is a bad deal if you are getting your brand more national exposure.

chriz 5 years ago

My question is, what is there to gain by limiting the local exposure? What does Time Warner have to offer that gives them exclusivity?

Joseph Kuebel 5 years ago

  1. Money. National exposure to KU... Puts KU in a better position for re-alignment.

always_correct 5 years ago

The difference is TWC and ESPN3 will be broadcasting a bunch of sports other than basketball and football. Also, people outside the KC area may have easier access to all sports (including basketball and football). For instance, if you still lived in L.A., you would now get to see those 6 games you couldn't before.

Link to map:

westernkshawk 5 years ago

So, basically, those of us without Time Warner are getting less, rather than more coverage of the sports that we really care about. Good job, KU. Just more money in your pocket at the expense of the fans.

MinorThreat 5 years ago

FrontRow will still work, correct?

MinorThreat 5 years ago


you're the best =)

... thanks for the correction..

texashawk10 5 years ago

Glad to finally see someone else smart enough to realize there are still places on the internet to find just about anything there is you want to watch.

Brian Skelly 5 years ago

I'd be curious as to what the pay TV break down is in Eastern Kansas and the KC metro area. As in what is the percentage of folks whom have Time Warner Cable, Comcast, etc... along with Dish, DirecTv, Google Fiber, etc.

Living in St. Louis -- where Charter Cable has been headquartered for decades -- there are no other competing companies cablewise with Charter in the immediate metro area. Along the edges there are some smaller companies, but for the most part thats it. Obviously the satellite companies are in play, as is UVerse now. Just curious.

Is TW a smaller provider in KC or is it and Comcast cover most of the area? Again, I have no clue and if anyone knows or has a reasonably educated guess on the breakdowns i'd be curious to hear it.

As ive posted in other articles about this, medium and long term this is a big deal. And yes it will go through some trials and tribulations in the KC / Kansas area. But my guess is as long as TW isnt overboard on what they are asking in carrier fees with other providers, eventually most people in KC will be able to get more KU sports than they could ever dream of.

Steve Hillyer 5 years ago

TWC is the predominant carrier, I recently read they had 48% of the market but I don't know how reliable that number is though. The remaining carriers are Comcast, Surewest, AT&T, satellite and Google is getting in the market.

Jerry Tompkins 5 years ago

Who cares about the minor sports? All I care about is KU basketball and to a much lesser extent football. Looks to me like those of us in Topeka are getting the shaft.

longhawk 5 years ago

This stinks for Topeka. If we are in a market that can't get Metro Sports, then why would ESPN3 be blacked out?

It was previously reported that WIBW would still have rights to broadcast the basketball games one more year. Is that still true?

Matt Tait 5 years ago

I was just told that's the case for the next TWO years.

kckuguy 5 years ago

Hey Topeka, at least you get 2 years, not KC, the market Zenger is trying to saturate.

longhawk 5 years ago

CJ online was the one that reported that WIBW still had rights to the basketball broadcasts for the next two years. That was when the Time Warner deal was announced. Is that still true? Can't find anyone still reporting this.

Robert Brown 5 years ago

Again we are only talking about a handful of non competitive basketball games that are affected. I don't think most fans get too fired up about basketball until Christmas. I know that I will not plan my night around a game with Emporia State in November.

I am still waiting to hear the value of this deal. It is curious to me why it hasn't been announced.

kukevbo 5 years ago

I think you're wrong. Dead wrong. KU only gets 30 regular season games with Andrew Wiggins. It's a big freaking deal to miss 4 of those, even if they are against the worst teams on the schedule.

The whole "fans don't get too fired up for basketball until Xmas" idea is very K-State of you and completely incorrect. Have you seen the lines of people waiting to in to late night each year? That's for a practice in mid October. But sure, nobody really cares until late December right?

Robert Brown 5 years ago

There is a small group of very passionate, mainly basketball fans who might not get to see a KU blow out and a lesser opponent who could miss a few games. And many of the people are active on this board. Let's not get personal because everyone is not as passionate at you.

I, like the large majority of fans, could care less how many points Andrew Wiggns scores in a November exhibitiion game against some clearly outmanned opponent. I am not going to plan my night around it. It will not be the least bit relevant come conference season and March.

The fact that I feel that way does not make me any less of a fan.

Rock Chalk 5 years ago

I'd say you are in the minority. A lot of us are passionate about each game played, and we want to see the players perform.

kukevbo 5 years ago

I never said it made you less of a fan. I said it made you sound like a K-State Fan.

And you're wrong. You're dead wrong. If anybody is in the minority it's you. All the KU basketball fans that I know want to see each and every game. KU has one of the most passionate fan bases in the sport. If you're part of the "not so passionate, I'll wait till conference season/March before paying attention" group then you're the minority.

kckuguy 5 years ago

No true Blue Bllod would ever say that. You sound more like a band wagon jumper.

Matt Kenton 5 years ago

I watch every single game and if I can't watch one live, I DVR it and watch it later. KU should be sure and honor the true, die-hard fans and not dumb-down the fan base.

If have never been a Marchiony fan. You'd think after this much time he'd "get it" but he clearly doesn't. His statement that the full story MAY not have been written yet is either to calm the backlash for now, or there really is more to come in other deals for those remaining games. We'll see...

Aligned 5 years ago

Boy, me neither. That guy always has rubbed me the wrong way.

Joe Ross 5 years ago

HouTex...just wrong. Most fans get pumped up about every game. Allen has been selling out games before Christmas since Jesus. Fans are just as eager to watch them on television. When you consider that Kansas basketball is the one thing most fans have been waiting for and the offseason seems so painfully long, I wonder how you can think fans would be dismissive about watching the games. Besides, having Wiggins here is like trying to put out a fire by throwing gasoline on it. Your posts are wrong on this particular subject. The fans DO care!

Robert Brown 5 years ago

These games may be 'sold out', but it is very easy to get tickets to these games a list price. I have come back in November and December and have usually been able to buy tickets directly from the athletics department 2-3 weeks in advance. If not, I can go to the secondary market and get tickets for a few dollars over list price.

There is certainly a highly passionate fan base which is small in nature. This is the group that is most vocal and because of that, it will seem like EVERYONE is upset.

I feel the same about early football games against overmatched opponents. The first month of the season is boring. Of course, given KU football team the last three years, there is no such thing as an overmatched football opponent.

leonard 5 years ago

  • If it happens that a very small minority of Kansas fans are somehow inconvenienced for two exhibition games and four non-conference basketball games - Marchiony

That is a really pompous, out of touch, asinine statement...unless you believe that dropping about 20% of the broadcasts is just an inconvenience.

  • it’s possible that developments are going to continue to unfold - Marchiony

They better! It's not just an "inconvenience" for those fans that will miss the first month of the season...not getting their first look at the team until after Thanksgiving!

kssmiles 5 years ago

Exactly, when the majority of Kansas fans in your biggest market do NOT have access to the 6 games how can they be a small minority. That is a ridiculous statement.

Jonathan Becker 5 years ago

To understand this, remember the order of Deep Throat in All the President's Men, "Follow the money."

dylans 5 years ago

I have watched every KU men's basketball game (with very few exceptions) for well over a decade. I live in SW Kansas so I can't go to all the games. Why doesn't Zenger want this predominately KSU area to receive all the KU exposure that it can get? Removing viewers in Kansas seems like a bad idea. Blacking out ESPN3 means I can't see the games as Time Warner has no service out here. Hmm, if it weren't for the overall uptick in sports I'd wonder about Z's loyalty.

dylans 5 years ago

6 games times 7 years is really 42 games missed...

Reuben_J_Cogburn 5 years ago

Boo hoo, people.

Deal with it. It's better for the programs. If you want to watch the games, you'll figure out how. If it means hooking up your laptop to your TV a couple of times, so be it.

We will survive.

Rock Chalk 5 years ago

Boo hoo yourself. You obviously are unaffected.

Reuben_J_Cogburn 5 years ago

I am affected partner. My apartment complex is shifting to Google Fiber. Whereas I have TWC right now, come September I'll be SOL.

Don't get me wrong...I'm excited for Fiber. But I'll be in the same boat as everyone else.

Reuben_J_Cogburn 5 years ago

Consider this...

In the end, you're giving up two exhibition basketball games and four more against crappy opponents.

.....oh and I guess you'll have to pass on watching our powerhouse football program for one game.

In return, we get the opportunity to kick this thing up a notch and take the Jayhawk brand to a higher level; giving alum and fans around the world a chance to actually watch the games we take for granted.

It's all about the benjamins.

Steve Reigle 5 years ago

“If it happens that a very small minority of Kansas fans are somehow inconvenienced for two exhibition games and four non-conference basketball games, we think those fans would agree that the national exposure for the entire program is well worth it."

That statement is absolutely WRONG for those who happen to be that "small minority." What on earth are they thinking? Can they not accommodate those fans, as well?

Do they not realize how many Kansans do not have cable available to them? Those people are either on satellite, usually Dish or DirectTV, or get their TV using over the air antennas.

For Topeka, you're ok for the next two years per this article:

Here's an excerpt from that article: "Meanwhile, KU is still figuring out how to make content available to all fans on a regional basis. Because of an existing contract, WIBW will continue to televise men's basketball games in Topeka for the next two years, but games previously carried by network affiliates in Wichita, Salina and other parts of the state will shift to cable."

That implies KU is still trying to work out details to get these games broadcast out to those of us who used to get to watch them. Let's hope they succeed in that. If they don't, there is going to be a large "small minority" of ticked off fans.

peaker19 5 years ago

Unless you live out west like me, where you can't get ESPN3 due to CableOne's squabble with ESPN.

JayhawkLifer 5 years ago

Matt, from what I can glean from various websites, ESPN Full Court will blackout these 4 games locally because of the deal with TWC. Do you know if this is true or not.

I WILL find a way to watch these games, but I am really disappointed in the AD's cavalier attitude to those "few, inconvenienced" fans. I am sure there are fans that don't care about those games, but I can assure you, there are more than a "few" that are not happy about missing them.

Tony Bandle 5 years ago


1] I am impressed by the passion and outrage shown on this issue as well as the well thought out arguments on both sides, however, as it has, does and always will, the final decision will land on where the money is!

2] Another possible solution is to find a good Jayhawk buddy, SLINGBOX to his set and watch the game in the comfort of your's worked for me courtesy of my little brother for awhile now.

3] One football game, two exhibition games and four walk-overs seems to me to be a small price to pay when in the long run, the entire Kansas Athletic program benefits as KU subtly positions itself for "THE FINAL SIXTY FOUR".

4] For the outraged of you..yes it does suck...kind of like blood tests, colonoscopies and eating your vegetables but the long range benefits will eventually become evident.

5] Most people need something to bitch about once in a while...this issue is aa good as the next.

kukevbo 5 years ago

I disagree with you. KU made a deal to get exposure for sports that nobody cares about. Nobody is flocking to ESPN3 to watch the softball team. This whole "Exposure for the whole department" thing is crap. The only thing people care about is Football and Basketball. And they took a chunk of the basketball schedule off the table for a lot of people in order to get exposure for sports nobody wants to watch

jgkojak 5 years ago

Here is the issue -

I can watch more Texas games than KU games in Olathe, KS-- unless I have MetroSports.


Janet Olin 5 years ago

I also live in Olathe, 20 min. from KU; in our townhome community TWC and other carriers with Metro Sports are not an option. So--now I can no longer afford the tickets/Williams Fund 'donation' to keep my season tickets of 30 years, but also I'm being denied access to local team games on TV/ESPN3. So sick of KU's All About The Money Screw The Fans attitude. KUAA and Alumni Assn. probably won't miss my contributions. You won't convince me anyone in NYC will give a flying flip about KU vs. Emporia or any other pre-season game. Suck doesn't even touch it.

NotTait 5 years ago

“If it happens that a very small minority of Kansas fans are somehow inconvenienced for two exhibition games and four non-conference basketball games, we think those fans would agree that the national exposure for the entire program is well worth it. - Jim Marchiony

WRONG JIM!!! I don't agree, it sucks that the deal is with Metro Sports which I don't have access to!!!

kckuguy 5 years ago

The best quote from the mess is from Zenger " We are going to saturate the KC market ". Was he laughing when he said this ? Has Zenger never heard of Google or AT&T ? Has TWC convinced Zenger that most people in KC have TWC ? Has Zenger not seen the ever ending commercials from TWC trying to get customers back, saying "We have changed "? How much was that padded hand shake deal worth , Zenger ? This is a bush league deal that one would expect from MU or K-State, even they have learned from this TWC deal and both have abandon it.I will be able to watch all of their games this year, but Not KU .Come on kids, gather round as we all watch this game on this 2 inch telephone because KU does not have a big enough program so we can sit back and watch it on our TV. And if you dare gripe about it, some really smart guy will tell you to quit living in the past, this is 2013 after all, you can't expect to be able to watch KU on TV all the time. And then the same jerk says " Go have a beer with your neighbor " My Neighbors are all MU fans and everyone gets all of their games. This what what we are being told by Zenger.

Sam Constance 5 years ago

I don't know if Zenger was laughing, but I'm sure as heck laughing at you for seriously suggesting that TW isn't the primary cable provider in Kansas City. Even funnier is the fact that you mention Google, which is in a few thousand households AT BEST.

Big_Dipper 5 years ago

And will continue to grow. They should be done with the first wave of households by the end of the year. Then they will move on to North KC, Shawnee KS, and Olathe I believe along with other areas. I think they will eventually cover the majority of KCK, KCMO, Johnson County KS., Leavenworth and Douglas counties in the next few years. That would cover the majority of the KC market.

kckuguy 5 years ago

A new TV deal is usually announced with how much the deal is worth. Did no one bother to ask ? Less viewers must mean at least more money, for some one. Is it KU ? Why is the KU administration dismissing thousands and thousands of KU fans. Follow the money. Tell me how much more money KU is getting with this deal over the last deal. Don't just tell us to accept it as being a good move. Prove to us that KU is actually making more money. That would make me feel a little better. Don't treat us like peasants and tell us to move along now. If this is such a good deal, tell us what the good deal is.

5to6 5 years ago

I may be wrong, but I think that we'd already sold these rights to IMG for about $6 million a year. We're just now seeing how IMG placed those rights. That would make sense why we're not seeing financials around this - because any financials are IMG making its profit on what KU had already sold them.

Steve Gantz 5 years ago

ESPN3 has been a godsend for us out of the Kansas market residents. However, in the last year more often than not games were blacked out. I already pay for ESPN through DirectTV and they have the nerve to black out games (on ESPN3) that people are already paying for? Just another I hate them in the I love them, I hate them game I play with ESPN.

JayHawkJay82 5 years ago

For those with AT&T U-verse you can go here to request that Metro Sports get added to the lineup. Maybe if enough of us complain they will budge.

notjustbread 5 years ago

grrrr...I live in Denver and have Century Link...which does not give access to ESPN3. And I plan my evenings around all Kansas basketball games. Any other Colorado Jayhawks out there, please join me in contacting Century Link this week and voicing our displeasure over not having access to ESPN3.

Katie Bieber 5 years ago

I lived in Denver last year, and also had Century Link. I had to use It's not of great quality and about 85% reliable, but it is better than nothing and will get you by.

Sam Constance 5 years ago

All the gnashing of teeth in here seems rather self-serving and short-sighted.

I realize there are many people within Kansas who will now have trouble accessing these 6 games that the previously didn't have trouble accessing. And I understand that it stinks to be unable to see your favorite team play.

But let's look at what the actual trade-off is here without the "woe is me!" component. And just so we can avoid any "no one cares about anything except basketball and football" derailments, let's address only basketball.

1) Kansas basketball games will now be available in more households across the country without anyone making any kind of change in their current provider setup.

2) More importantly, the potential number of households that KU games could be in across the country has increased dramatically, as now people who don't get those games have the option to switch to a provider who does where they didn't before.

3) The result of 1 + 2 is that the level of exposure our program (see: basketball) gets will be even more widespread, which is yet another tool in the portfolio for getting top talent to come play at KU

4) But the most important fact, to me, about this is that by doing this, KU has demonstrated a measurable and INDIVIDUAL (i.e., not attached to the conference) value should the realignment mess rear its ugly head again. Before, it was easy to talk about KU being a national brand that would draw attention even in the second-to-football sport that is college basketball. But now it's a demonstrable reality. It's a point of value that makes people think twice about dismissing KU as a basketball-only, small market brand that doesn't bring any value to a new conference. It shows that the "football is king" model is not the only acceptable way to think.

Those calling this deal "amateur hour" or insisting that KU only cares about the bottom line and doesn't give a crap about it's fans are missing the forest for the trees. By doing this now, KU positions itself to be forced into fewer compromises in the future, which ultimately serves the best interests of our fanbase long-term, even if it's frustrating in the immediate future to have to miss a few televised games against rummies. Take solace in the fact that no one who is a die hard KU fan will ever miss a game that matters and that your AD has your interests in mind, even if you can't see that right now.

Robert Brown 5 years ago

Well said. I would how much revenue this agreement generates.

Jeff Worthington 5 years ago

Keitzman just flat out said on his radio show that this story is "WRONG" and that Jim Marchiony says that as of right now no games will be available on ESPN Full Court.

I'm not sure who to believe.

1timbob 5 years ago

kukevbo U sound like a KSU fan "loyalty man were about loyalty" makes me sick, u have know idea what loyalty is! I don't care if I lose some games on T.V as long as it keeps the product good or makes it better. I personally think everyone will get the football and basketball games in the metro (38 spot) and metro sports will only televise nonprofit type sports. Relax everyone, I think the guy who wrote this article is looking for business!

Sparko 5 years ago

Only an idiot would negotiate a cable deal in 2013. And TWC sucks like no other. This was a mistake done with little practical research. Zenger has made a couple of odd deals lately that were not well thought out. Sigh. This sucks.

Pitthawk34 5 years ago

In Lawrence and throughout Kansas — The games will be available for customers who have Metro Sports or Full Court, but will be blacked out on ESPN3. Someone at KU is lying because I checked with Dish and they said these games will not be on Full Court that would mean for Direct as well.

Pitthawk34 5 years ago

Our AD Zenger is Lying before our eyes to make him look good. Full court will not have games. These people should be jailed and the Charge...Theft of Services. Minimum 1 year county jail.

Steve Reigle 5 years ago

"Taking away a handful of games" from loyal fans who have no other options for seeing those games is not acceptable. There is no reason why those making these deals could not have insisted that this situation not happen. It would not have been a deal breaker. Hopefully this will still be resolved. If not, then I am very disappointed in how the department has treated some of us.

Our phones are both cell phones but neither has any kind of internet connection. They are the old style flip phones. Telephones, period. Not even texting on these phones. So watching games on our phones is not an option.

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