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Power struggle: Four spot well-stocked during Bill Self decade

According to the Journal-World and staffs, the top power forwards in the Bill Self era are, from left, Wayne Simien, Darrell Arthur, Thomas Robinson, Marcus Morris, Julian Wright and Kevin Young.

According to the Journal-World and staffs, the top power forwards in the Bill Self era are, from left, Wayne Simien, Darrell Arthur, Thomas Robinson, Marcus Morris, Julian Wright and Kevin Young.



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According to the Journal-World and staffs, the top power forwards in the Bill Self era are, from left, Wayne Simien, Darrell Arthur, Thomas Robinson, Marcus Morris, Julian Wright and Kevin Young.

During Kansas University basketball coach Bill Self’s first 10 years in Lawrence, the power-forward position has been filled by a wide range of skilled players.

From smooth, slippery overachievers asked to battle with the big men to finely-tuned athletes who appeared to be chiseled from granite and everything in between, the four spot during the Self era has featured some of the best players in school history.

Because of that, putting together a list of the top five low-post monsters made this edition of our annual summer series, which looks back at the top players and moments of KU basketball under Self, one of the most challenging.

Here’s a look at what we came up with and the reasoning behind each pick:

Gary Bedore

1. Wayne Simien: Simien was the Mark Randall of his day, the fundamentally sound star who knew how to put the ball in the basket. You have to appreciate the fact he felt a calling to ministry and chose that path rather than the more lucrative route of playing ball in Europe for 15 years or so.

2. Darrell Arthur: The unsung hero of the national-title team, Arthur was one smooth-shooting forward. Also had one of the best stories, indicating he chose KU because of a dream he had the night before his signing-day news conference.

3. Thomas Robinson: The all-time overachiever, whose future as an NBA starter might be in jeopardy because of lack of a stellar offensive repertoire, certainly was great in college around the goal. What a powerful player.

4. Marcus Morris: Smooth, smooth, smooth. Morris was a dandy college forward, spectacular at times. I think he could have been a better leader, but, hey, that’s debatable, too.

5. Julian Wright: Anybody who watched the skinny kid from Chicago drive and dunk had to be awed. I’m a little surprised he didn’t make it in the NBA, but it seems Julian just didn’t have a position and didn’t have a reliable jump shot.

Tom Keegan

1. Wayne Simien: The most prolific scorer during the Self era, Simien had such a wide variety of scoring options that not many college basketball players were well suited to stopping him. Had tough luck in the health department in the NBA, where he was drafted by a team (Miami Heat) that needed him only as leverage in contract negotiations with Udonis Haslem.

2. Thomas Robinson: A relentless defensive rebounder whose defensive deficiencies were masked by Jeff Withey, Robinson developed into an excellent scorer who relied on explosiveness and a solid mid-range jumper.

3. Marcus Morris: There wasn’t anything he did not do well. On defense, he slid his feet like a guard. Offensively, he was a gifted passer, had nice footwork and fakes that he used down low, and he had a steady pull-back jumper. Surest hands on the planet.

4. Darrell Arthur: Ran the floor like a guard, had great hands and a soft shooting touch. He never overcame a penchant for fouling, but with KU’s consistent front-court depth, that didn’t burn the team. In the 2008 national-title game, Mario Chalmers hit the shot, and Sherron Collins had huge late plays, but nobody on either team played better than Arthur, who totaled 20 points and 10 rebounds.

5. Julian Wright: A terrific passer, he was far quicker than most inside players, which enabled him to rebound well. Might rank higher on this deep list if only he had not so thoroughly enjoyed dribbling, when giving up the ball was the right call.

Matt Tait

1. Thomas Robinson: Robinson takes the top spot simply because of his power and unyielding tenacity. Whenever Self and the Jayhawks needed a bucket, they could throw it down to Robinson, and, one way or the other, he would get to the rim or the free-throw line, often times looking flat-out unstoppable in doing so. An automatic double-double night in and night out, Robinson came as far as any player in the Self era in terms of development.

2. Wayne Simien: A kinder, gentler version of Robinson a few years earlier, Simien also seemed unstoppable at times. His soft shooting touch and sharp mind often put him a step or two ahead of overmatched opponents. Not many KU players appreciated being a Jayhawk as much as Simien.

3. Marcus Morris: Arguably the best all-around player to handle the four spot during Self’s time at KU, Morris used his big frame to get buckets but also could play D and put the ball on the floor and score on the move or create easy shots for teammates.

4. Darrell Arthur: Had a complete game and was an incredible athlete but often was overshadowed because of the incredible talent around him. Still, Arthur was a reliable scorer, an underrated jump shooter and a tremendous athlete. When he showcased all three skills at the same time, he, too, looked unstoppable.

5. Kevin Young: Julian Wright had more game, and Perry Ellis has more potential, but I went with Young here because he played such a key role on two national-title contending teams, and I’m partial to guys like Young, who are willing to do all the little things — track down loose balls, steal offensive rebounds, grow great afros — that make a good team great.

Jesse Newell

1. Wayne Simien: A consensus first-team All-America selection in 2005, Simien was a really, really good college player. While taking on huge offensive loads for KU in his final two seasons, he still managed to keep his two-point percentages above 54 percent and his free-throw percentages above 81 percent. He doesn’t get much credit for this, but he’s also one of the best rebounders on both ends that Self has had at KU.

2. Marcus Morris: Gets the nod over Thomas Robinson simply because he contributed two elite offensive seasons to Robinson’s one. A talented jump-shooter, Morris did it all his junior season, making 62 percent of his twos while also posting top-250 marks in both offensive and defensive rebounding percentage.

3. Thomas Robinson: Produced offensively his junior season even with the pressure of having to take on a huge offensive load. Defensively, he did one thing and did it well, grabbing defensive rebounds at a rate better than any other player in the nation. Robinson is one of three consensus All-America selections for Self during his KU tenure.

4. Darrell Arthur: Had two productive years for KU before jumping to the pros. Contributed in a lot of areas for the ’08 title team, posting above-average shooting, rebounding and shot-blocking numbers his sophomore year.

5. Julian Wright: Because of his athleticism, Wright could fill up a stat sheet for the Jayhawks ... though sometimes that included turnovers as well. One could definitely make the argument Wright was KU’s best player during the 2006-07 season, as he ranked in the top 300 nationally in shooting, offensive rebounding, defensive rebounding, shot-blocking and steals.


Preston Dwiggins 9 months, 4 weeks ago

I honestly think a lot of people mixed Markieff and Marcus up in their heads when watching the games, let alone trying to remember them a couple of year's later. Their number's are almost identical their jumior year and in fact, Markieff did more of the intangibles that aren't on the stat sheets. Marcus started off strong his senior year and Markieff played better the last 60% of the season. Markieff hasn't been demoted to the D League like Marcus. Not sure why no love is thrown Markieff's way...


jcourt 9 months, 4 weeks ago

Gary Bedore is smarter than all the other writers. But he has the top three a little out of order. #1 Darrel Aurthur had more skills than them all. If they all played equal yrs 2, 3 or 4 yrs. Darrel would be the best he is just more polished. #2 Thomas Robinson, If he played 3 or 4 yrs he would be the No 1 pick. # 3 Wayne Simien, great college player, but missed his shot. #4 Markieff Morris could dominate a game but fell short too. #5 Julian Wright, If he played 4 yrs he would have been on ESPN the most.


Hawk8086 9 months, 4 weeks ago

In my mind, no question Simien is #1. Great scorer and rebounder. But, some keep saying his NBA career was held back by injuries. Wasn't it that he was undersized for a back to the basket player, and not quick enough to play away from the basket in the NBA? Wasn't that why he was drafted with the last pick in the first round? Great player, great person. But, a successful college career does not necessarily translate to the next level. Wayman Tisdale, I thought, was one of the all time greats in college. He was a good NBA player, but not nearly as dominant as he was in college for similar reasons.


hawkmoon2020 9 months, 4 weeks ago

News Update: Wiltjer is transfering from UK. Gee, I wonder why? Since it's his decision, I guess he will be eligible in 2014. Will we need him? Do we need him?


KJD 9 months, 4 weeks ago

Simien - 29th Overall - Heat

Wright - 13th Overall - Hornets

Arthur - 27th Overall - Hornets

Morris - 14th Overall - Rockets

Robinson - 5th Overall - Kings

TRob is the highest picked, was the only one out of the five that had a season where he was widely considered for National Player of the Year–he was the clear runner up– and he took his team to the National Championship game.

Simien had a 1st Team All-American season and a 3rd Team All-American season in his two years with Self. His Junior year KU lost an Elite 8 game in OT.

Arthur was a Champion and he did hit that pure, long 2 point jumper to start the late rally against Memphis. He was also All Big 12 First Team that year.

Wright started early as a Freshman, he was pre-season Freshman of the year, and was a fantastic team player his first year which earned him First Team Big XII. He was a 3rd Team All-American for the Coaches his Sophomore year. He contributed so much to those Big XII championships his Freshman and Sophomore years which are so much apart of the early leg of the current Conference Championship string. His last game was in that Elite 8 game against UCLA.

Morris in the fifth slot seems ridiculous so I'm refusing to number the list. Marcus won, consistently. He's a big reason why Tyrel Reed has the most wins as a player in Kansas history.


KJD 9 months, 4 weeks ago

Off topic though it was just on ESPN: BMac was just on "NBA Job Interview" with Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose who did a good job helping Ben reverse engineer some of that negative publicity that Chad Ford published. Jalen finished by telling Ben that he liked his attitude after Ben answered the last question about what do you do when Kobe Bryant is talking trash to you. Ben is going to be talking right back! And he said it confidently though still in his quiet, humble demeanor. He also had more good things to day about last years 4 Seniors too. Hopefully they will re-air between now and Thursday. They are interviewing and showing highlights of a bunch of the draft talent.


The___Floater 9 months, 4 weeks ago

1.Simien- simply the man.

2.T-Rob-might be blinded by my man crush and his story is still brings tears.

2B. Darrell Arthur- No Arthur, no banner.

3.Morris- boy, what a talent huh?

4.Young-hustle, hustle, hustle. did ALL the little things. Remember him taking the foul for Jeff late in the Iowa state game?

5.Wright- could dish like a guard, and beat his man with pure athleticism.


Kevin Huffman 9 months, 4 weeks ago

Sadly the two things I remember the most w/ Simien was him "going down" in '02/'03 (otherwise we'd've won it all) and in '03/'04 we were having a season with EXTREMELY few losses and LATE in the season having a nationally televised game in Stillwater that ended up becoming the Joey Graham vs. Simien show and I think BOTH Graham AND OSU came out on top.

Looks like I was wrong....I must've been thinking of '04/'05...we only beat them 81-79 at home and then lost to them 78-75 in the Big XII Semifinal Game.

Wow! What a TERRIBLE year '04/'05 was....Self's 2nd year.

We went 3-6 in our final 9 games after starting out 20-1!!!!!! Maybe the 21 pt. loss at Villanova in late Jan. was more telling of what to have expected out of that team as opposed to 2 pt. home OT win vs. #9 Georgia Tech or 6 pt. road win at #8 Kentucky or 25 pt. home win over #16 Texas or 2 pt. win over #4 Okla. St.


Ralster Jayhawk 9 months, 4 weeks ago

Simien better post game. Marcus THE most versatile--many times watching him lead the MorrisHawks, I just knew we were watching a future pro. My absolute favorite TRob moments are: 1) His alley-oop 1-hand dunk at AFH over Faylor, 2)his BLOCK of Pressey, and 3)his roundhouse fist-pump along with Tyshawn at center court when he yelled "let's GO!" after the come-from-behind-win over a stunned Robbie Hummel/Purdue. Simply priceless memories. Got those Baylor, Purdue, and Mizzou games on DVD. I probably rooted hardest for Thomas Robinson because of his story. Man, the burden that young man had to carry on his shoulders. I wish him the best success, as I do all the guys on this list. RCJH.


Ralster Jayhawk 9 months, 4 weeks ago

Wayne Simien has MIAMI HEAT shorts in his closet, and an NBA Championship ring (2006). Just saying. I wonder who he was rooting for? (hehe)


Kevin Huffman 9 months, 4 weeks ago

Let's see:

Best Shot-blocking PF - probably Arthur

Best 3-pt. shooting PF - Mc. Morris

Best FT-Shooting PF - Arthur

Best post-up PF - Simien

Best Rebounding PF - T.Rob

Best Jump-shooting inside the arc PF - Arthur

Best Passing PF - Wright

Best at Getting Steals PF - Wright

Most Exciting Dunk from a PF - Wright at Mizzou

Most Exciting Shot Block from a PF - T.Rob against Mizzou (the "Final Game" in Lawrence)at the end of regulation

Hard to Deny Most Effort - Young

Best at Taking a Charge - Young

Best Scorer - Simien; athough T.Rob Jr. Yr. probably best overall

Best Leader - Simien (Specifically in '03/'04 season especially)

Most Crazy Athletic - Wright

Stongest - T.Rob

Fastest - Wright

Most Improved - (Tie) Mc. Morris & T.Rob

Most Introverted - Wright

Most Animated - Mc. Morris

Most Quirky - Young

Easiest to Cheer For Given Circumstances - T.Rob particularly his last two seasons with what went on with his Mom & Grandparents

I suspect in another couple of years Perry will fit the "Smartest" category.....begs a good question....2 years from now how do you suspect the list will be:

I could see:

  1. T.Rob
  2. Simien
  3. P. Ellis
  4. Arthur
  5. Mc. Morris............Hard to believe Julian Wright just kind of getting "written off". Have to agree with others that while his leaving early wasn't the mistake that Selby's was....still wish he'd come back. But then who knows if Arthur would've gotten the run he did too so.....

Rorawk 9 months, 4 weeks ago

Marcus Morris was the most talented power forward we have had under Bill Self. Simien takes a close second because his low post game was so good, but the overall game of Marcus was unmatched by anyone. T-Rob was stronger and more powerful, but lacked an elite offensive move set, or passing ability. Darrell Arthur was close but left for the NBA before he could have really taken over.

My Top 5:

1) Marcus Morris 2) Wayne Simien 3) Darrell Arthur 4) Julian Wright 5) Thomas Robinson


Allen Shepard 9 months, 4 weeks ago

My top 5:

  1. Andrew Wiggins

  2. Andrew Wiggins

  3. Andrew Wiggins

  4. Andrew Wiggins

  5. Andrew Wiggins



selfhimbill 9 months, 4 weeks ago

I would have called your "1." "First". Then I would change your "2." to "B". I would leave "3.", "4:" and "five." so as is to remain consistently inconsistent. Please stop drinking and writing.


hawksince51 9 months, 4 weeks ago

Thanks for the memories, and for providing the evidence to those who have forgotten that Wayne is clearly no. 1 at the 4.


wrwlumpy 9 months, 4 weeks ago

Yes and so was Danny after he got injured early. Most of these Simien haters must be 19 years old. No one could seal his man like Wayne. Always open inside because of that ability. When he got the ball, he played around the rim similar to Nick, a stronger version of Kevin McHale.

Watch and learn.


Jack Jones 9 months, 4 weeks ago

Or, perhaps underrated by you.


The_poster_kusports_needs 9 months, 4 weeks ago

Wayne "Mr. Glass" Simien is indeed overrated.


KansasComet 9 months, 4 weeks ago

Overall Talent in the Self Era. They all were stud performers for KU!

  1. Authur
  2. Wright
  3. Robinson
  4. Simien
  5. Morris

Virgil_Caine 9 months, 4 weeks ago

Well, this is certainly a position we've done well with! It's really not fair to rank them, but I may be inclined to give Robinson the top spot, since he helped carry an underdog "rebuilding" team to the championship game. I wish Simien could have made it past the first round his senior year. What an awful way to end an otherwise brilliant career. Marcus was about as polished as you'll ever see a junior, but again, a very disappointing end to his career. Arthur went out a champion, and quite possibly would have eliminated this whole debate if he had stayed one more year, as national POY would have likely been in play for him. Julian, we hardly knew ye, but I sure loved his game, and he played some great defense on Kevin Durant, easily the best player we've faced in the Self Era. And the mere fact that Kevin Young is being mentioned with these other guys speaks volumes about how much he contributed in his two years.


Jack Wilson 10 months ago

If you had a college basketball team, and could pick one of the guys to play the 4 at his peak, who would it be?

I'd go TRob.


jhawkrulz 10 months ago

wow our fours are incredible. If you look at the Big XII over the past ten years, I would guess you would have just a few that would crack the top five from any of the other schools.

Shows how blessed we are at KU.


Joe Baker 10 months ago

I like Bedore's order: 1. Simien- He was dominant and overall the better player for many reasons.

  1. Arthur- You can't deny his part in the 08 NC team. He was dominant in that game.

  2. TRob- He had a terrific junior year and may be the most improved 4 on this list in a short time. I think playing behind the Morri helped in practice, but hurt in the games. He never blossomed early enough to really shine.

  3. McMorris- I loved the twins physical play. Many thought them dirty, but I liked how they gave the team grit. Their mouths were out of control and thought their stupid comments to VCU were out of line and totally unnecessary. They were definitely on the officials' list of players to watch. They couldn't even breath without a tech or smile without a foul.

  4. Wright- As some have said, left unpolished. He's paying the price. He missed a NC and is now paying a career price in the league. He had so much untapped talent and should've left KU as one of the best players recruited. He left a bit prematurely.

  5. Young- He wasn't the most talented, but was much like Simien. He had so many unsung skills that couldn't be taught. His stats weren't always the best, but he did little things that made the difference. He got rebounds when everyone else stood around and watched the ball.


Greg Lux 10 months ago

Young Young Young Young Young The guy gave 115% every minute he was in the game. He didn't have the outside game the others did but he did the little things to help you win. He was the intangible that you can't coach ( Effort ).Obviously we will never know how much he meant to the team but I love the less talented guys who seem to give it all every second hes in the game. His passing was awesome and he seemed to be in the right place to get those critical rebounds at the right moment.

Rock Chalk Kevin


William Blake 10 months ago

I'm basing my list strictly on skill set alone...

  1. Wayne Simien

  2. Marcus Morris

  3. Julian Wright

  4. Thomas Robinson

  5. Darrell Arthur

  6. Kevin Young (Mr. Hustle... yes... hustle is a skill!)


Jesse Johnson 10 months ago

After Simien, I think the next 3 are difficult to put in order. I agree with Jesse that Marcus goes in front of TRob simply because he had two great seasons as opposed to one. The I have a hard time with is Darrell Arthur. Unlike Marcus and Trob, Arthur was surrounded by great offensive weapons during his stellar two year stint, which overshadows how great he really was. I'm glad that Keegan pointed out how great of game he had in the national title overall, but none of them pointed out that, specifically, he had 4 of the 10 points in that 10-1 run to tie the game! (4 Arthur + 3 Sherron + 3 Chalmers = 10). And they were both 18 foot jump shots, not easy baskets to make in a tight game. For this reason I give Arthur the nod at #2 over Marcus, then TRob, then Wright.


CWGOKU 10 months ago

  1. Arthur
  2. Robinson
  3. Simien
  4. Wright

notjustbread 10 months ago

Simien should be at the top of all of the lists. I think people who are nudging others above him are having a classic case of the recency effect.


Jeff Suther 10 months ago

Also, Keegan I would hardly say that trob had a "solid mid range jumper"


Jeff Suther 10 months ago

Tait, you always have to throw someone in there to make me mad, young... Really


wrwlumpy 10 months ago

Sorry to change the subject but USA today's article about Wiggins had this paragraph:

"Despite his unassuming manner, Wiggins does not lack confidence. He was motivated to outplay Julius Randle during a highly anticipated showdown at an event in North Augusta, S.C., last July because it "solidified" his reputation as the nation's best high school player. And his high school coach Rob Fulford said Wiggins had been "very upset" that touted Jabari Parker was not at the same event because Wiggins was "tired of hearing about him," Fulford said."

First game. KU vs. Duke and Jabari Parker.

Simien, Morris, Wright.


Bewareofthephog Fifety-Five 10 months ago

  1. Wayne Simien: takes number one because of two final fours (although both with Roy) and he had the most ppg of any player self has ever coached at KU

  2. Thomas Robinson: I almost went with Marcus, but I chose TRob because he didn't choke in the tourney and he led the way to a tough victory over Mizzou.

  3. Marcus Morris: huge contributor to a very underrated 2011 jayhawk team, had great chemistry with his brother as well

4: Darrell Arthur: was inconsistent at times, but a key piece on a title run; who knows how much he could have scored on a less-stacked team. Led all scores in championship with twenty points.

five. Julian Wright: edge over Young and Moody because of athleticism, go-to scoring ability, and he made big plays against Kevin Durant's Texas teams.


Kevin Huffman 10 months ago

So that would leave possible 5's as Aldrich, Dar. Jackson, Kaun, Withey, maybe Mk. Morris & Moody.


1) Withey 2) Aldrich 3) Mk. Morris 4) Dar. Jackson 5) Kaun/Moody (tie)


Kevin Huffman 10 months ago

I go:

1) Tho. Robinson 2) Simien 3) Mc. Morris 4) Arthur 5) Ju. Wright


hawkbono1313 10 months ago

I sorry but Wayne Simien is one of the most overrated KU basketball players of all time. Give me Arthur, T-Rob and Marcus over him any day.

  1. Darrell Arthur
  2. Thomas Robinson
  3. Marcus Morris
  4. Wayne Simien
  5. Julien Wright

Reuben_J_Cogburn 10 months ago

It's the middle of the summer.

Could we please get some football articles?


Dirk Medema 10 months ago

Cole and Jeff will be obvious 5's, but it will be interesting to see the lists that are presented considering that we have often fielded line-ups with double 4's.


Joe Joseph 10 months ago

No way anybody other than Wayne Simien tops this list.


jhox 10 months ago

I'm a little surprised Darnell Jackson didn't make anyone's list. How does Tate pick Young and leave off Wright and Jackson? Hope I'm wrong, but I doubt Kevin ever plays a game in the NBA. And he certainly didn't have a better career at KU than those guys.


Boouk 10 months ago

I'd be surprised if Perry Ellis didn't belong in the top 5 on this list by the time his KU career is over. He's way better defensively than Robinson and the Morris twins.


REHawk 10 months ago

Difficult for me to hold my list to five. Gotta tag Kevin Young with attention, number six. Might have been the garbage man of that group, but one of the most exciting players to don a jersey in the Bill Self era. After a half dozen games his first year in the system I began braying about his penchant to make things happen, even when his fouling was barely under control. I hope his high energy style leads him to a bundle of cash eventually, somewhere in the world of professional basketball. From the getgo he was a KU racehorse deluxe.


actorman 10 months ago

"You have to appreciate the fact he felt a calling to ministry and chose that path rather than the more lucrative route of playing ball in Europe for 15 years or so."

No, actually, as much as I loved Wayne as a player, I don't have any particular appreciation for him choosing to be a minister. In fact, it really has no place in this article. Good for him that he chose what he wanted to do, but it doesn't make a difference to me one way or another

As for the rest of the column, I think Keegan's list and explanations are the best.


RocktoRock 10 months ago

I loved T-Rob in 2011-2012. One hell of a year. If this was based off of one season, he would be number 1 in this list. But, from a career standpoint and who contributed through their years here, my list would go: 1. Wayne Simien 2. Darrell Arthur 3. Marcus Morris 4. Thomas Robinson 5. Julian Wright If I could throw in the next 3 years, Perry would be in this list because I think he will get to that level. Marcus Morris could do it all sophomore and junior year. One of my favorite players in the Bill Self era. I have Darrell at #2 because he was the best player on the national championship team in my opinion. Just think if he had the chance to be in Thomas's shoes in 2012, if he got the amount of minutes and shots that Thomas had (been the focal point), he would of been NPOY I think. And Wayne just had an amazing career, greatest leader on this list.


Preston Dwiggins 10 months ago

I'm good with Wayne Simien topping the lists for the most part. I see some having issues with TRob having one great season. I would take his one great season over Wright and Arthur's 2 above average season's. Markieff didn't quite get the credit he deserved. He came on slower than Marcus, but surpassed him their Junior year in game play (rebounding and 3-pt). Meanwhile, Mr. Tait is humoring me with Kevin Young on the list. I love Kevin, but he still has (watched him play last week) no shot anywhere on the floor other than garbage points around the bucket (mostly dunks). Here's my list:

  1. Wayne Simien
  2. Thomas Robinson
  3. Markieff Morris
  4. Marcus Morris
  5. Julian Wright

  6. Honorable Mention: Darrel Arthur

  7. On Deck: Perry Ellis

JayHawkFanToo 10 months ago

I have to go with Newell. TRob had one great season. Simien had a great career as did Marcus. Based on the overall body of work, I have:

  1. Wayne Simien

  2. Marcus Morris

  3. Thomas Robinson

  4. Darrel Arthur

  5. Julian Wright


Scott MacWilliams 10 months ago

What a great line-up! These guys have really been special as a group, and I'm always amazed that they didn't make a bigger splash in the NBA, etc. Wayne could have had a much longer career if he wanted, but his heart led him elsewhere.

I really don't watch the pro game, as it never seems to have much energy compared to the college game. Sure, they might be great athletes, but every time I watch, I see mostly guys who look like they'd rather be somewhere else running up and down the floor.

Still, I'll always pull for any Jayhawks, no matter where they play. They are family, deserving of my cheering, forever!!

Rock Chalk, Alumni Hawks!!


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