Originally published June 4, 2013 at 11:16a.m., updated June 5, 2013 at 12:07a.m.

KU football opener to kick off at 6 p.m. on Jayhawk Network

Kansas fans Dan Lewis, Lenexa, and Ann Kindle, Overland Park, toss bean bags while tailgating in the parking lot prior to kickoff against South Dakota State on Saturday, September 1, 2012 at Memorial Stadium. Lewis says he'd been at the stadium tailgating since 5:30 a.m.

Kansas fans Dan Lewis, Lenexa, and Ann Kindle, Overland Park, toss bean bags while tailgating in the parking lot prior to kickoff against South Dakota State on Saturday, September 1, 2012 at Memorial Stadium. Lewis says he'd been at the stadium tailgating since 5:30 a.m.


The Kansas University football team will kick off the 2013 season under the lights, the Big 12 Conference announced Tuesday.

KU’s Sept. 7 season opener against South Dakota is slated for a 6 p.m. kickoff at Memorial Stadium.

The start time is pretty common for KU’s season openers. The Jayhawks have launched the season with a 6 p.m. kickoff every year since 2004.

Based on head coach Charlie Weis’ past statements, the start time is pretty much perfect for a day that figures to come with a certain amount of fanfare and celebration. After playing most of last season’s games in the late morning and early afternoon hours, the Jayhawks received a 6 p.m. kickoff for last year’s Iowa State game and during the week leading up to the game Weis explained why he loved the later start.

“Six o’clock’s too early to go out,” Weis said last November, making his case for why the KU students should pack Memorial Stadium. “Nine o’clock, get over about 9:30. You know, it’s just about right. We have over 30,000 people at this school, and I think it would be really good if a whole bunch of ’em came and spent the evening with us.”

The Jayhawks and Coyotes will be meeting for the first time. The game will be televised on the Jayhawk IMG TV Network. A week later, KU will kick off at 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 14 when it plays at Rice in Week 2.

No other game times have been determined for the upcoming season.

Roll call

A quick scan of Twitter and various other social media sites divulged that nine of the 19 KU football newcomers arrived in town last weekend.

They were: linebacker Kellen Ash, defensive tackle Marquel Combs, quarterback Montell Cozart, quarterback Jordan Darling, offensive lineman Zach Fondal, linebacker Colton Goeas, wide receiver Ishmael Hyman, tight end Ben Johnson and running back Darrian Miller.

Those players still waiting to report include: offensive lineman Joey Bloomfield, defensive end Andrew Bolton, wide receiver Rodriguez Coleman, linebacker Samson Faifili, wide receiver Nick Harwell, cornerback Brandon Hollomon, safety Isaiah Johnson, linebacker Marcus Jenkins-Moore, defensive back Kevin Short and wide receiver Mark Thomas.

Of that group, Bloomfield, Faifili, Hollomon and Jenkins-Moore are the most likely to report next, and Weis has said repeatedly that he expects everyone to report and that the newcomers will sprinkle in throughout the summer.


Curtis Lange 3 years ago

Why? I have DirecTV and will be watching these games just fine.

edit: Unless you are in fact in Cleveland then I can see why you would say that with no Jayhawk TV access, lol

clevelandjayhawker 3 years ago

Was thinking it was the Jayhawk network last year that wasnt availible for the first game. But was covered in KC by metro sports only availible through time warner.

Was in Clev, but now back in KC and happy to be. ohio state fans are pretty bad, not missery bad, but not the best.

KGphoto 3 years ago

It’s probably a bad idea to be talking trash from a KU football perspective, but here goes. South Dakota may be the worst team we’ve ever played. They put up 76 yards of total offense against NDSU in a 54-0 drubbing, and they were the worst team in the MVC, going 1-11. They made Indiana St. look like the the ’78 Steelers, and their top 2013 recruit was a kicker.

I feel much better now. 1-0 baby!

kellerman411 3 years ago

I hear you. It is a matter of fact that we will this game, we will field several kids who have been recognized nationally for their play in the Juco ranks, not to mention key returnees like Ben Heeney and Sims. This however is the only one I'm sure of.

CrystalJones 3 years ago

I understand your caution, but with Charlie & Co.'s second crew we're looking at relatively sure wins over Rice, La Tech, TTU, WVU and K-State. All but Rice are home games. KSU will be way down on defense this year, and our offensive skill guys should be able to score a bunch on them.

If we can steal one or two more, we'll be bowling.

texashawk10 3 years ago

None of those games against FBS schools can be considered anywhere near sure wins. This team doesn't know how to win and close out games as evidenced by blown 4th quarter leads over the past few seasons. This team also hasn't won a true road game since UTEP in 2009. Combine a team that is just 5-28 the past 3 years against FBS teams, 1-25 in Big 12 games in the past 3 years (very easily could be 0-26) and that equals a team where a win against anyone cannot be considered a gimme. I do believe we'll see KU start to turn a corner and win a road game and a Big 12 game, possibly even a Big 12 road game, but we could also see this team go 1-11 again just as easily.

Hammertoe 3 years ago

LOL... KU will be lucky to win one conference game.

Hammertoe 3 years ago

Chances are there will be more purple in the crowd by the time the game against the Big 12 Champions rolls around. The "wait till basketball season" chants will begin in early Fall..

Bryce Landon 3 years ago

What would it take for the LJW to ban this prick once and for all?

nuleafjhawk 3 years ago

Why would TCU fans be at that game?

Dirk Medema 3 years ago

Yes, Crystal is delusional. I like our chances next year, but that might also be the Kool-Aid talking.

Tony Bandle 3 years ago


1] I had no idea that South Dakota has enough people to even have two state universities!!

2] Are you guys sure this NOT South Dakota State Prison???

3] Our RPI should soar after this contest!!

4] Well their nickname..The Jackrabbits...sure puts the fear of God in me.

5] If we win by less than 40, we'll be the laughing stock of the Big Twelve.

5] In all seriousness, if KU loses this game, the Charlie Weis era is officially over!!

David Leathers 3 years ago

I have a feeling that we will put up 40 by the half and end the game 68-3

nuleafjhawk 3 years ago

Great. So we have no defense again this year?

David Leathers 3 years ago

LOL, the 3 points is going to come from good field position resulting from a fumble by Colin Spencer late in the game.

Jeff Coffman 3 years ago

Too bad we didn't follow that policy with TG...first game out of the gate and we lose to a DII team.

kellerman411 3 years ago

In fairness, the administration was thrown violently after that game by us then knocking off Georgia Tech... can't blame them for recommitting to Gill.

texashawk10 3 years ago

Oak, USD is the Coyotes, SDSU who KU beat last year are the Jackrabbits.

texashawk10 3 years ago

Moonwalk, Jayhawk, reread my post and notice I said who KU beat, not who beat KU.

Dirk Medema 3 years ago

Who did Gill lose to in the opener? I have trouble keeping straight those teams that are north of Omaha.

Terry N Tom Denner 3 years ago

Played the South Dakota State Jack Rabbits last year. University of South Dakota is called the Coyotes. Never underestimate any small college team. The Hawks will win but by how much, who knows !!

Jeff Coffman 3 years ago

Is this when I should be excited about Tier III rights?

tbannwarth 3 years ago

South Dakota is the Coyotes, South Dakota State is the Jackrabbits.

colreader 3 years ago

I hope KU is picked up for a few FOX SPORTS 1 game telecasts.

Bryce Landon 3 years ago

Oh brother, now we've got trolls using highway signs as their avatars. What a tool!

Bryce Landon 3 years ago

I'm not talking to colreader. I'm talking about a troll claiming to be a Rice fan with an Interstate 610 shield as his avatar, and now he's gone!

Bryce Landon 3 years ago

Way to go, LJW Staff for getting rid of RiceOwl610! Now if you could PLEASE - FOR THE LOVE OF GOD - get rid of Hammertoe, this site would truly be the pleasant place it was meant to be.

Jim Jackson 3 years ago

Still no word from Chuck Weis on the status of Chris Martin?

Suzi Marshall 3 years ago

Forget about Martin. That kid is nothing but trouble. Weis took a chance and got burned. I hope none of his other recruits plan to participate in armed robbery.

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