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Eyes on the prize: Assistant Jerrance Howard relishes role as recruiter

Mario Chalmers, center, poses with Kansas assistant coaches Jerrance Howard, second from left, Kurtis Townsend, second from right, and Norm Roberts, right, prior to Chalmers' charity golf tournament on Monday, July 29, 2013, at Alvamar.

Mario Chalmers, center, poses with Kansas assistant coaches Jerrance Howard, second from left, Kurtis Townsend, second from right, and Norm Roberts, right, prior to Chalmers' charity golf tournament on Monday, July 29, 2013, at Alvamar.



Mario Chalmers, center, and his mom, Almarie, wait the start of Mario's benefit golf tournament on Monday, July 29, 2013, at Alvamar.


Awards at Mario Chalmers' benefit golf tournament reflect one of the beneficiaries on Monday, July 29, 2013, at Alvamar.


Mario Chalmers, center, poses with Kansas assistant coaches Jerrance Howard, second from left, Kurtis Townsend, second from right, and Norm Roberts, right, prior to Chalmers' charity golf tournament on Monday, July 29, 2013, at Alvamar.

First-year Kansas University assistant basketball coach Jerrance Howard enjoyed representing his new school during the just-completed July recruiting period.

“It was great to walk in that gym and have that ‘KU’ and Jayhawk on my chest. It was a good experience. We’ve got to get some guys (prospects) if I want to keep my job,” the 33-year-old Howard said with a smile while waiting to tee off in Mario Chalmers’ fifth-annual National Championship Golf Classic on Monday at Alvamar.

Only time will tell how Howard, fellow assistants Norm Roberts and Kurtis Townsend and head coach Bill Self fared during their 15 days on the road tracking top AAU talent. Early indications hint that, “We did really well,” Howard said. “We saw some great prospects. We were in Orlando (Fla). We were in (Las) Vegas, Kansas City. It was fun.

“They (prospects, coaches) pick up the phone and look over a little bit more now that you have ‘Kansas’ on your chest. It’s been great,” added Howard, who also has worked on coaching staffs at his alma mater, Illinois, as well as SMU, Texas A&M and Kentucky.

Peoria native Howard — he played for both Self and Bruce Weber at Illinois — is known as a good recruiter with great connections in Chicago. KU currently is recruiting Chicago seniors Jahlil Okafor (6-foot-10, Whitney Young, ranked No. 1 in the country by and Cliff Alexander (6-8, Curie, ranked No. 4).

KU also is recruiting No. 2 Tyus Jones, 6-1, Apple Valley (Minn.) High; No. 3 Emmanuel Mudiay, 6-5, Prime Prep Academy, Arlington, Texas; No. 6 Myles Turner, 6-11, Trinity High, Euless, Texas; No. 7 Rashad Vaughn, 6-5, Findlay Prep, Las Vegas; No. 8 Stanley Johnson, 6-6 Mater Dei, Santa Ana, Calif.; No. 14 Malik Pope, 6-8, Laguna Creek High, Elk Grove, Calif.; No. 16 Justise Winslow, 6-5, Houston St. John’s; and No. 19 Kelly Oubre, 6-5, Bush High, Richmond, Texas, as well as others.

“I love it. I don’t look at it like a job,” Howard said of recruiting. “I’ve always been a people person. It’s why coach Self brought me along, to bring some energy.

“How can you not be passionate about KU basketball with the history and tradition? Working for coach Self and Norm Roberts, who was on our staff at Illinois ... K.T. (Townsend) may be the funniest assistant coach in the country. We have a great staff, coach doing things the right way. We’re excited about this young group we have.”

Howard said having the entire roster on campus for just-completed summer school was productive for the players and staff.

“I know there’s going to be a couple plays and a couple possessions where you are going to say, ‘Wow,’ with the things Andrew Wiggins and Wayne Selden do and Tarik (Black),” Howard said of some of the incoming players for the 2013-14 season. “We have so many athletic guys. We are going to have some depth. I think we’ve got good point guard play with Naadir (Tharpe) and Frank (Mason). This summer was really good for us to get after it and kind of put our system in and terminology especially with our young guys (eight incoming players including six freshmen). I thought we had a great summer.”

Howard was asked if coaches on the recruiting trail refer to him as Jerrance or his nickname, “Snacks.”

“It’s half and half. That’s one name I can’t get away from,” Howard said. “My teammates (at Illinois) gave me that name. My freshman year ... I had surgery. I had to sit out. Every time they came to see me in the hospital or at home, I had Skittles and Snicker bars. They started calling me ‘Snacks,’ and it stuck.”

Mixer a success

Chalmers Foundation officials said former Kansas University guard Mario Chalmers raised $15,000 for charity at his Sunday night VIP mixer.

Monday’s tourney, which included about 100 golfers, was hampered by steady rain. KU basketball was represented by its three assistant coaches and former KU guard Jeff Hawkins. Coach Bill Self was golfing — on a vacation in Scotland, not Lawrence — and could not attend.

“He deserves it (success) because he works so hard, and his dad and mom have trained him growing up of who he is going to be,” assistant coach Kurtis Townsend said of Chalmers and his parents, Ronnie and Almarie. “He believes in God and has great faith. I’m happy for him and his family and all the success and the fact that he comes back and gives to the community is great. He will always be a special part of the KU family.”

Giving back

Chalmers realizes his overtime-inducing shot against Memphis in the 2008 National Championship game, and KU’s performance in overtime in the 75-68 victory, positioned him to host such a golf event.

“That is the reason we are here today,” Mario said. “That helped propel me to the next level and propel all the things I wanted to do with my foundation. It made for a perfect opportunity.”

Tourney pairings

KU will meet Wake Forest in a first-round Battle 4 Atlantis game at 2:30 p.m., Central time, Nov. 28, in Paradise Island, Bahamas, tournament officials announced Monday.

The game will be televised on AXS TV. Villanova, Tennessee, Iowa, UTEP, Xavier and USC fill out the tournament field.

The Jayhawks will meet either Villanova or USC on Friday, Nov. 29.

Tipoff will be 8:30 p.m. with a KU victory against Wake Forest or 2:30 p.m. with a loss.

The third day of the Battle 4 Atlantis is slated for Saturday, Nov. 30, with four games starting at noon and the championship game beginning at 8:30 p.m.


Ralster Jayhawk 8 months, 2 weeks ago

...(cont'd): This is Self: He wants defense to stifle opponents and create low% looks. He wants rebounding to limit opponent possessions, while adding to KU's offensive possessions. He hates turnovers, which ominously forecasts WrathOfSelf on frosh PGs..or any Self lead-guard. We would have beat Duke if Tyshawn didnt have 11 turnovers (lesson). Would have beat Michigan if it werent for EJ's unfortunate 3min(same lesson). Self likes athletic play to pressure opposing D into fouls and easy buckets for us. In none of these established canons of SelfBall do I see 6'7 Wiggins height and slashability and natural rebounding potential get wasted bringing the ball up, ready for opponents to test his double-team avoidance and trap-defeat software...just doesnt play to Wiggins #1-rated strengths, does it?


Ralster Jayhawk 8 months, 2 weeks ago

I think it is ULTRA hard for a frosh, any come in and effectively "run" Self's offense. Just havent seen it happen. 5star MickeyD Mario Chalmers FAILED at the PG, with WildBill forcing RussRob into the distributive-combo role, which RussRob resented highly. Sherron as a 5star, MickeyD guard didnt "run the show", more rather when he was in, he would get the ball and hit the opposition like a bulldozer and penetrate and score (himself). That was his frosh role. And it pretty much stayed his role, even feeling unnatural when he tried to dish. Wiggins at PG? Really? Tell me, is Wiggins "known for" dishing-off? Is the utmost skill at "dishing off" going to get a foreign-born highschooler a #1 OVERALL ranking? What are Wiggins strongest attributes? I guarantee you Wiggins is not going to be KU's lead-guard, unless WildBill truly experiments outside of his own Selfball philosophy. Tharpe is the best distributive-combo guard we have. Mason is an unknown (havent seen him play yet). Self's top3 duties for Wiggins: Slash and do whatever presents itself, Rebound, yes get in there and add 6'7 size to help Ellis + 5man on boards (put-back pts for Wiggy), and assisted-finishes (alley oop to Wiggs or kickout 3att by Wiggs). Yes he may occasionally dribble it up like Releford or Xavier did. But lead-guard is not his game, nor has that been described by any ranking service or BSPN. Obvious duties on the defensive end would be to use length to stifle defensively and crash boards.


Hawk8086 8 months, 2 weeks ago

I don't see Wiggins playing the point. Even though he is a great talent, that does not mean he is ready to run the show. Being great at penetrating, slashing, etc. does not mean that he will be a great point guard. Might not be his thing. Also, following up on the comments on Self recruiting OADs...... I beleive that future recruits will be watching closely as to how Wiggins performs and whether he is able, in their minds, to showcase his talents. Given that there is a perception (reinforced, no doubt, by rival coaches) that X and Selby underachieved (I don't believe that to be the case with X), Wiggins performance may be critical to whether we continue to be able to get this type of player. I'm glad he is here and I think he will be great, but there is that dynamic.


Ralster Jayhawk 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Frank Mason could be a 5'11, 185lb ball of swagger that we could call Sherron-lite. Perhaps later-developing in high school than Sherron, so obviously not ranked even in the top50, but let's hope he is putting in the time and reps, and hopefully he can surprise the skeptics. All I want is more effective, efficient guard play. Attack-oriented PG/comboG's are a GOOD thing...


William Blake 8 months, 2 weeks ago

"Snacks"... love it!

I wonder if he's a Fritos kind-of-guy?


jaybate 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Jerrance is going to need two chairs on the bench.

Hudy! See what you can do about Mr. Positive's eating habits.

Norm and Kurtis look positively emaciated next to Jerrance.


Tony Bandle 8 months, 2 weeks ago


1] Aztec "Head of the Enemy" Basketball.

2] Mongolian "Head of the Enemy" Polo.

3] Steel-tipped Lawn Jarts Dodgeball.

4] Women's Topless Any Sport.

5] Native American "Head of the Enemy" Soccer.

6] Shark Roping..

7] Hand Grenade Jai Alai.

8] Man vs Gorilla Arm Wrestling.

9] Circular Saw Blade Frisbee Tag.

10] Rugby [ no need to elaborate!!].


Kevin Huffman 8 months, 2 weeks ago

I honestly feel like out of those they listed we only have realistic hope with: Cliff Alexander, Rashad Vaughn & Kelly Oubre.

Might have hope with Jordan McLaughlin, whom ESPN has at No. 18.

I'm pretty sure we can do no more than add 2 if ONLY Wiggins & Black go.

Even with Black gone, if the others stay, you'd still have the same depth in the frontcourt as Mickelson would slide into Black's spot.

I could see a want for a good defensive, versatile, "2" / "3" man which is why I keep saying landing Oubre should probably be tops on our list. 6'-7, 215 - in one of the top Tourney games recently he went for 20, 6 & 4 - kind of a 1" taller Releford in terms of known as attempting to be a lock-down defender which is refreshing this early on.

I think while Cl. Alexander & R. Vaughn are better I'd almost see McLaughlin as the next best fit & pray we could convince him to stay for 3 years - back-up to Tharpe & battle / share mins. w/ Mason (assuming Mason's as good as we're hoping / hearing).

Of course, if they landed Vaughn, he'd probably start & Selden would slide to a slightly undersized "3"...just undersized in height and not by much 6'-5, compared to most others' 3's are like 6'-6 or 6'-7 or so. Or maybe even Vaughn could be the "3"...he is 6'-6 himself.

Of the others that I don't give us any chance for?

J. Okafor & Ty. Jones to Duke My. Turner - heard some seriousness to him considering UCLA E. Mudiay - UK Slam Dunk S. Johnson - pretty much a toss-up between 'zona or UK - I'll say UK M. Pope - think I'd been hearing all West Coast schools but us - I'll say Cal (could even see USC w/ Enfield looking to make a splash) Winslow - will, in fact, make it a pkg. w/ Okafor & Jones....similar to S. Johnson - 'zona's also a factor.

'zona shouldn't get too upset if they land neither S. Johnson or Winslow or Pope or others as I want to say they've ALREADY landed 2 in the Class of '14. We're kind of behind it compared to some of the other schools currently. UNC has like 3 of the top 17 in '14. Duke's landed a Top 30 - 40 SG/SF guy. UK landed Towns Jr. who's somewhere in the top 6 - 8. Louisville's landed at least 2. Ohio State's landed 2 or 3. Syracuse landed someone in the top 15 or so. We're kind of behind them....hopefully we don't have a massive "leaving early OAD group".


bennybob 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Look at all those top 10, sure fire OADs once again on this years recruiting target list.

Yet, people still cling to the idea that Self doesnt want OADs and he's really looking for those overlooked diamonds in the rough (ie low ranked recruits).

The evidence speaks for itself, Self wants the best talent, year in and year out. the '10-12 streak of signing low/unranked players was not intentional. It was the result of a recruiting drought that people still seem to refuse to acknowledge ever happened.


Robert Robinson 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Im no expert but something about AWIII just doesnt set right with me. I really didnt see Anything last year to make me feel like I was ready to see him in the rotation this year. I know I know, he was a freshman. But most freshman at some point do Something to make me think, "that guy will be year." I dont mean to hate on the guy, i just think he would be a good redshirt candidate. Give him some more time to build


Randy Maxwell 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Friend of mine who is a KU alum coaches AAU was in Vegas tbhis week. Said Howard was rude and arrogant


hooligan42 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Jerrance is looking like he was a great hire, also, I was wondering if those surveys are still being forced upon everyone else. I have made my opinion on these forced surveys very clear by manipulating their precious data at every chance I got. I have not been bothered by these surveys for three days now.


Reuben_J_Cogburn 8 months, 2 weeks ago

...pertinent July.

Maybe we'll have football stories on September 7th.


Ron Prichard 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Its been a while, but is the unnamed person in the picture Wayne Simien?


REHawk 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Begins to shape up, Mason relieving Tharpe. That leaves Fankamp, White, Greene to relieve Selden and Wiggins. A red shirt, perhaps, for one of those 3? Greene will start the season in Bill's doghouse, regardless.


Kyle Rohde 8 months, 2 weeks ago

So the article is about Jerrance Howard but showing a pic of Mario? Perfect.

Not to be a cynic, but that golf tournament sounds like a lot of work for a 15K net. Mario could have asked his Heat teammates to each check under their car seats and probably found that much.


KJD 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Part V

ISU cuts the lead to 10 points with 9:20 play, all of this with Ellis on the bench, and Self goes back to Ellis out of the 9:20 time out.

1:07:00 To ‘begin’ this half court set Ellis gets after it on the offensive boards to keep the ball. KU maintains possession with a Releford board then later Ellis again staying active on the offensive boards. A long KU possesion ends with Ellis receiving a post feed from EJ up top as Perry makes his way to a board rattling jam to get his 14th point on the night. Fabulous trip for Ellis: “Just in time for March Madness”. ESPN gives Ellis the “6th man of the game” award to Ellis immidiatly after this offensive set. 14 points; 7-9; 5 reb. KU 61, ISU 49 7:49

1:09:05 Right after the ‘6th man’ highlights for Ellis, KU gets into a half court set and you’ve got to love the unique camera angle on this one. Watch Perry all the way. First he’s active up top in trying to set a screen for EJ. Then he settles into the post where he eventually sets his man up for a seal, pass receive, turn, and jump hook flick with the right hand for an easy 2: “Nothing to it”.

1:12:05 A half court set that gets the ball low to Withey, draws the doulbe, then Jeff finds Ellis for a slashing two hand jam for his 18th points. KU 68, ISU 54 6:18

1:13:30 If you are into the macabre this is where KU shows the shadows of what it to come late in the Michigan game. EJ gets called for a 5 second count in the half court due to ball pressure.

1:14:55 EJ immidiatly steps up to that pressure on the next possession, breaks down the ISU defense to take what they are giving him to create a strong situation for a Withey lay up, foul, and 1. EJ is terrific here breaking down pressure then assisting. This is also a situation to look at for anyone questioning Self in the Michigan game. Tharpe has not played much in the second half plus EJ was strong here. KU 71, ISU 59 5:24

1:16:35 ISU cuts the KU lead to 9 points with just under 5 minutes to play. Ellis is determined in the low post during the set. Tharpe, who has not played so much in the second half, does a great job feeding Ellis the ball, Perry draws contact and the foul then drops in a tasty little jumper from about 3 feet: “A monster performance by the young man from Whicitha”. Ellis makes the FT to push the lead back to 12.

1:21:35 Ellis hits the front end of the one and one. Then the back end for his 23rd point to push the lead to 14. Ellis clocks 28 minutes and plays most of the second half. KU 79, ISU 65 3:09

Tack on this quote from the article from above and you've got BAM! "“I know there’s going to be a couple plays and a couple possessions where you are going to say, ‘Wow,’ with the things Andrew Wiggins and Wayne Selden do and Tarik (Black)…I think we’ve got good point guard play with Naadir (Tharpe) and Frank (Mason)."


KJD 8 months, 2 weeks ago

It's summer vacation so on with the second half and Perry Ellis's best game as a Freshman:

Part IV

0:49:40 With 18:08 to play in the second half, Young sits after the ankle is injured further, and Ellis takes the floor. KU 40, ISU 33 18:08

0:53:00 Ellis with a swift post move to his left on Ejim after a feed from Releford to earn his 5th FG. KU 46, ISU 35 16:06 2nd Half

0:55:00 Tharpe for Releford at the 15:22 mark with 6 first half assists gets his 7th on pick and roll action with Withey less than a minute into the game.

0:56:35 Ellis simply creates on his own and destroys Ejim on penetration using his left hand to handle the ball to penetrate like he's going to go with a left hand lay-in over Ejim though he stops for a spin move to a right hand jump hook: “The offensive leader as far as Kansas is concerned”. Sensational. 6-7 from the field at this point. KU 50, ISU 39 13:57

0:59:05 Tharpe uses his left hand dribble drive to knife the middle of the defense which earns him a layup in traffic: “The point guard of the future for the Jayhawks…”. KU 55, ISU 39 12:24

1:01:00 Traylor finishes a Kansas offensive set that breaks down ISU zone with a one bounce finish through the middle of the defense. KU 57, ISU 41 11:40


KJD 8 months, 3 weeks ago

Part III

With KU being so young and so talented next year I personally hope that Tharpe gets many shots for his teammates in non-conference instead of looking for his own shot too often–at this point it is going to take a veterans touch in the flow of the game and Tharpe is showing this discernment right here in 2013. In this game against ISU it feels like Tharpe has found an excellent flow. We should also keep in mind that he is guarding Luscious on the other side of the court and Luscious was not terrific during this stretch.

0:37:35 McLemore returns to the floor with two fouls to join Relefod and Tharpe-Ellis-Traylor. After a Releford missed three pointer, Tharpe grabs the offensive rebound and neatly feeds Ellis for a quick jam. Mussberger in the moment observes that “Ellis has been the main cog offensivly” over this dramatic stretch and all of his baskets are feeds from Tharpe. KU 28, ISU 26 3:44

0:39:20 Traylor hits the front end of the one-and-one which he drew blocking an Ejim shot on the defensive side. Mcleomre, Withey and Young all have two fouls at this point. Traylor swishes both charities to push him to +6 since he subbed into the game last. KU 30, ISU 26 3:31

0:41:10 Tharpe and Ellis have been on the floor for the enitre time of this post coverage, the entire final 10 minutes of this closely fought half. Here Tharpe first goes to Ellis in the post. Ellis takes a look and remains composed when there is nothing there. Then Tharpe shows what dribble driving threats yeild. What a finish. Tharpe snakes through an Ellis high screen, after a chance for Ellis to re-post, to find himself a couple of dribbles away from a swoop to the hoop. Also notice that it is Traylor who seals his man away from the rim and the lane to allow Tharpe to crash the boards with his dribble to sink the floating 2 pointer. KU 32, ISU 26 2:26

Fran F at this point can’t help himself to say “If histroy is any guide, Tharpe will develop into a very good Jayhawk”. Right here, at this moment, looking into this specific crystal ball, is what we are hoping for to spring a successful 2013-2014 campagin. We don’t need Tharpe to be the next Tyshawn Taylor–the great player Tharpe arrived behind. Tharpe would be best if he followed a bit more in Robinson’s footsteps, though it would be so much better if he found his own balance, from his own personal game with this team in mind, between his two predecessors in order to ignite the talent on this 2013-2014 team.


KJD 8 months, 3 weeks ago

Part II

0:28:20 Niang hooks Traylor for a lay-up. Self barks at the officials and gets T’d up. This is a great half for 2012-2013 lore. With two T’s on KU at this point I strongly believe that the chip on ISU’s shoulder for being dissed by the officials in Ames has been completely dissolved. ISU picks up zero momentum from the McLemore T. Especially since Self was DEMANDING that an offensive foul be called on NIANG, the same guy who tried to take the charge against EJ at the end of regulation in Ames. If there was ever a perfect T to guide your team to a W, that was it–cast it, bronze it, teach it to your kids.

0:30:30 After ISU gains 4 points on the Technical Fouls over this span, Tharpe hooks up with Ellis again in impressive fashion to keep KU scoring. ISU shows a zone. Tharpe and Ellis recognize the flow. After the ball reverses through the fourth side with Withey out-letting to return to the top for the option to go to the fifth side, Tharpe takes one bounce to penetrate the center of the zone to find Ellis, who has sealed his man for a perfect angle for the layup. KU 22, ISU 21 7:21

(0:32:40 EJ’s coast to coast layup is gorgeous after grabbing he grabs the defensive board while throwing a big hip on Niang which forces the Mayor to call time out. KU 24, ISU 21 6:10)

0:35:53 If you want to get geeky, and this is where we get our Ellis love up, check out how quick the ball goes from Tharpe at the top, to Ellis sealing his man on the block, then out to an open 3 for Releford which he shoots a bit strong. In December Ellis simply was unaware of that play, let alone having the play making ability smoothly facilitate out of the post. KU 24, ISU 26 4:23

With 4:23 remaining in the half, Kansas down by 2, Jeff Withey picks up his second foul and heads to the bench. Jamari Traylor subs for the Senior leader to close the half out.

0:37:12 Tharpe with the pull-up, off of a Traylor screen, drains the 17 footer without making a pass. It’s smooth, it’s silky, and it’s why Tharpe likes to take the jumper. It’s also open due to the good screen by Traylor. Still a risk so early in shot clock with no one in rebounding position. It has been 5:45 of game time since Tharpe took his own personal heat check instead of running offense. Is it gutsy or silly with your team down 2 points and the best defensive player in the country just checked out of the game for the remainder of the half. I strongly think that it is both silly and fortunate plus essential for Tharpe to hit these to play his game IF he mostly continues to make plays for the scorers on the team: Ellis-Wiggins-Selden. If he regularly makes shots like these along with being a distributor primarily, Kansas will be tough to guard 2013-2014. KU 26, ISU 26 4:15


KJD 8 months, 3 weeks ago

Part I

KU v Iowa State: 2013 Big XII Semi-final First Half, final 10 minutes (this flows from my post yesterday from the Atlantis schedule. Also, if you are a Senior in High School you will get to play with Tharpe, Ellis and Traylor when you arrive at KU! Go Recruiting! Go KU! We love our round ball here in Lawrence!!)

Fun, dramatic 10 minutes with Tharpe and Ellis producing on the floor, with Traylor playing a bunch of those minutes too, is an optimistic lens to view what we bring as experience, leadership, been-there-and-done-that for the 2013-2014 season.

Personally I see Tharpe as facilitator (someone who helps a group of people understand their common objectives). When Tharpe plays this way in 2013-2014 with Ellis, Selden, Wiggins as his primary options, then KU will roar!

We pick up the game after Young injures his ankle and Self turns to Ellis for minutes. It should be noted that Young was KU’s best in that game up to his injury.

0:24:35 Let’s start off with the bad and ugly. The knock on Tharpe can be seen here. Thapre gets the D board, which is positive, then after three passes he jacks up a guarded three. This is where he gets his most important criticism and Fran F even notes “Tharpe needed to be more patient, they have an advantage inside right now.” KU 13, ISU 13 10:00

0:24:55 A Lucious venture into the paint is denied, stripped, casted out by Perry Ellis. Way to go big man! BMac gets the board, outlets to Tharpe, Tharpe controls the transition to split two defenders in order to perfectly feed BMac who catches on the move, sets, drains a smooth 3 (it takes months of practices and games to get that kind of on court chemistry for ‘poof’, mind-free, can’t draw it up magic–so be patient KU fans when there are rough patches and be faithful that it will appear in 2014). Classic transition BMac 3. Ben does his one of a kind dance-strut-jog in front of the Iowa State bench after the tri-fecta drain-o in the corner and gets T’d up for “looking at the Iowa State bench”. KU 16, ISU 13 9:42

0:26:45 After an Ellis defensive rebound, Traylor screens for Tharpe in the half court set, Tharpe penetrates to the low block, finds Ellis at the top of the key, Perry jabs steps, collects himself, drains a 17 footer. Traylor for Thrape for Ellis who finishes which answers the first T. Outstanding. KU 18, ISU 15 9:05

0:27:50 Ellis with the defensive rebound once more. Thapre passes up the three point shot–in the motion of what I would call being a product of spacing from a secondary break–drives to the hoop and hits a money bounce pass for Ellis to receive then step into his shot for his second FG on the night. Gorgeous play by the point guard, fantastic decision making once again in transition, and Kansas continues to answer the T. KU 20, ISU 17 8:12 1st half.


Kevin Studer 8 months, 3 weeks ago

What's with the stupidly loaded immigration questions attached to this article? LJW is making money from John Burch push polls now?


Stéphane Roque 8 months, 3 weeks ago

I think it's awesome how Mario acknowledges that his shot propelled him to so many different opportunities. Pretty neat to see one shot have such a far-reaching effect for great guy like Mario.


ahpersecoachingexperience 8 months, 3 weeks ago


So Howard played for both Self and Webber. Meaning Howard attended Self's funeral?!?!?!?


ahpersecoachingexperience 8 months, 3 weeks ago

I will read the article before I post. I will read the article before I post. I will read the article before I post. I will read the article before I post. I will read the article before I post. I will read the article before I post. I will read the article before I post. I will read the article before I post. I will read the article before I post. I will read the article before I post. I will read the article before I post. I will read the article before I post. I will read the article before I post.


chriz 8 months, 3 weeks ago

Wow...Jerrance sure looks like Mario. Or not.

Excited to have him with us! I'm hoping he can maintain some of his Texas presence on the recruiting trail.


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