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Notebook: KU shuts down Crockett; Self says possession-arrow rule ‘makes zero sense’

Kansas forward Kevin Young is fouled by Texas Tech forward Jordan Tolbert after grabbing a steal during the first half on Saturday, Jan. 12, 2013 at United Spirit Arena in Lubbock, Texas. At right is Texas Tech forward Dejan Kravic.

Kansas forward Kevin Young is fouled by Texas Tech forward Jordan Tolbert after grabbing a steal during the first half on Saturday, Jan. 12, 2013 at United Spirit Arena in Lubbock, Texas. At right is Texas Tech forward Dejan Kravic.


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KU coach Bill Self talks after win over Texas Tech

Kansas coach Bill Self talks after his team's 60-46 win over Texas Tech on Jan. 12, 2012.

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Podcast episode

Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews

Travis Releford and Kevin Young

Kansas seniors Travis Releford and Kevin Young talk to reporters following the Jayhawks' 60-46 victory over Texas Tech on Saturday.

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— Billed as one of the best sixth men in the country, Texas Tech’s Jaye Crockett had a game to forget against Kansas University on Saturday at United Spirit Arena.

“We just guarded him,” KU coach Bill Self said of the Jayhawks’ work on 14.8 point a game scorer Crockett, who totaled three points off 1-of-8 shooting in 28 minutes in the Jayhawks’ 60-46 win over the Red Raiders.

“He made the three late, I guess his only points,” Self added of Tech’s final basket. “We did a good job on him. Our defense ... you go in anybody’s building and the other team scores 46, that’s pretty good. Their field goal percentage was down (35.4 percent, 4-of-11 from three). We turned them over the first half (13 times; 16 total). We did some good things.”

KU committed nine turnovers.

“It wasn’t a lot. Nine is an unbelievable number for us,” said Self, whose squad had eight assists to Tech’s 11. “The problem is there’s no assists. Elijah (Johnson, four assists, four turnovers) never got in the paint and made plays for others. Naadir (Tharpe, two threes, one assist, two turnovers) didn’t get in the paint and make plays for others.

“Ben and Travis didn’t drive it much,” he added of Ben McLemore (10 points, 2-7 shooting and 6-8 free throwing) and Travis Releford (12 points, 4-5 shooting, 4-4 free throwing). They (Raiders) played it smart. If you only score 19 baskets (in 41 shot attempts) you are not going to get a ton of assists. You can’t get 25 assists if you only score 19 baskets. A lot of our baskets were in transition off steals and stuff. That doesn’t create opportunities.”

Weird rule?: Self was quite upset at the start of the second half when the officials awarded Tech the ball to begin play. Most assumed KU would get first possession, considering KU won the opening tap and there was just one tie-up the first half, Tech gaining possession.

However, with 8:11 left in the half, a foul was committed after Tech received a tied-up ball, causing the ball to go to KU. Since no time ran off the clock, the arrow didn’t change, so Tech had the arrow to begin the second half.

“I’ve never heard of the rule. I’m sure the officials are right,” Self said. “This isn’t me being upset with them ... when the foul occurred we got the ball. They said it would be double jeopardy for them to lose the possession arrow and the foul cost them possession which is total crap because it cost us a possession. The bottom line is they went back to the old possession arrow since the foul occurred when the ball wasn’t live, which I’ve never heard of that rule at all. To me it makes zero sense, but that is the rule.

“I’m sure they’re right. They said they’ve had it happen other times, but that’s one (rule) that may need to be visited. That penalizes a defense,” Self added.

No meeting with Billy: Former Tech coach Billy Gillispie, who still lives in Lubbock, did not attend the game. Self, who is a good buddy of Gillispie, did not meet with him on this short trip to Texas.

“We texted back and forth two or three times, but didn’t talk,” Self said.

Self on KU’s offense: “We need to correct some things, pay more attention to detail on some things. It’d be nice to get some rhythm back offensively. Rhythmic games means you are usually not stopping them either. Winning ugly is fine with me. If there’s no rhythm to a game, it means we’re probably guarding them pretty well.”

Next: Baylor, which beat TCU, 51-40, on Saturday in Waco, travels to KU for an 8 p.m. tip Monday. BU is 3-0 in the league and 11-4 overall; KU is 14-1, 2-0.

“They are a great team. They have been the past few years. It’s going to be a fun game. It’s Big Monday,” KU’s Jeff Withey said.

Stats, facts: KU, which has won six straight over Texas Tech, leads the all-time series, 23-4. ... KU is 2-0 in Big 12 play for the seventh straight season. ... KU held Texas Tech to a season-low 46 points. ... KU's five field goals (5-for-18) were the fewest made baskets in a half since the Jayhawks made six shots in the first half against Oklahoma State on Feb. 13, 2006. ... KU’s two assists in the first half are fewest since recording one in the second half at Texas on Jan. 21, 2012. ... Travis Releford grabbed KU’s first rebound at the 11:42 mark. ... KU started the game 10-for-10 from the free throw line and finished 19-for-26. ... KU’s 16 made free throws in the first half tied the most made in a half this year (Ohio State, 16, second half) and marks the seventh time this season that KU has made double-digit free throws in a half. ... KU collected 10 steals, the fourth time the Jayhawks have swiped double-digit passes.

Individual notes: Ben McLemore's first bucket came via dunk at the 11:37 mark in the first half. Both he and Withey recorded dunks and are now tied for the team lead with 24. ... With 1:39 remaining, McLemore missed his first free throws in five games. He had hit 24 straight prior to the missed pair. ... In his last six games, Travis Releford is 27-for-34 (79.4 percent) shooting. ... Justin Wesley, who missed three weeks with a broken finger, played his first minutes since the Colorado game on Dec. 8.


dylans 5 years ago

I was wondering what Bill was so hot about. Thanks Gary.

Michael Pannacciulli 5 years ago

a W is a W, but agree - we will need to bring it against Baylor. OK looks decent, as does K State. KSU always gives us fits as well...not sure what is up with Texas but because they are Texas you can never fully look past them. WVU will play hard Huggins style ball. No concerns about TCU. ISU - don't want to ever play them again - they are a damn fine team.

Sparko 5 years ago

I think the officials screwed up the possession arrow. I don't recall a zero-timed foul, but that would be a mistake on the part of the score-keeper. I remember an illegal screen, and that would be considered a resumption foul. If there had been a technical, that might have made sense. In any event, the possession arrow comes with jeopardy on purpose. The "winning" side still needs to inbound the ball. The way this went down rewards a team for committing a foul. This was a mistake.

Sparko 5 years ago

The alternate possession rule does not make that stipulation for a foul that was based on resumption of play. The ball had been handed to TTU and they set an illegal screen. So this was a mistake that rewarded TTU for two possessions.

Woody Cragg 5 years ago

I swear he was hotter than litle sister's you know what.

Tim Orel 5 years ago

I still don't understand how five shots made is the fewest since six shots were made. That was in the game summary report as well. Could you please explain this (if it's not an error)? Thanks.

Dirk Medema 5 years ago

It means that every game KU has played since Feb. 13, 2006, they have made at least 7 shots in every half. On 2/13/06, they made 6, and yesterday they made 5. 5 is less than (fewer than) 6 or 7.

dylans 5 years ago

KU has also out scored its opponents in its last 2000+ wins. But that tells you next to nothing too.

dylans 5 years ago

Does it mean this is the lowest made shot total, in a half, since the stat was created in 88-89? A little clarification would be nice since this sentence is used in two articles.

jayhawkboogeyman 5 years ago

For it to make any kind of sense, you need a "fewest since" the last time it was equal to or less than 5.

It would be ridiculous to say McLemore's 33 were the most points scored by a KU player since someone scored 28. Obviously.

actorman 5 years ago

"KU's five field goals (5-for-18) were the fewest made baskets in a half since the Jayhawks made six shots in the first half against Oklahoma State on Feb. 13, 2006."

Umm, I know it's been a while since I've been in school, but I seem to recall that six is a larger number than 5 -- which would mean that this sentence makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER ...

Boouk 5 years ago

Despite how poorly KU played, yesterday was still a great day because UK, Duke, and Mizzou all lost.

Kevin Heath 5 years ago

The alternating possession rule:

Rule 4 Section 2 Article 2

"The alternating-possession procedure starts when an official places the ball at the disposal of a player for throw-in. The alternating possession procdure ends and the arrow is reversed when a ball touches or is legally touched by an inbounds player, when a player, who is located on the playing court, touches and causes the ball to be out of bounds, or the throw-in team commits a throw-in violation."

I assume the way the officials interpreted the rule is that the foul committed was not a "throw-in violation." As such, the alternating possession was never completed and Tech was given the ball again on the Alt. Pos. rule. I believe a foul comitted by the team throwing in the ball constitutes a "throw-in" violation. If it doesn't, it should. Just my opinion.

Clarence Haynes 5 years ago

Self “We need to correct some things, pay more attention to detail on some things. It’d be nice to get some rhythm back offensively.".......Too many turnovers on passes!

jayhawkboogeyman 5 years ago

How deep does it go? You know what really happened to JFK or the real story behind Roswell too?

Kevin Heath 5 years ago

Kind of like the smirk I have on my face that my post could draw such a reaction from you?

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