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Quote, unquote: A look at some of the top quotes of the Bill Self era

Some of the best quotes during the 10-year Bill Self era were uttered by the likes of, top row from left: Brandon Rush, Darnell Jackson, Self, Jeff Graves, Darrell Arthur, Marcus Morris, Markieff Morris, Self, Julian Wright and Quintrell Thomas; and, bottom row, from left, Self, Anrio Adams, Barry Hinson, Naadir Tharpe, Self, Self, Rush, Keith Langford, and two more from Self himself.

Some of the best quotes during the 10-year Bill Self era were uttered by the likes of, top row from left: Brandon Rush, Darnell Jackson, Self, Jeff Graves, Darrell Arthur, Marcus Morris, Markieff Morris, Self, Julian Wright and Quintrell Thomas; and, bottom row, from left, Self, Anrio Adams, Barry Hinson, Naadir Tharpe, Self, Self, Rush, Keith Langford, and two more from Self himself.



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Some of the best quotes during the 10-year Bill Self era were uttered by the likes of, top row from left: Brandon Rush, Darnell Jackson, Self, Jeff Graves, Darrell Arthur, Marcus Morris, Markieff Morris, Self, Julian Wright and Quintrell Thomas; and, bottom row, from left, Self, Anrio Adams, Barry Hinson, Naadir Tharpe, Self, Self, Rush, Keith Langford, and two more from Self himself.

Quotes, by their very nature, are the cornerstones of our jobs as reporters.

Sure, we can analyze statistics and talk about trends or observe behaviors and write about rookies, but the very reason many of you read what we put out is to hear from the athletes and coaches for whom you cheer.

You want to know what the star player thought about his big shot. You want to know why the coach made a move or called a play, and you demand to know what went wrong when that coach winds up on the losing side of the scoreboard.

We can give you our best guesses on most of those things, but it never sounds better than when it comes from the horse’s mouth.

For our final installment in this year’s summer series that looked back the best players and most memorable moments of the first decade of the Bill Self era in Kansas basketball, we dug through scores of stories and racked our brains to come up with a few of our favorite quotes from the past 10 years.

Obviously, condensing 10 years of incredible basketball into five quotes is a tough task and barely scratches the surface of some of the best moments. But whether the quotes were the most heartfelt, told the best stories or simply made us laugh, here’s a look at a few that stuck out in our minds.

Gary Bedore

“My mom said I woke up from a dead sleep one time and said, ‘I need some hot dogs from Steak and Shake.’ I didn’t even remember saying that. I was pretty messed up.”

— Jeff Graves commenting to me about his recovery from a car wreck at KU. (He actually uttered that quote when Roy Williams was his coach, but he did play for Bill Self, too, so I’m gonna break the rules and list that quote as No. 1.)

“When I first heard I did it, I was upset, and I didn’t talk to nobody all day, went in my little corner and balled up and that was about it.”

— Brandon Rush after he tore his ACL necessitating a return to KU instead of a spot in the NBA Draft

“I prayed on it hard last night. It came to me in a dream. It was me playing in a game with a lot of the current players, Mario (Chalmers), Julian (Wright), everyone.”

— Darrell Arthur, upon choosing KU over Baylor and others in recruiting.

“I lay down, smelled her sheets, moved the pillows back, and the only thing I saw was a couple words she left on a sheet of paper: ‘Please watch over my kids.’’’

— Darnell Jackson on the tragic death of his mom.

“I could probably change my mind (about playing MU in future) but trust me, we would have no trouble finding another non-league game to play. I love the rivalry. Playing home and home in the league is great and all those things ... (but) I can’t imagine, why would we continue playing? If they choose to be somewhere other than with us and with the other schools that they’ve been a part of and could jeopardize the future of the other schools ... I’m not going to make a commitment now that we’d ever play again. I’m not saying we won’t. I’m certainly not going to pretend that we would.”

— Bill Self right before Missouri decided to leave the Big 12.

Tom Keegan

“I don’t remember anything he said, but it was a very memorable speech.”

— Julian Wright, when I asked him what Michael Jordan’s message was when he spoke to Wright and the other players at the high school all-star game that bears Jordan’s name.

“We talked about it and I told him I would just concentrate on boxing out and let him get the rebounds.”

— Marcus Morris explaining why he had just two rebounds, compared to 15 for his brother, Markieff, in a blowout victory against Longwood in Nov., 2010.

“I just thought about how good we would be once I started playing. It’s one of the primary entertainment places in the country. We start winning, we could turn Vegas upside down.”

— Quintrell Thomas, explaining why he chose to transfer to UNLV.

“I was too worried about being tired to dunk the ball. A dunk, then running back on defense, can take a lot of energy out of you.”

— Sophomore Markieff Morris explaining why he avoided dunking as a freshman.

“I’m not going anywhere. I’m a Jayhawk for life.”

— Anrio Adams on Twitter a couple of days after he said he was transferring and several days before he actually did transfer.

Matt Tait

“He can make plays you can’t coach, then he can make plays you wonder if he’s ever been coached. But that’s him. I’m glad we got him.”

— Bill Self in January 2012 explaining the Jekyll and Hyde nature of four-year point guard Tyshawn Taylor

“They just keep asking, ‘What is it about him?’ And it’s hard to answer that because there’s not hundreds but thousands of variables. Whether it be fire and brimstone or high fives and hugs, it’s all part of what he does. But I think it comes down to this; he’s one of the greatest communicators I’ve ever been around. If he had been in the military, he would’ve been a general. If he had been at IBM, he would’ve been a CEO. If he had been in the movies, he would’ve been a lead actor. That’s just what his calling is.”

— Former KU director of basketball operations Barry Hinson explaining what makes Bill Self successful during the Jayhawks’ run to the national title game in the 2012 NCAA Tournament.

“I mean, I love playing Missouri. I loved playing them when I was at Illinois. I’ve loved playing them here. But that’s not anything I’m going to lay around, sit around, think about, ‘Oh, I wish.’ I just don’t think that strongly about it.”

— Bill Self, who took the loudest stance on KU not caving in to outside pressure, when Missouri left the Big 12 to bring an end to the KU-MU Border War rivalry, which had been the longest uninterrupted rivalry in college sports west of the Mississippi River.

“When I first met him, he asked me, ‘If you play a bad game, what would be the most important thing coming out of that game,’ and I said, ‘Getting a W,’ and he said, ‘That’d be right.’”

— Current KU point guard Naadir Tharpe shedding some light on the most important element of Bill Self basketball.

“Whenever you consider going to another league ... why can’t we fix the way we have it in this league? I think that’s what people are working on. At the end of the day, I believe this could turn out to be the best thing for the Big 12 because it forced our hand to do some things to catch us up.”

— Bill Self, KU’s unofficial lead spokesman during the conference realignment craze that dominated the summers of 2010 and 2011, speaking prophetic words about the future of the Big 12. Self’s confidence and staunch belief that KU would be fine when all of the dust settled helped keep calm KU fans and many within the athletic department during uncertain times.

Jesse Newell

“Most every day — if not every day — for the rest of your life, you will be reminded or think of this night. And I want to thank you in advance right now for the great memories it’s going to be.”

— Bill Self, before the 2008 national championship game. One of Self’s finest moments was caught by the CBS television crew, which showed his pregame speech to his players before the 2008 national championship game against Memphis. Without a script, Self delivered one of the best pregame talks I’ve seen, and it ended with the memorable quote above.

“Because the club was crackin’!”

— Brandon Rush. I’ve heard this story told a few times, and it’s documented well by Mario Chalmers in the book, “Beyond the Phog.” After KU coach Bill Self asked the team at practice who had broken curfew the night before (almost everyone had), Rush raised his hand and told on himself. “Why did you break curfew?” Self asked. “Because the club was crackin’!” Rush said. Everyone laughed ... and that included Self.

“I think it was a horrible call. I didn’t foul him. If anything, he fouled me. It’s very unfortunate that the referee 80 feet from the play called the foul rather than the ref that was right there on top of things. Big games down the stretch ... I always thought you let the players decide. If that referee is reffing one of our games again next year ... I don’t know, I’ll be sure to let him know how I feel.”

— Keith Langford said of an offensive foul called by referee Jim Burr that fouled Langford out of KU’s 79-71 Elite Eight overtime loss to Georgia Tech in 2004. Langford always was outspoken, and this outburst earned him an NCAA reprimand a few months later. In his defense ... this was the second straight year that a phantom call fouled him out of an NCAA Tournament game, and the year before, that might have cost KU a national championship against Syracuse.

“I just touched that chair and it already feels very hot.”

— Bill Self, after being presented the coach’s chair from chancellor Robert Hemenway on April 21, 2003. The perfect quip at the perfect moment, Self drew lots of laughter with this one-liner after he was officially introduced as KU’s coach. It also showed the former Illinois coach fully understood the magnitude of the job he was accepting.

“It’s the worst team Kansas has ever put on the floor since Dr. Naismith was here. I think he had some bad teams when he lost to Topeka YMCA in his first couple years.”

— Bill Self after his team’s 62-55 loss to TCU on Feb. 6, 2013. Self was obviously frustrated and exaggerating a bit, but getting “James Naismith” and “Topeka YMCA” into soundbite pretty much guarantees it’s going to make it to ESPN’s SportsCenter.


simbahawk 8 months, 2 weeks ago

BTW, that thing about marital problems was made up by some KSU fans. Totally bogus


jaybate 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Part 4

I frankly can't think of another coach in the history of the game that could have won 30 plus games with last year's team. Not one. Its not that they didn't have talent. They did. It was that they were too skinny to even think about winning 30 games staying on spots, so he devised an offense based on sliding off spots. It was the single most brilliant strategical/tactical reversal of scheme I have seen in all my years of watching the great coaches do amazing things when necessity becomes the mother of invention.

But Self now also seems increasingly a life genius.

Last season, there seems absolutely no doubt that Self was caught in the throes of a mid life crisis. I am not suggesting Self was having marital problems as some rumors suggested during last season; that sort of thing is none of our damned business. Rather I am mastering the obvious and noting that he is a human male that turned 50 last year. All men struggle with a mid life crisis sooner or later and those that are particularly full of the life force, as Self appears to be, often put it off until 50. Middle aged crazy is entirely about wild disorientation of self image that occurs in a man once he passes through the doorway into middle age. It is the sudden realization that one is no longer one of the young ones; that one is no longer on the uphill side of the mountain, but about to start the downhill run. It is scary and depressing at times. It is like waking up and not knowing the person in the mirror at times. It is the first phase of life that a man encounters that no one can really help him with. Most everything wives, friends and counselors tell one is all true. But it doesn't help get you through the sticky wicket the way the coach helped you through coming of age, and the mentor and the older woman helped you get through turning 32.

Nothing helps a man get through turning middle aged. It is as lonely of a passage as there is in life, only a little short of the aloneness of dying itself, or so it seems to me who is still young enough not to have come face to face with my old age quite yet.

Look at all the pictures of Self last season, all the feeds, and then look at the recent feed of him being interviewed by the ESPN putz, Andy Katz. Self was like a blind version of himself struggling through a snow storm last season. He was heavy. His cracks were more biting and less playful. He seemed down right depressed at times and almost independent of his team's ups and downs. But this season, Bill Self has gotten better. He hasn't gone back to his pre mid life crisis self, nor has he stayed stuck in the mid life crisis. He has muddled through and survived and found his mojo again. The guy really does look like he is having his version of post modern fun again.

Go Bill go!!!!


jaybate 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Part 3

Self hates turnovers with a passion but plays point guards that make 6 to 10 turnovers a game and says, "we have to embrace it with Tyshawn." Contradiction.

Self has glue players and impact players, but sometimes impact players glue and sometimes glue players impact. Complexity and contradiction. Embrace of opposites. Juxtaposition. Embrace of messiness by the fastidious.

Self physically and personality wise is a combination of stunning masculinity and nagging wife-like femininity. His shoulders are massive and broad, while his hands and legs are almost delicate.

Self is obsessed. Self could care less.

Every game is a must win in which everyone must have fun.

Defense is the start of offense.

His players are "just kids" he often says, each "with stuff going on," yet they have to "man up."

The quotes above reveal the ironic juxtaposition of high seriousness, and physical sacrifice, in life and in trying to play winning D1 basketball and the hilarious ridiculousness of life and of playing the game of basketball with highly talented characters.

For me the Morris Twins are some how most emblematic of the Self era.

They were terrible in the beginning and sublime in the end.

They were twins most coaches probably wished would separate and Self, instead, encouraged them to be twins.

One was almost childlike, when he arrived shooting bee bee guns out of dorm windows.

One was dutiful to the max.

One started from the beginning. One waited years to start.

One played out of position at the four. The other played out of position at the five.

One was better in college. The other was better in the pros.

But its not just the Morris Twins that have been memorable for the complexities and contradictions.

How much more odd can you get than Tyrel Reed with a 41 inch vertical playing like he was glued to the floor for fully three season, before Self finally said to him something like,"You know, Tyrel, you have a 41 inch vertical. Maybe you ought to jump a little more." I mean that has to be one of the classic qoutes of all time in sport! And then Tyrel suddenly starts jumping all over the basketball court!

And it goes on and on in the Self era.

I have said for a long time now that Self was a basketball genius.


jaybate 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Part 2

Self is a post modern coach. Post Modernism is skillful, ironic, juxtaposition of seriousness and hilarity, of now and history, of high brow and low brow, of brilliant incisiveness and dumb jock wisecracks. It is a constant, self-conscious orchestration of complexity and contradiction to the end of breaking beyond the pasteurizing constraints of the giants of history that defined the game too perfectly, too beautifully, too elegantly, too linearly.

John Wooden reduced the game of basketball to geometry and the molding of players into specifically, narrowly defined automatons of talent. Players played their natural positions, tried to become as consistent as humanly possible and became almost classical Greecian expressions of basketball perfection. Wooden was a modernist.

Bill Self's basketball is part fuzzy logic and part chaos theory and all post modern. It assumes that basketball modernism was taken as far as it could be taken with John Wooden, Iba and Allen; that great as Dean Smith and his closed Carolina system were, that in the end Dean could not push the game any farther than the great modernists had taken it. He could at most reduce it to the geometry of a four corner stall.

Bill Self assumes the game is an open system, that it is inescapable fact that humans perform great a third of the time, mediocre a third of the time and lousy a third of the time. This is a wildly post modern embrace of the complexity and contradiction in the reality of human experience. It is also a flight away from the belief in the near perfectability of human beings and teams properly conditioned, trained and drilled that the great moderns believed in.

Bill Self does not quest after offensive geometry, after perfect 45 degree angle cuts. What's the point of that, when persons cannot perfectly executes such things more than a third of the time?

At the same time, however, Self is not a run and shoot modernist, a Paul Westhead modernist. This brand of basketball modernism, like all brands of basketball modernism, views basketball always as a closed system with a small handful of dynamics, which if properly perfected and extrapolated to the Nth degree become theoretically unbeatable, i.e., near perfections.

The post modern Self cracks skeptically at such notions. Defense is the only given and even it doesn't always work. Nothing is unbeatable. Nothing is perfect. No system is perfect. No player is perfect. John Wooden could seriously conceive of the Greecian ideal of a player, when asked. It was Keith Wilkes.

To Self all players are compromises. Some players are athletic freaks of compromises, but they are still compromises. They are complicated creations, these human basketball players, and full of contradictions.


jaybate 8 months, 2 weeks ago

"Fun Quotes, Memorable Characters, and Post Modern Bill, or Getting Past the Midlife Crisis"

Part 1

Fun quotes that capture in brief the hardest thing to put into words about the Self era.

Self appears a nearly perfectly balanced tight rope walker constantly balanced between a multi-tasking genius of simultaneous vision on the one hand, and a person willing himself to enjoy and savor life to avoid being driven mad by his own relentless quest to get better.

Self's teams and players are characters recruited both for the talent they have and for the eccentricities and idiosyncracies that define them.

Many coaches shy away from exactly the kind of player that Self seems to covet.

Self has said many times that he recruits not just talent, but characters. He says he needs talented guys to win basketball games, to "make shots," to "lock down," to "impact," to "glue," to "put it on the deck," to "stay on spots," to "make big plays."

But he has also made clear that he needs characters around him that keep it "fun" for him to coach. He needs guys with enough idiosyncracies to keep him laughing and enough swagger to put up with Self's borderline OCD focus on getting better every day and all the time at something, anything.

To today's hypothesis then.

Self's maniacally driven practice demeanor, his ability to watch all 15 players on the team simultaneously and issue non stop bit torrent dumps of ways to get better and stinging notices of still more things that could be improved upon would drive any ordinary player insane after the first month or two.

It is my pet theory that Dave Padgett, Michah Downs, and Milton Doyle left simply because they were far too normal to be able to endure Self's wild oscillations between withering observations of ways to get better and his insistence on every one having fun after practice. The idea that players should simultaneously run and stationary bike until they are heaving every which way but inwards during boot camp, while Self laughs and making cracks about girl friends at training table just was more contradiction than they could take.

Playing basketball at KU appears to be an odyssey into unexpected paradox.

Players, even the greatest ones, play out of position.

Self, the coach with the voice of Norman Bate's mother wrestlessly prowling the practice court, urging all 15 of her little Norman's to get better, then pauses and remarks with complete candor to Thomas Robinson that he is the prettiest, handsomest young man he has ever seen, apparently in the middle of an exhausting and physical big man drill.

Self is, how shall I put this, post modern in the extreme.


otaKU 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Favorite Morris twin quote..."He do what he do." (referring to Coach Self).


wrwlumpy 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Holly - "What did the ref tell you about the reason Ben got a technical?" Coach - "He said he looked at the bench, so, good call."


mikehawk 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Great story on the night he goes into the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame. Bill Self never just says something, it always has purpose and meaning behind each and every comment.


Ralster Jayhawk 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Or, you could be like Brucie Weber: blame the officials in a game in Ames, IA...that your team didnt even participate in, for the reason you didnt win the Conf. Championship outright. (laughter) Reading the above posts, it is clear that KU "homers" have forgotten how to even be a homer? As in: bag on Bill Self some more, forgetting how green our grass actually is? Wow. Watch him move on from KU, then realize what you are losing in every single facet of Men's Basketball. Perspective, anyone? The biggest logic flaw is to take a horrific result like losing to TCU, and somehow magnify those failings in those 40min to the level of questioning your own system. Proves only that after 10 damn years, most of you do not understand several basic tenets of Bill Self's system and his expectations of his players. That's sad for supposed royalty fans.


Ralster Jayhawk 8 months, 2 weeks ago

And when I say the "execution" is on the players, I mean collectively. While it is painfully evident that many of Jayhawk Nation will readily stoop to stupid depths to bash on individual players by name, I feel Self's usual method of saying "we" didnt play D, or execute, or whatever, is a nice way of highlighting the team/collective responsibility. The "point guard" comment is a special case, since as a senior, who knows how much and how often the coaching&training staff has had to work on EJ's psyche? Maybe they were just frustrated that after 4yrs someone hasnt quite figured it out? There is a lot more behind that comment than just TCU... (Again, EJ is who he is, so not a slam on EJ. He has a right to have his personality, but also needs to know how to get himself going at times of need. That is at the crux of Self's frustration, imho.)


Ralster Jayhawk 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Self was not throwing his team under the bus, as this team's psyche was definitely among his softest ("so soft...") and inconsistent. Why blame anything other than circumstance of a certain group of players (with their personalities, skills, and physiques) coming together to form last year's team. BMac no dribble-drive. Naadir still learning, and inconsistent. NO attack+beast from previous team (TRob+TT gone), so its like the heart was gone. Releford not a fiery attack dog like Tyshawn or Sherron. Ellis=quiet demeanor frosh. Withey was a lot more consistent. Regarding Elijah Johnson, my often-posted summation of him is that he is a nice-guy personality who required a ton of mental "maintenance" to get his game on. Remember his trainer having to get inside his head about EJ being "fine" physically, so "just go do it!" EJ said this himself. He said "coach just got on me" on natl TV to Holly Rowe after his magnificent EJ39 performance in Ames, IA, again referencing his own psyche being THE issue. Kid has no shortage of elite-level talent, just cannot string it together in consistent RussRob, Chalmers, Tyshawn, Sherron fashion. EJ was supposed to personify the team's psyche, as its leader, but he himself was a roller-coaster of emotional things. No way Im throwing EJ under the bus, I simply realize his persona and personality was not equivalent or as consistent as Tyshawn's, RussRob's, Sherron's, or Mario's. So his whole team sometimes reflected it's on-court leader's inconsistencies. So rather than throwing EJ under the bus with the "no point guard" comment, I felt that was an abstraction from Bill Self...and simply highlighted the problem this year's KU team had. And why would you blast Bill Self? The system hasnt changed. The expectations in practice and live games havent changed. Look, when our system of ridiculous win% goes out and lays a stinker against UNI, or VCU, or loses at Mizzoo, or to Tennessee walk-ons, or implodes against Mich or TCU, how can you say anything but "we didnt execute"? Everybody in Jayhawk Nation knows if we play to our season avg in every statistical category, we easily win UNI, VCU, Mich...and maybe even the KY'12 Champ game. Self was 100% correct, in abstraction about his "point guard"...and Self 100% correct directly about pisspoor execution and defense ending our UNI and VCU seasons. Go watch tape of those losses and ask yourself if our guys looked like "our guys" in that 1 game? Why is Self to blame? He wasnt the one playing no-D. Or missing shots, bunnies, dunks, or 3-after-3-after-3-after-3....The devil in SelfBall is consistency and efficient execution. Devil because it felled us. Saintly attributes when we burn UNC and others with those same facets, though. Gotta execute the gameplan. That is the players, folks. The system (gameplan) is proven sound.


KUbsee69 8 months, 2 weeks ago

My favorite player quote was from Sherron Collins on the possibility of leave early for the NBA.

"Why would anyone ever want to leave this place?" ... Sherron


jakejayhawk 8 months, 2 weeks ago

This one isn't the most humorous nor is it the most profound. But given the timing and emotions, what Coach said to our team his rookie season as KU coach still resonates. Our guys were coming off a runner-up season and angry with Roy leaving. We were the fastest team in the NCAA's the prior season. Our guys loved to take the ball out of the net when an opponent made a basket and fire the ball up the court. They chafed at Self trying to get them to be hard-nosed lock-down defenders. When they reminded Self of their success in turning opponents' made baskets into points for us, he replied (and I paraphrase because I don't have the exact quote) "Hey, what if we don't let them score in the first place?" The regime had truly changed and the message was sent!


Randy Maxwell 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Bill Self quotes. Really? Good gid write some football articles. This is embarassing


gdkadjayhawk 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Most entertaining article I've read on here in a long time. Great job, LJW staff!!


swavity 8 months, 2 weeks ago

"He gave me a little 'bow to show me he was there, and I gave him 27 to show him I was there."

-- Marcus Morris, referring to Quincy Acy(?)


William Blake 8 months, 2 weeks ago

One of my favorite basketball-related quotes of all times -

"You guys couldn't even finish 5th in a hamster league!"


lawyermog 8 months, 2 weeks ago

"You came to Kansas to play in this game." - Bill Self, just moments before destroying UNC in our first appearance in the Final Four with him as our head coach. It is great to be a Jayhawk.


Doug Roberts 8 months, 2 weeks ago

"A bowel movement would be nice".


Bryce Landon 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Instead of comparing his team to the James Naismith teams that lost to the Topeka YMCA, Self should have accepted greater responsibility for not having his team ready for Texas Christian. Outside of NCAA Tournament losses to Bucknell, Bradley, Northern Iowa and Virginia Commonwealth, that loss to the Horned Frogs was the worst coaching job of his career.


Jason Keller 8 months, 2 weeks ago

"Our staff, I tell ya. They're fabulous. We labored for a while on the recruiting trail. But but but we got the job done this year. Terrific."

"So so so guys ask me my thoughts on the one and done rule all the time. Hell, I don't know. But I will say this. Our guys. They're terrific."

"Terrific, just terrific."

"See, Spank? I told you Andrew would come to KU after we all shared that iguana dip together. Iguana dip is terrific. Just terrific."


"So so so how about Andrew Wiggins. He's terrific. Just fabulous. But but but uh uh uh, I wish he'd make a decision. No question about it."

"I'll tell ya. Our guys, they're excited. Buildin's gonna be juiced. Their guys will be juiced. It's gonna be great. Just terrific."

"I tell ya, Travis is gonna run out of fingers to put rings on pretty soon. BUT but but uh uh uh in all seriousness, our guys are terrific."

"So so so our guys, I'll tell ya. They're JUICED. I told 'em: "Fellas, I want you to share the basketball. Not the Big 12 Title." Terrific."

"Our guys are excited to go play. I am too. But I will say this... The refs owe us a few makeup calls in our favor after last game. Terrific."


Tony Bandle 8 months, 2 weeks ago


1] Oooohhh Crrraapppp!!!!

2] I thought the only sport Canadiens played was hockey!!

3] Let's see..if we double team Wiggins, Ellis will score, if we double team Selden, Wiggins will score, if we double team Ellis, Black will score......DAMN!!!!!

4] Maybe we can play the old Iowa Girls Basketball Rules and only allow, three Jayhawks on defense and on offense!!

5] No wonder they look so good, they've got Perry Ellis in charge of fashions!

6] Let's play a tight zone then the only ones that can hurt us is Wiggins, Selden, White, Frankamp..........uh,...never mind!!

7] Our draw sucks..why couldn't we have gotten some wimp team like Kentucky or Michigan State!!

8] Gosh, Bill's toupee never looked better!!

9] What the heck is a fox like Olivia Wilde doing with Jason Sudekis!!??

10] Did all these big KU guys play volleyball when they were kids???!!!


Michael Auchard 8 months, 2 weeks ago

I can't believe the Pat Knight "Meat Necklace" quote isn't on here. One of the funniest quotes I've ever read.


Jack Wilson 8 months, 2 weeks ago

From Self's post-Oklahoma St. meltdown this past season:

“We didn’t have an answer for Brown", Self said, "and Marcus Smart beasted our little guards in the second half.”


"We don't have a point guard"


“It’s sad,” Self said. “We were definitely a better team with (Johnson) sitting down next to us and putting somebody else in the game.”


“I should’ve been playing (White) before,” Self added. “He gave us a chance to be in the game.”


“It wasn’t the freakin’ offense, God almighty,” Self said. “It was terrible ball handling.”


“I’m not putting it all on Elijah,” Self said. “but that was a really poor game.”


“I wish we could play without guards to be honest with you, but that would be kind of an ugly game if you have five big guys playing out there at all times.”


“It’s a joke what we did today.”


“We are mentally tough in some ways, but physically this is our softest group of all time. We have never had a team like this.”

Like it or not (and I didn't), this was some of the most quotable stuff from Self .. ever.


JayhawkOrDie 8 months, 2 weeks ago

that brandon rush quote is legendary.....Shows coach self has a sense of humor

Thought I would share this funny clip of Jamari Traylor scaring the hell out of freshman wayne selden lol.....


Steve Gantz 8 months, 2 weeks ago

I loved Self's quote about Taylor when he said it, and still do. “He can make plays you can’t coach, then he can make plays you wonder if he’s ever been coached. But that’s him. I’m glad we got him.”

Other favorite sports quotes of mine:

Babe Ruth asked to justify making more money than the president, "I had a better year than he did."

Carlos Zambrano, Cubs pitcher, "We stinks"

Arnold Palmer on throwing golf clubs, "Always throw the club in the direction you're walking so you can pick it up as you go"


Jonathan Allison 8 months, 2 weeks ago

My favorites from the quotes that were quoted above are:

Langford's, Marcus', Shady's, Tharpe's, and Jackson's


Jonathan Allison 8 months, 2 weeks ago

I'm surprised that none of Tyshawn, Sherron, or Elijah's quotes made the cut. They all had some good moments in the media. But I definitely like the quotes that did make it in.

Before I saw the photo, I thought that these were going to be Bill Self's best quotes. I'm glad that it included player quotes as well. The players quotes can provide such a fresh perspective on the team, the coaches, and everything. Bill Self's quotes, while oftentimes very candid, are also generally very calculated, and I often sense that he's either not telling all (usually for good reason), or that he's using his platform to send a direct and personal message disguised as an answer to the reporter's question.


JayHawkFanToo 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Who can ever forget these gems by Tyshawn Taylor

“(racial slur)s be muggin me .. you know I’m mugging back.”


“real brothas do real things .. point plankn.”


Adam Miller 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Darnell Jackson's quote is still brutal... absolutely painful to read.


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