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KU basketball notebook: Frankamp on fire; latest on Rio Adams

Wichita North senior and Kansas University recruit Conner Frankamp is pictured on Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012, at Pleasant Valley Middle School in Wichita, where he works out daily with his father, Marty Frankamp. Frankamp said that although he is looked at as a shooter, he is preparing to play the point if needed for KU.

Wichita North senior and Kansas University recruit Conner Frankamp is pictured on Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012, at Pleasant Valley Middle School in Wichita, where he works out daily with his father, Marty Frankamp. Frankamp said that although he is looked at as a shooter, he is preparing to play the point if needed for KU.


Future Kansas University basketball combo guard Conner Frankamp hit 22 of 25 three-pointers in the final round to win the third-annual American Family Insurance High School 3-Point Championship on Friday at Greater Atlanta Christian School.

Frankamp, a 6-foot senior out of Wichita North, defeated a field that included future KU teammate Brannen Greene. The contest, which includes a slam dunk event, will be shown at 1 p.m. today on CBS.

A video of Frankamp’s final round is available here.

Manning praised

Former KU All-American Danny Manning was named one of the top 15 all-time March Madness players on Friday at the Final Four. Manning averaged 20.5 points and 7.3 rebounds in leading KU to the 1988 NCAA title. KU’s 1951-52 title team was one of 25 March Madness teams honored. Indiana’s 1975-76 undefeated national championship team was voted top March Madness team of all time.

One more meeting

KU coach Bill Self on Friday told the Journal-World he and freshman guard Anrio Adams would meet again once Self returns from the Final Four in Atlanta. The two met earlier this week — a session that resulted in Self’s granting the 6-foot-3 Seattle native a release from his scholarship agreement. Adams on Thursday night said he changed his mind and did not want to transfer after all.

Sources indicate it would be a surprising development if Adams were reinstated to the team.

“Rio is a heckuva talent, but he just had a lot to learn,” Adams’ high school coach, Mike Bethea of Rainier Beach, told the Seattle Times. “He just needs to be patient. It was one of those thing where Rio was thinking he could come in, step on the court and play right away. That’s not the case at a place like Kansas. Heck, even Ben McLemore had to red-shirt. Rio can be a good fit anywhere. He just has to understand the situation he’s getting into and accept that situation.”

Adams scored 27 points in 24 games his freshman year.

“When he was with us, he understood what it was and where he was,” Bethea told the Times. “He understood the urgency. He was a senior. He didn’t have an offer on the table. … He had Kansas, but he didn’t sign with them until later in the year. They wanted to make sure he was going to do the things he needed to do before bringing him in. Rio is a good kid. Really good kid. You hope he’s learned a little bit from this latest situation and it’s helped him grow up a bit.”

FSU the leader?

Wichita State junior guard Nick Wiggins, the brother of prize high school recruit Andrew Wiggins, tells that his parents want Andrew to pick Florida State over KU, Kentucky and North Carolina.

“I think both my parents would like him to go to Florida State University because that’s where my mom and my dad attended school, so it would be pretty amazing to see him do that, and I believe they would be happy with that decision,” Nick told

Wiggins’ dad, Mitchell, played in the NBA. Mom Marita Payne-Wiggins competed in the Olympics in track and field for Canada.

“But, I mean, they would also be happy with anywhere that he goes to school,” added Nick, who believes Andrew will announce his decision “in the next two weeks to three weeks.”

Nick Wiggins isn’t sure Kentucky, which has six incoming McDonald’s All-Americans, is the right place for Andrew.

“(Kentucky) has eight or nine All-American guys coming in, and I don’t know if it would be the best spot for him to go and shine like he wanted to,” Nick said in an article printed on “That’s my personal opinion. I know how the recruiting process is. But it would be special to see him play anywhere as an older brother. Definitely, I’m sure that he would want to make his own legacy and you could see it kind of on Kentucky’s team this year,” Nick added. “They had a lot of stars and it kind of didn’t gel as well as it did the team before when it had a lot of freshmen that really gelled together. So it’s just difference in players and putting combinations together. Coach (John) Calipari’s a very good coach so I wouldn’t blame it really at all on him.”

Hofstra looking

KU assistant Joe Dooley has been mentioned as a possible candidate for the head-coaching opening at Hofstra by and Mo Cassara recently was fired as Hofstra coach. Others mentioned: Tim Cluess (Iona), Joe Mihalich (Niagara), Speedy Claxon (Golden State NBA scout), Al Skinner (former Boston College coach). Some believe Dooley also could surface as a candidate at Rutgers.


KU seniors Elijah Johnson and Travis Releford have accepted invitations to compete at the Portsmouth (Va.) Inviational Tournament for NBA prospects on April 10-13.


Ralster Jayhawk 1 year ago

I wonder if any of Connor Frankamp's "high school opponents" were Div.1 size, speed, or with Div.1 level ball-handling. Rio Adams looked like a world-beater defensively 1-time against one of our in-state exhibition games (Div.2), but never looked that way again. So how is Connor Frankamp going to do defensively against Div.1 size, speed, and athleticism? And does he know most of our offense's set plays like Ben McLemore learned all of his ineligible year, thus Ben was able to function on the same court as KU's first-team starters? Yes, we will put Frankamp out there "raw" and run a few set plays for him to launch a 3, just like we did for frosh-money Connor Teahan, but that is all. If he is a Keiton Page-like shooting savant, then he will keep getting these set plays to launch 3s, but not if not. He also has to prove he can pass, as he took 50%+ of his team's shots. He is a scorer--NO DOUBT, at the highschool level. But Im wondering about everything else. This game is played on both ends. Of course I want to see the Wichita kid shine for us, but I think he's got a lot to learn.


j128v897 1 year ago

Looks like Bill Self turned down Anrio and he is going to transfer after all.


Kevin Huffman 1 year ago

For Boschee from

Also, Boschee was 6'-1 comparted to Conner being 6'. Given what we saw from Perry, I'm a LOT more cautious than some of you about what to expect from Frankamp next season. On the up-side I'm not sure that Perry's the "gym-rat" that I've heard Conner espoused to be. On the down-side, I'm not sure that he's the "scholar" that Perry is either though.

Having said that - NO WAY could you doubt what Selden will bring!!!!




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coachdooley 1 year ago

"Diario" is gonna be better than that there tyshoon tapir, seent it here first!


Lance Hobson 1 year ago

Seeing Michigan keep winning is heartbreaking. 2013, what could have been.


KemDooKU 1 year ago

Conner should not be compared to Banshee - banshee was not a top 40 player and he did not lead the national team to a championship - they may be white and dead eye from out far but after that the comparison ends - I liked Banshee but he don't have game like the Franken doo


VaJay 1 year ago

OK, the UM-Orange game just wrapped up & I'm feeling sick to my stomach again :(

(the only good part is I feel less ill than I did during the UM-FL matchup, when I couldn't even watch it.

I kept picturing the "Hawks taking it to Boehiem's team instead of UM. Interesting end of the game handshake from him - he hardly acknowledged the UM coach at the end, said nothing & basically showed no class - not cool.

Can't wait till next season...


Alex Laughlin 1 year ago

Anyone think Frankamp is going to be just like Jeff Boschee?


KemDooKU 1 year ago

The more video I watch of our incoming freshman the more I want to take off all my clothes and run down the street with a KU flag in my hand-


KemDooKU 1 year ago

I am glad we got Joel but dang I miss Withey already - that one is going to hurt the most of any of the starting five - hard to replace a beast in the middle - one free throw and I might be sitting on the couch enjoying a cold one watching my Hawks - instead I am sitting on the pooper leaving a message for u all - enjoy!!!!


Mark Wooden 1 year ago

If he lets him back it will be as a walk-on. By being released from his scholarship he basically impeded his participation in the sport he had a scholarship for. So, if he comes back he will have to earn it, just like Christian Moody did by busting his ass.


Jay Dogger 1 year ago

If EJ wants to play in the NBA I think he should stay at a Holiday Inn Express.


William Weissbeck 1 year ago

Recruiting is a strange game. Michigan starts 2 freshmen and the sixth man (also a freshman) all hale from NW Indiana and were not heavily recruited by either Purdue or IU. In the case of Glen Robinson III (the reverse layup), his dad was second to Rick Mount as Mr. Purdue basketball, yet GR3 didn't go there. He was good, but by no means a dominant force in Indiana HS BB. Same with McGery from Chesterton, although Duke apparently showed some interest. The 6th man, Albrect, who shot 6 for 6 from 3 vs. Florida, is only 5'11". Self has let a couple of Kansas kids get away in the last year. Maybe they wouldn't fit. If anything, Wiggens should be looking at Selden who did a really good job feeding him the ball in the McDonald's game.


JayHok 1 year ago

Good run Wheat-Shockers. All the state schools across Kansas share your pain.


kay_you 1 year ago

If WSU could just recruit players from Wichita high schools they'd be pretty good. Very impressive run in the tournament. Gave Louisville all they could handle. Would like to see the possession rule changed. Last two minutes make it a jump ball.

Congrats to the Shockers!


BPSkelly 1 year ago

The minutes will be divided up simply on who Self trusts to play them. Guessing at this point is just that. Let's face it... im quite sure Self wanted Ellis to be the Ellis we saw later in the season far, far, far earlier than he ended up. Young was nice piece and clearly a very good 'glue guy'. But my guess is Self would have loved Ellis (or even Traylor) to steal (earn) minutes from that spot.

It's been several years since there was this many spots opening up. The reality is whom ever plays the best (regardless of talent) will be the ones who end up getting more minutes. Seeing Tharpe get pushed for minutes would bode well for this team. It'd mean the guards are coming in and ready to go.


Mark Lindrud 1 year ago

TruBlue, this is all I ask. When we disagree with you stop taking it personal. You've had some very objective points on here that I've respected, but historically when you disagree with a post you nearly freak out. I'm ok with Rio leaving, but if he stays he needs to show Self he truly knows what it means to be a Jayhawk for Life. That being said I'm excited about the talent we've got coming in and believe our chances to go a Decade of Dominance very possible. Rock Chalk everyone, remember we all are Jayhawks, together!


kennethst 1 year ago

Ughhhhhhhhh!! All these comments about Rio Adams? Really? Yikes.

Stay......go........I don't really care.

KU should be playing in a few hours in the Final Four.......that's what we should be talking about. I still can't believe they lost that game. Makes me sick. Oh well......would have.....should have......could have.


Joseph Bullock 1 year ago

Hello everyone. Conner Frankamp can flat out play the game!!! Does he need to add muscle to his frame? Absolutely! Is he the only College player who needs to, or who needed to do so? Absolutely not. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't he play on a National team, that won a Gold Medal. I think he was a starter, and he may have also been the leading scorer on that team, but I'm not sure about that.
PS: You don't have to be exceptionally strong to come off a pick, and shoot a 3! Conner will be fine, and he will get stronger. By the way, Joel Embiid, the #2 Center in the incoming class, who has the most upside of all of the Centers, also needs to put on muscle, and get a lot stronger, and he is playing in the paint, where it is always a war. Our guys will be fine.


Dan Cook 1 year ago

My takeaway from this article is Conner Frankamp. 22 of 25 to win a shootout between very high profile talents? That's amazing. Kudos and congrats to Conner!! Far more interesting than as the world turns with Anrio.


Steve Brown 1 year ago

Saturday, yes it is game day.

I am hanging the flag, along with our neighbors, all the Tiger & Purple flags put away. The crimson and blue will wave this weekend in tribute to dances past and yet to come. They call us snobs & delusional, Guilty. Guess they don't sell Shocker garage flags, don't see any here in JoCo.

Got the DVR set, snacks coming out, beverages iced down, house music system warming up by playing Crimson & Blue, I'm a JJJ Hawk, even Home on the Range, Dorothy will sing over the rainbow at noon, it's a tradition for final fours. From 3-4 pm we play the chant, Georgian Monks chant, it's not the same yet close.

Windex the front storm door window, Tiger rug mat upside down on front step to clean your feet of impurities. Yet they are not coming today, I am ready, yet they won't come, they will mulch and shop and fish and hit balls into the rough. My pals won't fill my home today, and I will miss them, everyone.

Years ago at Dallas Final Four walking from Anotole Hotel to Reunion Arena with our early versions of the red beak 'em shirt, all the Louisville fans honked and waved thinking it was a mamouth cardinal on our front, we just waved the trojan horse and smiled. We were thanking Ted who recruited Calvin Ronnie and the others, wishing him well, glad to have Larry, our future was ahead of us.

Lots of March dances since that spring day, most of them hurt in the end, why do we come back knowing the pain, I am not sure, somebody help me, when does this emptiness subside, is it just a game or is it religion. Somebody help me.

go shockers I suppose . . . .


Adam Tyler 1 year ago

Here is my predicted rotation for KU next season. Obviously things would change if we added the 'impact player' HCBS is searching for. I really think Rio is going to redshirt this season as HCBS will test his dedication to the program.

PG-Tharpe 35 minutes -Frankamp 5 minutes

SG- Selden 30 minutes - Frankamp 10 minutes

SF- White 25 minutes - Selden 5 minutes - Greene 5 minutes - Ellis 5 minutes

PF- Ellis 30 minutes - Traylor 10 minutes

C- Embiid 20 minutes - Lucas 15 minutes - Traylor 5 minutes

The SF or 3 spot was the one that gave me the most trouble. Is White the clear cut leader? Can he play defense in long enough spurts to stay on the court? How good is Greene? Is he just like White, needing a year to be accustomed to the college game (aka learn defense)? Could Perry play a little at the 3 like everyone expected when he first arrived?

Hopefully Wiggins ends this debate.


chriz 1 year ago

Who wouldn't love to be a fly on the wall in Monday morning's "meeting" (ass chewing)


Yonatan Negash 1 year ago

Wiggins is going to either North Carolina or Kansas. In my mind, if Kentucky was a serious consideration, he would have made that commitment by now. There is nothing standing in his way to make that commitment. The problem for Kentucky is that the forward position is already loaded with James Young and Alex Poythress at small forward and you have Juluis Randle and Marcus Lee at the power forward position. I expect Wiggins to play, small forward and unless Alex Poythress declares to NBA, not sure Kentucky has any chance of getting Wiggins.

The reason why Wiggins elected to wait another two or three weeks, is because the NBA’s deadline to declare for the draft is April 28 (three weeks from now) . North Carolina is the front runner to land Wiggins, depending on JMM's decision. If James Michael McAdoo decides to return for his third year, Wiggins will go to North Carolina. If James Michael McAdoo decides to declare for the NBA draft, Wiggins goes to Kansas.

I have completely written off Florida State and Kentucky, if those two schools were in serious considerations, what's the hold up? Florida State will not win next year, nor do they have a strong recruiting class (ranked 34th) coming in to help Wiggins win.

In my opinion, James Michael McAdoo wii declare.


texashawk10 1 year ago

My take on the Rio situation is that he made an uninformed decision about wanting to go get minutes elsewhere and then somebody, don't know if it was family or teammates, got through to him to make him realize that KU will give him his best shot at the NBA. I believe Self would like to keep Rio around because Rio has a chance to be a very good player by the time he leaves KU and Rio is also the only player in the 6'2"-6'4" range with the possibility of being in KU's rotation and could be an important piece on defense next season because of that.

I've read a few people speculating that Rio might be failing or close to failing and I'm not buying that. Bill Self wouldn't have granted Rio his release if that were the case because of the APR hit KU would take from Rio leaving not in good academic standing. One player doing so won't keep KU out of the NCAA tournament, but it's not a smart precedent to set either. When Self meets with Rio this week, I imagine Self will want to know why Rio changed his mind and where Rio's head is at. From there, I'm guessing Self will make the decision if Rio wants to stay for the right reasons and if he likes why Rio is choosing to stay, then Rio will be allowed stay.

As far as replacing Rio if Bill decides to go in that direction, good news for Connor Frankamp potentially getting 15-20 minutes next season. Bill Self uses a 9 man rotation, not always with 9 different players. Bill likes his subs to be a small guard (1-2), a big guard (2-3), and 2 front court subs. KU did use 8 bodies this season in the rotation, but it was still a 9 man rotation and here's why. EJ, BMac, Relly, KY, and Withey were the starting 5 with Tharpe as the small guard sub, and Ellis and Traylor as the front court subs. That leaves the big guard sub which many hoped would be AW3, but he didn't develop enough to crack the rotation which left EJ to double up as the starting PG and as the big guard sub.

Next season could have 9 players for the 9 rotation spots and if Rio stays, KU has 10 bodies fighting for the 9 roles to fill. Rio, again if he's allowed to stay, and CF most likely will be the two fighting for a rotation spot as the small guard sub. I'm not ignoring Mason, I'm just going off a history that says players ranked as low as Mason don't see meaningful minutes as a freshman under Self and end up tranferring more times than not. The next 2-3 years for KU look very bright as Self has landed one of his two greatest classes with only one of those players having OAD potential (Selden) unless Self lands Wiggins (I'm not expecting that to happen), so it should be a lot of fun watching this group develop.


Christopher Giordano 1 year ago

With or without Rio this team stands to be the most balanced and athletic team Self has put together since 2005. There is a great opportunity to utilize 10 players and really get out and pressure. Naadir will take another great step and be the PG we needed this year. Perry Ellis will be a beast. And Wayne Selden will be a more complete McLemore (utilize his dribble to get to the rim).


BPSkelly 1 year ago

Rio isnt coming back. He may want to, but my guess is Self is going to have him move along. While the HS coaches quotes arent overly telling, it does some shed light on Rio. If his talent was on par with his ability to fire out 125 characters a minute he might have played more minutes this year. Lord knows we needed better play from our guards at times.

This is a tempest in a teapot however. He's replaceable and odds are one of the incoming guys would have pushed him on minutes anyway. If he's not going to be happy he should go somewhere he will be. Good luck to him.


Robbk1066 1 year ago

I am sure Self appreciates some time before he talks to Adams. It is Self's decision, and if he lets him come back he is going to have to live with any future issues if there are any. His HS school coach's comments are interesting, there is a known maturity issue. we need bodies but not sure myself if this kid acts up again we don't need the distractions. Francamp is going to be fun to watch while he is at KU, what a career in front of this young man.


Phoggie_Thinking 1 year ago

PS Frankamp is a gunner. Wow that stuff is fun to watch. It will look even better when in Crimson and Blue.

I don't think even Wiggins know what he is going to do, but can we just fast forward to next years season now? Man it is going to be fun to see a whole new team with so many questions.


Phoggie_Thinking 1 year ago

Rio is having a nice long weekend. He better be in church in the morning praying. The tweeter announcement probably didn't go over real well with Self (especially after the jump the gun announcement about leaving). Nothing wrong with tweeter you just don't show up the MAN. I don't care it is grade school or Sr. citizen's lunch line, a guy has to know his place. Rio has a nice long weekend to figure out how to "listen" more, "talk" less, and even then I don't know if Coach Self will say the words that Rio wants to hear.


Greg Lux 1 year ago

I personally hope Rio is allowed to stay and learn. He's a troubled young man and I would hate to see us turn him out when he has learned his lesson. He has always been a great teammate while not playing. He supported his teammates. What more can we give him if not another chance.

Rock Chalk


leonard 1 year ago

What I know about Rio is what I've seen. A very gifted but very raw talent on the court...and an immature young man (childish use of social media)...exhibiting some classless behavior (the snubbing of Coach Williams).

What I don't know about Rio is what goes on with his teammates in Jayhawk Towers...his academic efforts...or his efforts on the practice court. But you can bet your last dollar that Coach Self does!


JacquesMerde 1 year ago

Sometimes Nick Wiggins uses too many adverbs to understand what he is saying, but he is right about Kenturky. I think FSU might be the winner. UNC and KU have the same problem if not as obvious as Kenturky, i.e., letting him highlight his ability from the get-go. All three have many excellent players as holdovers and incoming.

I still think letting Rio stay is a gamble considering all that has happened. I am 99 percent sure coach Self will make the right decision. He does most of the time, excluding the last minute and a half of the Michigan game.


RockChalkGuy 1 year ago

Lots to absorb in this article. Conner will be a great addition to the squad. A lights-out shooter is a national rarity and certainly not a common occurrence for us over the last decade.

Manning is great. Kudos for getting the recognition.

Rio: KU has a proven track record of making patience pay off. Enjoy the ride. As time goes on, you will have the perspective to see the elite honor that comes from being a Jayhawk for life.

Wiggins...KU would be a perfect fit. We have an immediate need for exactly what you have and enough room for you to shine. KU has been and will be on some of the biggest stages in which to showcase your skills. Wanna grow athletically? Nobody is better than Hudy for that.

Don't want to lose Dooley. That being said, if you want a head coaching job, hold out for something better than Hofstra.

EJ and of luck to both of you.


chriz 1 year ago

If I'm Bill, I'm fuming at this. He's probably thinking "who does this guy think he is?" Except I'm sure he knows who he is.

This is a tough call. I still think Rio is making another selfish decision, particularly considering how he's handling it. I don't know if the change of mind is a sign that he's growing up. I don't think it is.

But hopefully, this is the beginning of a turnaround, similar to RussRob and Tyshawn. He's got the talent. Just don't know if he has the patience, maturity, or discipline.


midwest_muser 1 year ago

Is Rio even academically eligible to return. Somehow I suspect his classroom habits will determine this outcome...


Ferd Magellan 1 year ago

"Heck, even Ben McLemore had to red-shirt."

While true, Mr. Bethea, that was only due to the fact that the NCAA ruled him a partial qualifier (and the Big 12 doesn't allow partial qualifiers to play). McLemore would've been a featured player on the '12 KU team. If you're good enough, you play as a freshman in Lawrence.

This isn't about freshmen vs veterans. Adams was behind everyone other than the walk-ons. He is very raw, but you can see the potential when he is given some freedom at the end of blowout wins. I'd like to see him stay with our inexperience next year, but I'm not going to cry if Self says no thanks.


mwmilsted 1 year ago

Perhaps HCBS will offer both Wiggin brothers scholarships to Kansas Univ. as a package deal.


KemDooKU 1 year ago

Maybe someone mentioned it but what about Wiggins Brother playing for Wichita St- that's about an hour and a half drive from Lawrence and he will be a senior next year - they could both drive and watch each others games next year - Come on Wiggins watch your brother play all of his games at Wichita St. his senior year - Do it for him and not the TEN million KU fans who will love you for it-


Hawk8086 1 year ago

Agree with HEM. Despite all of the opinions expressed here, none of us know the details about Rio. Self's call and I am confident that he will make the right move. Very exciting news about Frankamp. Always exciting to have a dead eye shooter. People forget that not very many freshmen get big minutes. Selden will be an exception. Returning players, even those that didn't play very much, (like AW3), have an advantage over the freshmen, Difficult to tell whom (if any) among Mason, Frankamp, and Greene will earn significant playing time.


jhawkln 1 year ago

I don't know if Rio's academic performance will allow him back to KU, I wonder if it was causing him problems finding another school that isn't labelled a JUCO.


Jack Wilson 1 year ago

If coach Self doesn't take Adams back, then there is more to this story and it truly is a "trust in Self" moment.

On Frankamp, we know that the guy won't play if he can't cut it on defense, or if Self sees better options in front of him. A scenario that keeps him on the bench is a four-man perimeter rotation like this season, with Tharpe, Adams, White, and Selden .. experience plus the (potentially) more talented freshman. I spent a good part of this year clamoring for the shooter off the bench (AW3). Didn't happen.


ollerfarm 1 year ago

Ben not showing late in games, was account two people shooting all the time, Tharp and Johnson.


MattFoley 1 year ago

Sounds like Rio is about to get a rather large dose of reality.


joshuamc914 1 year ago

Everytime people mention conner Frabkanp they always say oh he isn't big enough, strong enough, or athletic enough to compete. But time after time he competes and is usually one if the best when it's all said and done. People need to stop worrying about his limitations and see that the man can shoot, pass, and has a high bball IQ he is going to be Kirk Hinrich 2.0. He won't be doubled or tripled like he was in HS neither he is going to be a four year baller at Kansas you can just see it. Another thing can fans stop saying Ben McLemore needs to come back to school smh. He is a to 3 pick leave go make your money man what you need to get better in certain areas you can do that in the NBA I loves having ben for his one year but the time has come to an end, he had to go help his family out. It was amazing he did what he did without a PG who could get him easy shots or hit him with passes here was comfortable on the floor. People can say BMac disappears but it wasn't his fault KU isn't playing this weekend tho. He'll be better with a real PG to get him the ball and make it easy on him I pray he lands in Cleveland with Kyrie were he won't have to be the man.


Joseph Bullock 1 year ago

Coach Self definitely should let Rio stay at K.U. The young man made a mistake, and he has learned from it. He has matured, and even though he was very disappointed with his playing time, there is a lot of truth to what he tweeted, he just should not have gone public with it. Everyone deserves a second change, and an opportunity to make amends for a mistake in judgement. He now fully understands about paying his dues at a program like K.U. and he probably also realizes that when he did get opportunities to play, he did not perform at the level (except one game in the Big 12 Tournament) that he needed to, that would garner him more playing time. And finally, he is the only "Big Guard" we would have returning next year, who could defend the big, athletic guards we will often face (I know Selden is also a guard with size and athleticism, but Rio already knows the system. Besides, Rio is the best dang dancer on the team. LOL PS: I also wonder if Rio wanting to stay, is an indication that B-Mac is leaving, thus, opening up a slot for more playing time next year. I hope that is not the case, because Ben needs another year at the College level. He needs to be in much better physical condition, stamina wise, to play in the NBA, where everyone is physical, and where there are so many more games, and so much more travel across the Country! He needs to be able to play well everywhere,not just at, or near home. He needs to run off those pics like Rip Hamilton, and not just for a minimal amount of times, but for a substantial amount of the game.
Also, to be honest, Rio showed me that he has the ability to get his own shot off, from anywhere on the floor, probably better than anyone on this seasons team, although he needs to incorporate setting up other players, into that arsenal, and if he works to become an even better defender (he showed signs of that also), and when he learns to protect the ball better (way too many careless turnovers, which ultimately cost him a lot of playing time), he truly can, and will be, the kind of guard we want, and need, in a K.U. uniform! Coach Self, please let Rio stay at the University of Kansas. Remember the term "Jayhawk for Life"? Didn't Rio just say that?


RJ King 1 year ago

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Jim Erickson 1 year ago

Wouldn't mind seeing Adams back... Everyone referring to him as a "cancer" or as a selfish kid is being a bit unfair in my mind. I personally did far worse when I was 18 than an angry tweet. If he is committed and talented, lets bring him back.

Remember the Morris Twins BB Gun episode? They ended up being alright. Give the kid a chance.


shabbasuraj 1 year ago

Anyone else think that Frankamp is a bit undersized? I also wonder about his full tilt 'fastbreak' speed. Tell me why I should not worry.


Miguel Colón 1 year ago

I wouldn't mind seeing Bill give Rio another shot, I think with the stipulation that if he comes back you delete your Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Scott MacWilliams 1 year ago

22 for 25??? has anybody ever done that before in these shootouts??? How soon can he start firing away for us next year??

As for Rio,

It's up to HCBS to deal with this, and I'm perfectly happy to let him be the judge of Mr. Adams character. I'm not worried either way, but think it would be best overall if Rio stayed and grew into the system. He's already got a year invested, and that counts for alot in my book. He knows the returning players, they have good chemistry from what I can tell, and with all 5 starters gone, he should be seeing more PT.

If it's not too late, make it work out.

And Rock Chalk, too.


Dirk Medema 1 year ago

Good luck in Portsmouth guys.


bookemdano 1 year ago

I think perhaps it indicates that HCBS doesn't think Rio's talent is worth putting up with his antics. And that's telling because HCBS is infinitely more easy-going than Roy Williams ever was. Roy would have shown him the door post-haste.

See ya Rio. Good luck.


Jay Dogger 1 year ago

"Sources indicate it would be a surprising development if Adams were reinstated to the team."

That's very telling. But I would still be surprised if HCBS wouldn't want a potential talent like Adams with the scholarship space we have. Obviously it would only be if Adams agreed to behave a certain way and accept that he has to earn court time.

It seems Self certainly has the power in this relationship. "Hand," as George Costanza would say.


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