Originally published April 1, 2013 at 10:43a.m., updated April 1, 2013 at 11:43p.m.

KU football lands juco cornerback


Brandon Hollomon, the latest player to join the Kansas University football program, can flat-out play, according to his Pierce Community College teammate and fellow Kansas signee, Marquel Combs.

“Basically, he was a steal,” said Combs of Hollomon, a 5-foot-10, 170-pound cornerback from Pierce who officially joined the Jayhawks on Monday. “If he would’ve played another year of juco ball, he would’ve been one of the top recruits in the country.”

Instead, the Philadelphia native saw enough from KU during last weekend’s campus visit to forego his second season at Pierce and sign with the Jayhawks in time for the 2013 season. Hollomon signed and faxed his letter of intent to Lawrence on Monday and is expected to join the team this summer.

Hollomon will be a sophomore with the Jayhawks and have three years of eligibility remaining and four years to use them. The KU staff, led by tight ends coach Jeff Blasko, got in on Hollomon early and then pursued him with a passion. The fact that Pierce teammates Combs and Marcus Jenkins-Moore were out in California to keep Kansas on Hollomon’s mind helped tremendously.

“I kept bugging him about it,” Combs said. “But it went both ways.”

During his lone season at Pierce, Hollomon played in eight games and helped lead the Brahmas to a 9-2 record and the Patriotic Bowl title. He recorded 19 tackles, including 13 solo stops, and added seven pass break-ups.

Hollomon told that KU coaches Charlie Weis and Dave Campo liked the way he covered opposing wide receivers. Combs, who huddled up with Hollomon on the same defense, offered his opinion.

“He’s got nice hands, good speed to him and I think he can help us cover those spread offenses in the Big 12,” Combs said. “He’s really good. And I think I have a pretty good eye for talent.”

Hollomon becomes the fifth defensive back and 19th junior college player in the Jayhawks’ 2013 class.

As for Combs — a missing class prevented him from joining in KU’s spring drills — he’s counting down to the Pierce trio’s arrival in Lawrence.

“It was a little disappointing at first,” Combs said. “But even though I was one unit short, I knew it was just a matter of getting the job done and getting out there.”

In addition to working out six times a week — often getting after it with Hollomon and Jenkins-Moore — Combs said he was taking a few classes this semester, “to stay ahead of the game.”

With the April 13 spring game less than two weeks away, the Jayhawks continue to work through spring practices, with three slated sessions for this week, including a Saturday scrimmage.


Larry Ewart 1 year ago

For all u naysayers in regard to CW's plan concerning JC talent and winning just look at the WSU making the Final Four. Their roster is loaded with JC players who were Hungary to make a difference had that chip on their shoulder which motivates so many to perform.


hawkdds 1 year ago

Coaches in football and basketball aren't given4-6 years to turn a program around even ones with winning records i.e. UCLA & Minnesota as starters, so Weis is doing what he has to do to get instant wins to satisfy alums, donors and his bosses. As Tiger Woods was quoted recently "Winning takes care of everything" so take off the shackles and let him run as long as its legal.


Carolyn Troupe 1 year ago

What is the big deal about recruiting high school talent? Do the coaches try to recruit a great HS class once every four years because they have four years eligibility, whereas JUCO players have maybe only two? No. They are trying to recruit top HS players EVERY year. So what difference does it make where these top players come from - HS or JUCO? We are recruiting EVERY year. JUCO players have the benefit of a year or two of conditioning and experience. I am assuming that the players being signed are top flight players, not just some guy who happens to be a JUCO player. Since the coaches are recruiting every year, the recruits can from anywhere if they are good. The coaches are not recruiting someone they think will be good four years from now. At most they are looking to the next season


gchawk 1 year ago

Proposition 48 has forever changed the complexion of D1 football because you have D1 talent just boding their time in Juco's while trying to get their grades up. There is a never ending supply of highly talented athletes attending Juco's, which Coach Snyder figured out a long time ago, so, in my opinion, it makes perfect sense to utilize them, not only to rebuild a program as expediciously as possible, but also to maintain a high level of talent coming in "game ready" each year.


coachmatt 1 year ago

For those who say it will be a disaster in a couple years - you act like we won't be recruiting for the next couple years. There's always going to be a group of ~20-25 players/year coming in. The faster you win, the faster you can get better players.


Brian Zachary 1 year ago

I hope that most of the comments are just April Fool's pranks because most of them are sounding downright foolish.


Reuben_J_Cogburn 1 year ago

At the end of the day...KU football has gotten consistently worse every year for the past 3 years.

Signing a freshman JUCO cornerback won't change that.


Pbbut 1 year ago

JayDocMD has hit a critical point on this one. Four years to play three is a big difference. Let's just consider him a freshman recruit from last year who got a lot of on-field experience, albeit Juco. Charlie has already talked about his "spreadsheet" showing projected needs relative to players using up their eligibility. It's not like he decided this off the cuff.
Last spring we brought in a lot of one year players, three years sounds like a bargain. Besides, next fall this kid could just blow up this fall at Juco and then you're fighting a bunch of other programs for him.


Reuben_J_Cogburn 1 year ago

Oh boy.

Well you gotta hand it to Weis. He's going all in. He said he was going JUCO, and by God, he man is going JUCO.

Do I think it will work? Absolutely not. But at least he's trying something new.

Regardless, I think the program is all but dead.


April13 1 year ago

It's nice to see a little urgency on behalf of the KU staff. First and foremost, a coach can't build a program if he doesn't have a job. Another year or two of what we've had and you can bet that both the A.D. and the football coach would be gone. And it might be difficult to ever recover.

All of these juco guys have a min. of 2 years at KU. This means that, with his next recruiting class, Weis can go a little heavier with high schoolers so that he'll have a strong sophomore class coming up when these guys graduate.

I anticipate a 50/50 mix in next year's recruiting and then 66/33 thereafter. For the next ten years - assuming we start winning - KU will probably need 8-10 juco players a year, every year.


Adam Tyler 1 year ago

I am 100% on board with these JUCO signings.

We need talent and depth for years to come. This young man has 4 years to complete 3 years of eligibility.

Lets go Charlie!!! Keep them coming!!!


shufly 1 year ago

Don't understand the negativity. Charlie and staff promised few wins but a big improvement in the program the first year, they delivered. They also set "winning", sooner than later as an immediate goal. I believe they have identified the best option available - take the best players possible, start up that long road to winning and improve the caliber of high school recruits when possible. I'm excited with what I've seen to date and believe this season will be the start of a long progression of success. KU football is not for the faint of heart and will disappoint the perfectionists. Charlie is a great college coach and we get to watch him prove it, enjoy the process.


orbiter 1 year ago

Are they passing over piles of quality HS players that want to get in on our juggernaut program to get these JUCO guys? Is there a crater coming in two years? Maybe, but we've been in a crater for five years.


squawkhawk 1 year ago

What the #$&$ is Weis doing? 19 juco transfers in one season will be disastrous in a couple of years. He will set KU footback further back than even Turner Gill did. I honestly do not think Weis knows what he is doing to the numbers and I honestly don't think he cares. This move proves he is out to win at no cost while he is here and then is willing to leave the program in shambles when he leaves in a couple of years. It has been tried over and over again by other schools and the heavy reliance on juco transfers is not how you build a sustained winning program. Ask Ron Prince how it worked for him when he recruited 13 juco players a few years ago. Weis has proven he is not a good college coach and we'll be looking for another HC to pick up the pieces again in a couple of years.


Boouk 1 year ago

Can't get enough CB's that can cover in the Big 12.


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